Trading Spaces

This story is pure fiction, and does not imply anything about the sexuality of the mentioned people. "Trading Spaces" is a trademark of TLC.

After a long day of carpentry, Ty sat down on the bed in his hotel room. It was late at night, and he figured that he would take a shower, and get ready for his next day of work on Trading Spaces. He undressed and was ready to step into the shower when there was a knock on his door. It was Doug, and he looked like he needed something. Without realizing that Ty was naked, Doug walked in and sat on the couch. "Hello, I'm naked Doug, do you mind if I go get clothes on first?" questioned Ty. "Sure," said Doug. As Ty walked into the bathroom to put on some clothes, Doug sat on the couch looking at Ty's' boxers. He reached out to pick them up, but Ty came out of the bathroom. Ty noticed the rock in Doug's pants, which made him get hard too. "Are you going to take care of that?" asked Doug. "What are you talking about?" Ty questioned, trying to cover up his now very hard cock. "You know, since were both men, and we do men things, would it be okay if I jacked off here?" asked Doug, loud and proud. "Sure, we are both men," assured Ty. With that they both took off their pants and started to move their hands up and down their hard dicks. Doug noticed that Ty was doing this so much better then he.

"Can I ask you a question, Ty? Are know... gay?" solicited Doug.

"Fuck no, I'm dating someone," lied Ty, "although, I've never thought about sex with a man before..."

"I have," said Doug, "and I've done it, it wasn't much different. Why don't you come here you mother fu...

Day Two

They were at the house in Virginia, Doug working on one house, Vern working on the other. Ty enjoyed his moments without the cameras nearby. He had just finished one of Doug's projects, until suddenly he got hard. Shit, he thought to himself. He went to Doug's house, carrying a piece of paper hiding his crotch. He went into the house and asked Doug to come with him, and he told the cameramen to stay there. They walked into the other rooms of the house, closed and locked the door. "Do me Doug," whispered Ty, last night was so wonderful, but I'm not gay". "Sure you aren't" replied Doug sarcastically. Ty unzipped his pants and let out his had 9-1/2 inch pulsing cock. Doug opened his mouth and went in for the bait. He first took in the head, teasing Ty, and then he took the whole thing in his mouth, his nose touching Ty's forest of hair. Ty moved in rhythm of Doug's sucking. "Damn, this is good," yelled Ty in between his moans. Ty was ready to reach his orgasm when he pulled Doug away. "What the hell, I was just starting to have fun," said Doug, annoyingly.

"Let me suck you this time," said Ty, "I wanna save my cum for when if fuck you up the ass.

"Sir, yes sir," said Doug. Doug's penis was a little smaller than Ty's, but Doug's was thick and a good size, hard to jack off with. Ty bent down to suck Doug. First, he took off his and Doug's shirt and pants, and his underwear, but Doug wasn't wearing any. Ty started to lick the hairs on Doug's chest, sucked his nipples, and then leaned in for a passionate kiss. Ty sat next to Doug's pubic hair, and started to pull at it and lick at it. Then he moved into his cock, and sucked it, pulling more in each second. They both moved in one direction. Doug sprayed his seed into Ty's thought. He took it in his moth, then spit it out into a cup, which he then stuck his hand in, and spread it all over his manhood. "Turn over Doug," demeaned Ty. He lined his penis up with Doug's anus. "Boy, are you gonna wish that you would have me to do this everyday. You're just going to have to rely on Vern to do this when I'm not here," Ty said mockingly. "Please, Vern isn't half a s good as you are," replied Doug.

"Tell me if it hurts," said Ty. "Why, so you can go harder?" Doug said to Ty. "Fuck up and jack yourself off if you feel the need to," Ty told Doug. Ty pushed his cock in all the way. He started to move in and out. He put his arms over Doug's pelvis, and started jacking him off. Soon they came, Ty, first, shooting his into the depths of Doug. Very soon after, Doug came, spraying his milk onto the wall. Ty was getting out of Doug, and then there was a knock at the door.