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from Chapter 20: Revelations

"Do you think I should tell my mom?"

"Tell her what," Trevor questioned.

"About me..." Alex replied, "You know, about me and Haley."


"Mom...Rachel...I need to tell you something," Alex said his breath

slow and his heart racing with fear. "I don't want you to hate me."

"We will never hate you Alex," Rachel said.

Alex looked at his Aunt and his mom sitting at the table. He took a very

deep breath.

"Mom," Alex said sitting down and taking his mom's hand in his own,

"I'm in love."

Alex paused taking a breath and thinking about what he was saying. He

could feel a lump form in his throat.

"I know I am young and love is still a new thing in my life, but I have

never felt this way about anyone and I can't imagine not feeling like


Alex looked into his mom's eyes. He could see the uncertainty. He stood

up and walked over to the sink and poured himself some water. He drank it

down. He looked down into the sink trying to work his nerve back up.

"Mom," Alex said turning around and taking another deep breath, his

eyes filling with tears, "I'm gay."


"Alex, I love you," Ms. Kent said. "Nothing will ever change that. I

could see in your eyes that you really are in love with Haley and I am

not going to stop that. Haley is a great kid and you deserve to have

someone as great as he is."

Alex began to cry and wrapped his arms tightly around his mom's neck.

She held him tightly against her and kissed the top of his head.

"I love you mom," Alex whispered.

"I love you more than anything," Ms. Kent replied.


Chapter 21: Closer

Haley's car pulled into the drive-way of Alex's house. It was almost one o'clock and Haley wasn't sure what had happened since he had gotten off the phone with Alex. He thanked his driver and told him to wait a few minutes before he left him. Haley had never been so nervous as he was now, walking up to Alex's front door. He rang the door bell and waited. Ms. Kent opened the door and looked down at Haley.

"Hello Ms. Kent," Haley said nervously.

Ms. Kent glared at Haley for a minute causing Haley to fidget uneasily. Finally, after a few minutes, Ms. Kent gave Haley a smile. Haley relaxed a little.

"Is Alex home?" Haley asked.

"He is in the shower right now," Ms. Kent replied, "but I need to talk to you for a minute before he gets out."

Ms. Kent led Haley to the living room and leaned down and gave him a big hug.

"Thank you," she whispered.

"For what," Haley wondered.

"For making my son the happiest kid alive," Ms. Kent smiled at him.

"It's nothing," Haley replied with a grin, "he makes me the happiest boy in the world."

"I just want you two to be honest with us from now on," Ms. Kent said.

"Deal," Haley replied. "Oh yeah, before he comes down I need to discuss something with you."

"What is it," Ms. Kent asked.

"If you want to," Haley said, "my dad has an offer for you and Ms. Rachel to come and work for the company he works at when we aren't filming. The pay is better than what you make now and I don't want to sound selfish, but I kinda would like Alex to be closer to me all the time."

"That sounds good," Ms. Kent smiled, "but we would have to discuss this with Rachel and Alex, and we would need to find a place to live."

"Also done," Haley replied happily. "Our neighbors are moving to New York, so they are selling their house. Dad called the realtor and told him to hold it for a week until we could find out from you whether or not you want it."

"Haley, you are a wonderful person," Ms. Kent smiled. "We'll discuss it with Alex and Rachel and then we can call your dad. I assume you are staying the night?"

"If you don't mind," Haley replied.

"Of course not," Ms. Kent said. "You have practically married my son by what he told me."

Haley laughed softly, "he exaggerates a little. I would love to one day though."

Ms. Kent just smiled and gave him another hug and kissed him on the forehead.

Alex walked down the stairs and watched his mom hug Haley. Alex ran the rest of the way down the stairs and into the living room with the two. He hugged Haley so hard Haley had to push him off so he could breathe.

"Looks like someone really did miss me," he laughed.

Alex turned red and grinned shyly.

