Tom Welling's bottom Adventures, Part 3 by Paul Morrisson


Disclaimer: This is completely a work of fiction. It by no means implies that Tom Welling or any other hunk mentioned is gay; although a guy can wish can't he??


****please note that HIV and aids are a very real danger, so please always use protection. But in my story, they don't exist so....................****




Recap: tom is on his hands and knees taking it from behind. Chris Evans is fucking him and tom cums on the bed, Chris too shoots his load deep inside tom. Unknown to them, an unknown man is standing in the doorway watching. After Chris cums, he makes himself known, "Err hmm" he says. Tom turns around and immediately goes scarlet upon seeing who it is, Chris just says hi


"Hi there Vin" says chris to Vin Diesel

"Hi, enjoying yourself are you. I told you not to fuck anyone you little slut" says Vin dominantly

"I just.... he came on to me"

"Is that a fact?"

"Yeah... He's good Vin"


Chris slowly pulls his still hard cock from tom's ass. He gets up and moves down to the front of the bed, Vin has already stripped down to his tight white briefs. Tom pulls them down and Vin's 11 inch cock falls in front of him. He puts the cut cock in his mouth and begins to suck him off,


He gets off the bed and moves behind Vin. He moves his hands over his firm round ass cheeks and pulls them apart. He gently flicks his tongue across the lightly haired hole. Vin begins to moan as he is being pleasured from both the front and back. Tom moves his large hands up vin's hard body, passing by his abs and going straight to his erect nipples. He begins to flick them while still sucking him off. Chris begins to use his fingers and starts to push one into vin's tight crevice, "Ohh fuck" he moans as chris manages to get his full finger up vin's chute, then he withdraws it and pushes it back in. He continues this while tom continues his work on the front half of Vin. "Ok enough" he demands.

"You, spread your legs" he commands tom


Tom lays back and opens his legs wide. Vin goes in and lowers his face to toms already wide open ass. He pushes his tongue in and gets some of chris's cum in return. Chris leaves vin's ass and goes up to tom's face. He turns around and puts his meaty ass in front of his face. He then lowers himself and demands tom to eat him out, so tom gets to work. Chris is rubbing his nipples and slowly jerking his cock. Vin stops eating out tom and stands up. He lines up his massive 11 inch cock to toms wide opening and begins to push in. Tom groans a low groan as he feels the big head of vin's cock slowly trying to push its way into him. He relaxes and begins to push back, he feels the head pop into him. Both men sigh. Vin then begins to push more into tom, he can feels chris's cum coating his cock the further he goes in. He grabs toms waist and pulls him down. Tom screams as vin's entire 11 inches goes deep into him. Vin waits a second and then pulls out in one swoop, then pushes the full 11 inches back into tom, who screams loudly when he does this.

Chris gets off of toms face and goes into the 69 position. He lowers himself so that his face is at toms rock hard cock and his is at toms face. He takes it in his mouth and begins to gently suck it off, while tom does the same. With each thrust of vins cock, tom is having a mini orgasm, he is moaning loudly and consistently. Vin gets harder and fucks tom roughly and as hard as he can. This becomes too much for tom and he screams and blows his load deep down chris's throat.

Chris gets up and moves behind vin. He goes back to rimming him. Tom meanwhile has become lost in the sensations he is receiving in his ass, vin has become aggressive and grunts loudly and deeply with every thrust into toms wide open hole,


He pulls out of tom. He then lays on the bed and tells tom to sit hard on his cock. Tom manoeuvres himself and sits on the full 11 inches, the thick shaft hits his prostate and he screems loudly. Chris goes on the bed and goes up beside vin and begins to make out with him while rubbing his hard nipples. They continue this while tom begins to fuck himself on vin's shaft. He moves in circles, opening his hole wider, then he begins to lift himself up and down and play with his own nipples,

"Ohh man, oh man....FUCKKK" he screams and begins to bounce as hard as he can on the cock, almost like he is trying to fulfil some part deep within himself.

Chris moves away from vin and gets off the bed. He climbs behind tom and holds him steady. He takes his hard cock and lines it up with tom's already filled hole. He pushes slightly and gains access into the tightly filled crevice. He can feel vins thick shaft taking up almost all of the available room, but he continues to push in. Tom is gasping and holding himself steady by gripping vins large chest. Chris is finding it hard to push further in to tom, so he pushes him forward so that he is laying up beside vin. Chris pulls his cock out and in one swoop; he pushes in and gets a high pitched scream form tom. Vin laughs and so does chris. Tom is whimpering as he feels his ass stretched to proportions beyond this world. Vin gently begins to push and so does chris, tom is still whimpering. He sounds like a child who has been scolded.


The two men continue to fuck tom, when one moves, the other stays still, and then vice versa. Tom's ass is as wide as it can go, he is laying on vin's large smooth chest, gently whimpering and gasping as the two men continue to have their way with his poor ass. Chris eventually pulls out and tom feels his ass beginning to close back up around vin's cock. Chris goes across to the table and pulls put a vibrator and lube. He lubes up his ass and puts some on the nicely sized sex toy. He sits down on the chair spread eagled and begins to work the 5 inch vibrator inside himself. Once he gets accustomed to it, he turns on the vibrations and jerks himself off while watching Vin continue to fuck tom.

Vin begins once agin to fuck tom as hard as he can, going full force, the sound of flesh smacking flesh is loud in the room, tom is groaning again louldly and vin is breathing rapidly. Chris is still on the chair now trying to push the full vibrator in his ass so that he can maximise his pleaure,

"OHH FUKKK, I.....MMMM CUMMMIN" screams tom, as he fires 8 loads on the bed.

Vin keeps fucking tom, "Where do you want this slut" he asking while pounding away

"Ohhh mannn.....inside me" groans tom

Vin gets faster and tom's groans begin to get louder, faster he fucks into tom, and then he cums; firing 7 loads deep into toms well used ass. He pulls out of tom and the two collapse on the bed, with vin laying beside tom,

"Chris was right about you, you are great" says vin in his deep intimidating voice

Chris is still on the chair furiously pounding away at his cock, he is nearing his climax, he sees vin's large body laying on the bed, so he gets up, with vibrator still in him, walks over to him and in one move, flips him on his stomach and points his 8 inch cock between vin's large fleshy cheeks and pushes into the small hole, vin screams a loud moan and this time tom laughs. Chris pounds at vins ass, slapping it and after 10 minutes, cums deep into it. he falls on top of him and gently kisses the back of his neck.

"So tom, got anymore friends you can get to fuck you, cause i don't think i can stay here in Vancouver for long" says vin

"Yeah i think i do" he says thinking about one very special friend of his.