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Chapter 15: The Bet

After breakfast, Haley and Alex headed back to their room. Walking through the door, Haley wrapped his arms around Alex's body and pulled him tightly to himself.

"Have you decided what you want to do today?" he asked, kissing Alex on the nose.

"What are the options?" Alex smiled, gazing into his love's eyes.

"Well," Haley thought momentarily. "We can go the movies, or we could go bowling, or we could walk around and have a look at the town."

Alex smiled, "How about we walk around and look until the evening and then we can go bowling."

"What ever you want buddy," Haley softly said as he nibbled on Alex's ear.

Haley pulled away from his love and dialed the phone. He told his dad what he and Alex had planned for the day.

"Done," Haley said as he hung up the phone.

He took Alex by the hand and led him out the door. The boys dropped each others hands when they reached the lobby. Leaving the hotel, the boys looked around a few stores. They each bought a few things for their families. After a couple of hours, they made their way to the mall. They bought some shirts in Old Navy and some cargos in Gap. Passing the jewelry store, they walked into the music store to pick up a CD. Haley pulled out $40 and handed it to Alex.

"Get me a copy of Billy's new CD and whatever you want and then wait for me here," Haley said putting the bills in Alex's hand.

"Where are you going?" Alex asked.

"I'll tell you later," Haley smiled walking to the door. "I'll be right back."

Alex walked around the displays for a few minutes, looking at the covers. He walked over to the country section and picked up two copies of `Music Through Heartsongs' and then over to the pop section to pick up Celine Dion's `One Heart'. He walked up to the register and pulled out another twenty from his pocket. He paid for the CD's and picked up his bag. As he turned around, he saw Haley walking through the door.

"So what did you get?" Haley asked.

Alex reached into the bag and handed Haley his copy of Billy's CD.

"That one is yours," Alex said pulling the other CD's from the bag. "I got a copy for me too. I also got the new Celine Dion."

Haley pulled a twenty from his pocket and stuffed it into Alex's.

"Save your money," Haley smiled.

"For what?" Alex asked, "I have you."

"You might need it one day," Haley smiled. "I won't be around forever."

"Don't ever say that," Alex said sternly.

"I'm sorry," Haley said. "It wasn't meant like that."

Alex looked at him for a moment, "I forgive you."

Haley smiled, "I really love you."

Alex smiled, "Me too. Come on, I want to ask you something."

"What?" Haley asked following Alex to the window on the front of the store.

Alex pointed at a poster on the glass. "Billy is having a concert next week," he said. "Do you think we could go?"

"What did I say earlier?" Haley asked putting his arm around Alex's shoulder.

"What?" Alex asked.

"Whatever you want buddy," Haley smiled. "As a matter of fact, I think I can do something better than just taking you to the concert."

"What can you do?" Alex asked curiously.

"How would you like to meet Billy?"

"You can do that?" Alex asked excitedly.

"Sure," Haley said. "Now let's go get something to eat."

The boys made their way to the food court and ordered their lunches. They made their way to seats in the back corner so it would be harder to recognize Haley. Haley held out a French fry to Alex. Alex smiled and ate it. Haley watched as Alex ate his meal, a huge smile on his face.

"You don't have to be so excited," Haley grinned. "It's just a concert."

"I can't help it," Alex replied. "The last time I was supposed to go see Billy in concert, his show was canceled."

"Can you promise me something?" Haley asked.

"Anything," Alex smiled back.

"Don't act like this around Billy," Haley replied. "He is just another kid like us. You don't act like a fan around me."

"That's different," Alex said.

"How?" Haley asked.

"Because you are my boyfriend," Alex replied.

"I am still an actor, just like Billy is just a singer," Haley replied.

"OK, OK," Alex replied. "I promise that I will be just a kid."

"Good," Haley said pulling out his cell phone.

Alex picked up their trash and walked to the bins to throw it away.

"Who are you calling now?" he asked as he walked back to the table.

Haley held up a finger.

"Hey Billy, it's Haley."

"What's up man," Billy replied. "I haven't talked to you in a couple of months."

"Yeah, I know. I have been kinda busy with this new movie," Haley replied.

"So what's up," Billy asked.

