Warning: This story contains sexually explicit material. If boy/boy/girl/boy sex offends you then please go somewhere else. The characters stated in this story are fictional. All character names are rights reserved to Warner Bros. and J.K. Rowling. If it illegal to read this type of material in your state, then it's your butt if you get caught. You have been forewarned. Otherwise enjoy! This story is dedicated to a friend who has a fetish of Harry/Draco/Ron/Hermione and jock straps. I do not write a lot of personal requests, but this is a debt payed.

The days in Hogwarts were growing longer than usual. Harry had been through a lot, along with his friends in his five years of school. First year, he met the man who killed his family. Second year, he tried to kill him again and his best friend's sister. Third year, a follower of Voldemort surfaced and while a dark figure came out of a prison to find the man who betrayed James and Lilly to Voldemort. Fourth year, while he won a tournament that was set up in the end, his fellow student, Cedric Diggory, was killed, and Voldemort rose to full power. In the fifth year, he led a group of students to the Ministry of Magic and battled Death Eaters and Voldemort himself, as well as trying to start his relationship with Cho, which fell through. But not everything was bad in the five years. He met Ron and Hermione, found out that he has a living relative, he witnessed the biggest game in wizarding history, The Quidditch World Cup, and assembled Dumbledore's Army.

Harry had been through a lot, but he was not alone, Ron and Hermione were by his side all the way. In the middle of their second year, they had realized that they all had sexual feelings for each other. They never told any of their Gryffindor friends, but had a feeling that the headmaster of Hogwarts, Dumbledore, knew.  Their last class for the day had ended. There was only three days of school left, Umbridge or Umbitch has Seamus had so lightly put it, disappeared, and Harry wanted to be with Ron and Hermione one more time, before they all had to study for exams. Harry walked through the picture of the fat lady with Ron not too far behind. Seamus, Dean, and Neville were in a discussion about Snape's potion homework.

"Hey Harry," Neville said as Harry and Ron entered the boy's dorm. "Do you think that Hermione could help me with Snape's homework?"

"I think so, we don't have him till Wednesday, and I think she's busy tonight with someone," Harry said, as he smiled at Ron. "I'll let her know that you need help though."

"Thanks," Neville said.

Harry and Ron threw down their bags and met Hermione in the common room. They all went down to dinner. They sat in their usual places in the middle of their house table, with the same familiar people. They listened as Dumbledore made evening announcements concerning Quidditch, final exams, and house points. The feast began. The trio quickly ate and then left the table.

"Where are you guys going," Fred and George asked together?

"Studying," Ron quickly replied.

A pair of eyes saw the trio leaving and ate what was left on their plate, and followed them. Harry, Ron, and Hermione ran to the room that was used for DA's training. They held hands, as they thought, we need a room so we can play. The magic door appeared as they went into the room. They quickly stripped their clothes. Hermione pulled Harry on to the bed, as Ron sat back and watched his best mate make out with the girl he fell in love with during his second year. Hermione passionately kissed Harry. Harry felt Hermione's breasts on his chest as he continued to explore the young witch's mouth. His dick was becoming instantly hard. Ron couldn't take it anymore has he was playing with his red pubic hair at the base of his 6" uncut dick. He got up and went underneath Harry. He pulled Harry's hips as Harry slide down Hermione. Ron took the boy-who-lives' 6 1/2" uncut dick in his mouth and began to suck.

"Oh god yeah. Suck it Ron."

"Come on Harry, don't leave me out," Hermione said as she grabbed his head softly and pushed it toward her steaming cunt. As Harry dove into the young twat in front of him, Hermione moved herself so that she could take Ron's red headed boy meat into her mouth. There was heavy breathing in the room as the pair of young eyes peered through the door. Draco had seen the trio or a combo of the three meet many times in different place throughout the castle. He had dreamed of having the boy wizard, the bud blood, or the poor boy, servicing his cock. He got tired of having Crabbe and Goyle do a sloppy job of sucking his perfect dick. He continued to watch the heavy breathing teen eat and suck each other.

"Accio Potter's Jockstrap," Draco said raising his arm.

Harry's Quidditch jock strap flew into Draco's hands. He took them and breathed deep into the crotch of the strap. Its musty smell excited Draco; he started to rub his cock through his robes, as he saw Ron get off of Harry. Hermione let go of Ron's uncut boy cock. Harry climbed up and pointed his hard uncut dick into Hermione's twat. He slowly pushed his cock into the hole. As he slid in like any other time, his red headed friend came up behind him and start to lick at his butt hole. Hermione was moaning as Harry gently pounded her cunt. Draco watched intently as Ron was giving Harry's hole a nice tongue bath. He got up and kissed around Harry's neck, enjoying the soft flesh of his friend, and the sweet fragrent that rose through his nostrils. He gently slid his friend's glasses off and put them on the side table next to the bed. Ron pushed Harry over Hermione so that he was in a kneeling position. Ron took his hard Hermione soaked cock and slid it in to Harry's hot ass. Harry gasped as he felt the 6" cock slide deep into his bowels. Ron grabbed Harry's hips and started to fuck his pal. They both went in the same motion, whenever Ron thrusted, Hermione felt it. She loved looking up at Ron fucking Harry. Ron was her biggest crush, and Harry knew it, but she loved the feeling of both their cocks.

