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From Chapter 8: After the Concert

Exhausted, Billy rolled over and draped his arm over Haley's chest. Jesse did the same from the other side and Haley closed his eyes. What a night it had been. Jesse kissed Haley's shoulder. Haley turned his head and kissed his friend on the lips. Then he turned the other way and kissed Billy.

"Goodnight," Haley said.

"Night," Billy said as he closed his eyes.

"Night bud," Jesse replied, kissing Haley again.

Haley lay there for thirty minutes listening to the other boys sleep. He smiled, closed his eyes, and joined them.


Chapter 9: The Fan

Haley closed the folder and looked back at Trevor.

"That was incredible," Trevor smiled as he leaned up and kissed Haley softly on the lips. "I want to show you something."

"In a minute, I want to show you one more folder," Haley said.

"It can wait," Trevor replied.

"Out of all my pictures, the ones you`re not in, this is my favorite set," Haley grinned, dragging the mouse across the top of the desk.

The pointer stopped on top of a folder labeled `A14'.

"What does A14 stand for?" Trevor inquired.

"A stands for Alex," Haley told him.

He opened up the folder and clicked on the first picture, showing Trevor a picture of a young boy in a soccer uniform.

"And the 14, as you can see is the number on his jersey," Haley continued.

Haley clicked the next picture and looked back at Trevor again, a smile slowly creeping across his lips.

"What are you smiling about," Haley inquired.

"Nothing, he`s cute. Where did you meet him," Trevor assured him.

Haley turned his attention back to the folder and began telling Trevor about how he met Alex.


"Mom, do I have to go?" Haley asked.

"Yes, you already said you were and Rachel is expecting you. She hasn't seen you in a long time," Mrs. Osment said.

Haley and his mom were going to see Rachel, a friend of Mrs. Osment's from high school. She used to live near them and she even babysat for Haley a couple of times, but Haley was to little to remember. She moved when Haley turned four, so she could be near her sister.

"Haley, don't forget to pack enough for four days. We are only staying three but get an extra change of clothes. You never know what can happen." Mrs. Osment called up to her son, who was now in his room packing his clothes.

Haley packed his clothes and then grabbed his camera and put it in his bag. Maybe he could take pictures of the scenery or something.

They arrived at Rachel's house about 3 that afternoon. They pulled up in Rachel's driveway and got out of the car. Rachel came to the door and welcomed them into the house. She showed them where to put their bags and led them to the kitchen for a late lunch. They walked into the room and Rachel introduced them to the boy that was eating a sandwich at the counter.

"This is Alex," Rachel introduced him, "he's my nephew and he lives next door. Alex, this is..."

"Haley Joel Osment!" Alex exclaimed jumping to his feet and wiping his hands, "I know, you are a great actor. I have almost all of your movies."

"Well, I guess you don't need an introduction," Rachel laughed.

Alex walked over to Haley and extended his hand, "Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you," Haley grinned, shaking Alex`s outstretched hand, "You want to go to a movie or something?"

"Can't," Alex said, "I have a soccer game. You can come if you want."

"Sure," Haley replied, "I don't have anything to do anyway."

The boys said goodbye to Rachel and Mrs. Osment, and went next door to Alex's house. Alex changed into his uniform and grinned at Haley.

"Let's go," he said.

"I forgot to get something out of my bag," Haley said. "I'll just be a minute."

He ran into Rachel's house, grabbed his camera, and met Alex back outside. The boys headed for the soccer field behind the school.

"You can sit on the sidelines with me and the team...If you want to, that is," Alex said.

"That would be great," Haley grinned. "Would the coach care if I take pictures?"

"Go ahead, coach won't care," Alex said.

They arrived at the school and Alex took Haley to the bench.

"I'll be right back," he promised.

Alex ran to the locker room and joined his team for the pep talk they got before every game. He talked to the coach for a few minutes and let him know that Haley was sitting with him. The coach liked the idea that a movie star would be at the game. He made sure the paper got a few shots of Haley sitting with the team, thinking it would bring a bigger crowd to the soccer games. Alex and Haley chatted about lots of things through out the game. Haley would take a picture every now and then.

