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Chapter Three

Parked outside of the large building, I sat in my car, chewing on a nail. I was nervous and it would be silly to pretend otherwise. Many thoughts ran through my head as I worked up the courage to walk inside: what would we talk about? What had last night meant? Had it all been a fluke? Did he like me like that? Would he try to kiss me again? Would I let him kiss me? Would I kiss back? What was I doing asking myself all these questions when it was quite obvious I had no answers to any one of them?

I grumbled, wrenching my thumb away from my mouth. I was twenty-seven years old and was going to act like it, never mind that my twisting insides were telling me it's okay, Jake! Stay and be ten again. I slipped from my car, locking it up and made my way toward the building, quite glad that I was wearing a disguise as the library was pretty busy on Saturdays. As I made my way inside, I glanced at my watch and swore softly. This earned me a disapproving glare from the lady at the desk and I was once again thankful for my disguise, which really didn't seem like much of a disguise to me but maybe sunglasses were just that magical that people really didn't pay attention to the person behind them. Hm, that was something to definitely look into. I swore in my head this time as I moved with purpose to the books. I was five minutes late due to my self-induced pep talk in the car.

I moved up the stairs to the books that most people seemed to bypass completely. Shelf after shelf I felt my heart drop lower and lower until I reached the last where a man gazed up at the books, his hand raised as finger tips brushed gently over binding after binding. I felt my heart catapult up into my throat as I stood there, motionless. Speechless. Seconds ticked away, followed by minutes. I was staring, I knew but I couldn't pull myself together to move—whether to run or to step forward. Five minutes passed before the man turned to me, arms crossing over his chest.

"I did say I don't have all day, didn't I, Jake?" He spoke low, but with no sense of secret and every sense of annoyance. This mere tactic sent my feet forward, my body following after. When I was just feet from him, I stopped and raised my hand, resting it on a shelf and gripping the edge. His dark eyes searched mine for the longest time until finally, he spoke.

"Why did you kiss me, Jake? And don't search for an answer, just tell me," he said as he reached up and pulled a book from an upper shelf, turning it over on the pretense of reading the back. I could tell he wasn't reading. He was standing there with such ease, waiting for my answer, while I trembled and stumbled over thoughts forcing themselves forward in my head.

"I had... an urge," I said at long last. I broke eye contact and looked down at my shoes. "I just felt like I should... at the time."

I could feel his gaze on me but he didn't say anything and so I continued.

"I wanted to."

I looked up and was surprised to find him frowning, brows furrowed. He was looking at me but didn't seem to be seeing me at all. I stood there for what felt like years, silent until I couldn't take it any longer. "B--Christian?"

Bale blinked a few times before looking at me with confusion. It was as if he had forgotten I was there. He sighed and put the book up before reaching out and gripping me by the shoulders. He stepped closer and his hand slid down to mid arm. I looked into his eyes and felt my face heat up. His own face was set in concentration and then he spoke.

"You can write your kiss off as the alcohol, Jake. I do want you to realize that I was not drunk. I took advantage of you and for that I am sorry. I am confused on how I feel... what I felt. I do want to explore this... I need to know something though. Are you attracted to me?"

I gaped at him, my mouth opening wide enough to allow several hoards of flies in. Was he seriously asking me that? Well, okay. So it was a relevant question, but did he expect me to stand here and ask myself that and then tell him the answer?

One look at his face stated quite plainly that—yes, he did. I sighed and looked away from him. I kissed him the day before, drunk. Today, however, I was quite sober. My heartbeat raced the entire drive here, during my entire pep talk, during the search for Bale, and went into double time the moment I found him. Was I attracted to Christian Bale? I think it was safe to bet on my answer.

"Y-yes," I said. My voice was just above a whisper as I continued to look pointedly at some book to my right. He shifted closer and I looked up at him in alarm. There was a smile on his face—very handsome face I might add—and his eyes sparked with something I couldn't quite place.

"Good," he said and before I could register anything else, his arms wrapped around me—pulling me close—as he hesitantly pressed his mouth to mine. My eyes widened and my body stiffened but I soon found myself pressing closer to him, my eyes closing as I kissed him back. It was soft and nice, but it was nothing like the night before which I remembered despite being drunk. When I pulled away, I couldn't help the stupid grin that plastered itself upon my face as I blushed. I cleared my throat and looked away, laughing lightly, before I looked at Bale again.

