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Trevor Morgan sat in his oversized leather computer chair thumbing through pictures on the screen. Pictures he had taken while filming the movies he had done. Trevor liked taking pictures behind the scenes. It is sort of a hobby of his. Trevor's mind raced with memories as he clicked on picture after picture. After clicking on the last picture, Trevor decided to open a file he had not opened in a few weeks. He stood up and went to the door of his room and turned the lock. He stood there looking at himself in the full-length mirror on the door. He reached up and pulled off the blue sleeveless t-shirt off. He ran his hands over his chest and slowly circled his brownish nipples. He lowered his hands to the front of his cargo pants, undid the front, and let them fall off his lean body. He stood there feeling his nipples and admiring his body. Trevor was pleased with his appearance. He wasn't muscular but he was fit. He had to keep in pretty good shape because he liked doing his own stunts on film. Now dressed only in a pair of red flannel boxer shorts, he went over to his chair and sat down. Opening several files hidden on his hard drive, he found the zip file he was looking for. He then double clicked it and typed in the password. As the file unzipped, Trevor was getting hard with anticipation. The file finished revealing several folders marked "Private" and "Confidential" followed by dates.

Chapter 1: Trevor and Haley

The first folder Trevor opened took his mind back to when he was filming the movie "I'll Remember April" with Haley Joel Osment, Richard Taylor Olsen, and Yuki Tokuhiro. Trevor shared a room with Haley, while Richard and Yuki shared the other room across the hall. Trevor had worked with Haley before on a TV show, so they were pretty good friends and were happy to get a room together. About a week into filming, Trevor found that he couldn't stop thinking about Haley's little butt. While they changed in the room, Trevor tried to catch a glimpse of Haley but he always turned away and Trevor only saw Haley in his boxer briefs. Haley never changed his underwear in the room. Trevor let Haley catch glimpses of himself. After taking his shower he would always come to the room before getting a fresh pair of boxers. He would turn his back and let his towel drop before pulling on his boxers. When he would turn around Haley would be watching the TV or looking at his comic book. Trevor decided that since tomorrow was their day off from filming, that he would try to get Haley to suck his dick. After the lights were turned out, Trevor whispered, "Haley, You awake?"

"Yeah doof, I just turned out the light, remember?"

"Oh yeah," replied Trevor feeling a little goofy. "You wanna go to the beach tomorrow?

"Sure," Haley replied a little sleepily, "sounds like fun."

"Mind if I bring my camera?" Trevor asked.

"Why not." Haley replied, "You take it everywhere anyway."

"Cool," Trevor exclaimed and then turned over to get some sleep. The next morning Trevor awoke and heard Haley on the phone with the other boys. "What's he doing?" Trevor thought. "I only wanted him to go. If they go, my plan won't work out." Trevor got up and went to the bathroom to shower hoping that the other boys would not want to go with them. Trevor showered himself, wrapped his towel around his waist, and headed back to the room. Haley was sitting on the bed watching TV. He was already dressed to go swimming. He had put his swim trunks on while Trevor was in the shower. He had on a red, white and blue pair of Hilfiger trunks with a red sleeveless shirt. His towel was laying on the bed next to him. Trevor walked over to his dresser and pulled out a pair of Speedos that were red with a diagonal yellow stripe across the front. He let his towel fall and pulled on his suit. He didn't notice Haley look over when the towel fell.

"You ready?" Trevor asked.

"Yeah, but you're not." Haley replied.


"You are going to put on some shorts and a shirt until we get to the beach aren't you?" asked Haley.

"Yeah, I guess. So what did the others say?" asked Trevor.

"Oh yeah, they wanted to go fishing instead. I guess it will be just us." Haley replied.

"That's cool." Trevor said as he pulled on his shorts and red t-shirt. "Let's get going. We can grab a bite to eat on the way." Trevor said, glad the other boys didn't come with them.

. . .Later at the beach

Trevor got out his camera and took a few pictures of Haley by the shore. Then he called Haley over and set up his camera to get a picture of them both. Trevor leaned over and put his arm around Haley's shoulder. A little shock went through Haley's body and he leaned a little closer to Trevor's bare chest. He reached around and put his arm around Trevor and they smiled for the camera. Trevor told Haley to go sit in the water so he could get a few shots of him in the waves. Trevor took a few pictures of Haley sitting on the ground with water glistening off of his bare chest and went over and sat beside him.

"Let's swim!" Haley said as he jumped up and ran into the surf. Trevor snapped a few more pictures and ran to his towel. He threw his camera into his bag and ran to meet his friend in the ocean. When he got out to where Haley was, he couldn't see him anywhere. Then he felt Haley's hand brush up against his butt and then he was under the water. He jumped back up spitting water out of his mouth. He grabbed Haley and tried to push him back under the water. Haley moved a little and Trevor lost his footing, falling on top of Haley in the water. His little boy cock was straining in his Speedos by then and Haley felt it push into his leg. That got him. After wrestling around for a few more minutes, they headed back to the shore for a rest. Trevor laid down on his towel and looked over at Haley who was sitting up and looking at the waves.

"What's up, buddy?" Trevor asked.

"Nothing, it's just...when you fell on me earlier, I felt your...uuhhmm...privates. Why are you hard down there?"

"Well, I get that way a lot." Trevor answered. "Don't you?"

"Sometimes," Haley said shyly. He looked over at Trevor and then blushed a little. "To tell you the truth, I am right now."

"Yeah?" Trevor asked. "Do you ever play with it?"