Finally, in the 4th quarter, the coach put Alex in the game. Alex jumped up and ran onto the field. Haley watched as Alex ran, jumped, and kicked the ball. He was getting cuter every minute Haley spent with him. Haley took a few pictures, getting the one of Alex kicking the winning goal. He took a picture as Alex walked off the field. Everyone congratulated Alex and got autographs from Haley.

"Sorry about that," Alex said.

"It's OK, I sign a lot of autographs." Haley said, " It's just part of the job."

"I'm just going to take a shower at the house so you won't have to wait," Alex said.

On the way home, Alex and Haley chatted a little more and the subject changed to relationships.

"You have girlfriend," Haley asked.

"Nope, you." Alex replied.

"I am seeing someone," Haley replied.

"Really, what is she like?" Alex asked.

"Uhm, It's kind of complicated," Haley replied trying to change the subject. "I'll tell you later."

Alex smiled and changed the subject, "So, how do you know my aunt Rachel. She never said she knew you. I thought she would have told me you were coming here."

"Mom and her used to go to school together. I'm sure your mom knew her too," Haley replied. "Mom made me come because Miss Rachel used to baby sit me. I was like 4, I don't really remember her."

"I am glad you came," Alex smiled.

"Me too," Haley smiled back.

"Hey, you want to sleep in the club house tonight?" Alex's face lit up with the idea.

"Sure," Haley answered, "if mom says I can."

The boys spent the rest of the evening playing Super Smash Bros. and Mortal Kombat. Around 8 pm, Rachel called Alex's mom and told her to bring the boys over for dinner. They arrived to a table of fried chicken, a bowl of mashed potatoes with brown gravy, macaroni and cheese - made from scratch, rolls, and a pitcher of sweet tea. The women chatted about the old days and high school, and to the horror of the boys, embarrassing stories of their childhood and when they were babies. Haley and Alex were giggling and trying to get each other in trouble, making faces and kicking each other under the table. Alex's mom commented that it seemed that the boys had grown up together and they were getting along so well.

After dinner, Haley and Alex set out to convince their mom's to let them sleep in the tree house. Alex had no trouble, since he slept in the tree house every weekend. Alex's mom had to help to convince Mrs. Osment.

"The tree house has electricity and an intercom that connects to our house and Rachel's. Alex sleeps out there every night that he don't have school. It is very safe." she told Mrs. Osment. "Alex's father built it."

"Well, OK," Mrs. Osment caved, "but be careful."

"We will," Alex said running to the guest room with Haley on his heels.

Haley grabbed a change of clothes and his camera and they headed out the door. They made a pit stop at Alex's house to get some `supplies'. They ran upstairs and Alex grabbed his shorts and a shirt and put them in a bag. He unhooked the PS2 and put in the bag. Then he ran down stairs followed by Haley and grabbed four bottles of Mountain Dew out of the fridge and a bag of chips.

They headed out the back door to the tree house. Haley was in awe at the coolness of the building. There was a rope ladder leading to the balcony of the first level. The first level was built completely around the trunk of a tree, a balcony surrounding it. Another small ladder stood at the far right of the first balcony leading up to the second level, which was built completely around a second tree trunk. It was approximately the same size as the first level. There was a fireman's pole from the second level to the ground for quick escapes, and a hammock set up on the second balcony.

"Man, this is awesome," Haley exclaimed. "It must have taken forever to build."

"Yeah, it took awhile." Alex explained, "Dad started right after we moved here. I was 5. We finished about three years ago, but mom had the carpet put in last year."

They climbed up the ladder and Haley looked around the balcony while Alex unlocked the door. He flipped on the lights and stashed the drinks in the mini-fridge in the corner. He tossed the chips onto a small table by the futon on the back wall. Across the room from the futon was a medium sized entertainment center with a 31 inch TV. Haley looked through the shelves nailed to the wall.

"You must have at least 100 DVD's," he exclaimed, reading the titles.

"135 actually," Alex corrected.

