***This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the athletes mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives.***

Trey Hardee is exhausted. After taking some time off following his world championship decathlon victory in Berlin, Trey finally resumed his workout today. And his coach showed him no mercy with a new conditioning regimen, which kept Trey way late at the gym, after everyone had cleared out. Even the gym staff had long gone home, accustomed to TreyÕs ridiculous training hours and trusting him to lock up behind himself.

"Go cool off and relax those muscles, Trey," his coached commanded while heading out the door, leaving Trey alone in the gym. "See you bright and early tomorrow."

Goddamn that coach of mine, Trey thought as he ambled into the isolated locker room, peeling off his sweaty tank top and kicking off his stinky shoes and socks into the corner. Shows me no love!

The bright-eyed and wholesome Alabama native collapsed on his back on the locker room floor and tries to catch his breath, stretching out 6 feet 5 inches of lean, tired muscles, with his workout shorts clingy to his sticky and sweaty thighs. Gosh, I wreak. Or is it just the locker room?


Trey nearly dozed off from exhaustion as he enjoyed the breeze of the ceiling fan cooling off his overheated muscles. He lazily scratched his sweaty balls that have been wrapped up in his jockstrap all day. Without thinking he sniffed his stinky fingers and licked his fingertips. Trey hasnÕt cummed all week – his coach strictly forbids it while he is training, and Trey follows orders. Though, heÕs not sure whether he can last until the end of the week or not. Man, I need to cum soon IÕm fucking horny as hell...


"Are you Trey?", a deep raspy voiced interrupted, followed by a few knocks on the locker room door.

"Umm, yah.... What's up?", Trey sat up quickly, slightly embarrassed by the possibility someone had seen him sniff and lick his fingers after scratching his balls. He blushed and stammered, "They usually let me stay and workout late here...."

"Don't worry," the man replied with a chuckle. "Your coach sent me to give you a massage, a rub down after today's workout."

"Oh thanks!", Trey's boyish face lit up into a bright grin and, recognizing the man's unusual accent, asked, "Where are you from anyway?"

"Hungary. Follow me to the next room." The man stepped out of the shadows of the entrance. He is built like a bull and clad in light linen clothes: wide muscular shoulders and arms, hairy arms, and an unshaven face with piercing eyes and a handsome smile. He only a couple of inches shorter than Trey but is twice as imposing. "I'm Arpad."

"Cool. Just let me jump into the shower really fast," Trey jumped to his bare feet and unabashedly pulls down his shorts as he looked around for a towel. Arpad watched as this adorable boy-man stumble about the locker room in his dirty jock strap, with his bubble butt spilling out of his jock.

"No need. Muscles relax more after rub down. Then you can go to steam room too..." Arpad said with a wink.

"Right! Umm, jock strap or towel?" Trey asked as he yawned and scratched his hairless belly sleepily.

"I'll let you know if the jock strap gets in the way," Arpad replied, and licked his lips hungrily as the oblivious and smooth golden boy found and slipped flip-flops onto his large bare feet. "Follow me."

In the next room Trey kicked off his flip-flops and jumped on the table. He stretched lanky body out and laid belly down. Arpad's eyes greedily followed the contour of Trey's sculpted and define back, from his broad shoulders down to the small of his back. Trey's small waist is accentuated by the two meaty mounds of glutes perking up on the massage table, gift wrapped in his jock straps. Trey's thighs are thick and defined, with a few traces of fine blond hair on his lower legs. Trey's large stinky feet dangled off the edge of the table. A few feet away, Arpad massaged his already raging cock gently as he eyed this beefcake stretched out in front of him.

"You comfortable, Trey?" Arpad asked as he laid his large hands on Trey's shoulders and began to feel up the boy.

"Ughn...," an involuntary gasp escaped Trey as he felt the powerful hands stroke his shoulders and pressing on his sore muscles. Trey automatically clenched his ass and curled his toes at the imposed pressure and pain, and grunted softly as Arpad's hands assaulted his shoulders. "Ughnnn, ughnnnnn..."

"Take it easy, kid," Arpad whispered, amused by the writhing boy on the table. "You should be able to take a lot of pain... breathe..."

"Ughn, yah...," Trey gasped as he inhaled deeply, before his grunting resumed. "You're ... ughn ... a lot stronger than my past massage guys... ughnnn..."

