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Furthermore I do not know any of the celebrities mentioned in the stories. Again -- This is purely a work of fiction and although I am attracted to the boys mentioned, I know nothing of their sexual orientation. With that said, I hope you enjoy this story.

From Chapter 6: Down on Dreamstreet

Jesse groaned and Haley reached a hand around and pulled on his sack. He continued to play with Jesse's balls as Jesse pumped in and out of his mouth. Finally, after five more minutes, Jesse shouted and filled Haley's mouth with the warm juices of love. He pulled out and lay beside Haley caressing his chest.

"We should meet more often," he said with a grin.

"Anytime you are in town," Trevor said. "Just give us a call."

Trevor and Matt got up and laid beside their lover's. Trevor hugged Haley as they drifted off to sleep beside Jesse and Matt.


Chapter 7: Haley meets Billy

Haley closed the folder with the pictures from the Dreamstreet pictures.

"How long are you off?" asked Trevor.

"School starts on Monday," Haley replied, "Why?"

Trevor reached around Haley and picked up his cell phone. He dialed a number and listened for the ring.

"Who are you calling?" Haley asked.

Trevor raised a finger to his lips, quieting Haley down.

"Hello...Mr. Osment. Hi, I was calling to see if it would be ok for Haley to stay a few more days. Yes, sir. He got some clothes at his party yesterday and I have plenty of clothes. Really...Thanks. Yes, sir. Ok, I'll tell him. Thanks. Bye." Trevor hung up the phone and put it back on the desk.

"Your dad said to have fun, be careful, he will pick you up Sunday afternoon, and he loves you," Trevor relayed the message to Haley.

"Awesome," Haley said excitedly, "That means we have four more days together."

"Yep," Trevor grinned, "We better tell my parents."

The boys got up and took showers and headed down stairs. It was about noon and Trevor's mom had lunch already prepared.

"Good afternoon, sleepy heads," she said as the boys walked in the room.

They all sat down and began eating. Trevor told his mom that Haley would be staying a few more days. After lunch, Mrs. Morgan reminded Trevor to do the dishes and Haley gladly volunteered to help. When they finished they went to the mall. They played games in the arcade, caught a movie, and even bought matching shirts.

Upon arriving back at Trevor's house, they found a note on the refrigerator.

Trevor -

Your dad and I went out of town

for the evening. There is money

on the counter for pizza. Don't

stay up to late. Have fun.

- Mom

Trevor smiled at Haley. This was going better than anything Trevor could have planned. Trevor ordered a pizza and the boys watched TV in the family room while they ate. After the pizza was gone, Haley stood up and headed toward Trevor's room.

"Come on," he said, "I have something to show you."

They walked into the room and Haley immediately started rummaging through his bag, from which he produced a CD.

"Let's take a shower and I'll show you what's on it," Haley said.

The boys quickly showered, taking turns washing each other and headed to the computer. Trevor sat in the chair still naked and Haley stood beside him.

"After everything that happened between us, I bought my own camera," Haley explained. "That way I can share with you everything that happens to me."

He put the CD in the drive and opened it. Folders full of pictures popped up on the screen. Trevor stared at the screen and then looked at Haley.

"Please, don't be mad," Haley said concerned. "I really love you. I just can't wait three months to be with you."

Trevor smiled and kissed Haley. "I'm not mad, just surprised. I know you love me. I love you with all my heart. Nothing will change that, not even if we have sex with every boy on Earth. I love you no matter what."

Haley smiled and sat down in Trevor's lap.

"I will tell you about the pictures as you look at them. You remember when Jesse invited us to go with him to see Billy Gilman?" Haley asked.

"Yeah," replied Trevor.

"And you couldn't go cause you were in the middle of filming Jurassic Park 3?" Haley continued.

"Yeah," Trevor replied again.

"Well, I went and I took pictures for you." haley smiled, his blue eyes sparkling.


Haley was ready long before Jesse picked him up for the concert. They were leaving five hours early as it was. He made sure he had what he needed - extra batteries, lots of space on the discs for pictures, his camera, and clothes, since he was staying with Jesse that night - and then played video games until Jesse arrived.

Two hours later, a black limo pulled up at Haley's house and Jesse got out.

"Haley, your ride is here," Mr. Osment called.

"Thanks dad," Haley almost knocked his father down trying to get out the door.