He showed Haley how to work the in car stereo that was mounted in the wall behind the futon and the intercom, in case he needed to get in touch with his mom. Alex hooked up the PS2 and turned on the satellite.

"So, where is your dad?" Haley asked.

"He left," Alex replied sadly, "Mom and him couldn't work things out, so they got divorced. He lives in Tennessee now. He left three months after we finished the tree house. He called it `my fortress of solitude', like in Superman."

Haley hugged Alex tightly, "I'm real sorry. I didn't know."

"I know, it's OK. My doctor said that it's good to talk about it," Alex said.

"You go to a shrink?" Haley cautiously asked, not wanting to upset his new friend.

"Not anymore," Alex replied, still uneasy about the subject. "I did for about three months after dad left. I just didn't talk to anyone about it, so mom thought it would help."

His words trailed off at the end and Haley knew he didn't really want to talk about it anymore. "You going to show me this `Fortress of Solitude' or am I gonna have to explore it by myself," Haley said, trying to sound more cheerful.

Alex smiled and led Haley to the three steps that led to the upper level. He picked up his and Haley's bags and went up the steps. He flipped on another light and tossed the bags on the twin sized bed.

"Let's get changed and then we can play a couple rounds of Mortal Kombat," Alex said as he pulled his shorts out of his bag and turned away from Haley.

Haley picked up his shorts, but didn't put them on right away. Instead, he watched as Alex's khaki cargo pants slid over the black and red fabric of his Superman boxer briefs. Alex let the pants fall to the floor and stepped out of them. He quickly pulled up his red Nike basketball shorts and pulled off his red Hilfiger polo shirt and exchanged it for a yellow sleeveless t-shirt. He turned around just as Haley's pants hit the floor. He slowly pulled his blue adidas shorts up over his red Hilfiger boxer briefs. Alex stared as the blue fabric of the shorts curved over the plump bulge in the front of the red underwear. Haley smiled at his reaction and left his shirt off.

They walked back down the stairs and Alex grabbed two of the Mountain Dews out of the fridge. Haley turned on the PS2 and they played a few rounds. Haley won three times in a row and started feeling concerned about his new friend.

"I know you could beat me if you wanted to, now what's up?" he asked.

"Nothing," Alex replied, "I guess I'm just tired from the game today. I was thinking, too."

"What are you thinking?" Haley asked.

"Why didn't you tell me about your girlfriend earlier when I asked?"

"Well, like I said. It is kind of complicated." Haley said, "If I do tell you, do you promise not to anyone what I say?"

"Yes," Alex stated, wondering about Haley's reaction. "I promise."

"I don't know why I feel like I can tell you this. I trust you for some reason. I can't explain it. I've only known you for a few hours and yet, there's just something about you." Haley went on.

"I said, I promised," Alex repeated.

Haley took a deep breathe, "She is actually a he, and his name is Trevor."

Alex raised his left eyebrow and glanced over at Haley.

"You OK with that," Haley asked, afraid of the answer.

"Yeah," Alex said as he thought about it. "You just caught me off guard. That's all."

"That's a relief," Haley smiled. "I thought you were going to quit talking to me for the next two days."

"I wouldn't do that," Alex said angrily. "I'm not like that."

"Sorry, sorry, I didn't mean anything by it," Haley apologized.

"It's OK," Alex calmed down. "I know you don't know me very well. You know, to tell you the truth, I think I like boys too. Like the way you do. I'm just not sure how I feel right now."

"Let's go to bed," Haley said turning off the PS2. "You look tired and we can talk up there."

The boys went back to the second level and laid down on the bed. Alex pulled the cover over them. Haley rolled over and put his arm over Alex's chest.

"You want to know about anything?" Haley asked.

"I'm not sure I'm ready to do that," Alex said nervously.

"Take your time," Haley said caressing Alex's fabric covered chest, "If you aren't ready by the time I leave we can try it when I come back to visit next time. I promise I will come back and visit you."

"Thanks for not trying to push me," Alex said as he relaxed. "You think you could tell me about what it feels like?"

