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From Chapter 12A: The Invitation

Alex answered the phone. "Hello."

"Hey buddy," Haley replied.

"It's only been a few hours," Alex laughed. "You miss me that much?"

"I can't live without you," Haley laughed.

"Awe...how sweet," Alex joked.

"There is a reason for the call," Haley continued.

"And that would be..." Alex said.

"I wanted to tell you that I got the part in `Second Hand Lions' and in three weeks I will be going to Texas for a few months," Haley explained.

"Congratulations," Alex smiled into the phone.

"There is more," Haley said.

"What?" Alex asked.

"Well," Haley paused. "If you want to..."

"If I want to what?" Alex asked again.

"If you want to, you can come with me," Haley said.


"Mom," Alex said.

"Yes son," she replied.

"Can I please go?" Alex asked.

"We'll see," she said picking up her plate and taking it to the sink. "Are you sleeping in your fortress tonight?"

"Don't think so," Alex replied.

"OK," his mom said. "I have to finish grading some papers. I'll be in the office if you need me."

"Night mom," Alex smiled. "Love you."

"Love you too son," she smiled back.


Chapter 13A: The Flight

"Alex, get up," Alex's mom said shaking him gently. "It's time for school."

"Mom," Alex grumbled, "Does this mean I can't go with Haley?"

"It means, you are going to be late for school," she replied. "We'll talk about it tonight."

Alex rolled out of bed and grabbed his towel.

"Breakfast is ready when you are," his mom said. "We are leaving in an hour."

Alex took his shower and pulled on his clothes. He had picked out what to where that day, like everyone his age. He pulled on his tan cargos, a blue tee shirt, and the red polo shirt that Haley had given him. He walked down the stairs and sat at the table with his mother. After breakfast, he and his mom got in the car.

"Why are you taking me to school?" Alex asked. "I could have ridden the bus."

"Yes, you could have," she replied, "but I need to talk to your teachers and the principal."

"Does that mean that I am going to get to go?" he replied.

"I think you can," she smiled, "if you behave and not get in trouble in the next two weeks."

"Thank you mom," Alex yelled excitedly.

At school, Alex could hardly keep his mind from wondering. He paid enough attention in class to understand the assignments. He got home and did his homework, then spent most of his time looking through his clothes and planning what to take with him. Finally, two weeks had gone by. Alex's bags were packed and sitting by the door. Alex waited impatiently for Haley and his dad to arrive. Alex was excited about going with Haley. He was experiencing many of his `firsts' with Haley, his first love, his first boyfriend, his first time having sex, and now his first plane ride followed by his first time on a movie set.

Haley and his dad pulled up and Alex almost jumped off the porch.

"Mom," he shouted, "they're here!"

Alex's mom walked out of the house and greeted Haley and his dad. They talked for a few minutes while the boys loaded Alex's bags. Alex and Haley hugged Alex's mom and said their goodbyes. Mr. Osment started the car and the boys got in.

Haley laughed, "You look excited."

"I am. This is going to be so much fun. I have never been on a plane before," Alex rambled on.

"You are hyper," Haley stated.

"Sorry," Alex said, "must be the excitement."

Haley laughed and they talked until they got to the airport. Mr. Osment parked the car and called for a trolley to get the bags. Walking through the airport, Mr. Osment explained to Alex how to fill out the papers and what he needed to get on the plane. Thirty minutes later, the flight was called. Alex followed Haley to the gate and handed his ticket to the woman.

"Have a nice flight," she smiled.

Alex began to get very nervous. He followed Haley to the door of the plane and paused. Haley turned to his friend.

"Alex, Is something wrong?" he asked.

"I don't think I want to do this," Alex whispered.

"I am right here," Haley replied, "it's OK."

"I'm scared Haley. I have never been on a plane before," Alex whispered, fear in his voice.

Haley took Alex's bag and pulled it over his shoulder.

