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Chapter Sixteen: The Mistake

Haley gently shook Alex.

"Wake up my birthday boy," Haley said as he leaned down and kissed Alex on the cheek.

Alex rolled over and pulled the blankets up over his face.

"Just five more minutes," he groaned.

"That's a no go," Haley replied pulling the blankets completely off the bed. "I have to go to dad's room and go over lines for the scenes today, so you have to get up and take a shower."

Alex groaned as he sat up. Haley sat down on the bed beside Alex and smiled.

"Maybe this will help," he smiled. He leaned in and kissed Alex on the lips drawing a small sigh from Alex. "Get up, get ready, and meet me in dad's room."

Haley stood up and grabbed his book bag.

"Haley," Alex said as Haley reached the door.

"Yeah buddy," Haley replied.

"I love you," Alex smiled.

"Not as much as I love you," Haley laughed. "Now get ready."

"Yes sir," Alex mocked.

"Ha Ha," Haley laughed as he walked out the door.

Alex got out of the bed and picked out his clothes. He went to the shower and took a quick one before heading to Mr. Osment's room.

"Good morning," Mr. Osment said as he opened the door for Alex. "Are you two ready to get to the set?"

Both boys nodded and they were on their way. Pulling into the parking lot of the set, the director met them at the tent.

"You boys are going to have school first," he explained. "Haley has a few scenes to finish up this afternoon, but we should be done in plenty of time for your concert tonight."

The boys smiled and headed off towards the school trailer. Haley's phone rang as they reached the door. Haley pulled out the cell phone and answered it as Alex walked into the classroom and began pulling out his books. A few minutes later, Haley walked in with the tutor.

Mrs. Anderson walked to her desk and put down her bag before addressing her two students.

"Good morning," she smiled sweetly. "Did you boys finish your reports on Lord of the Flies?"

"Yes ma'am," the boys replied in unison handing her their papers.

Mrs. Anderson set the papers on her desk and reached into her bag.

"While you two take your English exams, I will grade your papers."

She handed the boys the papers in her hand and picked up the reports, "I will be back in one hour. When you finish, put your test on my desk and you can read or talk."

Mrs. Anderson walked out the door and quietly shut it behind her. Haley smiled and slid his foot over and ran it up Alex's leg. Alex smiled and continued to work as Haley continued to caress his leg. Haley finished his test first and laid it on the desk. He sat back down and started rubbing Alex's leg again. Alex was slower in English and it took him about ten more minutes to complete his test. He sat it on the desk and sat down. Pulling out a book, he yawned and began to read.

"Still tired?" Haley asked.

Alex nodded.

"Can I ask you something," Haley asked.

Alex smiled, "You just did."

"Ha Ha," Haley replied, "quite the joker aren't we?"

"What did you want to ask me?" Alex asked.

"Can you tell me why you are so tired lately?"

"I guess I've just had a lot on my mind," Alex replied.

Haley sighed, "Do you want to talk about it?"

"Actually I kinda do," Alex replied.

"Well, let's talk," Haley said.

"Can we do it later when we have more time," Alex asked.

"Anything you want buddy," Haley replied. "You know you can tell me anything right?"

"Yeah," Alex replied. "I guess I have just been trying to figure out some things on my own."

"That's ok," Haley said. "Just don't let it exhaust you! That's why I am here. I will always be here to listen and help you."

"Thanks," Alex said.

Alex went back to reading his book while Haley quietly watched him as he rubbed his foot along his leg. A few minutes later, Mrs. Anderson came back into the trailer. She handed back the reports and looked at the tests.

"Ok boys," Mrs. Anderson said, "I have a surprise for you."

"Really," asked Haley.

"Yes," Mrs. Anderson replied. "Since today is Alex's birthday and you are off tomorrow, I am going to let you boys go early today."

"Cool," Haley replied looking over at Alex who was smiling.

"You have about two hours before lunch and then Haley has some work to finish up," Mrs. Anderson explained, "so go have some fun and Alex, happy birthday."

The boys thanked their tutor and quickly walked out the door.

"We have two hours," Haley said, "wanna talk?"

"Yeah," Alex replied. "Can we go somewhere private?"

"Sure," Haley said. "How about the park across the street, it's always deserted this time of day. Everyone is at school or work."