Haley continued to rub the tanned chest of his new friend as he told him about his first time. Half way through the story, he slipped his hand under the yellow fabric and caressed the soft skin around Alex's belly button. Alex's breathing began to get heavier and faster as Haley intricately detailed how he felt and what he was thinking his first time, still caressing his friends skin. He raised Alex up as he continued with his story and pulled off the sweat soaked t-shirt. He kissed his shoulder and finished the tale. Alex lay there for a moment thinking about what Haley had just told him. He felt so good just lying there with Haley's fingers running up and down his bare skin.

"You think I could kiss you?" Alex whispered.

Haley didn't answer, but slowly raised himself up and planted his mouth on the waiting lips of his friend. He held the kiss for about five minutes, listening to Alex gently moan. He pulled back and kissed Alex on the forehead.

"Get some sleep, buddy." Haley whispered, "We'll talk more in the morning."

He lowered himself back down and laid his head on Alex's shoulder. He listened to Alex's breathing slow down and closed his eyes. Alex fell asleep and Haley kissed his shoulder and fell asleep five minutes later.

Alex woke up the next morning before Haley and watched his friends chest rise and fall with each breath. He found that his arms were tightly wrapped around the boys soft body. He slowly began circling his fingers around Haley's smooth back and sides. Haley stirred and looked at his new friend.

"Morning," he whispered.

"Morning," Alex smiled back at him.

Alex kissed Haley on the cheek. "Did that really happen last night?"

"Yeah," Haley grinned.

"It was nice," Alex said as he snuggled closer to Haley's warm body.

The boys looked up as they heard a buzzer go off on the first level.

"What is that?" Haley said wrinkling his eyebrows.

"Mom," Alex smiled, "It's our wake-up call."

Alex got up and went to the intercom. "Morning mom."

"Morning? You mean good afternoon," she laughed. "You slept in. Come and get ready to go to the zoo."

The boys grabbed their clothes and headed into the house, where ham and cheese sandwiches were waiting for them. They took turns taking showers and eating. Haley put on a pair of khaki zip-off cargo pants, a white t-shirt, and a blue polo with red sleeves. Alex picked out similar clothes, tan cargos, blue t-shirt, and a red polo shirt. The boys ate their lunch and everyone went out to the car.

The zoo was a good 45 minutes away and it was a long ride. The women talked while Alex and Haley shared a pair of headphones and a CD player. Aunt Rachel, who was sitting in the back with the boys, reprimanded them a few times for singing to loudly. The boys giggled and quit for a few minutes.

Arriving at the zoo, the boys quickly jumped out of the car. Haley took a few pictures of everyone getting out of the car. He turned and took a few of Alex standing beside the baby elephant statue near the entrance. Handing his mom the camera, Haley climbed up on the elephants back and pulled Alex up behind him. Alex put his arms around Haley's waist and they both smiled for the camera. Mrs. Osment took two pictures and then told them to get down before they got in trouble.

"Mom can we walk by ourselves?" Haley asked, giving his mom the puppy dog look.

"I guess, but be careful and meet us back here at 5pm," she replied.

Haley and Alex ran off in the opposite direction, and soon disappeared into the crowd. They looked at the animals and read the signs. Laughing and watching the animals, Alex got serious and looked over at Haley, who was taunting a monkey.

"Haley, can I ask you something?"

"You just did," Haley smiled back.

"Ha Ha," Alex fake laughed, "Seriously?"

"Anything, you know that," Haley said.

"What were you thinking about...you know, last night when you kissed me?"

"I thought about wanting you to kiss me back, and how soft your lips were, and I just listened to the noises you made. It really was great. Especially for your first time," Haley told Alex as he put his arm over his shoulder.

"You think we could do a little more tonight?" Alex asked.

"You sure you are ready? I don't want you to think you have to make me happy. I'm happy just being with you." Haley said.

"I'm sure," Alex smiled.

Haley smiled and squeezed Alex's shoulder. They ran around and laughed at the animals. They were having so much fun together that they were fifteen minutes late meeting their moms.