"Oh God, Harry, your hole is so tight," Ron said shuddering.

"MMMMM. I love your hot cock in my ass. He looked down while pounding Hermione. Tell me how you like it?"

"Fuck me harder and faster," she said in between breaths.

"You heard her Ron, do me faster," Harry looking back over his shoulder.

Draco continued to look on as Ron picked up the speed and thrusted his hips harder and faster. Draco took his blonde 5" uncut dick and started to jerk it, while inhaling Harry's cock strap. Draco was envious of the other boys in Hogwarts. In the showers, he saw boys his age, with dicks up to 7" long, but his dick only matched up with first and second year boys.

"I'm goonnaaa cummmm Haaa-rrrry---yyyyy," Ron said as six thick burst of cum entered Harry's ass.

"Fuuucckkkk," Harry moaned as he shot his cummy load deep into Hermione.

They fell on each other. Ron climbed off Harry and his cock slide out with a 'pop'. Harry climbed off Hermione and lay next to his pal. They shared a gentle kiss. Hermione got up and took Ron's slowly deflating cock and shoved it deep into her cum soaked canal of boy wizard love. His cock instantly became hard, Hermione lowered herself on Ron, as Harry got up and started to finger Ron's hole. Draco picked up the pass of jerking his cock. The stars in front of his eyes became more colorful than usual and his mind filled with a fog. He continued to watch as Harry had Hermione hold Ron's legs as he slid his 6 1/2" cock into his best friend ass. Harry began to thrust even quicker.

"Harry, uh, what's, uh, the, uh, rush," Ron managed to get out as Hermione impaled herself on Ron's boy meat?

"We still have to study," he said.

Ron looked up and noticed a pair of eyes gleaming in through the door, and a hand moving half way below its eyes.

"Hey guys, someone is watching us, make me cum," Ron whispered.

"I'm cummminggg," Ron said has Harry fucked his friends ass.

Hermione was bouncing up and down matching Harry's thrusting. Harry unloaded into Ron's ass, as Ron shot is load deep into Hermione's cunt.

They pulled off of each other, Hermione grabbed Harry as they ran to the door and pulled Draco in. Draco didn't know what grabbed him, but before he knew it he was on the bed with his robe, shirt, and pants off.

"Gryffindors look who we have here. A blonde headed Slytherin who seems to have a hard on," Hermione said grabbing Draco's cock.

"Look what else I found," Harry said holding up the jockstrap.

"Hey," Ron said, "isn't that your Quidditch strap?"

"Yes," Harry said, "and I know the perfect thing to do with it. Open your mouth Draco."

Draco did as he was told. Harry slipped it in his mouth. Draco was put on all fours, while Harry held the strap, while he slide his wet cock into Draco's ass without hesitation. Draco grimaced in pain as the long cock tore his virgin as in half. Ron grabbed his dick and shoved in Draco's mouth. He situated the strap so that Harry could still have power over his slave. Hermione crawled under Draco and took his cock in her throat. Draco had his cock sucked, his hole fucked, and his mouth filled. I'm the luckiest Slytherin in the world, he thought to himself.

"God Draco your ass is tighter than Colin Creevy's ass, wouldn't you say Ron," Harry said.

"Defiantly. His mouth his excellent, you think he'd done this before, how's his cock taste 'mione," Ron looked down as his hands slide through Draco's blonde hair."

Hermione just moaned, the slide her mouth of the dick and said, "well it's no Seamus Finnigan, his is 7" of Irish dick, and it's no Colin Creevy's cause his is only 3"."

Harry and Ron looked at her.

"Slut," they said jokingly as Hermione started to blush. "You've just been sucking off everyone haven't you?"

"Well not everyone, just Gryffindors. I don't only eat dick you know."

Hermione was continually jerking Draco as the conversation went on; then she wrapped her tongue around the blonde boy's 5". Lots of moans and heavy breathing were filling up the room. After ten minuets, Draco mumbled something.

"Hmmph, gmph, cumph," Draco mumbled.

"What did he say Ron," he said he's getting ready to cum.

"Get off his cock 'mione."

She let go.

"I'm gonna cum Harry," Ron said.

"Do it," Harry said shoving his cock deep into Draco's ass.

Ron plowed Draco's mouth and blew his load, as did Harry. They stood Draco up and put him against the wall. Harry, Ron, and Hermione started to lick all over Draco's balls and cock. Ron reached up and started to jerk his cock.

"Uuh, I'm cumminggg," Draco said as he shot his load all over the Gryffindor's faces. Spurt after spurt he shot cum all over the faces of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Draco's cock deflated, as he knelt down and shared a warm cummy four-way kiss. His favorite kiss was Harry's. Then Ron's followed by Hermione's.

Harry closed his eyes as a towel popped up on the bed. He grabbed the towel and cleaned the cum off their faces, cocks, asses and Hermione's pussy. Draco kissed and thanked Harry, Ron, and Hermione with a passionate French kiss.

"Let's go study for our finals," Hermione said. 

Draco peeked his head out of the door and looked around he just missed the prefect, he quickly and cautiously ran to the dungeon. Harry, Ron, and Hermione snuck under Harry's invisibility cloak and went up to study for their exams.

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