Tom Welling's Bottom Adventures, Part 4, By Paul Morrisson

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It had been a few days since tom had been fucked by both vin diesel and chris evans. Thinking upon vins advice, tom, picked up his cell phone and began to scroll through the list of numbers he had stored on it, passing each female number and stopping at the guys, Jenson Ackles.... “he might have a nice big cock that he can fuck me with” thought tom to himself, “nah, maybe another time”, he then stopped at his best friend Ashton Kutcher. He was thinking about Ashton.... when they were modelling together, not once did Ashton make a move on him.. therefore, he must be completely straight, so, he once again, scrolled until he came to a stop....perfect thought to as he looked at the name.

He pressed the call the button and after 4 rings, he heard a male voice...

Talk to me”

Hey dude, its tom, just wondering if u wanna go for a beer or something”

hey tom, yeah sure. Lets say about 6, that ok with you” asked the man on the other end of the phone

yeah sure, my place then?” asked tom

sure, see ya at 6”

The phone went dead and tom began to get horny, thinking about getting fucked by one of his good friends. He went into the bathroom and turned on the shower,while he was letting it heat up, he began to strip and looked at himself in the mirror. He smiled while moving his hand over his large smooth chest and down past his abs, and onto his still clothed cock

God im hot” he thought to himself.

He took off his underwear and climbed into the shower and stood under the warm water, letting it fall down over him. He picked up the shower gel and rubbed it all over himself. He then picked up the sponge, and squeezed some more of the sweet smelling gel onto it. He rubbed himself with the sponge softly and yet hard at the same time, making sure he got all the dirt of his immaculate body. After about 30 minutes in the shower, he exited, he made sure to rub Vaseline on his hole to make it nice and wet and easy for justin to enter him as soon as possible, he then got dressed, he headed into the kitchen and prepared something to eat for himself. Then he picked up the phone and called his wife Jamie to see how she was,

hey babe, how are you” he asked as husbandly as possible

hi, yeah im fine, im going up to my mums this afternoon to see how she is, you know” she said

ok, well, im missing you” he lied

i miss you too babe”

ok, I'll be in touch soon, give my love to the old dear”

ok, i will. Bye”

bye Jamie”

he hung up and looked at the clock, 5.30, god, he was getting even more horny, he couldn't wait for him to arrive, the doorbell goes. Tom practically runs to it, he stops and composes himself then he opens it to see his good friend, Justin Hartley standing there smiling.

Hey Justin” tom says,

God, could you be any more excited to see me” he laughs

oh fuck off”

ok, well.....can i come in, or do i have to drink my beer outside your front door” says Justin

oh.. god sorry, come in” says tom

Justin enters and walks into the living room, with tom following behind him, looking at his ass trapped in his tight blue jeans, tom licks his lips, thinking about his cock.

Ok, which kind do you want then”

any” answers justin

tom walks back into the room and gives Justin a cold beer. Justin sips it and tom watches his mouth on the rim of the bottle, he starts to get horny again. He sits in the couch and turns on the tv. Justin sits beside him and the two begin with some regular small talk, talking about the show and where they think its going and such,then the subject quickly changes.

you know tom.... sam told me about what happened between you two”

tom nearly spat up his beer,

what” he asks

you know, that he broke you and you were moaning for more like a whore and such”


don't worry tom, i wont say anything to anyone”

thanks... i think”

ok, tom, tell the truth, why did you want me to come over here, huh?””

wait, let me guess, u thought that u would call me over, get me drunk and then fuck me. Is that about correct, huh?”, not really justin. What i want what sam likes..” says tom, almost like a child

oh, i get it, you want me to fuck that right?”


um, ok sure, why not”

tom moves closer to justin and places his famous lips on justins as the two begin to make out. While their tongues battle for dominance in each others mouths, their hands are moving all over the others body. Toms large hand is rubbing justins hard 8 inch cock through his tight jeans, justins hand is all over toms large back. He moves his hand inside toms shirt and goes for his hard nipples, he rubs them gently then he pulls them, toms moans loudly in justins mouth.

Justin stands up and unzips his jeans. He takes off all his clothes and looks at tom who is sitting on the couch admiring justins god like body.

