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Chapter 7: Teaching Billy

"That was incredible," Billy exclaimed.

Jesse smiled as he watched the two boys kiss again, "I think Billy will have to stay in our room tonight."

"I think you're right," Billy and Haley replied together.

Chapter 8: After the Concert

Jesse and Haley sat and watched the concert from front row center. Billy was rocking the stage and the young girls were going crazy. Finally, Billy walked off stage but was quickly cheered back out for an encore. He came back out and sang the encore, thanked the audience, and headed backstage again. The audience lingered for another thirty minutes hoping for one more glimpse of Billy. Finally, about an hour later, Jesse and Haley were alone in their seats when Billy walked out to meet them.

"Hey guys, you ready to go?" He asked.

"We were born ready," Haley said.

"There's just one problem," Billy continued. "We have to go to my hotel. Manager's orders."

"We can still have fun," Jesse replied. "It's not a big deal."

"Security usually stays in a room down the hall, but they never bother me. We should be fine," Billy assured them.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Haley grinned.

"Right," replied Jesse and Billy together.

The boys walked out to the limo and hopped in. Billy got in last and planted a kiss on both boys. "Looks like we created a monster," Jesse laughed.

Billy sat across from the two boys and they chatted for a while. They stopped and got something to eat before arriving at the hotel. Billy wanted chili dogs and the three boys each got 2 a piece. Haley nibbled away about a third of the bun and then started seductively running the hot dog in and out of his mouth, consuming a little more bun with each down stroke. Soon he was staring directly into Jesse's blue eyes while he deep throated the entire wiener. Haley watched both Billy and Jesse and they were both popping wood. He flashed a devilish grin at both boys as he finished eating his hot dogs, licking his lips noisily at the end.

The boys walked up to Billy's room. He was in a suite of rooms on the next to the last floor at the top. Billy asked the boys to make themselves comfortable while he took a shower - after all, he was pretty sweaty after almost 90 minutes of live performance. The boys watched TV as they heard the water come on and saw wisps of steam coming out from beneath the door to the bathroom. Even over the dynamic soundtrack of "The Fast and the Furious" they could hear Billy singing in the shower - "Little Bitty Pretty One." After about 20 minutes Billy walked out of the bathroom, barefoot and clothed only in a towel. He walked over to the bed and sat down.

Haley looked at Billy's slightly damp skin and wet hair and his dick instantly rose to full attention. He reached up and began rubbing Billy's shoulders, working out the tension and stress that had come from the live performance. Billy began to relax and made soft purring sounds as Haley massaged his neck and shoulders, and started slowly working his way down his back.

Jesse in the meantime reached into Haley's backpack and pulled out the camera. Haley leaned forward and gently kissed Billy's neck, causing him to moan softly and lean back into his arms. Jesse took a few pictures of the boys and sat down on the bed next to Billy. Haley got up took the camera and set up his tri-pod near the bed. He aimed it at the bed and turned on the timer which was set to snap a photo every 15 seconds.

Billy decided that Jesse was overdressed for the occasion and grabbed the bottom of his shirt and started to pull it up over his head. Jesse relaxed and let Billy take charge. As the tee came off it mussed Jesse's blonde hair and Haley remarked how cute he looked with his blue eyes. Haley came over to the bed to help Billy finish getting Jesse undressed. Billy unsnapped the catch on Jesse's khaki's and pulled down his zipper. As he worked the cargo pants down his legs, they hung up on Jesse's sneakers. Haley knelt down and undid the laces on his shoes. He pulled them off and let Jesse's pants fall the rest of the way off. Billy reached into the fly of Jesse's CK's and fished out his boy cock. He wrapped his small hand around the semi-erect shaft and began to work it up and down. Jesse's cock started to swell and grow in his hand as Haley took Jesse's left foot in his hands and and lifted it up to look at the sole. "Hanes" it said, across the bottom of his toes. Haley slowly pulled off his sock. He repeated the action with the right foot and held both of Jesse's bare feet in his hands. He admired his feet - they were perfectly shaped and his toenails were immaculately trimmed. The soles were soft and pink and not calloused at all. It was almost as if Jesse had never gone barefoot in his life. Jesse's bare feet had a pleasant boy fragrance, since Jesse had taken a shower just before the concert.

