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Chapter 9: The Fan

"I'm not sure I'm ready to do that," Alex said nervously.

"Take your time," Haley said caressing Alex's fabric covered chest, "If you aren't ready by the time I leave we can try it when I come back to visit next time. I promise I will come back and visit you."

"Thanks for not trying to push me," Alex said as he relaxed. "You think you could tell me about what it feels like?"


"You think I could kiss you?" Alex whispered.

Haley didn't answer, but slowly raised himself up and planted his mouth on the waiting lips of his friend. He held the kiss for about five minutes, listening to Alex gently moan. He pulled back and kissed Alex on the forehead.

"Get some sleep, buddy." Haley whispered, "We'll talk more in the morning."


"Don't do anything," Haley instructed. "This is for you. I want it to be special for your first time."

"But can't I..."

"No!" Haley cut him off. "Let me do everything."


"You are leaving today," Alex frowned.

"Yeah, but I have to use your computer before I leave." Haley said, "Now get up, we only have a few more hours."

Alex got up and put his clothes back on. He walked over and kissed Haley again. They went into the house and up to Alex's room. Haley connected his camera to the computer. While the pictures were downloading he wrote his cell phone number on a piece of paper and handed it to Alex.

"Remember what I said last night?" he asked.

"Sure," Alex said.

"I meant it," Haley replied. "If you want to talk about anything, call me. I mean it."

"I promise," Alex said putting the number in his desk drawer.

Haley burned the pictures onto a CD and took a copy. The boys walked over to Rachel's house so Haley could pack his clothes. Alex helped Haley carry his bag to the car. He hugged Mrs. Osment and said his goodbyes. He handed Haley a piece of paper and told him that everything he had said to him in the room applied to him as well. They gave each other a quick hug and Haley and his mom got in the car. As they drove off, Alex waved to his new friend and smiled.


Chapter 10: A New Beginning

"Haley, you can close the folder now," Trevor said, snapping Haley out of his day dream.

"Oh sorry," Haley said as he clicked the x on the window.

"So, how many times have you actually visited this Alex kid?" Trevor asked.

"A few," Haley lied.

Trevor noticed the nervousness in Haley's voice and decided to drop the subject for now.

"You ready for bed," Trevor asked.

"I thought you were going to show me something," Haley reminded Trevor.

"Oh, yeah...Well, it can wait until morning." Trevor stood up making Haley get off his lap.

The boys got into their boxers and got into bed. Trevor wrapped his arms around Haley's clean body and kissed his neck.

"See you in the morning," he whispered as he drifted off to sleep.

Haley lay awake for a while, one thought was keeping him awake. Finally, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.


The next morning, Trevor woke early and, kissing Haley lightly on the cheek, got up to take a shower. Haley was sound asleep when Trevor walked back into the room. He picked up his camera and took a few shots of Haley's young face, peacefully sleeping and sat down at his computer. He opened the CD Haley has put in the drive the night before, and opened the A14 folder again. He thumbed through the contents not paying attention to the action. Every picture, he looked at Haley and began to realize why he was so nervous last night.

He looked over to the bed and smiled, knowing what he needed to do. He stared at the picture of Haley and Alex on top of the elephant and made his decision. Closing the CD and returning it to Haley's bag, he walked over and sat on the edge of his bed. He gently laid his hand on top of Haley's smooth chest and shook him awake.

"Morning sleepy head," he smiled.

"Morning," Haley yawned back. "You been up long?"

"About 2 hours," Trevor replied. "I had something to do."

"Oh," Haley smiled back, fighting the sleepy feeling in his eyes.

"Hey buddy, go get a shower and let's get some breakfast," Trevor said softly.

Haley slowly stood up and stretched and, picking out some clothes, walked into the bathroom. Hearing the latch catch and the water start, Trevor quickly found Haley's cell phone in his bag. He searched through the numbers and, finding the one he wanted, pressed the call button.

"Hello," said a voice on the other end of the phone.

"Hello," Trevor answered. "Is Alex there?"

"Yes, just a minute," the voice said.

"Hello," Alex said, taking the phone from his mom.

"Hi Alex, you don't know me. I am a friend of Haley's," Trevor said.

"Yeah," Alex said.

"He was staying with me for a few more days because we threw him a birthday party. I would have invited you, but I didn't know about you," Trevor said.

"Thanks, I think," Alex said, getting a little confused.

