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From Chapter 13: The Flight

"Thanks for bringing me," he said, "even if I was a baby on the plane."

"You did better than I did my first time," Haley said smiling at his lover.

Alex smiled and kissed Haley again. "I love you."

"I love you too," Haley replied wrapping his arms around Alex's body.

"I never want to let you go," Alex whispered. "You are so warm."

Haley smiled, "What do you want to do?"

"I just want to lay here like this until we fall asleep," Alex whispered, burying his cheek in Haley's bare chest.

"Whatever you want," Haley whispered back. He kissed Alex on the top of his head and gently rocked back and forth. Alex reached down and pulled the blanket over them and closed his eyes. He took a deep breath, smelling Haley's freshly cleaned skin. Haley watched as Alex began to doze off. He watched his chest gently rise and fall with his breath.

"Good night buddy," he whispered as he kissed the top of his head again.

He closed his eyes and fell asleep with Alex in his arms.


Chapter 14: Runaway

"Cut, that's a wrap," the director yelled. "I'll see you all on Monday."

Haley walked over to his chair to meet Alex.

"Let's get going. We don't want to be late," he smiled.

Alex picked up his book bag and headed for the door.

"Hold on," Haley called after him. "Aren't you going to wait for me."

Alex shrugged his shoulders and walked slower.

"What's up man?" Haley asked catching up with Alex.

"Nothing, just don't want to be late is all," Alex sighed.

"OK, whatever you say. Race you to the trailer," Haley said as he took off running.

Alex picked up his pace, but let Haley run ahead. Haley stopped at the door of the trailer and turned around to see Alex walking up.

"I guess you win," Alex said as he walked past Haley into the school trailer.

Haley walked in and sat down beside Alex at the table and waited for instructions from the tutor. He glanced over at Alex, wondering why he was in a bad mood. The tutor came in and began explaining to Alex his homework and what she wanted him to work on for the day. Haley watched as Alex began his work. The tutor then moved on to Haley's work and soon both boys were busy writing. After a few minutes, Haley looked over at Alex again.

"Well?" Haley asked.

"Well what?" Alex replied.

"Are you going to tell me what is wrong or am I going to have to beat it out of you?" Haley said with a smile.

"That is more than we have done so far," Alex mumbled.

"What was that?" Haley asked.

"Nothing, just finish your work," Alex remarked.

Haley turned his attention back to his papers, but couldn't keep his thoughts from Alex. He had been like this for a week now.

An hour past and it was time for the boys to get ready for dinner. They got in the car with Mr. Osment who had been waiting for them and went to the hotel. Pulling into the parking lot of the hotel, Mr. Osment shut off the car.

"Go get ready boys, we are leaving in one hour."

"OK dad. We will meet you in the lobby," Haley said as he and Alex grabbed their things and headed for their room. Alex walked in and picked up a red and black polo shirt and a pair of khacki cargo pants and headed for the shower. Haley threw his bag on the bed and lay down. The long days of filming and school were making him tired. He closed his eyes and listened to the sound of the shower as Alex cleaned himself. After a few minutes, Alex walked out of the shower dressed to go. He tossed his balled up socks and Haley, hitting him on the nose. Haley jumped up.

"Your turn," Alex said. "You were asleep."

"Thanks," Haley smiled.

He walked into the shower and turned on the water. Alex put on his socks and shoes and turned on the computer. He checked his email, typing in a response to one his mother sent him. Haley opened the door and walked out of the shower, still drying himself off.

"What's up?" he asked, smiling at Alex on the computer.

"Nothing," Alex replied, "just emailing my mom."

Haley put on his clothes, purposefully picking out clothes that were similar to Alex's. Alex looked at his watch.

"It's time to go," he said getting up from the computer.

Haley pulled on his shoes and followed Alex to the lobby. They met up with Mr. Osment and got in the car once again. Haley and his dad chatted at the restaurant while Alex picked at his food. Haley noticed several times, but didn't mention it. Everyone finished their meals and headed back to the hotel.

"You want to do something tonight," Alex asked as Haley unlocked the door to their room.

"I'm kind of tired," Haley replied. "Think we could just sleep tonight?"

"Sure," Alex said.

He walked in and picked sat on the edge of the bed.

"I'll be back in a little bit," Alex said standing up and walking towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Haley asked.