Billy continued to jerk Jesse's hardening cock as he planted a lip lock on him and stuck his tongue in his mouth. Jesse let his fingertips caress every inch of Billy's smooth skin as the 2 lads fondled and kissed one another.

Haley was gently massaging the soles of Jesse's feet, still admiring the ten perfectly shaped toes right in front of him. He leaned forward and took Jesse's big toe in his mouth, swirling his tongue around it as he sucked it in and out of his mouth. He marveled at how warm and soft it was, like a miniature cock. Jesse moaned and his breath came faster as Haley moved on to his second toe, and then the third, sucking and licking each one in turn.

Billy was beginning to moan quietly, and Haley reached up and pulled the towel off of him, exposing his 5 inch hard-on. Billy and Jesse were still kissing and fondling one another, and Jesse's 5 inch cut dick was fully erect as Billy pumped it slowly, up and down. Haley could see the first drop of pre-cum forming on the tip of Billy's dick, and it was already running down the pink shaft of Jesse's cock.

Haley decided to go for broke and starting licking the soles of Jesse's feet. He lapped at the soles like a cat grooming herself, running his tongue from the heels, across the well defined arches, all the way up to the toes. Jesse was getting really worked up now - after all, one of the cutest singers in the world was jacking him off, and one of the most adorable actors was licking the soles of his feet and sucking his toes. He pulled off Billy and reached a hand down to Haley, pulling him to his feet.

Billy, completely naked, scooted over to the edge of the bed by Jesse. Jesse stood up, kissed Haley and began pulling his shirt over his head. Haley realized that he was the only one left with any clothes on! As Haley toed-off his sneakers, Billy reached for the snap on his orange cargo's and unzipped the fly, letting his pants fall to the floor. Haley stepped out of his pants and the two boys gently laid him back on the bed. Haley closed his eyes as Billy kissed him and Jesse began sucking on his little nipples. Billy pulled out of the kiss and moved down to help Jesse with Haley's other side, caressing his way down his stomach and sides.

Haley could feel the tension building in his body as Billy kissed his stomach, pausing at his belly button for a second before moving on. Haley groaned as Jesse kissed him once more. Billy kissed the area just above Haley's hard on, nuzzling his soft patch of blonde pubes. He decided to torment Haley by avoiding his cock altogether, and continued kissing his way down to his thighs. He licked and kissed the insides of Haley's thighs, all the while thinking about Haley sucking him off earlier that day; how good it had felt, how warm his mouth was when he engulfed his cock, the shivers that ran up his spine and all the way back down to his toes when Haley had swirled his tongue around the head of his cock as he bobbed up and down. Billy could still feel the cum traveling out of his balls and up the shaft of his dick as he unloaded in Haley's mouth, curling his toes and thrashing around as Haley swallowed all of his cum. He remembered how cute Haley looked as he let his cock slip out of his mouth and smiled up at him, his teeth still covered with his fresh boy cream.

Jesse and Haley looked down at Billy and smiled. Billy could see from his face that Haley couldn't wait for what he was about to do. He smiled back, stared directly into Haley's eyes and licked up the entire length of his 6 inch cock. His cock was perfect. The shaft was a pale cream color, there were no hairs growing on it at all. The head was pink and had a nicely shaped helmet. All 3 boys were circumcised, and Haley had the slightly larger dick.

This was going to be his first time giving a blow job, but Billy wanted to make Haley feel like he had earlier that day. He stuck out his tongue and cautiously swirled it around the head of Haley's erection. He continued to jack the shaft with his hand and watched as a small droplet of pre cum oozed out. What would it taste like? Would he like it? Oh God, what if it grossed him out?