Tom goes straight for justins cock; he take the hard smooth shaft into his mouth and begins to suck. He goes up and down the shaft, and sucks as hard as he can, justin gently moans while tom sucks him off.

ok enough” says justin

he then grabs tom and puts him on his feet. He begins to strip tom, first he removes his t-shirt; he moves his hands all over toms large smooth chest, he begins to suck on toms hard nipples, then he bites them. Tom smells amazing, justin can still smell the soapy smell from his shower gel. He then moves down and unzips toms jeans, which are obviously 2 sizes too small, therefore, he has a huge bulge in them. Justin unzips them then lowers them down. He gets on his knees and takes down toms underwear. He is greeted by toms 9 inch rock hard cock, he flicks his wet tongue across the large head and receives a sigh from tom in approval. He then takes the whole 9 inches in right down to the base, his nose is in tom's neatly trimmed bush, he can smell the cleanliness of off tom, its driving him insane. He took it out of his mouth and gave it a firm and hard jerk, tom moaned loudly,

god, your a favourite” said justin

he continued to jerk toms cock will moving his hand up and down toms legs, he reached toms bubble ass. He slipped a finger up to the dark crevice and gently probed the small opening, surprisingly, his finger was automatically sucked in, tom gently sighed as he felt justins long finger probe deeper into him, he squeezed his ass muscled tightly, justin could feels the walls of tom's ass tightly gripping his finger,

god, your nice and warm. I gotta question, why you so ready huh?”

i knew i would be getting fucked by you, so i wanted to be open and ready for you”


Justin stood up and moved tom over to the dinning room table, he lay down and held his hard 8 inch cock straight up in the air,

ride me slut, i wanna see your face when i cum in you” says justin dominately

tom climbs onto the table and positions himself over justin. He grabs his meaty cheeks and spreads them, then he lowers himself until he feels justins hard cock at his entrance trying to break in,

you want my warm, tight ass dont ya”

oh god yea, come on slut, you know you wanna be fucked... your a cock whore”

really huh, i need a cock, is that it....”

yeah your a dirty bitch who needs to be punished”

tom continued to whisper dirty thoughts in justins ear, who was by now, getting even more hornier and bored, he grabbed tom by the waist and pulls him as hard as he can onto his hard cock, tom screems in pain and pleasure as he feels the whole 8 inches of justins rock hard cock pierce his insides,


yeah you like that, you fucking dirty slut” moans justin

tom moves in circles opening his ass wider as justin roughly massages the two round mounds of flesh,

god I've wanted to be inside your ass for years”

yeahhh.. well now your in, your better fuck me as if it is your last time” says tom breathlessly

justin holds tom still and begins to thrust upwards into toms velvety tunnel, tom is gently moaning as he feels the ridges on justins cock gently rubbing his walls, the pain is now fading away and pleasure is beginning to emerge, justin begins to piston upwards into tom who is now shouting loudly,

oh fuckkkkk you fuckkkerrrr, HARRRRDDDERRR” he screams

justins pistons as hard as he can until he begins to tire out, then tom takes over, he begins to bounce as hard and as fast as he an on justins cock.

He gets off justin and gets on one of the chairs and sits with his back to justin,

Come on fucker, do me hard”

justin gets off the table and moves behind tom, he lowers himself onto the floor and begins to rim toms ass again for a few seconds, then he gets behind tom in a crouching positions and pushes his cock in again, tom again sighs at this. Justin begins to fuck tom as hard as he can and in return he get shouts of approval from tom, who is pulling on his nipples and jerking his cock furiously


justin pulls out and moves tom off the chair, he lifts one of toms legs onto the chair and pushes his cock in once again, he continues to pound away at his abused hole, going harder and faster than ever, he is pulling on toms sensitive nipples and biting his neck

YOU FUCKKING BITCH” screams justin as he fires his load deep inside tom who then blows his load all over his abs and the floor.

aww man, that was awesome.... your soo much better than sam” compliments justin

thanks” replies tom breathlessly

man, we have to this again for definite” says justin

definitely, maybe invite a few friends row, have a little fuck fest huh”

for sure”

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