"I just want to take a walk," Alex said walking out the door.

Haley watched as Alex closed the door. He turned on the TV and leaned back on the bed. After about five minutes, he dozed off to sleep.

Around 4am, Haley woke up. He got up and walked to the bathroom. After he finished peeing, he looked around the room. He noticed Alex was not in the room. He walked out into the hall and looked both ways. Wondering where Alex went he walked back into the room and picked up the phone.

"Has Alex been down there?" Haley asked the clerk at the desk.

"He left around 8pm, but then he came back around 11pm," the clerk told Haley.

"Thank you," Haley said into the phone.

He put on his jacket and walked to the door. `He is still in the building,' Haley thought to his self, `but where?' Haley walked up and down the halls looking for Alex. Haley went back to his room and called his dad.

"Dad, have you seen Alex?" Haley asked.

"No, he should be in bed," Mr. Osment replied.

"Well, he went for a walk about 8pm. The clerk at the front said he came back at 11pm, but I can't find him," Haley said worried about his friend.

"I'll call hotel security," Mr. Osment said as he got out of bed.

"No, that's OK. He is in the building, I'll just keep looking for him," Haley quickly replied. "I think I know where he might be."

"Where?" Mr. Osment questioned his son.

"I just remembered that the other day, he wanted to go up to the roof to look around," Haley replied. "I got my cell. If he is up there, I'll call and let you know. If he's not then we can call security."

"OK," Mr. Osment agreed. "Let me know as soon as you get up there."

Haley quickly hung up the phone, grabbed a blanket and headed up to the roof. Taking the elevator, he reached the top floor and headed for the stairs. He opened the door and looked up, then slowly made his way up to the roof. He opened the door and walked out onto the flat, gravel covered roof and looked around, but saw nothing. He walked around the small obstructions on the roof.

"Alex," he whispered. "Where are you buddy?"

Haley was getting nervous, not being able to find his friend. He walked around another vent and noticed a pile on the floor. It was Alex. He had fallen asleep while sitting up on the roof. Haley dialed the number of the hotel and had the clerk put him through to his dad's room. He explained that Alex had fallen asleep and assured him that everything was OK. He then hung up his phone and bent down to rouse Alex. He noticed that Alex was shivering from the cold, moist air of the night. He reached out and shook his limp body.

"Hey buddy," Haley half whispered. "Wake up."

Alex's eyes slowly opened, the sleep still fighting for control. When he became fully conscious, he noticed Haley standing over him smiling.

"Let's go back to the room," Haley said as he held out his hand.

"No," Alex replied.

Haley noticed that Alex's eyes were red and his cheeks were slightly swollen.

"Have you been crying?" Haley asked, concern in his eyes.

"No, just leave me alone," Alex snapped back.

"Tell me what is wrong and I will think about it," Haley said.

"I'm just tired," Alex said.

Haley sat down beside him and spread the blanket over both of their bodies. He wrapped his arm over Alex's shoulder.

"Then you have been tired for a whole week," Haley whispered.

"Don't worry about it," Alex said. "It's not important."

"It is to me," Haley whispered back.

"Why is that?" asked Alex.

"Because I love you," Haley said looking into Alex's eyes.

"You haven't been acting like it," Alex confessed.

"What do you mean?" Haley asked surprised. "I love you more than anything."

"We have been here for three weeks and I haven't gotten to spend anytime with just you," Alex began, tears filling his eyes as he spoke. "When I ask if you want to do anything, all you ever wanna do is sleep. I miss my mom. There is no one for me to talk to while you are working. I'm not allowed to go anywhere without you or your dad."

Alex pushed his head into Haley's chest and began to cry softly.

"I'm sorry," Haley whispered, kissing his lover on the top of his blonde head. "You should have said something sooner. I have been real tired lately with work and school. I thought you understood."

"I do," Alex cried. "It's just so different and I guess I am not used to it."

"So, does this mean you want to go home?" Haley asked.

"No," Alex said.

"I'll tell you what," Haley gently lifted Alex's eyes to his. "tomorrow is our day off. What do YOU want to do?"

"I don't know," Alex sighed, "anything."

"What ever you want buddy," Haley whispered, "and about your mom."

"What?" Alex asked.

"I'm not supposed to tell you this," Haley whispered, "but I think it will make you feel better."

"What?" Alex repeated.

