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From Chapter 10: A New Beginning

"I love you," Haley whispered.

"I love you," Alex whispered, pressing his nose against Haley's.

The sound of Trevor's slow breathing told the boys that he had fallen asleep.

"We should get some rest," Haley smiled.

"Night buddy," Alex said kissing Haley on the lips.

"See you in the morning," Haley smiled.

The boys closed their eyes and fell asleep, their warm bodies wrapped around each other.


Chapter 11: The Talk

Haley awoke the next morning, realizing his arms were still tightly wrapped around Alex. He watched Alex sleep for a few minutes, taking in the beauty of the boy of his dreams. He gently pushed his nose against Alex's and kissed him softly on the lips. Alex stirred and sleepily opened his eyes.

"Morning," Haley whispered.

"Morning," Alex smiled at the bright blue eyes looking into his own.

"Told you I would see you in the morning," Haley whispered.

"Yeah, you did." Alex smiled. He had never been so happy before.

"I love you," Haley said kissing Alex again.

"Me too," Alex whispered, a smile on his face. "Where is Trevor?"

"I don't know," Haley said looking over his shoulder. "We should go find him."

"Yeah," Alex said, kissing Haley softly.

The boys slowly got out of bed, looking at each others naked bodies.

"You are so beautiful," Haley said, causing Alex to blush.

They put on their clothes and went to the first level. Trevor was no where to be found. Alex looked around the room.

"Maybe he's outside," Alex said, opening the door.

The boys walked outside and Haley climbed the ladder to the second level. He saw Trevor sitting in the hammock. Haley walked over and stood over Trevor, noticing the blurry redness of his eyes.

"Is something wrong?" Haley asked.

"No," Trevor replied.

"How long have you been out here?" Haley asked

"About four hours," Trevor replied, glancing at his watch. "We need to leave in an hour."

He stood up and walked past Haley. Knowing he was upset, Haley decided to pursue the issue later. They put their shoes on and went to Alex's room. Taking turns, they showered and got ready to leave. Trevor was the last one in the shower. While he was washing, Haley downloaded all the pictures from both cameras and put them on a CD. He burned two extra copies for Trevor and himself. The boys went over to Rachel's for the ride to the bus station. After hugs and goodbyes, Trevor and Haley were on their way back to Trevor's house.

"So, are you going to tell me what is wrong?" Haley asked.

"It's nothing," Trevor replied, staring at the comic in his hands.

"Look into my eyes and tell me that," Haley said sternly.

Trevor looked at Haley's beautiful face and then into his bright blue eyes. He opened his mouth, but hesitated.

"See," Haley smiled, "something is wrong. Does it have anything to do with what we did last night?"

"What? Of course not," Trevor stated. "It is what happened earlier that is bothering me."

"I know it was hard for you Trev," Haley said. "I have been thinking about it since it happened, trying to work out if it is what I wanted...what I needed. I didn't understand it at first, but now I know. Alex needs me. I guess I need him too. One day you are going to find someone who needs you more than I ever would. I know this might not help now, but when you find that person, it's going to mean so much more to you. It will be more special than what we could ever have together."

"I know," Trevor sighed. "It hurts when I think about it."

"Yeah," Haley smiled, "I know what you mean."

"I still love you," Trevor said looking into the piercing blue of Haley's eyes.

"We will always be friends, and I will always love you," Haley smiled back.

The bus pulled into the station, the brakes screeching.

"We better get going," Trevor said, "Your dad will be here to get you in an hour."

Arriving at Trevor's house, the boys went up to his room. Haley packed all his stuff and tossed his bag over to the door.

"Before I forget," Haley said pulling the CD out of his pocket. "This is for you. If you want it, that is."

"What is it?" Trevor asked.

"It's all the pictures from last night," Haley said.

"Yeah, I think I will keep a copy," Trevor said taking the disc from Haley and putting it in the desk drawer.

"We still have about fifteen minutes," Trevor said, looking at Haley.

Haley walked over and wrapped his arms around Trevor. He pressed his lips against the soft lips of his friend, letting his tongue slip between them. Trevor closed his eyes and enjoyed the taste of Haley's mouth. Haley pulled off.

"My dad is here," Haley said.

"How do you know?" Trevor asked.

"I heard the car pull up," Haley grinned.

Trevor picked up Haley's bag and headed for the door.

"Trev," Haley said.

"Yeah buddy," Trevor replied.

"Thanks," Haley sighed.

"Thanks for what?" Trevor asked.

"Everything," Haley said. "Everything you have done for me...For this week...For letting me be with Alex...For understanding me when I don't understand myself."

"I get it," Trevor smiled. "You're welcome."

Haley walked towards the door, giving Trevor a hug on his way out the door. The boys walked down the stairs, meeting Mr. Osment at the door. After hugging Mrs. Morgan and saying their goodbyes, Mr. Osment and Haley were in the car pulling out of the driveway. Haley was thumbing the CD in his pocket, thinking about the night before.

"I have a surprise for you," Mr. Osment said, snapping Haley's mind back to reality.

"What?" Haley asked.

"You remember that movie you tried out for?" Mr. Osment asked.

"Second Hand Lions," Haley said.

"That's the one," Mr. Osment smiled. "You go the part."

"That's great," Haley said excitedly. "When does filming start?"

"In three weeks," Mr. Osment said.

"Dad," Haley said.

"Yes son," Mr. Osment replied.

"Do you think I could bring a friend?" Haley asked. "You know, to hang out with while we aren't filming."

"We'll see," Mr. Osment smiled.


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