"I was wondering if you could do a favor for me?" Haley asked.

"Sure thing bud," Billy said into the phone. "What do you want?"

"I saw a poster for your concert here in Texas in a week and was wondering if you could get me two tickets," Haley said.

"Sure thing," Billy laughed. "Are you staying there in town or are you commuting for the concert?"

"I'm here. We are shooting for a couple more months," Haley explained.

"Well, I'll be there for a few days. Do you want to hang out?" Billy asked.

"That was the other part," Haley said. "My friend would like to meet you."

"Cool," Billy said. "I'll bring you the tickets when I get there and then we could all hang out together. One thing, does your friend know about me?"

"Not yet, I was hoping we could show him," Haley smiled as he said the words.

"Is he gay, or is this going to be like what you and Jesse did to me?" Billy asked.

"The first one," Haley said not wanting Alex to know what he was talking about.

"That's cool, call me later and let me know what's happening," Billy said.

"OK man," Haley replied. "Talk to you later."

"Later," Billy said as he hung up the phone.

Haley hung up and put his phone back in his pocket.

"OK buddy," Haley smiled up at his love. "You are going to meet Billy."

Alex was so excited that he jumped and hugged Haley tightly.

"Thank you so much," he said excitedly.

"Let's get to the bowling alley," Haley smiled. "I'm kind of tired of walking around."

"OK," Alex agreed.

The boys left the mall and got into a cab in the parking lot. Haley told the driver where to go and the cab pulled out of the parking lot. After several minutes, the driver realized who was in the backseat of his cab. He introduced himself to Haley and asked for an autograph. Haley signed a business card handed to him by the driver. The driver pulled up to the front of the bowling alley, thanked Haley, and let the boys out of the car. Haley paid for the ride and the boys walked into the building. They played several games. After a few hours, Haley began to get bored.

"One more game," Haley suggested.

"OK," Alex agreed, beginning to get bored as well.

"You want to bet on this one?" Haley asked.

"What do you mean?" Alex asked.

Haley got a smirk on his face. "If you win, I will do anything you want me to do tonight," he said, "and if I win, you have to do anything I tell you to do."

Alex thought for a moment, "That sounds like fun."

He shook Haley's hand.

"It's your turn," Haley said.

Alex walked up to the lane and tossed the ball toward the pins. Haley watched as all the pins fell to the floor.

"First, I am going to tie you to the bed so you can't move," Alex said. "Then I am going to make you cry."

"Not if I win," Haley smiled.

Alex watched as Haley walked up and took his turn. He threw the ball down the lane, smashing into the pins and knocking them all down. Haley jumped up, spun around and pointed at his friend.

"I am going to make you scream," Haley whispered into Alex's ear.

It was a close game. Haley only needed one more strike to beat Alex. Alex crossed his fingers and closed his eyes. Haley glanced over and smiled at his love. He threw the ball down the lane and turned around and sat down beside Alex. Alex opened his eyes in time to see the ball turn and hit only one pin. He looked at Haley. Haley smiled at Alex.

"Did you let me win?" Alex asked.

"Of course not," Haley smiled. "Shall we go back to the room now?"

Alex gave Haley a knowing look. Haley smiled and walked up to the counter to pay for their games. Alex headed for the door to flag a cab. Haley joined him on the curb as the cab pulled up. The boys got into the cab and the driver pulled into the traffic. Alex slid his hand through the shadows of the back seat, into Haley's lap. He gently massaged Haley's crotch through the thick fabric of his khackis. Haley closed his eyes and silently moaned. Alex smiled and pulled his hand away causing Haley to look at him.

"You will have to wait," Alex teased quickly squeezing Haley's cock.

The driver pulled up to the hotel and Haley pulled out his wallet. Alex took off toward the room. Haley paid the fare and ran to meet Alex, catching him at the elevator. The boys got on the elevator and Alex pushed the button. The doors closed and Alex leaned over and gave Haley a kiss on the cheek. Haley turned to kiss him back, but Alex had quickly moved to the other end of the elevator and shook his head. The elevator stopped on their floor and Alex waited for Haley to step off the elevator before following him to the room. Haley walked through the door followed by Alex who locked the door. He turned around and wrapped his arms around Haley's body. He pulled him close and passionately kissed him. He pulled away and smiled.