"What is so funny?" he asked. I shook my head and maneuvered my arms so that I could press my hands to his chest. I looked down at my hands and swallowed as I felt the muscle underneath his shirt. It was definitely different than a woman's chest, harder and less giving. I smiled at this, a small snort escaping me. This was all very new but I found it exciting although a bit weird.

"What are you thinking?"

I looked up at Bale and pursed my lips before shrugging. "Just about you. You're a man."

Bale snorted at this. "Mm. Really? I completely missed that memo."

I rolled my eyes. "You know what I mean."

He nodded and smiled. "I do. And does the fact that I am a man bother you?"

I shook my head. I already knew that answer from our make out session the night before. "Does it bother you? That I am a man?"

He shook his head. "No. It doesn't." He pulled me closer and kissed me again, this time with more confidence. I closed my eyes and kissed him back. He nipped and tugged at my lower lip, causing my mouth to part. He took the opportunity and slipped his tongue into my mouth, which I welcomed like an old friend. My tongue caressed his as his arms moved lower, his hands at the small of my back, urging me forward. My arms wrapped around his neck, as I pressed against him. It wasn't long until my body heated and my cock stirred. I panted against his mouth and pulled away when I could no longer keep from breathing.

"I can get used to that," I breathed, working a little to catch my breath. Bale laughed deeply, the sound reverberating off his chest—low and addicting. I wanted to hear it again and again. He kissed my head and released me, looking me over before smiling widely.

"Come to dinner with me, Jake. Tonight," he said and quirked his brows. Standing there, it took me a good moment to realize that he was awaiting my answer. I laughed nervously and nodded.

"Oh, all right. Yeah."

He smiled again. "Meet me at Blue on Blue at the Avalon," he said, naming off a dinner lounge located in a Beverly Hills hotel. I nodded and he continued. "Eight o'clock. We'll arrive separately and leave separately."

I nodded, indicating my understanding. He gave a nod, hesitated, and leaned in to kiss me once more. The kiss was fleeting and I found my hand pressed against my mouth long after he left. My insides twisted and I sighed heavily, my heart still racing. I looked down at my watch. It was three forty-five and I had nothing to do until six, when I would need to shower, dress, get ready and then fret. With another sigh, I gazed at the books around me and decided that I might as well look around and check out a few books.

I arrived at Blue on Blue late and tugged on my shirt cuffs as the host led me to a booth where Bale already sat. He seemed entertained in watching a television on a wall near by but stood the moment he saw me. I realized that I was acting as far from inconspicuous as it was possible to be. Pulling all my skill in acting, I put on a friendly front and shook the hand Bale offered to me. We shook twice, pulled our hands away and took our seats. My hand still tingled as I picked up my menu and looked at it.

"No alcohol."

I looked up at him in surprise before mouthing wordlessly. He didn't smile or laugh which told me one thing: he was quite serious. I pouted but didn't request anything alcoholic when the waiter came over and took our drink orders. I glared lightly at him when he ordered a gin and tonic but said nothing. When the waiter left, he watched me, his face blank. I looked down at my hands and knew that I was failing my job at being calm.

"Thank you for joining me, Jake," he said finally. I looked up and he smiled carefully, and I smiled back. Suddenly, my insides stopped churning and my thoughts slowed.

"Thank you for asking me," I replied, my voice low. We struck up a conversation on our current projects and when the waiter returned with our drinks we waved him off with thanks. Neither of us was very hungry. The conversation continued and then we fell into a nice companionable silence as we watched one another and drank: me and my sweet tea and Bale and his alcoholic beverage.

Hours passed and Bale and I had somehow fallen into a discussion on fake accents versus the real thing. Bale said that any fake accent was easily detectable. I said that there were a fair few who could pull of a decent accent and Bale disagreed. I countered with Hugh Laurie who played a doctor on a prime time medical drama called House. Bale amended his statement to say that all accents except for Hugh's faked American accent were easily detected. I agreed.