"Since you didn't get to come to the party, I was wondering if we could come and stay with you for the night?" Trevor said.

Trevor and Alex worked out the details and Trevor hung up the phone. He began packing for Haley and himself, getting his camera into his bag and leaving Haley's on the desk. He went downstairs to tell his parents what was going on. As he entered his room, Haley walked in.

"We are going to the bus after breakfast," Trevor informed the boy.

"Why?" Haley asked.

"You will see," Trevor said. "Now let's go."

Haley grabbed his phone and headed for the door as Trevor grabbed Haley's camera and stuck it in his bag. The boys headed down stairs and grabbed some bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits and sat down at the table.

"You boys be careful today," Mr. Morgan said.

"We will dad, I promise," Trevor replied.

"Well, I got to get to work," Mr. Morgan said as he downed his Orange Juice and stood up. He picked up his briefcase and headed to the door.

"Dad, can we catch a ride to the bus station?" Trevor called after him.

"If you hurry, I can't be late for work today," Mr. Morgan said.

Trevor grabbed a couple Mountain Dews out of the fridge and the boys ran out to join Mr. Morgan in the car. Mr. Morgan pulled out and five minutes later the boys were standing in the bus station. Trevor bought tickets and led Haley to the bus. They took seats in the back so they wouldn't be recognized very well, and the bus left the station.

The trip was pretty silent for the first half hour. Haley's curiosity overcame his willpower and he had to ask, "Where are we going?"

"I wanted to go to this mall," Trevor lied. "It's bigger and what I want is not at the mall back home."

"Oh," Haley replied.

Trevor pulled out his CD player and offered the second set of headphones to Haley. He put in the Jurassic Park soundtrack and leaned back and closed his eyes, listening to the soothing orchestra. Haley watched the road as he listened. An hour later, they departed the bus and walked into the mall.

"Let's go to the music store," Trevor said. "I want to get the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack."

"It's not out," Haley said nervously, "only in Japan."

"Hmm...," Trevor replied. "I guess I'll have to get it off the internet."

"Let's go to Old Navy then," Trevor said as he headed toward the shop.

Haley noticed a boy standing in the door of the shop and turned pale.

"Let's go to The Gap instead," Haley said as he pulled at Trevor's arm.

"What's up with you?" Trevor asked. He looked into the shop and noticed that Alex had already shown up. He smiled at Haley, "You didn't tell me that your friend lived here."

Trevor headed into the store and introduced himself to Alex. Then he explained that he had set up this meeting to Haley.

"By the way," Trevor said smiling at Haley. "We are staying the night here."

"But I didn't bring..."

"Yes you did," Trevor cut him off and tapped his bag.

Trevor and Alex talked for a few minutes and decided it was time to go home. Trevor and Haley followed Alex out of the mall to his aunt's car. Rachel was waiting for them, and introduced herself to Trevor as the boys got in the car, Trevor and Haley in the back and Alex up front with Rachel. Alex pulled the sun visor down and watched Haley on the way to the house while Trevor and Rachel chatted about movies and his career.

Arriving at the house, the boys thanked Rachel and headed to the tree house. Alex led Trevor and Haley to the tree house and showed Trevor around. They joined Haley back on the first level. Haley looked at Trevor nervously.

"You think you could give us a minute," Trevor asked Alex.

"Sure," Alex replied, "I have to go do the dishes before my mom kicks me out of the house."

Trevor and Haley laughed as Alex closed the door behind him.

Trevor sat on the futon and looked up at Haley.

"What," Haley snapped.

"What," Trevor laughed. "Why are you so on edge right now?"

"I don`t know what you are talking about," Haley retorted.

"Yes you do," Trevor said sternly, "You have barley said 10 words since we met up with Alex."


"It's nothing," Haley said, trying to drop the subject.

"I know you are lying to me," Trevor said. "I know you like this kid."

Haley hung his head. "I do," he admitted.

"Haley, are you happy with me?" Trevor asked.

"I am," Haley said, tears welling up in his eyes as he sat down beside Trevor. "It's just that, I come here and this fits, too."

"Why didn't you just tell me?" asked Trevor.

"I didn't want to hurt you," Haley sniveled. "I really like you. I don`t want you to be mad at me."

"Haley, look at my face," Trevor said, waiting for Haley to look at him, "I am not mad at you. I was up for two hours this morning, working all this out in my head. I was mad at first, but only because you didn't tell me. Haley, I would do anything in the world for you, you know that."