"You boys go play," Ms. Kent said. "I need to take your aunt some papers and Haley, I will talk to her and you can talk to Alex."

Haley nodded and took Alex by the hand. The boys walked to the tree house and disappeared up the ladder. As soon as the door closed, Haley grabbed Alex's waist and pulled him tightly against his body. He wrapped his arms around Alex's body and smiled at his young lover.

"I missed you so much," Haley whispered. "I couldn't sleep."

"I missed you even more," Alex muttered his head buried in Haley's chest. "I never want to let you go again."

Haley pulled away from Alex and sat on the couch. He pulled Alex down and Alex lay beside Haley, his head resting on Haley's chest. Haley instinctively ran his fingers through Alex's freshly cleaned hair. Alex breathed deeply, taking in the scent of Haley's cologne mixed with a slight smell of sweat and soap. Alex could never get over how good Haley smelled. His hand ran over the soft skin of Haley's other arm as it rested on Alex's chest.

"I love it when we do this," Alex said almost in a trance.

"Alex," Haley said, "I have something to ask you."

"You can ask me anything," Alex replied sounding a little worried.

"It's nothing to worry about sweetie," Haley said.

Alex giggled and blushed a little bit.


"You have never called me that before," Alex observed.

"Well, you are," Haley giggled.

"So what did you want to ask me?"

Haley told Alex about the jobs for his mom and aunt and about the house that was waiting for them if they wanted it. Alex was ecstatic about being closer to Haley and getting to spend more time with him. Haley enjoyed watching Alex beam with excitement. Something crossed Alex's mind that made him frown a little.

"What is it buddy," Haley asked concerned.

"What about my fortress," Alex asked. "It's all I have from my dad."

"Can I ask you something," Haley said.

Alex nodded his head.

"How often do you see your dad?"

"I haven't since he left," Alex replied.

"So would it be so bad to let go of the tree house," Haley asked cautiously.

"I don't know," Alex sighed. "I guess it wouldn't be so bad."

Haley hugged Alex close to him.

"You don't have to do anything you don't want to do," Haley reminded his boy.

"Haley, you make me feel so special," Alex whispered.

"You are so much more than just special," Haley replied lovingly.

"I want to live near you," Alex softly said.


Ms. Kent called the boys in for dinner a few hours later.

"What have you guys been up to?"

"We were just watching a movie mom," Alex replied.

"Rachel and I have decided that we will move," Ms. Kent said.

"But only if you want to Alex," Rachel added.

Alex looked at his mom and at Rachel, stopping his gaze on Haley. Haley grinned slightly and Alex blushed a little.

"I want to go," Alex said softly.


...2 months later.

Alex stood on the front steps of his new home.

"It's huge," he marveled.

"Just slightly larger than your other house," Haley laughed.

Alex stared at the three story house for a few more moments before getting interrupted by Haley.

"Want me to show you around," Haley asked.

"Yeah," Alex smiled.

"Take some boxes to your room," Ms. Kent yelled from the back of the moving van.

Alex and Haley picked up a few boxes and carried them inside. The boys headed straight for Alex's room on the third floor. The stairs lead straight to Alex's room which took up the entire third story. It wasn't as big as the second or first floors, but it was big. Alex was amazed at how big his room was. A walk-in closet in the corner shared a wall with a bathroom. The bathroom had a corner tub surrounded by glass with shower heads all around the top. Alex wanted to just jump in the tub and lay there for the rest of the day. A platform took up a whole length of the back wall. A loft window looked out over the backyard from the platform. Alex decided to put his bed on the platform so he could look out the window at the stars.

Alex's unassembled bed lay against the railing of the platform.

"Wanna help me put this together tonight?" Alex asked.

"Yep," Haley replied. "And that one too."

Alex looked over to where Haley was pointing. His computer desk was against the wall, but his computer and wires are other stuff were in boxes all around the room. Alex smiled and sat down on the futon that was just below the platform. He tried to imagine his TV and all his DVDs lining the opposite wall.