He continued to jack Haley off and watched as the pre-cum began to flow freely, running down the shaft now. Billy decided it was now or never and he leaned forward and swallowed the first 4 inches of Haley's cock. He wanted to taste him, so he swirled his tongue all around the head and the shaft, marveling at the slightly salty taste - like fresh sea water. He loved it. It was the essence of Haley, and he wanted more.

Haley gasped and closed his eyes. Billy could smell Haley's boyness and fell in love with it. He wanted to please Haley so much. He moved down and sucked on Haley's balls, just as Jesse had done to him. Haley was reeling with pleasure as he lapped on his right nut, letting it pop back out of his mouth. Then he sucked in the other one, gently rolling it around on his tongue. Haley was moaning now.

Jesse moved down to the floor and pulled off Haley's socks. He had never seen Haley barefoot, and it was not long ago that Greg let it out that he liked feet during a Dreamstreet interview. Jesse looked at the pair of bare feet in front of him. Nicely shaped heels and arches, perfect, well groomed straight toes. Soft and pink. He picked up Haley's right foot and slowly licked from the heel to the toes, across the sensitive sole. Haley curled his toes and giggled. Jesse took his big toe in his mouth and began sucking on it like a small cock. His tongue swirled around it as he gently bobbed up and down. He opened his mouth as wide as he could and took all 5 of Haley's toes in his mouth. Paying special attention to the sensitive spot where they meet the ball of the foot. He let his tongue dance over the underside of Haley's toes, as Haley twitched and moaned uncontrollably.

Billy sensed Haley's heightened arousal, stopped sucking on his balls and moved up the shaft of his cock again. He took a deep breath and let Haley's penis slide through his lips and into his mouth. He went down half way and then pulled off. He looked over at Jesse, who nodded, and then went back to sucking Haley's little toes. Billy closed his eyes and sucked as hard as he could, using his tongue like he did on a straw in a thick milkshake. Haley's hands were wrapped around the bed post and his face was wrinkled up with pure pleasure and lust. Billy sucked down and then let off again, using his fist to jack the shaft in tempo with the bobbing of his head.

"Ooooooh," Haley muttered, "I'm gonna cum."

Billy pulled off a little but kept part of Haley's penis in his mouth. If Haley could taste his then he might as well taste Haley's. He wrapped his fingers around the base of Haley's shaft and pumped a few times as he whipped his tongue around the sensitive head. He fondled Haley's balls with his free hand, gently tugging on the sac as he sucked and bobbed his head in an effort to coax as much cum as he could out of his friend. He felt Haley's sac tighten up and his cock became even harder in his mouth. Haley put his hands on the back of Billy's head and with a loud groan shot his load into Billy's eager mouth. Billy sucked it down like he was sucking on a straw, trying to get every drop out of Haley's young body. Haley lovingly ran his fingers through Billy's hair.

Jesse rolled Billy over, seeing that Haley had finished shooting his load into the singer's mouth. "Move up on the bed," Jesse instructed.

"Haley, come down here with me and follow my lead."

Billy scooted up to the head of the bed. Haley dropped down on the floor next to Jesse. "You take the right, I'll take the left" Jesse said, and both boys picked up one of Billy's bare feet. They started licking the soles, moving up to the toes, sucking each one in turn. Jesse ran his tongue between Billy's toes, and Haley, watching Jesse's every move, followed suit. Billy was thrashing around on the bed, giggling, moaning, enjoying having his toes sucked by these 2 hot teens.

Jesse looked up, and seeing Billy's dick throbbing and leaking pre-cum, he went down on his young dick for the second time that day. He went all the way down and then pulled off.

"Haley, get me the lotion," Jesse instructed.

Haley jumped up and got some lotion out of his bag. He opened it up and poured some onto his hand and moved in behind Jesse. He pulled Jesse's butt into the air to gain better access. Rubbing the lotion onto his fingers, he inserted two fingers into his pal's rectum. He slid his fingers in and out slowly, letting Jesse get accustomed to the feel. After a few minutes of this, he moved around the bed and sat down beside Billy again. He leaned over and took just the head of Billy's cock in his mouth and swirled his tongue around it. He pulled off, and squirting more lotion onto his hand, he wrapped his fingers around Billy's prick, coating it with the lotion.