"You promise," Haley said looking up at Trevor

"I do," Trevor smiled as he wiped a tear away from Haley's swollen cheek. "I just want you to be happy."

Haley wrapped his arms around Trevor's waist.

"Thank you so much," Haley said as Trevor pulled him closer.

The door opened and Alex walked in, looking up at Haley with his arms around Trevor.

"I'm sorry," he stuttered as he backed out the door, shutting it behind him.

"You better go tell him what happened," Trevor said to Haley.

Haley got up and ran out the door after Alex. Trevor picked up the remote and turned on the TV. Haley found Alex in the hammock on the second level balcony. He walked up to his friend and noticed the tears in his eyes.

"Can I sit with you?" asked Haley.

Alex nodded.

"You OK?" Haley asked, sitting down and putting his arm around Alex's shaking body.

"I know you are seeing him," Alex said through the tears, "but seeing you like that...I don't know, it just got to me."

Haley smiled as he lifted Alex's face up. He kissed his forehead.

"Trevor brought me here to be with you," Haley whispered. "We just broke up."

"I'm sorry," Alex said.

"Don't be," Haley said. "I love you."

Alex dried his eyes and hugged Haley. Haley kissed the top of his dark blonde hair.

"I think we need to thank Trevor later," Haley suggested.

"Yeah," Alex said, holding Haley tightly against him.

Trevor's head popped out of the `fortress'.

"Hey lovebirds, get in here," he called to the boys. "Something is buzzing."

"That's just mom," Alex laughed, running in to answer the call.

"You get everything worked out?" Trevor softly asked Haley as he passed.

Haley nodded.

"It's time for lunch," Alex said. "Mom brought home pizza."

The boys headed into the house and helped Alex's mom with the rest of the groceries. They all sat down at the table for lunch and Trevor got introduced. After lunch, Alex was reminded to clean his room before he went anywhere.

"But mom," Alex whined, "I have company."

"That's OK," Haley smiled, "We'll help him."

Alex's mom smiled at the offer. The boys turned and went up to Alex's room. Alex put on a CD and five minutes later, his room was cleaned.

"That didn't take too long," Haley laughed.

"So, what do you guys want to do?" Alex asked.

"We could go to the movies," Haley suggested.

The boys agreed and told Alex's mom where they would be and gave her their cell numbers. They left the house and headed back to the mall.

"What do you want to watch?" Alex asked when they got in line.

"How about...`Jungle Book 2'," Haley laughed.

"How about not," Trevor lightly punched Haley on the arm. "We aren't watching a kid's movie because your voice is in it."

"I was just kidding," Haley said rubbing his arm.

"How about `Dare Devil'," Alex suggested.

"That's good," Trevor smiled.

Trevor pulled out his wallet and paid for the tickets. The boys got drinks and pop corn and went to find their seats. Haley found a seat and Trevor and Alex sat on either side of him. The lights dimmed and the trailers began. Trevor nudged Haley, and motioned for him to hold Alex's hand. Haley took Alex's hand in his and gently caressed the top while the movie was playing. Halfway through the movie, Alex let his hand slide into Haley's lap. He softly fondled Haley in the dark. Trevor noticed what was happening in the seat next to his and got a little jealous.

"Can't you guys wait until later?" he whispered. "We are in public."

"Yeah, sorry," Haley whispered back, taking Alex's hand in his own.

"Sorry Trev," Alex whispered.


"That was awesome!" Alex exclaimed.

"Almost better than Spiderman," Haley laughed.

"Let's get going," Trevor said, "before your mom sends out a search party."

Alex laughed and they headed home. Walking in the door Alex's mom rushed them over to Rachel's for dinner. Rachel had prepared spaghetti for the boys. Trevor and Haley had seconds and they thanked Rachel by helping clean the table and wash the dishes. After dinner, the boys said goodnight to Alex's mom and headed out to the `fortress'. Trevor got out his camera and told the boys to sit together. As Trevor snapped the picture, Haley leaned over and kissed Alex on the cheek.

"Alex," Haley said.

"Yeah," Alex replied.

"I think Trevor deserves a thank you," Haley grinned.

The boys stood up and headed toward Trevor.

"What's going on?" Trevor asked.

"You'll see," Haley grinned.