"Let me show you the best part," Haley said with a hint of excitement.

He led Alex across the platform and opened up the window. He stepped out onto a small balcony and helped Alex out the window. Alex placed his hands on the railing and gazed into his backyard.

"This is cool," he said.

Haley wrapped his arms around Alex from behind and put his head on Alex's shoulder. Alex was amazed at the view. His and Haley's yard were separated with a small fence. At the back of the yard stood couple rows of trees for privacy and just on the other side of the trees, the ocean was clearly visible. Alex inhaled deeply, breathing in the salty smell of the ocean. Haley kissed Alex's neck and pointed toward the trees.

"There is your surprise," he whispered as he kissed on the lobe of Alex's ear.

Alex could see a tree house, just hidden in the few rows of trees. He would never have seen it from the balcony if Haley hadn't pointed it out. Alex turned around and kissed Haley deeply.

"You are the best guy I could have ever wished for," he said lovingly.

"No," Haley smiled, "I am the luckiest guy cause you answered my prayers."

Alex smiled and a tear glistened in his eye just before he blinked it away.

"By the way," Haley remarked, "if you need me, my room is right there."

Haley pointed to a window about five feet from the edge of the roof of Alex's house.

"I love you," Alex whispered as he kissed Haley again, pulling his body closer.

"Boys!" A voice came from the doorway.

Alex stepped inside the window, motioning for his mom to come out and see the ocean. Ms. Kent walked out onto the balcony.

"There isn't a lot of room out here is there," she laughed. "But it is beautiful."

Alex smiled and hugged his mom.

"Can Haley stay and help me put my stuff together tonight," he asked.

"Yes," Ms. Kent said, "but we need to make some rules about sleep overs and some other things."

"Yes ma'am," Haley and Alex both replied.

"Well, you guys have been up here for about two hours," Ms. Kent sighed. "Go wash up and get ready for dinner. Haley's parents have invited us to go out with them tonight."

Ms. Kent walked to her room to get ready and put up some of her stuff. Haley looked through a few boxes and picked out something for Alex to wear. Alex smiled and took the clothes and headed toward the bathroom.

"Wanna take one together," Haley suggested. "You know, kinda break it in."

Alex smiled, "Sure, but don't you need clothes."

"I'll be right back," Haley said.

He went out the window and in about five minutes, he returned with a change of clothes.

"Did you jump over that gap," Alex asked.

Haley nodded his head.

"Please don't do that," Alex looked worried. "You could fall."

"Ok," Haley said trying to calm Alex down. "I'll get a ladder and lay it across, ok?"

Alex looked a little relieved. The boys headed to the bathroom and Haley turned on the shower. As the water warmed, Haley stripped his lover's clothes from his soft body. Taking time to kiss Alex here and there as the clothes revealed Alex's slightly tanned skin. Alex did the same for Haley and the boys stepped into the warm streams of the shower heads. Haley pulled the door closed and the boys quickly washed each other. After they were clean, Haley pulled Alex closer to himself and hugged him tightly. Alex buried his head in Haley's firm chest and closed his eyes, listening to Haley's heart beat in a slow rhythm.

"I feel so safe with you holding me," he whispered.

"I like to make you feel safe," Haley whispered back kissing the top of Alex's head. "I want you to feel safe all the time."

The boys stood like that for a few minutes, enveloped in each others love. Haley broke the hug and helped Alex out of the shower. He gently dried off his boy's body and then did the same for himself. They got dressed and headed downstairs to meet their parents.


Later that night, Haley and Alex were sitting in Alex's room putting together the bed that lay against the railing. It took them about an hour to get everything put together. Ms. Kent came in and helped the boys put Alex's belongings up on shelves and in drawers.

"How about we discuss some rules for the tree house and sleepovers," Ms. Kent said.

"Ok," Alex replied.