"We told you boys 5pm," Mrs. Osment scolded.

"We know. We're real sorry," the boys said in unison.

"Get in the car so we can go," Alex's mom said as aunt Rachel started the car.

The ride home was uneventful. Haley laid his head on Alex's shoulder and the boys dozed all the way back to the house. The women turned on the radio and hummed along with the music. They arrived home and the boys headed to the club house to play some PS2.

"You boys come back in the house at 7 for dinner. And I mean 7 o'clock," Rachel yelled after them.

"Yes, ma'am," the boys yelled.

They climbed the ladder onto the balcony. Alex unlocked the door and the boys went in.

"I'm not really in the mood to play games," Haley said grinning.

"Haley, I want you to kiss me again," Alex said. "I have been thinking about it all day."

Haley walked over and put his arms around Alex's waist.

"Are you completely sure about this?" Haley asked.

Alex smiled and nodded his head, slightly leaning forward. Haley pressed his soft lips into Alex's, causing a chill to run down Alex's spine. He parted his lips and let Haley's tongue slide through. Alex moaned slightly as Haley's tongue probed the inside of his mouth. Haley coaxed Alex's tongue into his own mouth and sucked a little.

"That feels so good," Alex groaned, pulling his lips away but pulling Haley's body closer to him.

"Yeah, you are pretty good at this," Haley smiled, "but it's time for dinner."

Alex sighed and let go of Haley's waist. He kissed him one more time and then turned toward the door. They climbed out of the tree and headed for Rachel's house.

During dinner, the boys sat quietly eating their food while the women talked quietly. Haley would catch Alex's eye and grin.

"What are you boys up to?" asked Rachel.

"Nothing," Haley covered, "I'm real tired from the trip today. May we be excused?"

"Yes," Mrs. Osment said, "Put your dishes in the sink first."

The boys did as they were told and headed back out to the tree house. They climbed the ladder for the last time during Haley's visit. Haley took Alex by the hand after locking the door. He lead him to the second level and sat him down on the bed. He picked up his camera and set it up.

"Don't do anything," Haley instructed. "This is for you. I want it to be special for your first time."

"But can't I..."

"No!" Haley cut him off. "Let me do everything."

Haley knelt down in front of Alex, pulling him closer. He kissed him and pulled the polo shirt from the confines of his pants, and up over his head. His fingers traveled down to the button on the cargos, pulling it loose and unzipped his pants. He let his fingers the opening, sliding them into Alex's lap. He gently massaged Alex through the red fabric of his boxer's. Haley paused and moved his hands to the bottom of Alex's blue t-shirt and pulled upward, revealing the smooth skin of Alex's chest and stomach. Haley pulled off the shirt and threw it in the corner. He kissed the hardening bumps in the middle of each side of Alex's chest. He raised up and kissed Alex's neck where it met his shoulder.

He raised Alex off the bed, pulling at the waist of his pants. Letting them fall to the floor. Alex stepped out of them and Haley tossed them to the pile with the rest of the clothes. He leaned in and kissed the inside of Alex's leg, making him suck in a quick breath. Haley pulled him back on the bed and stood up.

"Can I please?" Alex begged.

Haley nodded and switched places with Alex. Alex undid the ties on Haley's Nike's and pulled them off. He raised Haley's right foot and pulled at the sock. The sock came off revealing Haley's toes. Alex wiped the fuzz from the sock off and kissed the bottom of Haley's right foot. Lowering it back to the floor, he picked up the left and did the same thing. He raised Haley back up and reached for the button on the front of his pants. Haley helped him loosen the button and pushed the waist down, letting his pants fall to the floor. Alex stood up and pulled Haley's blue and red polo and his t-shirt off at the same time, tossing it on top the pile of his own clothes.

Haley took Alex's hand and pushed him back onto the bed. He lowered himself on top of Alex letting their underwear clad bodies rub against each other. He kissed him again, causing Alex to moan with pleasure. Haley pulled back and kissed his way to Alex's chest, sucking in the tips of Alex's small nipples. He ran his tongue around the buds and began his descent once more. He kissed Alex's stomach just above the waistband of his boxer briefs. He pushed his thumbs under the elastic band and pulled down. Slowly, he revealed what only Alex had seen before. He kissed every inch of skin revealed by his fingers.