An hour later, Bale glanced down at his watch and looked up at me with an apologetic smile. "As much as I'd like this—" He smiled and that smile told me exactly what word he was omitting. "—to continue, we need to head out." He picked up the check and looked it over before taking out his card, sliding it into the leather book, and setting it on the table. The waiter came over, picked the book up and returns a moment later with the receipts and Bale's card. I watched as Bale totaled up the tip with the total and signed the merchant's copy, folding up the customer copy and placing it and his card back into his wallet.

We left Blue on Blue together but stopped just before we left the hotel. Bale looked at me, frowning and I knew he wanted to do the same thing I wanted him to do. It was rare times like these that I wished I wasn't famous. Instead, he did the next best thing and conducted a simple hug between two male friends that no one would be able to question as sexual. He then pulled away, mouthed the words I'll call you later and headed for the door.

I watched him go and a second later I took off after him. The valet held out his keys to him and I tugged on Bale's sleeve. He looked at me, glaring lightly until I let go and then smiled apologetically at the valet.

"He thinks I am dating his sister," he said and tugged me to the side, hissing lowly.

"Jake, this isn't going to work if you act like this."

I set my face, not really appreciating the dressing down in public but guessed I deserved it. I sighed and pretended to be unpleased with the man for the sake of face and hissed just as Bale had, whispering.

"I want to go home with you," I admitted, holding his gaze.

Bale blinked and then smirked. A soft chuckle escaped him as he shook his head. "And on the first... hm, Jake? Unfortunately, Jake, that is not going to happen. You do not know that you really want that. When you're sure, then we will explore the possibility."

I frowned but knew he was right. I wasn't done yet though. "We can just... talk. And stuff."

Bale was thoroughly amused but shook his head. "No, Jake. I will tell you what we are going to do. You will go to your place, I will go to mine. I will call you tomorrow." And then in a louder voice he bid me goodnight and left me. I had no choice but to take my own keys from the valet who watched me oddly.

"Is he really dating your sister?"

I blinked at him and said nothing with a sigh. Taking my keys, I moved to my car and drove home. I felt strangely let down and more than a little horny. The feel of Bale's lips on mine still haunted me. I got home and went straight my room, stripping until I was in boxers alone. I then slipped into bed and lay there as my thoughts attacked my calming body.

Lips to lips, moving. Tongue caressing and seeking. Heat rising, bodies pressing close. Hard... needy.

My hands found my cock, pressing against it through the soft but thin fabric of my boxers. I closed my eyes as I slowly rubbed myself. My mind replayed that first night, the feel of Bale on top of me, his hands in my hair, mouth against mine.

I slipped my hand into my underwear, closing it around my hard dick. My mind continued its recollection, slipping in the meeting at the library, and when it ran out of memories... it created some.

Bale was suddenly there with me. He tugged my hand from my boxers and brought it up to his mouth. He kissed each digit as I watched before he released me and slipped down to his knees on the side of the bed. Leaning over, he kissed me soundly. Our tongues meshed as he rested his hand to my chest. Fingers brushed over skin and I arched against his touch. His hand went lower and lower, my cock throbbing painfully as we kissed and I moaned into his mouth. His hands passed over torso and into my underwear. I breathed heavily against his mouth, my teeth tugging at that lower lip and bucked into his touch when his hand closed around my length. He stroked me slowly, expertly as his tongue passed over my teeth and the teased at the top of my mouth. I wasn't going to last long and then Bale's hand left my cock, taking hold of my balls and rolling them. I pulled from his kiss, arching back. He rolled them a few more times and I could feel the heat envelop me as my dick throbbed painfully. His hand closed around me again and with two strokes, I came hard, bucking.

It took me several minutes to come down from my orgasm induced high. I opened my eyes and sighed, wishing Bale really had been there but mentally thanked him just the same. It was one of the best climaxes I had experienced in a long time. I brushed my soaked fingers over my spent length, sighing happily before I pulled my hand out and got up. I quickly cleaned up, tossing my soiled boxers into the hamper. I showered and slipped into a new pair, making my way back into my room.

I shut out the light and padded to bed, slipping in and falling asleep almost immediate. My sleeping mind gave way to a refreshing dreamless sleep.


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