"Your birthday is in a few weeks, right?" Haley asked.

"Yeah," Alex replied.

"Dad is flying your mom out to see you," Haley smiled.

"Thanks," Alex smiled, "you're the best."

"Just don't tell dad that I told you," Haley said.

"Promise," Alex whispered back.

"Is that the only reason that you ran off?" Haley asked.

"I didn't run off," Alex said defensively.

"You left at 8pm," Haley said, "and now it is 5:30am. Sounds like running off to me."

"I didn't run off," Alex repeated, "at least, I didn't mean to. I went to see a movie and then I came up here to think. I guess I fell asleep."

"Well, next time let me know where you are going," Haley whispered into Alex's ear. "I was worried sick when I woke up and couldn't find you."

"Really?" Alex smiled.

"Yes," Haley continued, "I called the lobby and when they said you came back at 11pm, I called my dad to see if he had seen you."

"We better go to the room if he is looking for me," Alex said nervously.

"It's OK," Haley smiled. "I called him and told him I found you."

"Oh," Alex mumbled, "We should still go back to the room. It is kind of late and a little cold."

Haley pulled Alex closer to his body and wrapped the blanket tighter. "Not yet," he whispered, "I just want to hold you and watch the sun come up."

"OK," Alex whispered as he lay his head on Haley's chest.

The boys sat in silence for a few minutes, listening to each other breathe and enjoying that they were together.

"Haley?" Alex whispered.

"Yeah buddy," Haley softly replied.

"I'm sorry," Alex whispered.

"For what?" Haley asked.

"For being selfish," Alex said looking into Haley's sparkling blue eyes. "For getting mad at you. I know you get tired after working all day."

"Look at me," Haley said. "I never want you to be sorry for wanting me. I am the one who should be sorry. I haven't been paying much attention to you."

"I understand," Alex said. "You have been really busy."

"That is no excuse," Haley said. "I have been selfish. I love you more than anything and I should have been thinking about what you wanted. In my opinion, everything is secondary to me and you right now."

Alex smiled and buried his head in Haley's chest. Haley kissed the top of his head. The boys sat in silence once again, watching the sun come up.

Around 7am, Haley gently squeezed Alex's young body tighter to his own.

"We should go get cleaned up," he whispered.

"Why's that?" Alex whispered in reply, "I don't want to get up. I like being with you like this."

"But we have to meet dad in a couple of hours for breakfast," Haley said kissing Alex on the forehead.

"I guess," Alex sighed.

"That is the only thing we have to do," Haley smiled. "The rest of the day belongs to you and you only."

Alex kissed Haley before struggling to his feet. He held out his hand and helped Haley up. Alex smiled and followed Haley back to their room. He felt dirty from sleeping on the gravel of the roof all night.

"I need to take a shower," he said as they walked through the door.

"Yeah, you do kind of stink," Haley quipped.

"Ha Ha," Alex mocked. "You are so funny."

Alex turned toward the bathroom, pulling off his jacket and shirts in one motion.

"Wait a second," Haley said.

Alex turned around in time to catch a pair of red and black superman boxer briefs. He looked up as Haley was pulling an identical pair out of the dresser drawer. He noticed Alex looking at him quizzically.

"What?" he asked.

"Nothing," Alex smiled.

"They are my favorites," Haley said. "Let me call dad so he doesn't come to check on us and then we can take a shower."

Alex nodded and walked into the bathroom. Haley smiled as he watched his lover walk into the bathroom. He picked up the phone and dialed his dad's room. He noticed that the water was running as his dad answered the phone.

"Morning dad...No Sir, Everything is fine. He just fell asleep while he was on the roof...It is a huge roof sir...Yes, we are going to take showers and then we will meet you in the lobby...Two hours, Yes sir...OK, we will see you then."

Haley walked into the bathroom and noticed Alex sitting on the toilet still in his clothes. The Jacuzzi tub was filling up.

"I thought we could take a bath instead," Alex said.

"So why aren't you in the tub?" Haley asked.

"You told me to wait," Alex said.

"Do you always do what I tell you to do?" Haley asked as he pulled his shirt over his head.

"Yeah," Alex smiled, "most of the time."