"You should take a shower," Alex said.

Haley nodded and walked over to the dresser. He opened the drawer and pulled out some clean underwear.

"You won't need those," Alex said.

Haley's bright blue eyes fixed on Alex's boyish smile and he walked into the bathroom. Alex didn't want Haley to wash to quickly, so he walked into the bathroom after the water started. He pulled off his clothes and stepped into the shower behind Haley.

"Didn't want you to finish to fast," Alex smiled as Haley looked at him quizzically.

Haley began washing himself once again. Alex watched Haley bathe himself and gently brushed his fingers across Haley's leg. Haley looked down and smiled an impish grin. Haley rinsed the shampoo from his hair and looked at Alex.

"I'm finished," he said.

"Now you are going to watch me," Alex smiled.

He stood up and stepped in front of Haley. Bringing his hands up to Haley's firm chest, he pushed him gently back against the wall. Haley nodded and watched as Alex picked up the soap. Alex slowly massaged the soap into his skin. He watched Haley's eyes travel up and down his wet body. Alex grasped his boyhood and pulled on it a few times watching Haley's penis jump and twitch. Alex smiled and turned around so Haley could only see his butt. He squeezed shampoo into his hand and ran his fingers through his short blonde hair, letting the bubbles run down his neck and over his smooth back. He rinsed his hair and started to turn around when he felt Haley's arms wrap around his waist. Haley ran his hands over Alex's smooth, wet skin and pressed his lips at the base of Alex's neck. Alex closed his eyes and leaned his head back onto Haley's shoulder, letting Haley's hands roam his wet skin. Haley continued to kiss up Alex's neck until he reached his ear. He sucked on Alex's lobe for a minute before Alex pulled away and turned around. He pushed Haley against the wall again.

"I said no," Alex said with a smirk on his face. "Now, get out."

Haley slightly hung his head and stepped out of the shower. He began drying himself off as Alex stepped out of the shower. Haley pulled the towel over his head flattening his hair down. Alex reached up and ran a hand through his hair messing it up.

"I like it like that," Alex smiled lovingly at his friend.

Haley smiled back and finished drying his body.

"Now you can do me," Alex said.

Haley's eyes gleamed as he ran the towel over Alex's body. Alex gently caressed Haley's cheek and helping him with the towel. Haley finished and stood up dragging the towel over Alex's hair. He reached up and tousled his hair as Alex had done to him. He smiled at Alex and leaned over, kissing him on the forehead. The boys looked at each other with deep affection.

"I love you so much," Haley said as he tossed the towel onto the floor.

Alex took Haley's hand in his own and led him into the other room. He turned Haley's back to the bed and gave him a deep kiss. His hands slowly traveled up Haley's smooth stomach over his chest and stopped. He gave Haley a gentle push, causing him to fall back onto the bed. Haley scooted himself up the bed and Alex climbed up beside him. Alex put one leg on each side of Haley's chest and leaned down to tie his hands to the bed posts. Haley began kissing Alex's smooth stomach as he worked on the ropes. He moved off Haley to the other end of the bed and tied Haley's feet to the other end, laying him out like his own personal buffet.

Haley looked down over his own naked body at Alex, who had picked up his left foot and began licking his big toe. Haley closed his eyes and let out a passionate sigh as Alex moved onto the second toe. He sucked it in and swirled his tongue around it and in between the ones beside it. Alex let Haley's toe out of his mouth and kissed the sole of his foot before moving on to the next toe. Haley moaned as Alex gently and deliberately worked each toe in turn, kissing the bottom before moving on to the next.

Haley looked up again as Alex laid his foot down and picked up the second one. He started with Haley's big toe, giving each one a bath with his tongue. He kissed Haley's sole, each time bringing forth a slight giggle from his captive love, before moving on to each toe. Haley moaned with pleasure before Alex laid his foot down.

Alex gently ran his fingers over each inch of skin on Haley's legs, following them with his mouth. He planted kisses on each leg, alternating with each kiss. He ran his hand up the outside of Haley's legs and down the inside, leaning down and planting a kiss on Haley's inner thigh. Haley's penis jumped toward Alex's face pleading for relief.