Raising his hips, Alex blushed as Haley pulled out his penis. Alex watched as Haley kissed the tip. Feeling Haley's soft lips press against the head of his boy hood, Alex closed his eyes and let a sigh escape his dry throat. Haley swirled his tongue around the head and closed his lips around the top of Alex's cock. Alex's hand instinctively went to the back of Haley's head, his fingers lovingly ran through Haley's soft blonde hair.

Haley took that as his cue to go further and slid half of Alex's penis into his mouth. He smiled, listening to Alex moan softly. He went slowly, knowing that Alex would remember the way he was feeling forever. He took in the rest of Alex's young dick, smelling the boyness of everything they did today. He applied more pressure and pulled off Alex's boy cock. He moved down to Alex's ball sack, kissing each ball. He licked at the back of Alex's sack causing his legs to spread slightly. Haley moved back up and kissed Alex on the lips.

Alex reached down and pulled Haley's underwear off, feeling the soft flesh of his butt. Haley smiled and shook his head. He lowered himself back down and sucked in Alex's penis again. Alex didn't want this to stop but he couldn't hold back too much longer. He looked down at the nude Haley Joel Osment as he pulled his mouth half way off of Alex and gently massaged his balls. Alex's breathing got faster and Haley knew it was almost time. He could feel Alex harden in his mouth and prepared to swallow every drop. Alex closed his eyes and cried out as the juices in his young body rushed to the tip of his prick, spraying the insides of Haley's mouth. After Alex had finished, Haley pulled off and crawled up on the bed beside his friend.

"Was it what you expected?" he whispered.

"It was better," Alex said, exhausted.

Haley wrapped his arms around Alex and pulled him closer to his body.

"You're warm," Alex grinned.

"I think we need to get some sleep," Haley whispered.

"What about you?" Alex asked.

"I'll be OK," Haley smiled, "That was for you."

Alex kissed Haley on the cheek and closed his eyes. Haley smiled and kissed Alex on the lips.

"Haley, I know you are seeing Trevor..." Alex started, "but I love you. I know we can't have the same relationship, but I am glad that I met you."

"I'm glad I met you, too." Haley said, running his fingers through Alex's hair. "You are a special kid. I promise, that if you ever need anything, you can call me. You will always be my friend, no matter what."

"Thanks," Alex said, burying his head deeper into Haley's smooth chest.

Alex closed his eyes and quietly lay in Haley's arms. Haley kissed the Alex on the forehead and closed his eyes. The boys lay there for thirty minutes, listening to the sound of each other breathing. They fell asleep holding onto each other.

The next morning, the boys were awakened by the sound of the buzzer. Haley got up and turned the buzzer off. He put his clothes on and sat down beside Alex on the bed. He leaned down and kissed him, causing him to stir.

"Your mom turned on the buzzer," Haley smiled.

"You are leaving today," Alex frowned.

"Yeah, but I have to use your computer before I leave." Haley said, "Now get up, we only have a few more hours."

Alex got up and put his clothes back on. He walked over and kissed Haley again. They went into the house and up to Alex's room. Haley connected his camera to the computer. While the pictures were downloading he wrote his cell phone number on a piece of paper and handed it to Alex.

"Remember what I said last night?" he asked.

"Sure," Alex said.

"I meant it," Haley replied. "If you want to talk about anything, call me. I mean it."

"I promise," Alex said putting the number in his desk drawer.

Haley burned the pictures onto a CD and took a copy. The boys walked over to Rachel's house so Haley could pack his clothes. Alex helped Haley carry his bag to the car. He hugged Mrs. Osment and said his goodbyes. He handed Haley a piece of paper and told him that everything he had said to him in the room applied to him as well. They gave each other a quick hug and Haley and his mom got in the car. As they drove off, Alex waved to his new friend and smiled.


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