The boys took each of Trevor's hands and led him to the second level. Haley looked through the bag and found his camera that Trevor stashed. He set up both cameras on opposite ends of the bed. Alex was in the process of taking Trevor's shirt off, revealing his tight, slightly muscled chest. He pulled the shirt over Trevor's head and tossed away. Haley sat down beside Alex and kissed Trevor, lowering his head to the bed.

"Just lay back for a minute," Haley said softly into Trevor's ear, sucking on the lobe as he raised himself up.

Haley moved down to Trevor's feet and began removing his shoes. He untied the laces on the right foot and slowly pulled off the shoe. He ran a hand over the top of Trevor's foot, up his leg and back down to his toes, hooking the fabric of his sock with his fingers. He gently pulled at the fabric, letting the soft cotton slide gently off, exposing Trevor's skin. He pulled the sock off and gently wiped away the fuzz, leaving Trevor's foot bare. He kissed the middle of Trevor's foot and lowered it back to the floor. Picking up the other foot, he repeated the process.

After watching Haley's actions, Alex pulled the button on the front of Trevor's pants. Pulling the zipper down, he let his hand slide over the bulge in Trevor's boxers, causing Trevor to moan. Haley grabbed the hem of Trevor's pants and pulled. The pants slid off revealing Trevor's black boxer clad body. Alex moved his hand up and began caressing Trevor's upper body while Haley moved on.

Haley picked up Alex's right foot and pulled off his shoe, repeating the process on his other foot. He raised up and undid the buttons on his pants and pulled them down. He kissed Alex on the leg as he slowly slid the pants down. As the pants slid over Alex's feet, Haley began removing his socks. He kissed each of Alex's toes and made his way back up the bed to join the action.

Trevor sat up and looked at Alex's eyes. He leaned forward and kissed the young boy on the lips. He pulled the shirt over Alex's head and caressed the soft skin of his chest. Alex motioned over at Haley and Trevor turned his attention to the other boy, still fully clothed.

Alex moved over below Haley and removed his shoes and socks, caressing the skin on the bottom of Haley's feet. Haley giggled and Alex stopped. Raising Haley's feet, he kissed them gently and lowered them back down.

Trevor kissed Haley and took hold of the bottom of his shirt, pulling it up and over Haley's blonde hair. He kissed each of Haley's small nipple's, caressing the skin around them with his lips. Haley groaned a little as he felt Alex's hand roaming his legs.

Trevor reached down for the button on Haley's cargos. He pulled it free and started sliding the waist down. Alex reached up and slid the pants the rest of the way down. He noticed that Haley was wearing the Superman boxer briefs that he had sent him for his birthday, and gently traced the `S' with his finger. Haley looked down and smiled at his new lover. Alex pulled the bottom of Haley's underwear, making the top slide lower. Trevor helped Alex by pushing the top down, revealing Haley's erection. Alex pulled the underwear off and raised up, licking the underside of Haley's shaft as he went. His tongue circled the head and then slid back down to the base. He pressed his mouth against the loose skin of Haley's sack, talking a deep breath. He loved the way Haley smelled when he got hot like this. He raised up further and kissed Haley's belly button.

Trevor touched Alex's shoulder, motioning him to move up and lay beside Haley. Alex kissed Haley as he moved up beside him. Trevor pulled Alex's boxer briefs off and threw them to the corner. He used both hands to caress Alex's legs, inside and out. Haley watched as Trevor skillfully closed his lips around the head of Alex's penis. He sucked hard the first time causing Alex to moan loudly. He pulled off and smiled at Haley. Haley put his lips to Alex's and pushed his tongue inside. Trevor licked the head, and closed his lips around the shaft. He slowly bobbed his head. Alex tried to cry out but Haley had the sound muffled. Haley pulled off and moved to Alex's chest, kissing and licking the soft, slightly tanned skin. Trevor applied more pressure with his tongue. Every time he went down, his tongue slid the length of Alex's prick. Alex was moaning loudly and couldn't stop from squirming on the bed. He reached up and placed his hand on Haley's soft blonde hair trying to control himself. Trevor pulled off, letting Alex catch his breath.

He moved over to Haley, sucking in his boy hood. Letting Haley's balls rest on his chin, he slowly inhaled the scent. He slowly pulled up, letting his tongue slide along the underside of Haley's rod. Haley's head fell against the bed, eyes tightly closed. Alex kissed the round buds on Haley's chest. Trevor sucked harder, making Haley groan with pleasure. He bucked his hips trying to get further into Trevor's mouth. Trevor put a hand on Haley's stomach to settle him.