"Do you not like it this hard?" Arpad asked as he worked his hands around Trey's upper back, finding the pressure points and digging his large palms into Trey.

"OOOH" Trey gasped as his lower legs kick up a bit from the pain, toes still curled. "No, it's ... ughn ... good pain..."

Arpad chuckled at the surprisingly submissive athlete and marveled at Trey's meaty ass. Arpad leaned down to Trey's left ear and breathed in the musk of the sweaty boy. He thought Trey smelled like boy cum and apple pie. "Just breathe and relax, kid..."

"Ughnnn..." Enduring Arpad's powerful hands, Trey gritted his teeth and grabbed on to the table legs with both hands, giving Arpad the pleasure of checking Trey's bulging biceps. "Don't worry ... ughn ... I can take it ... don't ... ughnnnn ... stop ...."

Arpad's hands worked their way down Trey's sculpted back and found Trey's lower back.

"Oh! Fuck!" Trey felt the soreness of his lower back attacked by Arpad, and a higher-pitched whimper escaped his throat. "UGHNN...!" He clenched the table legs with his hands and breathed heavily into the opening of the massage table. His legs still kicking in the air, toes wriggling and curling. This was the most aggressive massage he had ever received. Arpad snickered quietly at the all-American boy stud's ridiculous whimpers.

"You are holding a LOT of tension in your lower back. I need to work from your thighs up to release some of this tenseness...," Arpad explained as his hands begin kneading Trey's muscular thighs. "You need to fucking relax, kid..."

"Ughn... oh ... okay ..." Trey breathed deeply as he felt Arpad's hands tear into his leg muscles. That high-pitched returned as Arpad began kneading Trey's bare ass.

"UGHNN!!! Oww ... goddamn it take it easy!" Trey protested. He's had plenty of rub downs before, but this session was beginning to make him sweat.

"You are really carrying all of the tension in our lower back and ass, kid," Arpad growled as he relentlessly kneaded Trey's ass. "When did you cum last?"

"Excuse me!?!" Trey was startled by the question as he felt that tingling sensation arise from his balls. He began to sweat.

"You heard me," Arpad muttered. "I know your coach is strict and thinks cumming conflicts with training."

"Oh. Right... ughnnnn!", Trey groaned as his breathing picks up pace. He did not realize he was pushing his ass up to meet Arpad's hands. That hotness continued to surge from his balls, and his ass is now a good half foot above the massage table. "Coach ... ughnnn ... definitely forbids jacking off ... ughnn ... while training ... ughnn ... so ... ughnn ... it's been a good ... ughnn ... two weeks ... ughnnnnn ..."

"But you are carrying all this unnecessary tension in your muscles. Do you want me to release the tension completely?"

"Ohh ... ughnn ... yeah I think if you keep this up my ass and legs will be putty soon ... ughnn ..." Trey is writhing on the table, a new coat of sweat covered his body. He has never felt so out of control of his body and muscles before. His eyes tightly shut, face down on the massage table's headrest, and hands gripping the table legs. His legs are kicking more wildly than before in response to Arpad's hands. Trey's glistening ass is now almost two feet off the table, and he has no idea Arpad had manipulated his body to react this way. Trey is oblivious that he is now sporting a raging hard-on. He could not feel his thick, throbbing eight-inch cut cock popping out of his jock strap; he only felt an overwhelming surge of heat and pain emanating from his tired glutes and balls. He gasped and grunted louder by the second. "UGhnnn ... Ughnnn ..."

"Do you want me to continue?" Arpad asked, somewhat rhetorically, knowing this cum-filled man-boy is absolute putty in his hands. He spotted a long sticky stream of precum oozing from Trey's red mushroom cock head. Damn. Arpad thought to himself. "I can get rid of all the tension this session if you want. Otherwise it would take at least 3 or 4 more sessions if we focus only on the muscle groups."

"Ughnnn ... do what you know best ... ughnnn ..." Trey felt his body overtaken by Arpad's hands. "I trust you ... ughnn ... if coach thinks this is good for me ... ughnnnn ... UGHNNNNNNN!!! UGHNNNNNNN!!! WAIT! FUCK!!!! OWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!"

