Tom welling's Bottom Adventures, Part 2 by Paul Morrisson


Disclaimer: This story is merely a work of fiction and is in no way implying that Tom Welling or any other celebrity mentioned is gay. It is just a fantasy that I and many other men have, so... there


Thanx to all who responded to the first chapter, i have an overwhelming majority for Chris evans to fuck tom, so that's what'll happen in this chapter, and perhaps a mystery guest might make an appearance........


It had been one week since tom had been fucked by his co start Sam Witwer. He had been trying to avoid Sam as he still believed himself to be straight and didn't want to accept the fact that he enjoyed Sam fucking him. When the two had a scene together, tom would try his hardest to avoid looking Sam in the eyes, but he was failing miserably at it.

When the filming had finished for the day, tom went straight into his trailer and locked the door. 10 minutes passed and still no sign of Sam. Then came a knock at the door, tom opens it and sees Sam standing there. He invites him in.

"So why have you been avoiding me"

"I haven't, i just........." stuttered tom

"Tom, you are gay, just accept the fact that you like taking it up the ass"

"No. I'm not gay. I'm happily married, i love Jamie."

"Oh really, then how come you said i was the best sex you ever had huh?"

"I don't know what i want, ok"

"Well figure it out fast ok; there are alot of men who would love to fuck your gorgeous ass" said sam as he turned and walked out the door

Tom was left standing there, thinking about what Sam had said. "Alot of men" he kept repeating over and over to himself in his head. Tom was beginning to get horny, he wasn't denying that gay sex was amazing, but he loved his wife. 20 minutes passed and the horniness wasn't going away, he had to get fucked and fast, as he walked around the set looking at all the potential guys that could fuck him, none of them were already famous, so they would probably sell their story to the newspapers. Fuck he thought, Justin wasn't even on set today, damn.

Later that night after he had jerked off to the thought of being fucked by his co-star, Justin Hartley, tom is sitting in his apartment. He has received a text from his good friend, Ashton Kutcher that some of Hollywood's finest were in Vancouver for a party or something, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Will Smith, Kevin Costner, Harrison Ford, Chris Evans, etc, etc. Out of the list of celebrities that were currently in Vancouver, only one piqued his interest, Chris Evans. He had seen the pictures of Chris shirtless, and knew he would be a hot fuck. If he couldn't get Chris to fuck him, then he would fuck Chris, so he gets dressed and leaves.

He went to the restaurant that the party was being held at. When he entered the room, the place was full of celebrities. How was he going to find Chris in here? After parodying the crowd, he saw him, the six foot, black haired hunk of man. Tom was already starting to go hard. He had to figure out how he was going to play this, he couldn't just go over to him and say "hey there Chris, I'm really horny, can you fuck me silly."

He came up with one suggestion, getting him drunk. He walked over to him; Chris was standing at the bar in the restaurant. He was wearing a tight fitting tux to show off his body, obviously he was on the pull. The way he was leaning on the bar made his toned ass stick out, tom wanted to fuck him, but he controlled himself. He leant on the bar and said hi to Chris. The two began to talk about their careers and various films, all the while, tom wasn't really listening, all he could think about was riding this hunks cock.

Chris was starting to get drunk; tom meanwhile was trying to stay sober so that he could enjoy the sex. Chris eventually became so drunk that he fell into tom and grabbed his crotch by accident, he felt the huge member, hard and ready, and he smiled to tom

"You know, if you're trying to get me drunk so that you can fuck me, forget it dude." Said a drunken Chris quietly in toms ear

"Actually, i want you to fuck me" he replied

"Oh really, you want me to fuck you" said chris


"Then come with me."

Chris left the bar first, tom was watching him leave, the outline of chris's ass was making him even more horny. He too eventually left the bar and walked behind chris the whole way up to his room. When chris got to the door, he was so drunk he couldn't use his swipe card to open the door. Tom took the card out his hands and swiped it, the door opened and chris entered first. He pulled tom in and slammed the door behind him.