"That works for me," Alex replied.

The boys walked across the street and through the park, stopping at the swings. Alex tossed his bag over by a pole and sat in one of the empty swings as Haley took the other one. Haley silently watched Alex as he stared at nothing in particular, trying to find the courage to say what he wanted to say.

"Are you Ok," Haley asked.

"Yeah," Alex replied. "I just don't want you to get mad at me."

"Why would I get mad at you," Haley replied. "You are my number one guy."

"I know," Alex replied, a tear slowly running down his cheek. "I am just scared that I will lose you."

Haley got up and sat on his knees in front of Alex's swing. He lifted his hand to the side of Alex's face and slowly traced his cheek, gently lifting Alex's face to where their eyes met. He used his thumb to gently wipe away the tears that were now traveling freely from his eyes. Haley softly smiled at the boy he loved so deeply.

"Alex, you never have to be afraid of anything," Haley said comfortingly, "especially losing me."

Alex smiled a brief smile before he looked back at the ground.

"Haley, do you think it is time to tell our parents," Alex asked cautiously.

Haley thought for a moment looking deep into Alex's eyes, "If that is what you want to do, then we can."

"But do we need to," Alex asked.

"Do you want to tell?" Haley asked.

"It's just that, I love you so much," Alex explained, "but I don't want to lie to mom either. I just don't know what to do. If I tell and my mom or your parents think it is bad, then they might say we can't see each other anymore."

Haley pulled Alex closer into a hug and rubbed his back trying to comfort him. He pulled Alex tighter and gave him the tightest hug he could without hurting his boy.

"Alex, look at my face," Haley kindly commanded.

Alex looked up at Haley again.

"If you want to tell our parents, then I will too," Haley said confidently, "but I will promise you one thing, no one, and I do mean no one will ever take me away from you."

Alex smiled and tried to wipe away the tears from his eyes. Haley pulled him close again and hugged him tight.

"You are gonna be stuck with me forever," Haley smiled as he gently kissed Alex on the forehead.

"Can we decide together later," Alex asked. "I am kinda tired."

Haley smiled softly, "Of course we can, but promise me something."

"What," Alex asked.

"Don't think about something until it exhausts you," Haley replied, "talk to me."

"Ok," Alex agreed. "I promise."

"We should be heading back," Haley said looking at his watch.

The boys collected their bags and started back across the street to the lot.

"When did you say Billy was coming?" Alex asked, his cheeks only slightly red now.

"He should be here any minute," Haley said as they passed through the gate.

They walked through the lot towards the food tent. Turning a corner, Alex noticed the limo first.

"Looks like he's already here," Haley commented. "Do you think you can keep him entertained until I am finished working?"

Alex shrugged, "I guess so."

The boys walked over to the limo and greeted Billy. Billy smiled and gave Haley a quick hug.

"Billy, this is Alex," Haley introduced his boy.

Billy shook Alex's hand. "So, are you gonna hang with me until Haley here finishes up?"

Alex nodded shyly.

"Anything you want to do?" Billy asked.

"Nope, whatever you want to do," Alex replied quietly.

"You want to just go back to the hotel and watch a movie or something?" Billy suggested.

Alex shrugged again, "It doesn't matter to me."

The boys quickly ate some lunch and Haley walked them back to the limo.

Haley put a hand on Alex's shoulder, "Hey buddy, have fun ok."

Alex smiled and nodded his head.

"I'll be there in a couple hours," Haley said as he ran off to get his scenes finished up."

Billy opened up the door and motioned for Alex to get in. He followed Alex into the limo and shut the door. The limo started up and pulled out of the lot.

"You two been friends for long," Billy asked Alex.

Alex nodded nervously as he glanced at Billy and then back out the window. Billy took the opportunity to admire Alex. He could see what Haley liked about him. He was cute. His dirty blonde hair was cut short on the sides and styled spiky to look messy but neat at the same time. His eyes were light blue and contrasted nicely to his lightly tanned skin. He wasn't fat but he wasn't skinny either. He couldn't tell much from the clothes Alex had on, but he liked what he could see. Alex's baggy shorts covered his legs down to his knees, but Billy could see that his legs were the same tanned color as his face and had a light covering of dirty blonde hair. Billy smiled and Alex looked up and noticed Billy looking at him. He smiled back but felt very nervous.