Trey screamed. His face still buried in the headrest, he is all of sudden out of breath and his body is feverish, tingling everywhere, from fingertips to toes. His ass was on fire. Arpad had shoved his right thumb into Trey's virgin anus, aided by some saliva and Trey's ass sweat.

"FUUUUUUUCKKK!! UGHN! UGHNNN!!!" Trey tried to move or jump off the table, but his body seemed to be paralyzed. All he could feel was the burning sensation in his ass.

"Easy, easy kid..." Arpad growled into Trey's left ear, inhaling Trey's boy smell now infused with the stink of precum and ass. He brutally shoved his thumb deeper into Trey, deeper, and faster. "You wanted this..."

"OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD!! FUCKKKK! UGHHHNNNNN! UGHNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!" Trey couldn't believe it. He was letting himself get manhandled and molested. Willingly. No, certainly not willingly, but his body clearly wanted it. His cock was so swollen and red, leaking a stead stream of his juice onto the table. Trey felt Arpad slap his left ass cheek mercilessly and felt his legs get spread apart even further. It is like Trey had forgotten how to unclench the table legs and fight off Arpad. His ass, despite the pain of Arpad's thumb fucking, continued to rise up to meet Arpad's assault. "UGHNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!"

Trey grunted, heaved, panted, cursed, and finally began to moan as he felt Arpad's thumb replaced by a tongue. It felt good. It made his toes curl tighter and knees spread even further apart. Arpad's tongue made Trey push back harder and harder to meet ever assault of the tongue deeper and deeper.

Arpad invaded Trey's pink, smooth hole with his tongue. Despite Trey's boyish face and personality, this was a real man's ass. It was stinky, meaty, and wet: ripe to be slapped and fucked for the first time. Hard.

Arpad had long lost his shirt and pants. His cock has been rock hard this entire time, wet with precum and his own spit. He climbed onto the table between Trey's flailing legs. He spit on and sucked on Trey's now red hole repeatedly, intermixed with deep rimming.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ... FUUUUUUUUCKKKK ... GOD ... FUCK ... FUCK ... FUCK ..." Trey was beside himself. He hated Arpad intensely, and he hated himself for not wanting Arpad to stop abusing his hole. He hated himself for enjoying this perverse ass play. All the good, southern Christian upbringing of his made his anger rage even more, but all he could do was meet Arpad's tongue with his ass and writhe in pain and what he hoped was pleasure.

Trey felt Arpad replace his tongue with a finger, and then the burning sensation returned in his ass. But this time his entire body quivered and shook uncontrollably. Trey couldn't breathe as he felt Arpad's powerful frame weighing down on him. He felt Arpad's hands gripping each of his wrists tightly, harshly, and he felt Arpad gnawing on his neck, licking, spitting on, biting, and sucking on his neck.

"UHHHHHHHHHHHHNNN!!!" Trey shook uncontrollably from all these new sensations as that involuntary, high-pitched whimper returned. He's never made that sound in his life, before tonight, that is. He is finally cognizant of his throbbing, rock-hard cock as Arpad's weight forced him down on the table. The rough friction between the towel on the table and his red-hot cock was too much. Trey moaned like a bitch. A slut. He wanted to cum so desperately. "UGGGGGHNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I'm going to fuck you so hard you won't walk straight for a week..." Arpad growled as he shoved his tongue inside Trey's ear. "I'm going to fuck you like a whore, a pig, a slut, and you're going to beg me to fuck you harder!"

Trey couldn't move. All he could do was try to catch his breath and grunt and moan. Suddenly, he realized Arpad didn't replace his tongue with his finger. Trey freaked out.


"Shut the fuck up bitch!" Arpad growled. He had shoved his cock head into Trey's well-eaten and lubed up ass, but only cock head had been inside Trey this entire time. He was waiting for Trey gain consciousness of his body before he started fucking him. Arpad began pushing into Trey his entire nine inch cock in one slow motion.

"GAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! UGNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! UGNNNNNNNNNN!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! FUCK! TAKE IT OUT TAKE IT OUT TAKE IT OUT!!!!" Trey screamed, kicked and tried in vain to shake Arpad off of him. He felt his hole getting stretched out by Arpad's thick cock, he felt Arpad's tongue in and out of his ear. He cursed himself for spreading his muscular legs further apart, he gritted his teeth as he wrapped his long legs around Arpad, digging his bare heels into Arpad's ass as Arpad slowly impaled Trey. "UGHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!"