Alex looked up at Haley, studying his expression, learning what he wanted to know. He continued on his journey up Haley's body, kissing just above the dark blonde patch of pubic hair causing Haley to moan and whimper at the same time. Alex grinned to himself and continued up Haley's tense body, making Haley whimper and groan even more. Alex paused at Haley's belly button and caressed it with his tongue before moving up to the two buds on Haley's tanned chest. He sucked and nibbled at each one causing each to go rock hard like little pebbles. Alex kissed his way up Haley's chest to his neck, planting a kiss on the skin between his neck and shoulder.

Alex raised up and looked at Haley's face. Staring into Haley's eyes, he slid his hand up to meet Haley's wrist and began untying the ropes that bound Haley to the bed. He bent down and kissed Haley on the forehead.

"Please," Haley whispered, a tear rolling down his cheek.

He looked up at Alex with desperation in his eyes. Alex smiled at his love and slightly nodded his head. He moved to Haley's other side and untied his other wrist with one hand, gently sliding his other hand down Haley's body, gently grasping his hard on.

"Oh..." Haley moaned sighed loudly.

Alex leaned down and covered Haley's lips with his own. He pulled off and gently maneuvered his body down the bed. He kissed the tip of Haley's throbbing boyhood, causing it to jump toward his mouth. Alex grinned and swirled his tongue around the head. Haley moaned and lifted his hips toward Alex's face. His hands found the back of Alex's blonde head and gently pushed it toward his crotch. Alex parted his lips, letting Haley take control of the situation. Haley gently pushed Alex onto his wanting cock. He groaned loudly, pushing Alex's warm mouth back onto his boyhood. Alex could feel Haley's penis grow slightly larger in his mouth and took control. He grabbed Haley's balls and gently pulled down while increasing the suction in his mouth. He swirled his tongue around Haley's head.

"Uuuuhhhh..." Haley screamed as he sprayed Alex's mouth and face with his cream.

He tightened his grip on the back of Alex's head and tried to push him deeper onto his throbbing cock. Alex sucked all the juice out of Haley's deflating penis and let it fall from his mouth, forcing Haley to let go of his hair. Exhausted, Haley collapsed back into the bed. His eyes were glazed over and he was breathing in short, heavy pants. He looked down at Alex who had laid his head on Haley's stomach and smiled.

"That was incredibly intense," Haley said between breaths.

Alex smiled and slid up the bed and looked into Haley's blue eyes.

"Told you I would make you cry," he grinned.

Haley scraped the remaining cum off of his lover's face with his finger and wiped it onto the sheets. He leaned in and gave him a gentle kiss on the forehead. His hand slowly slid down Alex's chest and stomach and came to a rest just above his penis. He ran his fingers through the small patch of hair before lightly grasping Alex's boyhood. He slowly began to stroke the length of the shaft. He leaned in and held Alex in a passionate kiss while he continued to work on the throbbing rod in his hand. Alex gently cooed, letting his tongue slide in and explore Haley's warm mouth. His hands roamed up Haley's body, caressing the soft skin on his back. He raised his hand and traced the soft curve of Haley's cheek and over his ear to his soft blonde hair. The boys continued to kiss, Haley pumping Alex's tool slowly but with purpose. Alex gently moaned into Haley's mouth. Haley felt Alex's boy stick harden and pumped faster. Alex moaned louder as the juices flowed through the tip of his penis. Haley continued to kiss Alex's face until he was finished, then he laid down and gently rolled Alex over closer to his body. Alex draped his arm over Haley's soft body and laid his head against his smooth chest. He lay there for a minute, letting Haley softly rub his back and listened to his heartbeat.

"I love you," he whispered to Haley as he closed his eyes with exhaustion. "You make me so happy."

"I love you more buddy," Haley said, kissing Alex on the top of his head.

He reached over and turned off the light. Then he gently raised Alex up and pulled the blanket over them. He closed his eyes and gently squeezed Alex limp body.

"You sleep now," he whispered, "I'll see you in the morning."

Alex gently sighed and tried to bury his face in Haley's warmth. Haley smiled and closed his eyes. He listened to Alex's heavy breathing for a few minutes before falling into a deep, peaceful sleep.


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