"Why are you so nervous?" Billy asked.

"I don't know," Alex replied shyly, "because you are famous."

Billy laughed, "So is Haley."

"Yeah," Alex said, "but it is different with him."

"How is that," Billy asked.

"I don't know," Alex replied. "It just is."

"Well," Billy said, "don't be nervous cause I am just a kid like you and Haley. Haley is my friend and you are his boy so that makes you my friend too."

"Thanks," Alex replied a little more comfortable than before.

The limo pulled to a stop and the boys got out. Billy walked for the door.

"Don't you have to get your bags or something," Alex asked.

"Nah, that's the driver's job," Billy said. "I will have to go to my room before we leave and get my clothes to wear tonight."

The boys laughed and walked up to the room. Alex opened the door and deposited his bag on the chair beside the dresser. Billy looked at the DVD's that were laying on the dresser.

"Do you mind if we watch this?" Billy asked holding up the third season of FRIENDS.

"Whatever you want to watch," Alex replied.

Billy popped in one of the discs and jumped up on the bed, stacking the pillows behind him. He left a few pillows next to him for Alex to use. Alex used the bathroom and walked back into the room. He noticed the pillows sitting there for him and shyly sat beside Billy on the bed.

"This is a funny episode," Billy said.

Alex nodded and relaxed a little more. It helped that Billy was treating him like a regular kid and wasn't acting like a celebrity. Billy and Alex sat silently and finished the episode and the next one came on.

"Can I ask you something?" Billy asked.

"Sure," Alex replied.

"How long have you been gay," Billy asked.

Alex looked at him for a minute.

"I know you and Haley are a couple," Billy said. "I have known about Haley for a long time. In fact, he was the first person that I ever had sex with."

"Really," Alex asked with a hint of anger in his voice.

"Yeah," Billy replied, "but don't worry, it was before you two got together."

"Oh," Alex replied still a little mad.

Billy looked at Alex and smiled, "He does love you, you know?"

"Yeah," Alex replied. "I love him more than anything."

Billy leaned over and kissed Alex. Alex pulled away and looked at Billy.

"Why did you do that," he asked.

"Did you like it," Billy asked.

Alex shrugged his shoulders, "it felt good, but we can't do that."

"Why not," Billy asked.

"Cause I love Haley," Alex exclaimed.

"You won't love him any less if we have a little fun, will you?" Billy said as he ran his hand over Alex's thigh.

"No," Alex replied, "but that is cheating."

"Haley will understand," Billy said running his hand over Alex's shorts and stopping at his cock, massaging it through the fabric.

Alex couldn't think straight.

"That feels good," he sighed, "but..."

"But what?" Billy whispered into Alex's ear. "Just relax and let it happen."

"But what about Haley," Alex mumbled.

"If you have to tell him, tell him," Billy said. "But he doesn't really have to know."

Alex let out a sigh as Billy kissed the lobe of his ear. Billy smiled and let his hand travel up and under Alex's shirt. He gently caressed Alex's tummy causing his muscles to jump with each touch. Alex leaned up and let Billy remove his shirt.

"You are so cute," Billy remarked.

Alex smiled and let Billy caress his chest and stomach. Billy leaned down and kissed the skin his fingers were exploring. Alex moaned softly, raising his hand and gently combing his fingers through Billy's hair. Billy leaned down and planted soft kisses on Alex's belly button and moved up around his nipples. His hand roamed freely across Alex's soft, smooth skin and across the waistband of his shorts. He gently unfastened Alex's shorts and slid them down. Alex lifted up slightly as the shorts slowly slid under his butt and off his legs. He kicked off his shoes and lay back on the bed. Billy resumed his pampering of Alex's young body. Alex caressed and massaged the young singers back as Billy continued to massage and kiss Alex's chest and stomach. His hand traveled to the front of Alex's boxer briefs and began to stroke the hard dick through the fabric. Alex moaned and tightened his hold on Billy's back. Billy smiled and continued to massage the cloth covered prick with one hand. With his other hand, Billy unfastened his pants and pushed them down. Alex noticed Billy trying to get his pants down and moved slightly to help out. He gently pushed the waist of Billy's pants and let them slide off his slender frame. Billy got closer and closer to Alex's hard dick, gently kissing it through the cloth. Alex's hand slowly explored the young singer's lower back and timidly pushed down the elastic of Billy's boxers, revealing his butt. Alex caressed Billy's butt softly as Billy pushed Alex's underwear down and off his legs. Billy didn't think twice before he swallowed Alex whole. Alex writhed under the pleasure that Billy was administering letting a loud gasp escape his throat. Billy sucked and licked Alex's hot cock making Alex squirm underneath him. Alex didn't notice Billy reach into the pocket of his pants and pull out a tube. Billy continued to suck on Alex as he applied some of the lube to his own stiff prick. Alex was surprised to feel Billy's fingers slip into his crack and brush up against his pucker. Alex closed his eyes tighter as Billy pushed his finger up into Alex's hot body. Alex's balls tightened and he could feel the cum rush up through his dick. Billy sucked harder, draining Alex of his cream.