Trey felt that surge of heat swelling from his balls. In a panic he tried to push himself up from the table, only to feel dominated by Arpad's powerful arms, which had long ago let loose of Trey's wrists and now wrapped around Trey's neck as Arpad continue to gnaw on Trey's ears. Feeling Arpad wrapping his arms tightly around him, Trey unconsciously tightened his legs around Arpad, his feet practically pushing Arpad into him.

"Two more inches..." Arpad whispered into Trey's ear as he slammed what was actually the last five inches of his cock deep into Trey's ass.

"UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!!" Trey thought he was going to pass out from the pain. His entire body shook uncontrollably. Those last five inches rammed past Trey's sphincter and Arpad held Trey up as he buried his cock deep inside Trey. "UGHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNN! UGHNNN!! UGHNNNNN........!!!!"

Trey was inconsolable. He began to cry and whimper from the pain, the shame, and the pleasure. Tears of rage trickled down his boyish face as high-pitched moans of pleasure continued to escape his throat. He gripped tightly onto Arpad's arms, which still wrapped around him. With his cock still deep inside Trey, Arpad pulled Trey upright on the table in order to find a way to get even further deeper into Trey's hole. With Trey upright on his knees, Arpad found the way as he shoved himself deeper into Trey.

"OH GOD!!!!!! OWWWWWWW!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! YOU BITCH! YOU CUNT! YOU ...  YOU ... UUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!" Without warning, as soon as Arpad found the deepest end of Trey's chute, Trey shook, trembled, and panted hysterically and shot load after load of cum. His cute, innocent face contorted with pain and pleasure as streams of thick white cum spurted out of his red cock. He felt like his insides had exploded. He screamed and whimpered like a cheap whore who fakes her orgasms.

"OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Trey screamed for mercy as Arpad finally began to fuck him while cum continued to shoot out of him. Deep. Hard. All the way to the deepest point, and all the out. His fat cock ravaging Trey's no-longer virgin ass, Arpad fucked Trey ruthlessly like an animal. Like a bitch, slamming the entirety of his nine hard inches into the boy. "OH PLEASE OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD FUCK ... UGHNN! ... UGHNN! ... UGHNN! ... UGHNN! ... UGHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!"

After the last drops of his cum dribbled out of his still hard cock, Trey collapsed onto the table as Arpad released his hold on him. Arpad pushed Trey face down onto the table and continued pounding the boy, grunting like a beast.

Sweat poured from Arpad's hariy body, and Trey's ass now feels numb, except for the sensation of Arpad's cock pushing on his prostate and hitting his G-spot deep inside. Trey suddenly felt empty as Arpad rips his cock out of his hole, eliciting a loud gasp from Trey's throat. Arpad pushed the spent boy off the table roughly and grabbed the cum-soaked towel and threw it at Trey's face.

"Smell that, you slut!" Arpad commanded. "Lick that towel clean!"

Trey had never tasted his own cum. He was bewildered by how much cum there was on that towel. The whole towel was covered in gooey, white cum. It smelled like sex, men, ass, and sweat, and tasted sweet and bitter at the same time. He was intoxicated. On the cement floor, Arpad positioned himself between Trey's legs and pinned Trey's limp wrists above his head with one hand. With the other hand Arpad found Trey's nipples, which has been hard this entire time.

"UGHHHNNN!!!" Trey let out a gasp from under the cum towel as Arpad flicked one of his sensitive nipples, then twisted it roughly, then bit it, sucked on it, flicked it again, bit it, licked it, and bit it again and again. "OHHH!! UGHNNNN!!!!"

Trey began leaking precum again, as the pleasure of Arpad's nipple torture took over his body. He arched his back so his toned pecs could meet Arpad's hungry mouth. Trey was in heaven. Without knowing what he was doing, Trey once again found his legs wrapped tightly around Arpad's thick waist, toes curled, and squealing with pleasure.

Arpad threw off the towel covering Trey's pretty face and forced his tongue down Trey's throat. Trey tasted better than Arpad had expected. Like a dirty boy, covered in his own cum. Gasping for air, Trey initially struggled against the rough sensation of Arpad's unshaven face. But as Arpad slapped his ass, twisted his nipples and spit into his mouth, Trey found himself pushing his cock into Arpad's hairy stomach.