He pulled off and moved to Alex once more. He swallowed Alex's throbbing penis. Alex fell on the bed beside Haley. The boys kissed and Haley moved down to join Trevor. He kissed Trevor on the cheek and moved his head just under Trevor's chin. He licked the balls that were swinging in his face. Alex gasped as Haley sucked in one ball, rolling it around on his tongue. He repeated this with the other, gently nudging his nose against the back of Alex's sack. He could feel Alex's sack pull against his body. Trevor also felt what was about to happen and used his tongue to push harder against the underside of Alex's shaft. Alex grunted as he lost control, spraying cum over Trevor's mouth and chin.

Haley stood and got some lotion. He kissed Alex as he greased his hole. Taking a leg in each hand, he placed Alex's feet on his shoulders. He slowly pushed toward his lover. Feeling his head slip into Alex, he paused. He felt Alex relax and pushed deeper, sinking all the way into his warm hole. Trevor removed his boxers and sat down beside Alex on the bed. He let his fingers roam over Alex's body as Haley pulled out and sank back in. Haley turned his head and kissed Alex's foot, pushing in slowly.

"That feels so good," Alex could barely say the words he was breathing so hard.

Haley's pace quickened as he reached the edge once again. Trevor kissed Alex's chest, running his tongue down to the belly button and back up to circle the nipples. Haley closed his eyes tightly. With a final grunt, Haley released his seed into the waiting hole of his friend. He leaned over forward and rested his head on Alex's stomach.

"I think we have one more person to get off," Alex said looking at Trevor.

Haley pulled his softening penis out of Alex's hole and looked at Trevor. Each boy took Trevor's arm and guided down on the bed. Haley looked at Alex and winked. Alex kissed Trevor's left ear while Haley nibbled his right. In unison, the boys moved down and licked their corresponding nipple. Trevor moaned, listening to the boys breath. Alex looked up at Haley. They kissed and went back to work on their prey. Alex moved to Trevor's stomach as Haley moved just below his waist. Caressing every inch of skin with their tongues, the boys moved further down. Haley continued to Trevor's feet while Alex stopped at his hard on.

Trevor was in heaven. Having the two boys do this to him was pure ecstasy. He groaned loudly as Haley sucked his big toe, causing his penis to twitch. Alex took that as his cue and closed his lips around the middle of Trevor's penis. Trevor tried to move, but Haley had both of his feet in his hands, gently sucking each toe. He swirled his tongue around each toe in turn and kissed the sole of each foot, returning to the toes. Trevor was getting close to the edge. Alex pulled off, leaving only the head of Trevor prick in his mouth. He tightened his lips and slowly slid back down onto the shaft. He paused at the base to swirl his tongue along the underside of the shaft. Trevor had the bedspread in a tight grip in each hand, trying to control himself. Haley kissed the top of Trevor's foot and slid his nose up his leg, kissing his inner thigh. Alex pushed his mouth back down the length of the shaft, applying more pressure with his tongue.

"I'm going to..."

But it was to late. Trevor sprayed the inside of Alex's mouth. Cum dribbled out of the corner of Alex's mouth and Haley hungrily licked it up. Alex pulled off and Haley used his fingers to milk the last drops of juice from Trevor's aching cock.

Haley looked at Alex and smiled. Alex smiled back and moved over to Haley's side of the bed. They moved up beside Trevor's limp body and lay down. Alex wrapped his arms around Haley's naked body. He smiled thinking that this was only a dream. How could he have ever dreamed to have Trevor Morgan and Haley Joel Osment in his `fortress', naked, and having sex with him? This was a dream come true, especially the fact that he was now dating Haley. He kissed Haley's shoulder.

"Thanks for coming here today," Alex whispered.

"Don't thank me," Haley whispered back, "Thank Trevor. He is the one who planned it."

"We just did," Alex said kissing Haley again. Haley smiled and wrapped his arms around Alex, pulling him close.

"I love you," Haley whispered.

"I love you," Alex whispered, pressing his nose against Haley's.

The sound of Trevor's slow breathing told the boys that he had fallen asleep.

"We should get some rest," Haley smiled.

"Night buddy," Alex said kissing Haley on the lips.

"See you in the morning," Haley smiled.

The boys closed their eyes and fell asleep, their warm bodies wrapped around each other.



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