As Alex subsided from the bliss, he felt Billy's dick at the entrance to his butt. Alex opened his mouth to protest but he felt Billy push hard, his hard cock sliding all the way in. Alex gasped loudly grabbing the sheets with both fists. A tear rolled down his cheek. Billy leaned down and kissed his chest and then kissed him on the lips again.

"I'm sorry," he whispered. "Just try and relax and I will go slow."

Alex breathed and tried to relax. He closed his eyes, trying not to look at Billy. He was also trying to get his mind off Haley.

`I can't do this, it's not Haley...What will Haley think when he finds out?...I shouldn't be doing this...It feels so good...' Alex couldn't think straight. All he could do was grunt and moan with the pleasure.

Billy pushed in and pulled out slowly until he felt Alex relax a little. He sped up, faster and faster. He could feel his balls slapping Alex's backside. Billy moaned loudly reminding Alex that it wasn't Haley doing this to him. Billy gripped Alex by the waist and pulled him closer, pushing his penis deeper inside Alex's body. Alex could feel Billy's muscles contracting and felt his dick get harder. He could hear Billy's breathing get louder and faster. Everything Billy was doing reminded him that it wasn't Haley. Billy pushed hard one last time and filled Alex with his boy cream, collapsing on Alex's stomach. He kissed Alex's skin and moved up to his mouth, kissing him again. He pulled himself free from Alex's hole and gently played with the limp penis laying on Alex's thigh.

"We should get ready," Alex said as he nervously sat up and pulled on his underwear.

Billy sensed the anxiety in his friend's voice.

"I think we should talk," Billy suggested.

"Please don't tell Haley about this," Alex said as a tear started down his cheek.

"Don't worry about it," Billy said. "I won't."

"I need to take a shower," Alex quietly stated as he stood up and gathered the clothes he was wearing to the concert.

"I have to go get ready too," Billy said. "Meet me in the lobby in an hour and a half."

Alex nodded and headed for the bathroom.

"Alex," Billy said.

Alex turned around to face Billy again.

"For what it's worth," Billy stated, "you really are a special kid. Haley is really lucky that he found you."

Alex turned and walked into the bathroom leaving Billy alone.

Alex pulled his boxer-briefs back off and turned the water on hotter than he normally would. He sat in the bottom of the shower, wrapped his arms around his knees and let the water run over his body. He softly cried into his own arms, the warm water mixing with the tears.

`That was wrong,' he thought to himself. `It felt so good and Billy is so cute.' Alex tried to justify what had just happened between himself and the hot, young singer that he admired. `Haley deserves someone better than me. I'm stupid. Why did I do that? It wasn't Haley! I love Haley!' He repeated that phrase over and over in his mind. `I love Haley! I love Haley! I love Haley!' He didn't realize how long he was in the shower until he heard a soft knock at the door.

"Hey buddy," Haley said opening the door.

Alex resolved in his mind not to tell Haley what had happened. He was too ashamed that he had betrayed what he felt was the most important thing to him. He didn't want Haley to know. He stood up and wiped the red out of his eyes, trying to look as normal as possible.

"Hey," he softly replied to Haley.

"You ok? You have been in here quite a while."

"Yeah, I'm fine," Alex replied. "Sorry, I just wasn't paying attention to the time."

"It's ok," Haley said. "Do you mind if I come in and wash up?"