Immediately he grabbed toms ass and squeezed it roughly,

"Nice, very nice"

"Thank you"

They placed their lips together and began making out, each one trying to push his tongue into the others mouth, but were failing miserably at it since both were trying to do it. the result was a wet slobbery kiss, each face covered in spit. The pulled away and tom tom got on his knees and unzipped chris's tux trousers. He lowered them and pulled down chris's tight white boxers to see a semi-hard cock. At this moment it must have been about 6 inches. He pulled back the foreskin and put the head into his mouth and began to lick around it

"ugh yeah" moans chris

Tom feels chris's cock begin to grow in his mouth, he pulls off to admire it, 8 inches of pure beauty. He goes back down it, this time managing to get 7 inches down his throat,

"Ohh fuck, man, that amazing" moans chris

Tom continues sucking chris off until he hears him beginning to breathe faster, signalling that his orgasm is coming, so he pulls off it quickly. He gets up and begins to take off his clothes, slowly unbuttoning his tight white shirt. He licks his lips while watching chris, who is watching him and rubbing himself,

"You know, you could get undressed as well" says tom to chris

Chris does as tom says and begins to undress. He opens his shirt and takes it off, then he goes to his trousers and lowers them. Tom has stopped what he is doing to watch chris, who smiles at tom when he sees him watching. Tom the goes back to undressing. When he lowers his trouser, chris walks over to him, some what sober and gets on his kness. He pulls down toms briefs and takes his cock in his hand. He pulls back the foreskin and begins to suck the 9 inch monster off

"OHHH FUCKKK, DUDE" gasped tom

Chris was obviously an expert at this, tom was gasping and hardly breathing at what chris was doing to him

"where did you learn to suck cock" asks tom

Chris pulls of to answer him,

"Fantastic four movie; Lets juts say that Mr. Fantastic is a fantastic teacher" smiles chris

He goes back to sucking on toms cock. He continues for a while, tom is beginning to breathe faster,

"OHHH.... FUUCCKKK......I'MMMM...MMM CUMMING" he screams and tries to pull away, but chris pulls him closer,; toms cock goes even further down his throat. He erupts, 7 shots fired down chris's throat.

Chris gets up kisses tom, he tastes his own cum. When they part, chris smiles at tom and begins to jerk his own cock,

"I think i need some release, don't you" he says

Tom goes over to the bed and gets on all fours with his back to chris,

"Then why don't you put your load in here" asks tom seductively

Chris walks over to tom and looks at him, he licks his lips. He rubs his hand over tom's large, smooth back, leading down to his firm tanned cheeks. He squeezes each one individually and tom gently sighs,

"You have one fine ass here, you know that" says chris in approval

"I know"

Chris gets on the bed behind tom and lowers his face into the two mounds of flesh. His tongue finds it's target and begins to flick against toms small opening, gently rubbing against it to maximise tom's pleasure. On the receiving end, tom is really enjoying the feelings, he feels chris's tongue begin to push into him, so he pushes back and feels the tongue enter inside him. He begins to moan as he feels chris pull his tongue out and push it back in, this continues for a whie. Chris then begins to use his fingers, he pushes in one and begins to finger fuck tom, who is already beginning to go hard again. He then adds a second and soon after a third. He twists his fingers and pushes them and retracts them, tom is moaning loudly now,

"Ughh, that's good, man, ugh, ugh" he gasps

Chris then withdraws his fingers and goes into the nightstand and pulls out a tube of lube. He squeezes some onto his straining cock, it feels cool, and then some onto toms ass. He fingers him again while he coats his cock in the slimy substance. He then lines his cock up against tom's hole. He pushes slightly, tom gasps and pushes back against the invading cock. The head pops in and gently slides its way down the chute. Tom is sighing as he feels every ridge on chris's cock push deeper and deeper into him. Chris is also sighing as he goes further into the warm silky hole. He is rubbing tom's back, he reaches around and begins to rub tom's firmly erect nipples.

"Ohh man, ugh, yeah" moans tom

"Fuck dude, your nice and tight" compliments a gasping chris

He pulls back slightly and then pushes forward again, his cock hits toms prostate, toms cock is now fully erect. Chris repeats the action and gets a deep groan from tom, he is entering a higher state of pain and pleasure,


Chris is now pounding tom's ass as hard and as fast as he can. Both men are moaning and groaning loudly, they don't here the room door opening.....


He enters the room and hears animal like sounds, he thinks to himself that an animal is being slaughtered, as he enters the bedroom, he sees Chris's firm round cheeks and the outline of a body taking it from behind,

"UGH FUCKKK, HARDER, OHHH CHRIS" shouts tom as he blows his load all over the bed. The pressure from tom's ass is too much for Chris and he too blows his load deep inside toms ass. The two collapse on the bed and that is when the mystery guest makes himself known,

"Erm hmm" says the man

Tom turns around and immediately goes scarlet red. Chris just says hi,

"hi there...............



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