Haley sat down on the futon with Alex.

"Your parents and I have made a few rules," Ms. Kent started. "First, you both have to be in your own homes by ten on school nights and whenever Haley is working."

Alex and Haley nodded in agreement. They both knew that fighting the rules would only get them in trouble. They also knew that their parents had reasons for making rules. If there were no rules, Haley and Alex would spend every minute together and everything else wouldn't matter to them.

"Second," continued Ms. Kent, "the same rules apply to the tree house Alex. You can fill Haley in on those rules later."

"Ok mom," Alex said.

"And third," Ms. Kent said, "I know that we can't stop you from doing certain things that all boys do. We just want you to be discreet about it and I want you both to be safe."

"Yes ma'am," the boys replied shyly.

Ms. Kent noticed that the boy's faces turned bright red after she said that and just smiled.

"I'll leave you two alone to finish unpacking Alex's things," she said as she walked out the door. "I love you boys."

"Love you," the boys replied in unison.

"It's almost time for the sunset," Haley said excitedly. "I want you to see it with me tonight."

The boys walked downstairs and asked Alex's mom if it would be ok if they sat on the beach for awhile. They promised that they would be home in a few hours. Ms. Kent reluctantly agreed, knowing that it was a big deal for Haley. The boys ran out the backdoor and through the rows of trees. The ocean spread out before their eyes as the emerged from the trees.

Haley sat down in the sand about ten feet from the water. He took Alex's hand and sat him down between his legs. Alex leaned back into Haley, laying his head on Haley's chest. Haley wrapped his arms around Alex's body and hugged him tight.

"You are going to love this," he whispered.

"I already do," Alex said softly, snuggling closer to Haley's warm body.

Haley kissed Alex's soft hair and hugged him tight again.

"Just listen," he whispered.

Alex could hear the sound of Haley's heart beating in his chest. It was music to his ears combined with the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. The gentle breeze carried the smell of salt all around the two lovers as they sat in the sand. The setting sun, illuminating everything with a pinkish-orange glow, danced on the surface of the waters. Alex sat, speechless at the marvel that was around him, holding him, making him feel special. His hands were gently caressing Haley's arms as they held him close. Haley moved one of his hands up and began to gently run his fingers through Alex's dirty blonde hair.

"Your hair is a little longer than the last time I saw you," Haley commented softly.

Alex gently nodded his head.

"This is beautiful," he said barley audible.

Haley closed his eyes and inhaled Alex's scent deeply.

"You are beautiful," he whispered.

Alex smiled and leaned back into Haley's body. The sun was setting now and it was a bit darker around them. Alex shivered slightly. Haley wrapped his arms around Alex ever tighter. He softly began kissing the young man's neck.

Alex made a sound, a half purr and half moan. Haley smiled and ran his fingers over Alex's shirt. He slowly unbuttoned the front and slipped his hand under the cloth. Alex moaned slightly as Haley's hand caressed his bard skin. Haley pulled Alex's shirt from his body and gently laid him down on his back in the sand.

The sand was stuck to Alex's back and mixed with his hair, but he didn't care. He only cared about how much he loved Haley and what he was doing to him. Haley pulled at the button of Alex's pants and like so many times before, unfastened the button with one hand. He pulled the zipper down with his other hand, his lips never leaving Alex's tummy. Alex ran his hands over Haley's back and neck making their way through his hair and back down. Haley gently lifted Alex up and pulled the pants and underwear free from the young boy's body. Alex's soft penis lay on his thigh. Haley touched it and it quivered slightly. Haley grinned and leaned down, kissing just above the patch of hair surrounding the treasure he had just uncovered. Haley's hands roamed over Alex's thighs and down his legs as he kissed all over Alex's chest and stomach. Alex moaned silently as his hands continued to caress Haley's soft skin.

Haley looked up and smiled, "I've been waiting to do this with you for a long time."