"Alex," Haley said sternly, "Look at me."

Alex looked into Haley's bright blue eyes.

"Do you trust me?" Haley asked.

Alex nodded in response.

"I am not going to let anything happen to you," Haley smiled holding out his hand.

Alex took Haley's hand and Haley took a step backward, leading him onto the plane.

"Alexander," Haley smiled, "You have to breathe."

Alex took a deep breath and another step forward. Haley moved around behind him and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Is everything OK sir?" a stewardess asked.

Haley smiled and nodded his head. "First time," he replied.

The stewardess smiled as Haley pointed to their seats and guided Alex down the aisle. Alex quickly dropped to the closest seat and strapped himself in. Haley stowed the bags and smiled at his friend.

"I kind of wanted to sit by the aisle," he joked.

Alex looked up at him and then glanced at the window and back to Haley. Haley could see the tears forming in the boys eyes.

"I was just kidding," Haley said as he took his seat and buckled in.

"You can't stay like that," he said.

"Why not?" Alex asked, his fingers tightly gripping the arm rests of the chair.

"It's a three hour flight," Haley replied. "You stay like that and your fingers are going to be numb, not to mention that you are going to give yourself a headache before we even take off."

Alex looked at his friend, a tear rolling down his cheek.

Haley reached up and wiped the tear away with his thumb. "I thought you trusted me," Haley whispered.

"I do. I am really scared though," Alex said quietly.

"Alex, there is nothing to be scared of," Haley said in a comforting voice. "I promise." He stared into his lover's tear filled eyes.

"Ma'am, can I get a glass of water and some Tylenol?" he asked a passing stewardess.

She quickly went to her station and brought back the requested items.

"Is he going to be OK?" she asked.

"He'll be fine," Haley smiled. "Thank you."

She turned and left.

"Alex, let go of the seat," Haley instructed.

Alex hesitated.

"Don't make me tell you twice," Haley said sternly.

Alex loosened his grip and looked at Haley with tears flowing down his cheeks.

"Take these," Haley said handing Alex the medicine. "I don't want you to make yourself sick."

Alex did as he was told, putting the pills in his mouth and drinking the cup of water, spilling some from the trembling of his hands. Haley reached over and took hold of Alex's hand.

"It's just like riding in a car," Haley whispered, using his thumb to caress the top of Alex's fingers.

Alex calmed down but Haley could tell he was still frightened.

"Close your eyes," Haley instructed.

Alex closed his eyes and leaned back into his seat, still clinging to Haley's hand. The stewardess started the normal speech about safety precautions and so forth.

"Imagine that we are in your fortress," Haley whispered. "Remember the first time we were together."

Alex nodded as his mind drifted back to the first time Haley had visited. The plane started to move and Alex opened his eyes.

"When we take off, it will get a little bumpy for a few seconds," Haley explained. "There is nothing to worry about. Just look into my eyes."

Alex stared into his eyes. The plane jumped a little and Alex clenched his eyes shut again, squeezing Haley's hand tighter. The plane climbed higher into the air. Reaching altitude it leveled out and the ride became smoother.

"Alexander," Haley said sternly, "Don't make me breathe for you."

Alex took a deep breath as he slowly opened his eyes. He looked into Haley's eyes. Haley smiled.

"See, nothing to worry about," Haley said. "It's just like being in your fortress."

Alex nodded. "Yeah kind of."

"Think you could let go of my hand now. Don't want anyone to get suspicious do we?" Haley smiled.

Alex let go and put his hand back on the arm rest. Haley pressed a button just above his head and a stewardess came over to his seat.

"Thanks for your help," he smiled. "Do you think I could get two Mountain Dews?"

"Right away, sir," the stewardess said as she rushed off to her station.

"This is kind of cool," Alex said drying the tears from his eyes, "except for the taking off part."

The stewardess returned and handed Haley the drinks and taking the empty water cup, continued with her job.