"Sure," Alex said softly.

Haley stepped in under the water. Alex picked up the shampoo and put some in his hair. Haley looked at him and smiled.

"So did you two have fun," Haley asked.

"Sure," Alex replied softly.

"So what did you guys do," Haley pressed.

"Just watched some TV," Alex lied.

The two boys quickly finished the shower since Alex had used almost all of the hot water. Haley turned off the water and looked at Alex again. Alex looked into Haley's bright, blue eyes and pushed him against the wall. He held him tight and pushed his lips tightly against Haley's. Haley was slightly surprised to be on the receiving end of such an aggressive kiss, knowing Alex was the more reserved of two.

"What was that for buddy?" Haley asked surprised.

"Haley, I love you more than anything in the world," Alex stated shyly. "You mean everything to me and nothing will ever change that!"

"Alex, I feel the exact same way about you," Haley replied. "Is there something wrong?"

Alex shook his head. "I just needed to tell you that."

"Ok," Haley said.

The boys stepped out of the shower and quickly dressed. Alex kept his head turned away from Haley so he wouldn't see that he was starting to tear up again. They were already late meeting Billy. They rushed down to the lobby where Billy was waiting on them. Alex looked uncomfortably at Billy and the three boys headed out to the limo.

The driver pulled out and drove towards the arena that Billy was performing at that night. Haley reached over and took Alex's hand in his and softly ran his fingers over Alex's fingers. Alex was being unusually quiet, but Haley avoided asking him why in front of Billy. Haley and Billy chatted back and forth throughout the ride. Alex hoping against hope that Haley wouldn't ask about the afternoon. Thankfully the limo pulled up in the parking lot. Billy led his friends to their seats in a private balcony before heading to his dressing room.

Alex sat quietly as Haley watched Billy's fans fill the auditorium below. Alex thought to himself about the afternoon, depressing himself more with each minute he thought about it. He tried to put it out of his mind but he couldn't. Haley noticed the slightly confused expression on Alex's face.

"Alex, is something wrong?" Haley asked.

"Why do you keep asking me that," Alex replied. "I'm fine."

"Ok," Haley said not wanting to upset his boy.

He leaned over and took Alex by the hand and guided his head to his shoulder. He kissed Alex on the top of the head before putting his arm around his shoulder. Alex calmed down a bit, but was still upset and confused. Haley smiled as he felt Alex relax.

"Happy birthday buddy," he whispered. "I hope you are having a good one."

"I am," Alex replied softly, feeling better, "really, it's the best one so far."

"Well, it's still not over," Haley smiled. "I have a present for you later."

The show began and Billy ran out on stage. He greeted all his fans before beginning to sing many of the songs from all three of his CD's. The show was awesome and the girls in the audience went crazy although Billy wasn't paying attention to the girls. Alex had a hard time keeping his mind off what happened at the hotel. Every time Billy shook his butt on stage or made a suggestive move, Alex thought about he and Billy did. The concert lasted for an hour before Billy finally bid farewell to the audience.

"Before I go," Billy stated to the fans, "I want to sing one more song. Today is a special day for a friend that is in the audience. I want to sing Happy Birthday to my friend Alex."

Billy proceeded to sing Happy Birthday and the fans looked around wondering who it was that Billy was singing to. Haley quietly sang along with Billy, lovingly caressing Alex's arm.

"That was sweet huh," Haley said as Billy finished up.

"I guess," Alex said absent mindedly rubbing Haley's stomach.

Haley leaned down and kissed Alex on the head again.

"It's time to get going," Haley whispered.

They got up and made their way to Billy's dressing room. Billy was putting his street clothes back on when the boys walked in. Haley didn't seem to notice Billy was only in his boxers as they walked in. Alex noticed and turned away, flipping through his program. Haley walked up and hugged Billy.

"That was great," Haley said proudly.

"Thanks," Billy replied. "Did you like it Alex?"

Alex nodded, "Thanks for singing Happy Birthday."

Alex tried to sound thankful and comfortable, but only pulled off nervous.

"Uhm, I gotta go use the restroom," Alex said.

Billy told him how to get to the restroom and Alex left the room.

"Do you know what is up with Alex," Haley asked. "He has been acting...well, not like he normally does."