Alex pulled himself up. He pulled Haley's shirt off and kissed him on the lips.

"You are the only person I ever want to do this with," he said almost in a daze.

Haley finished pulling his clothes off and lay down on top of Alex's body. He gently began humping their penises together. Alex was hard now. Haley knew just how to make him feel great and Haley used that knowledge wisely. Haley's lips locked onto Alex's, his tongue darting out and brushing against Alex's waiting lips. Alex parted his lips slightly and pushed his tongue deep inside Haley's mouth. Haley sucked gently on Alex's tongue, causing Alex to sigh. Their bodies covered in sand, they parted for moments before locking lips once again. Haley rose up on his elbow and gazed at Alex beneath him.

"You are so beautiful lying there in the sand like that," he whispered, his eyes gleaming. "I wish I had a picture of you like that."

"As long as I can have one of you," Alex smiled.

"I will give you anything that you want," Haley assured his boy.

He lowered his face down, kissing Alex all over again. Alex moaned softly, gently pushing Haley further down. Haley's lips found Alex's penis and let it slowly slide into his mouth. Alex gasped. He didn't think that it had ever felt this good before. Haley slowly ran his tongue up and down the bottom of Alex's shaft, wrapping his lips tighter around the head as he reached the top. After getting Alex wet and hard, Haley gently wrapped his arms around his lover and rolled over. Alex was now on top. He leaned down and kissed Haley, full of passion. His eyes gleamed with lust and love. Haley leaned up and whispered in Alex's ear.

"I want you inside me."

Alex didn't say a word. He just moved down and spit in the crack of Haley's butt. Haley lifted his legs up and held onto his knees. Alex rubbed the spit into the crevice and all around Haley's opening. He leaned up and kissed Haley on the lips again, his hand guiding his penis into Haley's waiting body. Alex could feel Haley tighten up slightly. He could taste Haley's words as he moaned into Alex's mouth. They broke the kiss and Alex gently moved his penis in and out of Haley's warm hole. Haley wrapped his legs around Alex's back and tried to push himself farther onto Alex's stiff cock. Both boys' eyes closed as they felt the pleasure that they could give to each other. Alex leaned down and kissed Haley once again, this time not letting go as he rocked himself and Haley faster. Haley moaned into Alex and Alex moaned back. Both boys were in ecstasy as Alex's rod slid deep into Haley's butt, sliding back and forth over Haley's special spot. Haley was rock hard and he hadn't even touched himself yet. He could feel his balls tighten up as he was approaching climax.

"MMmmmm," he cried softly as Alex got slightly harder inside him.

Haley tossed his head back into the cooling sand as he sprayed his juice all over his and Alex's stomachs. Haley's climax caused him to tighten his muscles, making it to much for Alex to take. With one final thrust, Alex pushed his dick deep into Haley's butt and released his seed, covering Haley's insides. Alex laid his sweat covered forehead on Haley's chest as he tried to control his breathing. Haley wrapped his arms around Alex's shivering body. He leaned down and kissed Alex on the top of the head. Alex pulled his softening penis from his friend's body and looked up at Haley's red-cheeked face.

"We should get back," Haley said slightly out of breathe.

The boys got up and brushed the sand off each other and put their clothes on. They made it back to the house just before ten. Ms. Kent told them both good night and sent them off to bed. The boys took a shower and both put on underwear and a t-shirt just in case Alex's mom or aunt came in to wake them in the morning. The boys lay in bed, holding each other until they fell asleep. Each boy wore a grin in their sleep, knowing that they would be together forever.


Ok guys...I did it. I think I finally brought this story to an end. You can imagine the next years of the boys lives as happily ever after or you can imagine that things took a terrible turn and Haley jumped over the gap between the houses and fell, breaking his leg or arm. You can imagine anything you want to continue this story, but for me...this is how it ends. "The boys lived happily ever after and watched the sunset together every night for the rest of their lives."

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