"Oh, at a boy Trey..." Arpad snickered. "I'm going to fuck you like you like a girl!!!"

With that said Trey found his hole invaded by Arpad's cock once again. It was not any easier the second time. "UGHN!! UGHN! UGHNN!!!!"

Arpad did not waste anytime as he deep fucks Trey missionary style, like he fucks any whore. He then positioned Trey's legs over his shoulders as he began fucking violently and without consideration. Arpad's tongue found Trey's sweaty feet and began lapping up Trey's toe sweat and inhaling the stench of the athlete. Trey's eyes rolled to the back of his head as he took foot worshiping and heavy pounding. He moaned and panted and screamed and grunted and whimpered and squealed in ecstacy: "UGHN!! UGHN! UGHN!! UGHN! FUCK MY HOLE!! UGHN! UGHN!! UGHN! OHH FUCK ME!!! UGHN! YEAH!!!!! UGHN! DON'T STOP!! UGHN! FUCK ME LIKE A BITCH!!  UGHNN!! YES! YES!!!! FUCK ME! UGHNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Arpad grabbed Trey's shoulders as he pumped in and out of the boy, the hole length of his cock. He withdrew completely only to slam his entire weight back into Trey, who is now on cloud nine. Arpad muffled Trey's screaming with his own mouth, deep kissing the now relentless bottom as he fucked him.

"OHHH YESSS FUCK TREY!!! FUCK!!!!!!! UGGHNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!" With a deep guttural grunt Arpad shot eight massive loads into Trey's ass. Feeling the heat from Arpad's load invade his insides and overtaken by the smell of cum, ass, sweat, and Arpad, Trey clenched his ass tightly around Arpad's cock and wrapped his legs tightly around Arpad. His saliva covered toes curled as he panted and broke Arpad's kiss and grunted as shot his second load: "UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHNNN!!!!!!!"

Trey's orgasm took over his entire body. He continued to feel Arpad's massive tool pump in and out of him, now along with the sloppy sound of his cum-filled hole. Trey shook violently, thrashing and buckling underneath Arpad as jets of white creamy cum flew out of him once again while he fucked himself on Arpad's cock. His legs and toes felt numb, and all his senses could collect was the smell of cum and sweat.

Trey felt Arpad's cock fall out of his destroyed hole and felt Arpad's weight lifted off of him. Finally alone and abandoned, he gasped for air and tried to move, but he couldn't without feeling the stickiness of cum everywhere, on his body, on the floor, on the towel, or feeling cum leaking out of his ass, or the soreness of his still hard cock. Trey reached down and felt his ravaged hole. It was gaping and wet, like a pussy. He licked his lips as he stuck one finger inside himself. He whimpered as his middle finger reached deep within him. He added a second finger, then a third, then a fourth. Trey began pinching and flicking his nipples with his other hand as he fucked himself with his fingers, grunting and squealing in pleasure. He replaced one hand with the other, and began fucking himself roughly and faster and faster. He held his fingers to his nose and inhaled the smell of his own ass and Arpad's pungent cum.

"Ughnnnnnn ... !" Trey moaned as he finger fucked himself with his four fingers, and then he licked Arpad's cum off his fingers. Trey sucked his fingers clean as his other hand found that spot inside him that made him cum so many times that night. He spread his legs wide apart into the air and shoved his fingers deep inside himself: "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GAWD UGHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!"

Trey's cock exploded for the third time. Four creamy loads shot out on his tight stomach as he continued to fuck himself and sucked on his fingers. "UGHNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! UGHN! UGHN! UGHN!! UGHN!!!" It took minutes for his orgasm to subside and for him to regain his breath. He spread his cum all over his belly, mixing it with his glistening sweat and once again licked his fingers clean, savoring the taste of his and Arpad's cum in his mouth. He removed his other hand and licked that clean too. He loved the taste of his own ass. Even better mixed with cum.

"Go get yourself cleaned up, kid..." Arpad kicked Trey's ass lightly, after thoroughly enjoying Trey's private one boy show.

"Fuck...!" Trey jumped a little. He thought Arpad had already gone. Looking hungrily at Arpad from the floor, Trey spread his legs apart, tugged on both of his nipples and licked his lips. He grunted: "Fuck me again...."


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