"Sometimes," Haley blushed. "Me too. I like the way it makes me feel. You wanna go do it now?" asked Trevor hoping Haley didn't get mad at his question. "I don't know," said Haley, "what if we get caught? We could get in a lot of trouble."

"Come on," said Trevor, "there is a deserted building down the beach. No one will find out. I promise."

"OK" replied Haley. They gathered their stuff and walked down the beach. There wasn't a person in site. `This is great!' Trevor thought as they walked into the building. They found a spot near the back, away from the door just in case someone happened to walk in. Trevor sat down his bag and got out his towel and it on the floor. Haley did the same and they got ready. Haley was nervous about jerking off in front off Trevor and when Trevor pulled out his camera, Haley turned bright red.

"You're not gonna take pictures of us are you?" Haley was very nervous now. "Only if you don't mind," said Trevor. "Well, I don't know if I want to do that." Haley said a little scared. "I am not going to make you do anything you don't want to do." Trevor said trying to comfort Haley. He put his arm around Haley's shoulders and gave him a quick hug. "But, do you mind taking a few of me jerking off?" Trevor asked. "I guess it would be OK." Haley replied looking a little more calm. Trevor walked over to his towel and sat down and began rubbing his little cock through his Speedos. "You gonna stand there and watch or are you gonna take some pictures?" Trevor asked looking up at Haley's wide eyes. Haley raised the camera and snapped a few pictures. Trevor smiled and pulled the waist of his Speedos down and off revealing his cut boy cock. He wrapped his fist around it and started to stroke in a slow motion. Up and down. Haley watched through the lens as he took pictures. Trevor was getting into it and sped up his hand motions. He could see a tent in the front of Haley's shorts and that got him even hotter. He felt the tingle in his balls as he came and Haley moved a little closer and took a few pictures of Trevor's spunk shooting out of the tip of his prick. Trevor milked out the last few drops of cum and looked up at Haley.

"That was cool," Haley exclaimed. "I have never seen another boy shoot before."

"Your turn." said Trevor as he sat up with his dick softening between his thighs. "You care if I take pictures now?" he asked.

"I guess it would be alright, as long as you don't show them to anyone." Haley replied. "I swear," exclaimed Trevor, "this is only between you and me."

Trevor took the camera from his friend and stood up so Haley could get in his place. Haley reached to his swim trunks and tugged on the waistband. When he got to his penis, he blushed a little but kept pulling on his shorts. Haley sat down on the towel and looked up at Trevor. Trevor snapped a few pictures. Haley reached down and started pulling on his little 4 inch cut boy cock. Trevor took more pictures and started to get hard again. Haley noticed Trevor's dick start to rise and he got into his session. Pulling his prick, he reached down with his other hand and started pulling and rubbing his sack. Massaging his balls with his fingers. Trevor was getting hot and Haley could tell. Haley couldn't take anymore. He groaned and shot his load. It went all over his chest and stomach. Trevor took two more pictures and looked over the camera at his friend. Haley looked up with satisfaction in his eyes. "That felt great," Haley smiled. Then he looked at Trevor with concern in his eyes. "What time is it?" He asked. Trevor pulled his watch out of his bag and looked at it. "Time for us to head back for lunch." said Trevor placing his camera back in his bag and pulling on his shorts and shirt. After wiping the cum off his chest. Haley pulled on his shirt and threw his towel in Trevor's bag. They headed back to their room to meet the other boys for lunch. Walking back to the room, Trevor looked over at Haley. Haley looked like he had a lot on his mind so Trevor just reached out and put his arm around Haley's shoulder. "Don't worry buddy, no one will find out about today. I promised didn't I." Trevor comforted his friend. "Yeah," Haley said and calmed down a bit. They walked into the room and put there stuff up. They each took showers and went to meet Richard and Yuki. After lunch they played games and watched a few movies it was time for them to get ready for bed. After saying good night, Trevor and Haley walked over to their room. Haley turned on the TV and put on his shorts and Trevor pulled out his camera and connected it to hic computer. Haley got up and watched as the pictures downloaded. Trevor deleted the pictures from his camera and put it back in his bag.

Then he sat down and put the pictures in a zip file and asked Haley to give him a password so no one could get into the file. After he finished that he sat on his bed and pulled out a comic book. Haley just sat there looking at him. Trevor looked up at Haley.

"What's up, buddy?" Trevor asked.

"I was just wondering." Haley said.

"About what," Trevor asked, "I can't read your mind, you know."

"Why did you take pictures while we were jerking off today?" asked Haley. "Well, I guess you ought to know. You are my best friend." said Trevor.

"Really," said Haley flattered that Trevor thought of him like that, "what do should I know?"

"Well," said Trevor a little unsure of what he was about to tell his friend, "I'm gay. The pictures are so I can look at them later and remember what an incredible time I had with you today."

"Thanks, I think." replied Haley.

"There's more." Trevor said. "What?" asked Haley.

"I am in love with you." Trevor said staring at Haley with hope in his eyes. "I have been thinking about what happened today and I think I like you too." Haley said a little unsure of his feelings. Trevor got up and sat beside Haley on the bed and put his arm around his shoulder.

"You sure about this?" asked Trevor.

"Yeah...Yeah I am." exclaimed Haley. "I love you, Trevor. Wow that was easier than I thought it would be." "Yeah," said Trevor, "and I love you too, Haley." Trevor leaned over and put his lips on Haley's and pulled him in for a kiss. Haley's lips parted slightly and Trevor let his tongue slide in and explore his new lover's mouth. They lay down on the bed and fell asleep in each others arms.

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