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From Chapter 4: The Birthday Present

Trevor untied his friend and the went to the bathroom. After taking a shower, they lay down on the bed and fell asleep holding each other, smiles on their faces.

Chapter 5: On the Set

The sun shone down through the curtains. Trevor stirred and half opened his eyes. Looking over into the bright blue eyes of his lover, he softly whispered, "Hey."

"Hey," replied Haley.

"What are you doing?" asked Trevor sleepily.

"Nothing, just watching you sleep," said Haley smiling.

"What time is it?" asked Trevor.

"About 9am," replied Haley lightly caressing Trevor's cheek.

"I've got to pee," said Trevor said.

"Me too," said Haley.

They got up and headed to the bathroom. Trevor walked up to the toilet and Haley stepped behind him. He wrapped his arms around Trevor's waist and whispered in his ear.

"Here, let me help you with that."

He pulled Trevor semi-erect dick out of his boxers and pointed it toward the bowel. Trevor peed and Haley jiggled his penis causing it to go fully hard.

"It's a good thing you didn't do that while you were peeing," Haley giggled.

They switched places and Trevor pulled out Haley's fully erect penis.

"This is going to be tricky," Trevor observed.

"Just stand there," Haley said.

He sat down on the toilet and pointed his dick into the bowel. Then he reached up and wrapped his fingers around Trevor quivering member. He slowly started to stroke Trevor's penis base to tip and back to base. Trevor started to hump Haley's fist. Haley leaned forward and kissed Trevor's stomach and then down to the wisps of hair. Trevor moaned as Haley kissed up the shaft. He stuck out his tongue and circled the reddish head of Trevor blood engorged penis. He pulled back and looked up at Trevor.

"Let's look at some of those pictures we took," he suggested.

Trevor whimpered but agreed and they headed back into the bedroom. Trevor sat in his leather chair and Haley sat in his lap. Haley guided the mouse as Trevor directed him to the file with the pictures. Haley studied the titles of the folders and picked one entitled "Sixth Sense 1999."

He opened it and began looking at the pictures. He glanced at Trevor and they remembered everything that the pictures depicted.

...On the set of the sixth sense.

Trevor and Haley were hanging out on one of the sets of the sixth sense. The one with the spiral stair case. They were sitting about half way up the stairs. No one was there since it was the off day.

"So what do you want to do?" asked Haley.

"I have an idea," replied Trevor with a smirk on his face.

He reached over and rubbed Haley's crotch through his pants. He could feel could feel Haley's meat begin to swell. He unbuttoned Haley's pants and pulled them down and off. He slowly rubbed Haley's crotch and the surrounding flesh. He caressed Haley through the fabric of his boxer briefs. He caressed and massaged for about five minutes. Then he slowly pulled Haley's underwear off. He licked up and down the shaft and Haley's penis into his mouth as he pulled of his own clothes. He pulled off long enough to pull his shirt over his head. He sucked and licked a minute and then pulled off.

"Haley, I want you inside me."

"You want me to put my dick in your butt?" Haley asked quizzically.

"Yeah, please." Trevor pleaded.

Haley positioned himself behind Trevor and spat on his finger. He slowly ran his finger down the valley of Trevor's butt. He applied a little pressure and let his finger slide between Trevor's cheeks. He leaned down and kissed each of Trevor's cheeks. He never thought about doing that before. He pushed his finger into Trevor's pucker and pumped a couple of times. Then he pulled out and spit on his fingers again. He used two fingers and pushed them into Trevor. Trevor groaned at this new pleasure. Haley pulled out and spat a final time onto his hand. He rubbed the spit into his dick and positioned the head at Trevor's sphincter. He pushed and he felt the head of his dick slip in. Trevor groaned loudly.

"What's wrong?" Haley asked concerned.

"Nothing, just go slow," Trevor moaned.

Haley pushed slowly. His dick disappeared into Trevor's hole inch by inch. Trevor felt his balls rest against Trevor's. He leaned over and laid his chest against his lover's back. He planted kisses on the back of Trevor's neck. He slowly pulled out as he kissed Trevor's back. His dick was almost out and Haley pushed it back in, burying it in his friend's love chute.

"Oh Haley," Trevor moaned, "that feels great."

Haley pulled out and then pushed back in again. He reached around and caressed his friend's side and stomach. As he pulled out again, he wrapped his fingers around Trevor's prick and began to pump. He pulled his friend's dick as he pushed his in. He increased his rhythm and pumped his dick in and out of Trevor's hot, tight hole. Haley moaned in unison with Trevor as he worked both of their dicks. He felt Trevor's sack pull up tight against his body just as his own dick grew harder inside Trevor's tunnel. They both shouted as they shot their loads in unison, Haley filling the insides of Trevor's body and Trevor coating the step he was leaned over. Haley laid his head on Trevor's back and kissed him a few more times as his dick softened. He pulled out with a slight popping sound and turned Trevor over. He leaned down and kissed his lover. Trevor just caressed Haley's plump butt cheeks as the kissed. They broke the kiss got dressed. They went out to dinner that night and then went to a movie. When they got back to the hotel, Haley asked his mom if he could stay in Trevor's room that night. Walking into the room, Trevor sat on the couch and Haley lay down and put his head on Trevor's lap. Trevor ran his fingers through Haley's soft blonde hair as they talked. Trevor looked down and noticed Haley was dozing.


"Yeah buddy," Haley replied.

"I love you."

"I love you too," Haley yawned as he dozed off.

Trevor smiled and watched his lover sleep. He finally fell asleep himself about two hours later.

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