Jesse straddled Billy's body as Haley moved his hand. Jesse slowly lowered himself onto Billy's waiting dick. Billy closed his eyes and moaned at the new pleasure as his cock slipped into Jesse's tight hole. This was so hot and tight, he almost came right then. Jesse slid all the way down, his butt cheeks resting on Billy's thighs. He sat there for a moment watching Billy's face. Billy opened his eyes, which were glazed over now, and grinned. Jesse began caressing Billy's upper body while he slowly rocked back and forth on his prick. Billy couldn't believe that anything could feel as good as he felt at that moment. Passion and lust raced through his body with each of Jesse's movements.

Jesse raised his hips and let Billy's erection slide half way out of his butt. He leaned down and kissed Billy again, covering his mouth as he slid back onto his throbbing penis. Haley was fully hard again and pumping his cock beside Billy's face. Billy took the head of his cock in his mouth and slathered it with his tongue. Billy couldn't stand it any longer. With each slight movement Jesse made, Billy ached with the pleasure shooting through his nerves from his dick. He let Haley's cock slip from his mouth and threw his head back into the bed, moaning with pleasure.

"Oh yeah," he all but screamed as he let go of all his will power.

He exploded into Jesse's rear, filling him full of young spunk.

Haley kissed Billy on the lips and reached his hand over the boy and turned him over. Haley did the same to Billy as Billy had done to Jesse. It took longer to get Billy ready since it was his first time. Haley worked Billy's hole for about ten minutes, then deciding he was ready, greased his own dick. He lay on top of Billy, kissing his neck as he slowly entered Billy's tight hole. Billy winced at the moment Haley's dick entered his sphincter.

"Just relax, let it happen," Haley whispered in Billy's ear, kissing him again.

Billy relaxed a little and Haley pushed farther into the warmth of Billy's body. When Haley was all the way in, he laid his head on Billy's back getting ready for the next step and letting Billy get used to his penis. He felt Jesse's finger push inside him. Then Jesse mounted the back of Haley's legs and pushed his hard rod into the opening in Haley's backside. They lay there for a few minutes, enjoying each other. Jesse slowly began to pump in and out of Haley and with each thrust inward; Haley would be forced deeper inside Billy. He pulled out slightly each time Jesse pulled out.


Billy groaned as Haley's penis rubbed his prostate. Haley moaned as Jesse thrust his pole deeper and deeper into his butt. Jesse closed his eyes and thrust harder and harder. As Billy clutched the sheets, Haley held onto Billy's arms, and Jesse had Haley's hip in a firm grasp as he pounded the young boy, forcing Haley into Billy. Billy groaned again as the friction was taking him to the edge once again.

Haley closed his eyes and sucked on Billy's earlobe. Jesse pulled his penis out to the head and with a final grunt, pushed back into Haley, spraying his cum all over the inside of Haley's colon. As Jesse pulled out, Billy reached his climax again, flexing the muscles in his rear as he sprayed the sheets with what was left in his body. Billy's orgasm pushed Haley over the edge and he filled Billy with 5 spurts of his boy juice. He kissed Billy on the neck one last time and pulled his softening penis out of his friend. He stood up and turned off his camera and lay back on the bed.

Exhausted, Billy rolled over and draped his arm over Haley's chest. Jesse did the same from the other side and Haley closed his eyes. What a night it had been. Jesse kissed Haley's shoulder. Haley turned his head and kissed his friend on the lips. Then he turned the other way and kissed Billy.

"Goodnight," Haley said.

"Night," Billy said as he closed his eyes.

"Night bud," Jesse replied, kissing Haley again.

Haley lay there for thirty minutes listening to the other boys sleep. He smiled, closed his eyes, and joined them.

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