"I am glad you didn't explode or something," Haley laughed.

"I'm fine now," Alex smiled. "Thank you."

"That's what I am here for," Haley smiled back. "Now, would you like to walk to the bathroom with me, or sit here until I get back?"

"I'll go with you," Alex replied. "I need to use it anyway."

Haley unbuckled and stood up. Alex unbuckled and hesitated.

"Alex, this is getting ridiculous," Haley said. "It's like we are in your fortress. You can't even tell we are moving."

Alex nodded and stood up. Haley guided him to the bathroom and showed him how to lock the door. They both used the restrooms and headed back to their seats. The rest of the trip went smoothly. The boys listened to music and played video games until time to land. Haley put up his stuff and the boys buckled their seat belts.

"Alex, this is going to be a little rougher than when we took off," Haley explained. "There is nothing to be afraid of."

"You think I could hold your hand anyway," Alex asked a little unsure of what was about to happen.

Haley reached over and took hold of Alex's hand and gave it a slight squeeze. Alex smiled and leaned back into his seat. He closed his eyes and tried to imagine one of the times that Haley had come to visit. A few minutes later the plane had landed and the stewardess was directing the passengers out of the door and into the terminal. Haley collected their bags and led Alex to the door. They met up with Mr. Osment in the terminal.

"Let's go find out where we are staying while we are here," he said to the boys.

"What about our stuff," Alex asked.

"There are people that take care of all that," Mr. Osment explained. "Your stuff will be waiting for you when we get to the hotel."

Mr. Osment called someone while the boys looked around. Alex bought a couple postcards to send his mom and his aunt.

"Let's go boys," Mr. Osment called. "We are meeting the rest of the cast for dinner."

Mr. Osment flagged a cab and gave him directions to the resteraunt. The boys enjoyed their dinners and meeting everyone. With Haley's help, Alex got all the actors to sign his postcard for his mom and his aunt. After dinner, everyone went to their rooms. Mr. Osment had reserved two rooms, one for himself and one for Haley and Alex.

The boys walked into their room and after a quick exploration, decided to get changed. They took turns in the shower. Haley unpacked their stuff while Alex was in the shower, not bothering to separate their clothes into different drawers. Alex walked out of the bathroom in his towel. He looked at his bag and noticed that it was empty.

"Where's my stuff?" he asked.

"We are here for three months," Haley replied. "Were you going to leave it in your suitcases?"

"Guess not," Alex smiled.

He walked over to the dresser and opened a drawer.

"It's all mixed with yours," Alex said.

"Yeah," Haley replied, "we can share if you want to."

"It's OK with me," Alex said pulling out a pair of boxer briefs that were clearly not his.

He pulled them on and walked over to the beds.

"Will we get in trouble if we sleep in the same bed?" Alex asked.

"I don't see how anyone will know," Haley smiled, "unless you plan on telling."

"I'm not," Alex said shaking his head.

He sat down on the bed and scooted over to Haley. Wrapping his arms around his bare skin, he kissed him.

"Thanks for bringing me," he said, "even if I was a baby on the plane."

"You did better than I did my first time," Haley said smiling at his lover.

Alex smiled and kissed Haley again. "I love you."

"I love you too," Haley replied wrapping his arms around Alex's body.

"I never want to let you go," Alex whispered. "You are so warm."

Haley smiled, "What do you want to do?"

"I just want to lay here like this until we fall asleep," Alex whispered, burying his cheek in Haley's bare chest.

"Whatever you want," Haley whispered back. He kissed Alex on the tp of his head and gently rocked back and forth. Alex reached down and pulled the blanket over them and closed his eyes. He took a deep breath, smelling Haley's freshly cleaned skin. Haley watched as Alex began to doze off. He watched his chest gently rise and fall with his breath.

"Good night buddy," he whispered as he kissed the top of his head again.

He closed his eyes and fell asleep with Alex in his arms.


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