"Sure don't man," Billy said.

"I wish I knew," Haley said. "If he doesn't tell me, I can't help him fix it."

"He'll tell you," Billy said. "He does really love you."

"I know," Haley said. "I just hate it when he gets like this."

"He does this often," Billy asked.

"Not really," Haley said. "Only a couple times."

"Like when," Billy asked.

"Well, when we first got here I had to work more than I am now," Haley explained. "Alex was feeling left out and a little homesick and he kinda ran off for a while."

"Really?" Billy asked.

"He didn't really run away or anything," Haley added. "He just went up to the roof and he fell asleep and I was scared cause I couldn't find him."

"But things are ok now right," Billy asked.

"He has been really tired lately cause he doesn't know if he is ready to tell his mom about us," Haley said. "He has been thinking about it a lot lately."

"Oh," Billy replied.

He sat down in front of Haley to put on his shoes.

"Haley, Alex is a very special kid," Billy said. "Don't worry, he loves you and he doesn't want to do anything to hurt you. I think he is just the kind of person that wants to be independent sometimes and try to do things on his own. He will come to you and ask you to help him."

"I know he will," Haley said. "I just wish he wouldn't wait until it exhausts him or makes him depressed."

"It will get easier for him to come to you," Billy said.

"I hope so," Haley replied.

"Trust me," Billy smiled. "Oh yeah, take care of him."

"I will," Haley said.

Both boys looked up as Alex walked back into the room.

"Ready to head back to the hotel," Haley asked.

"Ok," Alex replied.


The boys walked through the halls of the hotel, making their way to their rooms. Haley and Billy chatted about what they had been up to and what their plans were for the coming year as well as future projects. Alex stayed one step behind, listening but not really paying attention. His mind was on another subject, something that he couldn't get off his mind.

"You wanna hang out for a while," Haley asked stopping at his door.

"Nah," Billy replied. "I get pretty worn out from the performing. "I think I'm just gonna go get some sleep."

"Ok," Haley said opening the door.

"Night," Billy said as he turned to leave.

"G'night," Alex mumbled cause Haley to look at him.

Alex walked into the room.

"Don't forget about the party tomorrow," Haley called after Billy.

"I wouldn't miss it," Billy replied with a smile.

"G'night," Haley said as he turned and walked into his room.

Alex was already in his boxer-briefs and getting into the bed. Haley pulled his clothes off down to his underwear and slid into the bed beside the boy he loved.

"You know, that was kinda rude," he said.

"Sorry," Alex replied, "I just kinda feel bad."

"Are you getting sick?"

"Not sick bad," Alex said, "just not the same."

"Are you ok enough for me to give you part of your birthday present now," Haley asked putting his arm around Alex and kissing him on the side of the head.

"I'm really kinda tired," Alex said rolling over on his side.

"Oh ok," Haley replied. "Let's just get some sleep then, maybe you will feel better in the morning."

"Yeah," Alex mumbled.

Haley rolled over and wrapped his arm around Alex's waste. He gently kissed the back of the neck.

"Goodnight buddy," he whispered softly. "I love you."

"Love you too," Alex said softly.

Haley laid his head against Alex and closed his eyes. Alex listened to Haley's breathe slow down. Alex could tell by the slow, heavy breaths that Haley was falling asleep. He could feel the warm breath against his back. He lay there in the warmth and safety of Haley's arms thinking...

`This feels safe. Am I going to lose this? Why did I let Billy do that to me? I am so stupid. Haley is going to hate me. I don't want Haley to hate me. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have to tell him. I don't want to tell him.'

Alex slipped deeper into the depression and guilt that clouded his mind. He wanted so much to tell Haley that he was sorry and that he would never hurt him on purpose. Tears slowly streaked his cheeks as he lay awake in his best friends embrace, knowing he should do what is right and tell but not wanting to hurt anymore. He felt so guilty but he didn't want to lose his best friend and the boy that he loved so much, the boy that meant everything to him. Finally after two hours, he fell asleep, his cheeks wet and swollen from the tears with Haley's arms still wrapped tightly around him.


This concludes Chapter Sixteen. I hope that you enjoyed it. Things are going to be rough for Haley and Alex in the next chapter. We will see if their love can survive Billy's one night stand.

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