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From Chapter 1: Trevor got up and sat beside Haley on the bed and put his arm around his shoulder.

"You sure about this?" asked Trevor.

"Yeah...Yeah I am." exclaimed Haley. "I love you, Trevor. Wow that was easier than I thought it would be." "Yeah," said Trevor, "and I love you too, Haley." Trevor leaned over and put his lips on Haley's and pulled him in for a kiss. Haley's lips parted slightly and Trevor let his tongue slide in and explore his new lover's mouth. They lay down on the bed and fell asleep in each others arms.

Chapter 2:

Trevor closed the folder and opened a new one. This folder contained pictures from his next day off from filming the same movie.

Trevor and Haley had been jacking each other off every night for a week. Trevor decided it was time for them to move on to the next step. It was the night before their next day off. Trevor laid there holding Haley in his arms watching a movie.



"You wanna go swimming again tomorrow?"

"Sure, buddy...and this time I won't call the other guys."

"Cool." Trevor kissed Haley on top of the head and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, the boys woke up around 9 and went to have breakfast with the others guys. When they finished their bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits, they went back to their room to get ready. Trevor grabbed his Speedos and changed quickly. He then grabbed his camera and took a few pictures while Haley changed. Haley turned a little red, but he was enjoying the attention. Haley pulled on his trunks and they headed to the beach. Trevor took a few pictures of his lover pulling off his shirt by the water.

"Well..." yelled Haley. "We gonna swim or not?"

Trevor pulled off his shorts and ran into Haley knocking him into the water. "That's for last time!" He exclaimed and they both laughed. Trevor looked at Haley laying in the water and instantly his cock rose to attention. "You are always like that." Haley said with a grin. "So what...It wouldn't happen if you didn't look so good." replied Trevor. They swam and goofed off for about 2 hours. They walked up to the beach and lay down on their towels.

"You wanna go to our spot?" Haley asked.

"Only if you want to." Trevor replied. With that they got up and headed towards the old building. They walked in and Trevor found something to block the door with while Haley laid out the towels. Trevor walked over and pulled Haley into a kiss and began to run his hands over Haley's bare chest. They took turns pulling each others suits off and sat down. Trevor reached over and wrapped his hand around Haley's young piece of boy meat. Haley let a gasp escape from his lips and leaned over and kissed his lover again. He turned his attention to Trevor's cock and began stroking it. Trevor loved the way Haley was so gentle with his dick.

"Just a second." Trevor said as he got up. He reached in his bag and took out his camera. He found a brick in the corner and set up his camera.

"What are you doing?" asked Haley.

"I am fixing my camera so it will take a picture every 20 seconds." said Trevor. "Oh." replied Haley.

"Now, I want to try something else." said Trevor. "Just sit back and relax."

"What are you doing?" asked Haley.

"I love you and I wouldn't do anything that would hurt you, right?"

"Yeah," Haley said.

"Then just trust me."

Haley sat back against the wall and Trevor walked over and sat beside his little lover. He leaned over and kissed Haley on the forehead. He lightly caressed Haley's nipples. He kissed Haley gently on the ear and pulling back, whispered in his ear, "I love you, buddy." He continued kissing Haley working his way down his neck and to his lightly tanned chest. Carressing his lover, he gently planted a kiss on each nipple, parting his lips and letting his tongue flicker across Haley's brownish buds. He continued to suck and nibble on his young friend. Haley giggled a little but he loved every minute of the attention his lover was giving him. The camera took picture after picture. Trevor continued to move down to Haley's cock and kissed it lightly on the tip. He was rewarded by a small drop of precum which he hungrily licked up. Haley, with eyes closed and a soft smile on his face, reached up and ran his hands through Trevor's soft brown hair. Trevor parted his lips and let Haley's dick slide into his mouth. Trevor licked the tip and slowly worked his way down his friends shaft until his nose was touching his lovers bush. He took a deep breath and let the aroma of Haley's sent play with his senses. He pulled up until Haley's dick was almost out and then went right back down to the bottom. Haley moaned and sighed as his friend fed on his boy juices. Trevor moved quickened his movements and had Haley bucking his hips trying to get further into his friends mouth. Haley let out a groan and said, "I'm..." But it was to late. Trevor was hungrily sucking the cum out of his young friend. Trevor got every bit of it. He looked up at his lover with love in his eyes. Haley stared back at his friend. "I love you, too."

"It's getting late." Trevor said, standing up and pulling on his shorts and grabbing his camera. Haley reached for his shorts.

"Not yet." said Trevor. "I want a few pictures of you in the sunset. I'll check and see if anyone is around."

He ran to the door and looked out. No one in sight. Haley walked over to the surf and looked out over the water. Trevor took a few pictures and tossed Haley his shorts. Haley pulled them on and they headed back to the room.

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