Tom Welling's Bottom Adventures by Paul Morrisson


Disclaimer: this work of fiction is strictly that, FICTION. It by no means implies the sexuality of tom welling or sam witwer to be gay, although, a guy can dream can't he?????


Tom Welling was in his trailer on the set of Smallville, the CW's award winning show, charting the early life of Superman's alter ego, Clark Kent. He was bored, very. Filming was done for the afternoon and he was supposed to be meeting up with his wife, Jamie, but she had to cancel. He had nothing to do. Then a knock at his trailer door, he opens it and sees his co star, Sam Witwer (doomsday) standing there smiling.

"Hey dude, you want to go out for a beer?" he asks tom. "Sure, why not" replies tom. The two leave and go to a local bar and end up spending the entire afternoon getting drunk.

They leave and stagger back to tom's trailer. He opens the door and falls in, dragging Sam in with him. Tom falls; face first and Sam lands on top of him, his crotch rubbing on tom's hard but soft ass. Sam begins to get hard. He gets up and moves away from tom, who then gets up and goes over to his mini bar laughing his head off. Sam on the other hand is beginning to sober up and starts watching tom move about. As tom bends over his bar, Sam looks at tom's ass, tight, clad in dark denim and his massive torso, tight in a white t-shirt. He gets even harder and crosses his legs to hide his growing erection.

Tome comes over and gives him a beer, still laughing and sits down beside him. Tom's aftershave is starting to intoxicate Sam. The two start talking about women and sex.

"So is Jamie a good fuck?" asks Sam.

"Yeah she's great" replies tom.

"What about you, you got a girlfriend" asks tom.

"No" states Sam.

"So, how do you release, with "Palm....ela"" asks Tom laughing his head off. Sam also starts laughing. What tom doesn't know is that Sam does get his release, but not with his hand, but by taking it up the ass off his co-star, Justin Hartley. He decides to move in on Tom since he's drunk.

"I do get some release" says Sam.

"Oh really who from. Is it someone on set?" asks tom. "I bet it's Erica" he says.

This was his chance, "no actually, Justin" says Sam

Tom bursts out laughing even more. "Yeah right man, sure."

"I'm serious" says Sam.

Tom looks at him and stops laughing, realising he is serious. "So... you fuck Justin?"

"No, he fucks me"

"So.... your gay?"

"Yeah, I enjoy a good cock" says Sam lustfully

Tom just sits there; he starts to get images through his brain of Sam bent over taking Justin deep, of Sam riding Justin's cock. He begins to get hard. Sam notices the bulge forming in Tom's pants, it's huge. He licks his lips and moves in.

"You should try it man, honestly, it amazing doing it with a dude."

Tom sits there taking in everything Sam is saying. He likes women, but the idea of doing it with a guy is making him extremely horny. He wants to do it, but what about his wife, Jamie? He can't betray her......


"Ok what" asks Sam.

"I'll try it. I mean, I will have sex with you" replies Tom.

Sam's stomach feels like it's in knots.

"So, what do we do" asks the in-experienced Tom.

"Just sit there" says Sam.

He gets off the couch and goes in between tom's legs and starts running his hands up and down tom's massive legs, feeling every muscle this hunk possesses. He wants to rip off every bit of tom's clothes and lick him all over, but he restrains himself. He moves up to the zip of tom's jeans and gently lowers it down. He is looking at tom all the while, who is looking back at him. The passion between them is unbearable, and Sam can tell that the sex is going to be beyond this world.

As he unzips tom's jeans, he looks down and sees the huge bulge in tom's black briefs, he licks his lips, tom is breathing slowly, waiting for release. Sam pulls down the band of the briefs and tom's huge, 9 inch cock falls out. He looks at it, a beautiful specimen, 9 glorious inches, uncut and begging to be sucked. He lowers himself down to it, he pulls back the foreskin covering the head, tom gently sighs as he does this. Sam gently flicks his tongue across the large mushroom head, tasting the pre-cum forming at the tip. He enjoys it.tom begins sighing as Sam takes the head into his mouth. "Ohm fuck man, that's great" moans tom. Sam is slowly lowering himself down further tom's cock, taking 7 inches in one go and coming back up for air. "You taste amazing" compliments Sam and goes back bobbing his head up and down the monster cock.

Tom isn't listening properly, he's too caught up in the moment and the pleasure he's getting. Tom thinks to himself, "God, Jamie can't suck this good" he is nearing his climax, and Sam senses this so he stops. Tom comes down from the clouds and looks at Sam "Why did you stop" he asks

"Oh I haven't finished yet. Don't worry, there's plenty more stuff we have yet to do" replies Sam

He begins to jerk off tom's monster.

"Now, it's your turn" he says.

He gets up and UN zips his own jeans and takes off his top, revealing a smooth chest. He lowers his jeans and boxers, standing there in just his white socks. He moves toward tom, who looks at Sam's cock.

"I've never done this before" says tom innocently

"Just do what I done, and try not to let your teeth touch It." says Sam

Tom does as he's told and lowers himself to the 8 inches pointing in front of him. He takes the head is mouth and tastes his pre-cum. It doesn't taste as bad as he thought. He lowers himself further down it, managing to take 4 inches before gagging. He comes back up, and then goes back down it, repeating it for over 5 mins. During this time, Sam is moaning, encouraging tom. He is nearing his climax, but he has other plans for his load.

He pulls away from tom.