He kicked his shoes off. Haley knelt down in front of Alex and lifted his feet. He began to peel the socks off of Alex's feet, letting his fingers brush the soft skin. Haley gently caressed the soles of Alex's feet, causing him to giggle. Haley took Alex's hands in his own and helped him to his feet. He worked the buckle of Alex's brown belt and then started on the button of his cargos. Alex's fingers brushed through the soft blonde hair on Haley's head. He tousled the hair on top and smiled at his friend.

"You look cute like that," he giggled.

Haley smiled and continued his project, sliding Alex's pants down his legs. Alex stepped out of his pants and helped Haley stand up. Haley kicked his shoes to the side and stepped out of his pants. Alex pulled Haley closer, kissing him deeply. Haley pulled off and stepped into the tub, pulling Alex in with him. His back against the edge of the tub, Haley sat with his legs slightly spread. Alex sat down between Haley's legs and lay back against his chest. He closed his eyes and Haley began rubbing soap over both of their bodies, gently caressing the smooth skin on Alex's chest and tummy. Alex sighed and lay his head back on Haley's shoulder. Haley kissed him on the cheek as he gently cleaned the dirt and gravel off their bodies.

"Lean up," Haley softly whispered.

Alex did as he was told and soon Haley's fingers were caressing the skin on his back. Haley rinsed the soap off of Alex's skin and leaned up and kissed him on the back of the neck. Alex lifted Haley's feet up and began gently washing them. His fingers ran between Haley's toes and caressed every inch of skin on top and bottom. Haley pulled Alex back to him after his feet were clean. He picked up the shampoo and poured a drop onto Alex's head. He gently massaged the shampoo in, his fingers roaming all over Alex's head. He gently pushed Alex further into the water, letting his head rest in his lap. He rinsed the shampoo out and leaned down and kissed Alex on the forehead again.

"I love you buddy," Haley whispered.

Alex raised back up and smiled into his friend's eyes.

"I like it when you call me that," he whispered. "I love you more though."

"Probably not," Haley smiled.

The boys switched places and Alex washed Haley's blonde hair. Repeating the actions Haley performed on him, he gently pushed him down into the water. He rinsed the shampoo out and kissed him on the forehead. He then went a step further and kissed him on the lips. Haley raised up and lay his head back on Alex's shoulder. He kissed him deeply and Alex's hand found its way to the area between Haley's leg's. Alex wrapped his fist around Haley's erection and began pumping up and down the length of the shaft. Haley softly moaned into Alex's mouth. His hands caressing Alex's legs and thighs, he gently began thrusting his hips into Alex's hand. With every stroke of Haley's dick, Haley would rub his body against Alex's own penis. Alex moaned in unison with Haley. Alex's other hand caressed Haley's smooth chest and stomach, pausing every few seconds to play with a nipple. Haley turned over and wrapped his arms around Alex's body, letting his hands roam over his back. Alex let his hands do the same and Haley reached between their bodies and gripped both of their dicks in his hand. He stroked a few times and placed them together between their bodies. Pressing his naked body against his lovers, he slowly began grinding his hips into Alex's. Alex moaned as his and Haley's erections slid together. His hands gently roamed Haley's back and slid down to explore his butt. He gently caressed the skin, running a finger over the crack and back up to his neck. Haley pulled his lips off of Alex long enough to whisper `I love you' before pulling him into a kiss once again. Haley could feel Alex's body tense up as they gently rubbed their bodies together. He pulled out of the kiss again.

"Watch me," Haley whispered. "Don't close your eyes."

Alex gazed into Haley's blues eyes. He could feel that he was near the edge. Alex and Haley were both ready to shoot. Haley's eyes began to water as his penis erupted. Alex stared into his eyes as he felt his balls pull tighter to his body. His eyes also began to water and he shot his juice into Haley's hip. Haley leaned down and kissed him once again.

"I love you buddy," Haley whispered, laying his head on Alex's shoulder.

"I love you more," Alex smiled, squeezing Haley tighter.

The boys toweled off their bodies and got dressed.

"We are going to be late if we don't get going," Haley said as he slipped his shoes on.

Alex nodded and pulled his shoes on. The boys grabbed their wallets and headed out the door. They ran down the hall to the elevator. Mr. Osment was already waiting in the lobby.

"What took you boys so long?" he asked.

"Nothing," Haley said. "Alex just wanted to email his mom before we left."

Alex nodded and Mr. Osment was convinced. They all went to join the rest of the cast and crew in the hotel restaurant for breakfast.


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