"Be careful, I love you," Mr. Osment called after his son.

"Love you too dad," Haley called back.

Jesse opened the door and Haley got in, immediately seeing that he and Jesse weren't alone.

"Hi," Haley offered.

"Hello, I'm Billy," the other boy said, " I am a big fan of yours."

Jesse jumped in and shut the door.

"Haley, this is Billy Gilman. Just thought you would like to meet him before the concert." Jesse introduced the boys, who didn't really need an introduction, knowing who each other was.

The three boys chatted for a few minutes.

"Glad you brought that camera, is it for something special or just for the concert?" Jesse asked.

"For the concert," Haley quickly replied, not knowing whether or not Billy knew about him and Jesse.

"Well," Jesse grinned, " Take a picture of all three of us."

Haley turned on the timer and set the camera on the back of the seat. He and Jesse quickly moved to the seat beside Billy and smiled.

Jesse and Haley moved back to their original places. Haley leaned over and whispered in Jesse's ear as he got his camera.

"Is Billy like us?" he asked.

"I don't know, let's find out," Jesse said with a smirk on his face.

"Take one of me and Billy," Jesse said moving back over beside Billy. He rolled up the window between the driver and themselves.

"So we don't run him off the road with the flash," he stated.

He put his arm around Billy's shoulders and as Haley raised the camera, Jesse leaned in and put a hand in Billy's lap and kissed him. Haley took a picture and watched as Jesse kissed Billy. Billy fought it for a minute but soon relaxed and began to enjoy the feel of his lips on another boy's. Haley took a few more pictures and Jesse pulled back.

"I think I need to tell you something," Jesse looked at Billy.

"You bet you do," replied Billy, stunned by what had just happened.

Billy stared at Jesse and then looked over at Haley.

"I...We are gay," Jesse started, "Haley is dating Trevor Morgan and although I mess around with Matt a lot, I am free."

Billy just stared at the two boys, letting this new information sink in.

"And you thought that I am?" Billy questioned.

"I was hoping," replied Jesse.

Billy realized that the entire time Jesse was talking his hand was still in his lap, gently massaging him to erection.

"I don't know if I am gay, but that sure does feel good," he said.

"Let me show you something that feels better," Jesse said as he kissed Billy again.

Jesse reached down and pulled the button on Billy's pants. Unzipping the fly, he reached in side and massaged Billy through the thin, white fabric of his briefs. Raising Billy's hips, Jesse pulled at the waist of Billy's pants and pulled them off. Haley continued to take pictures of the two boys, his own penis getting harder with each piece of clothing Jesse removed.

Jesse pulled Billy's briefs down freeing his hard dick. He unbuttoned Billy's shirt to reveal a young flat stomach and two nickel sized nipples on top of a firm, tanned chest. Billy closed his eyes as Jesse began circling his buds with his tongue. Jesse worked his way down to Billy's stomach and stuck his tongue in the small indention of Billy's belly button. Billy let a slight moan escape his lips. Jesse reached Billy's dick and circled the tip with his tongue. He wrapped his tongue around the shaft and went down, swallowing Billy's full length. He paused at the bottom, smelling the musky scent of Billy's just developing pubes. He pulled off and moved down to Billy's nuts.

As Haley took pictures, Jesse gently massaged Billy's balls with his tongue. After five minutes, Jesse pulled off and smiled at Haley.

"You want a taste?" he asked.

Haley nodded his head and handed the camera to Jesse. They quickly switched places and Haley picked right up where Jesse had left off. He kissed Billy's stomach and then slowly sucked in every inch of Billy's rod. Billy was moaning loudly by then. Haley loved the way he felt when he was giving a boy the kind of pleasure that he was giving Billy.

Billy grabbed the back of Haley's head and pushed his penis deep inside Haley's mouth. Haley gave a final suck and Billy exploded. He filled Haley's mouth with his juice and collapsed into the seat. Jesse took a picture as Haley pulled off. Haley kissed Jesse, feeding him some of Billy's cum. He took the camera and took a few pictures of Billy laying there, shirt unbuttoned and pants at his ankles. He moved over and kissed Billy on the lips, running his fingers over Billy's smooth skin.

Jesse smiled as he watched the two boys kiss, "I think Billy will have to stay in our room tonight."

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