"That was good for your first try."

Tom smiles his adorable smile, flashing his beautiful teeth.

"Now, on to the really good stuff" says Sam.

He turns around revealing his toned ass to tom. Tom just looks at the cheeks in front of him.

"I want you to rim me good" says Sam.

He bends over and places a hand on each of his cheeks and spreads them, revealing a lightly haired hole. Tom lowers his face to the ass in front of him and flicks his tongue across the small pink opening. Sam moans. He repeats the action and again, Sam moans in approval. He gets more daring and begins to push his tongue into the opening, Sam groans louder,

"Ohh fuck yeah"

Tom licks all over Sam's ass.

"Ok stop" says Sam.

Tom does as he's told. Sam stands up and turns around. He lifts tom up. He pulls off toms jeans completely and lifts his shirt off. He looks at the massive chest before him, smooth and muscled. He feels it, its rock solid and soft at the same time. He turns tom around and lowers him onto the couch, knees first. He puts his hand on tom's abs and pulls him back. He puts his hand on tom's spine and lowers him, so that his ass is sticking out. He licks his lips when he looks at tom's ass. Two round meaty cheeks tanned and smooth. He lowers his face into the parted cheeks and begins to flick his tongue across the smooth hole. Tom begins to gasp at the new sensations he is feeling. Sam continues to flick his tongue at the opening as tom begins to get louder. Sam puts his hands on Tom's calf's and pulls him closer, resulting in his tongue to push into tom's ass


Sam begins to twist his face, his stubble on his face, gently scraping tom's cheeks, the pleasure is getting too much for tom, he screams

"OOOOHHHH FUCKKKKKKKK, I'MMMM...... CUMMINNNNN" he blasts his load over the couch. 8 spurts of pure white cum covering the couch. Sam reaches around and rubs his hand in the cum. He pulls away from tom's ass and puts his cum covered fingers to tom's hole. He gently pushes one finger in and begins to finger fuck him. Tom is moaning again, Sam withdraws the first finger and gently pushes in another and continues to fuck him with two fingers. Tom begins to get hard again, Sam adds another finger. He begins to twist his fingers in circles, tom is gasping

"Now Your going to get fucked. An ass like yours was made for fucking" says sam

He takes out his fingers and rubs the rest of tom's cum over his hard cock. He positions himself and pushes his cock against tom's hole. Tom gasps

"push out and relax" commands Sam

Tom does so, he feels the head of Sam's cock nudge past his opening. He gasps as it enters him. Sam nearly cums as he enters, tom is the tightest hole he has ever entered.

"ooh fuckkkk your tight" gasps sam.

Tom mearly moans to agree with sam. He pushes more into him. Stopping at 5 inches to let tom get adjusted to him. However he doesn't stop for long, in one go, he pushes the rest in, resulting in tom to screem


In a second sam begins to fuck tom, not stopping to let him adjust

"Your a big hunk, you can handle me"

Sam begins to fuck tom in long strokes, both hunks are gasping and sweating, sam is rubbing his hands all over toms smooth back, he grabs a handful of tom's hair and pulls back, his cock goes even deeper. Tom is beginning to whimper at the feelings, pain and pleasure,

"OOOOOH FFFUUUKKKKK, give me it man, deeper" he screams

Sam goes faster and harder, tom begins to squeeze the muscles in his ass, sam starts moaning louder. He pulls out and makes tom stand up. He then sits on the floor and points his dick up in the air,

"ride me, i wanna see your face" says sam

Tom puts his legs on either side of sam and lowers himself down. He hovers his hole at the cock waiting desperately to re-enter. In one swoop he sits on it, sam gasps and tom screams. His monster cock is now harder than ever, he moves to jerk it off, but sam smack his hand away,

"no you don't, i want to make you cum" he says.

Tom moves in circles, the 8 inch cock up inside him begins to rub his prostate, he moans louder,


Sam grabs hold of tom's waist and pulls him down, impaling him further on the cock. They both moan. Tom begins to bounce up and down, his cock swinging by itself, Sam looks up at the hunk bouncing on his cock. He can't believe it... tom welling, one of the most sought after men in the world..... a gay mans fantasy, and yet here he was, bouncing up and down on a cock, if only he had a video camera,

"OOOHHHHH FUUUKKKKK,YESSSSS, UGH, UGH, UGH HARDER...... FUCKKKKKKKKK" screams tom, his cock erupts, covering sams chest in more of the famous cum. The tightness around sams cock causes him to explode, 9 loads fired up toms ass, coating his insides with cum. Tom collapses onto sam, his cum rubbing all over his smooth torso.

"ohhh man, that was amazing. The best sex I have ever had" pants tom.

"yeah, tell me about it." sighs Sam

"you have the best ass ever."

He gently gives tom's meaty ass a smack and squeeze

"an ass like this tom is definitely made for cock."

Tom just smiles, could Sam be right...... could his ass be made just for taking cock????

He feels Sam's slowly deflating cock inside him..... he craves for more..... he needs more.

As he thinks about cock, he begins to imagine all the hunks he cold be fucked by....... jenson ackles, tom cruise, brad pitt, jared padalecki, cris evans, drew fuller, victor Webster.......


So..... any comments or suggestions????? Who should tom be fucked by????? Personally i like chris evans, but hey thats just me.

if you want to see tom get fucked by anyone just send me your fantasy at I respond to all of them.


p.s make sure you read my other story, what a magical world.