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Chapter Four

The next few days past with no events of real consequence. I tried not to look at my cell phone every hour, willing Bale to call like some teenage girl. I had my life and career and Bale had his. I had finally given up my hopeful wish that he would be calling any time soon when he called me on Friday afternoon just as I was finishing up a book I'd checked out. I reached over for the receiver and clicked the "talk" button before I even bothered to check the caller ID.

"Hello?" I said, still reading my book. I flipped a page.

"Hello, Jake." I dropped the phone and rushed to pick it up, placing it to my ear as I got up from the couch. The book fell to the floor and I cringed as it fell on its pages and not the spine. I blocked my grief for the wounded novel and paid attention to the words being spoken on the other end of the phone.

"--wanted to know if you were busy tonight?"

"No. Why?" I had an idea why but who am I to presume things.

"Go to a movie with me?"

I blinked. I hadn't thought Bale the type to take his dates to movies but then again, how would I know. I hadn't thought myself to be gay and here I was secretly dating a man who I never would have expected to be gay. Or bisexual. Or whatever it was we were.

"Uh, yeah. Sounds great. Which theater should I meet you at?"

"I'm picking you up. Be ready by eight."

He hung up but I had already gotten used to his abrupt call ending that I hadn't opened my mouth to say a word. I clicked off the phone and hung it back onto the base before looking down at my watch. It was six o'clock. Plenty of time for a long shower and then time to decide what the fuck to wear and then get ready.

By eight, I had my sunglasses perched on my nose, my phone and keys in my pocket and was pacing in the kitchen like a first-time father. I bit and tugged at my lip and ran my hand through my hair for what was probably the hundredth time that night. I looked up at the clock above the refrigerator. Eight o'clock.

I jumped as a honk sounded outside. I made my way out of the house, locking up as I made my way to the sleek black car parked outside. I knew who sat in the driver's seat but thanks to tinted windows, none of my neighbors would have an idea who was picking me up. I still reached the car in record time and slipped in, shutting the door with a quick little snap. I didn't look at my date until I was buckled in and we were headed for wherever it was we were going. I found I really didn't care.

Bale looked... hot. That was all I could think as I took in his simple black dress shirt and black pants. He wore sunglasses as well and his hair was spiked slightly with a bit of gel. I realized I was staring and the car was becoming a bit to hot so I looked away and looked out my window. I could now feel his eyes on me and in the next moment I felt his grin and couldn't help the blush creeping up my neck. I decided that my red club shirt that I never wore and black pants had been a good choice. Not too dressy not to casual--perfect for a place that I still had no clue where we were going.

We continued driving and soon Bale turned left and before long we were turning into the parking lot of an abandoned building. I arched a brow at Bale but he shrugged and said nothing else. We turned around the side of the building and came to a man guiding cars in with a light wand. When we reached the man Bale rolled his window down halfway and continued to look forward as he handed out his money. The man thanked us and ushered us through and if he suspected who we were or what we were, he said nothing. I had by this time realized that this was the MobMov that the radio had been discussing for the last two years. The movie was the second Back to the Future and I was beginning to get an idea of why he had taken us here, to a movie I was certain we had both seen several times over, and why he parked his car in the very last row. He said nothing as he tuned his radio to the station for the movie and looked ahead. I grinned and looked ahead too. It wasn't long until the parking lot was full and the night was dark. The lights turned off and the movie started.

We watched fifteen minutes in before Bale turned off his radio and grinned at me, teeth flashing as he slipped off his sunglasses. I had already slipped mine off and they lay at my feet somewhere that I really wasn't too preoccupied with. He tossed his into the back seat and unbuckled his seat belt, which I had--once again--already done, and leaned across the seat, as I turned my body towards him.

"Been thinking about you all week, Jake," he said softly, voice low but holding so much heat that my body shook just hearing it. I licked my lips nervously as he bared down on me, our lips meeting as our hands clutched at shirts and sleeves. With some maneuvering on his part, I was once again under him to some degree. He kissed me deeply, his tongue slipping into my very willing mouth as my hands found their way into his hair and tugged. His hands did the same and soon we were making out in a car at the very back of the drive-in parking lot. I was sure that the cars on either side of us had an idea of what was going on, but they had no clue as to the specifics and I really didn't care.

Bale pulled away to breath and I realized that I was panting as well. I could feel the goofy smile on my face as I massaged his scalp with my fingertips. His dark eyes were hazed but he smiled and smoothed my hair from my face.

"What are you thinking?"

I made a face at that. How did he always seem to know that I was thinking something? "Ah well... that this made up for you not calling a whole week."

He snorted and pressed his forehead to mine. He kissed me softly and pulled away again. "You really are something else, Jake Gyllenhaal. I didn't want to call too soon. You might have thought I only wanted you for one thing."

I laughed. "Right. And bringing me to a drive-in movie only to make out with me in your car. Mm. Yah. That doesn't say you want that thing at all."

Bale smirked at that and shrugged. "I'm a man. You didn't seem to be complaining."

"Oh. Believe me. I'm not. But why not just take me to your place?"

He shifted and sat up, which made me have to sit up to. He looked ahead at the screen and bit his cheek lightly. I stayed silent, worried I'd said the wrong thing.

"I don't think we're ready for that yet, Jake. I know I'm not... not just yet. I don't want to get carried away."

I smiled outright at this and kissed him hard. "No matter what others say, Christian, I totally believe you're a good man."

Bale quirked his brows this time and grinned slightly. "Oh, and what do others say about me?"

I shrugged. "That you're heartless if you can hit your mom and sister. I don't believe a word of it. Never had."

Bale rolled his eyes. "Oh, that. Well, as long as you don't, that is all that matters to me. Anyone else can think what they please."

He pulled me close and we kissed for a bit longer until he pulled away and sighed.

"I should really look into investing in a Hummer. And I thought this car had so much more room."

I snorted but knew he was right. At least the front seat anyway. I glanced at the back seat and without another word, maneuvered my way over the front and lay down in the back. He eyed me in the rearview mirror and I laughed.

"Think you can get back here," I asked, a teasing lilt to my voice. He glared lightly but soon joined me in the back. With a little more progress, we finally found a position that worked. I lay out as flat as I could on the back seat, my legs bent with one foot flat on the floor. Bale perched over me, one leg on the floor and the other on the seat beside me. It wasn't the most comfortable way to make out and I definitely preferred his couch to his car but it beat the front seat and the pleasure of making out with my date far surpassed the pain I would no doubt feel in my bones and muscles tomorrow.

The movie played on as the night grew longer, Bale and I continuing our kisses and whispers and giggles (the last from me). We didn't let up until the lights returned and the two of us returned to the front seat. By the time we were on the way back to my place, I was yawning and nodding off. Bale shook me awake and I sleepily kissed him goodnight before slipping out of the car and making my way into the house. I hadn't known that making out could be so tiring, but then again we'd been at it a good two and a half hours. I locked up and made my way to my room, undressing to my underwear and slipping into bed.


The next week went by without any worrying on my part. Bale and I talked on the phone every few days and on Friday I asked him to dinner at my place. He was hesitant at first but I assured him I was capable of control and I trusted him as well. He agreed and I told him to come around seven. The moment I was off the phone, I began to panic. What was I going to make? I needed to alert Olivia that the place needed to be extra spotless and that I would pay her extra. When I alerted her of this she agreed and offered to take care of dinner and asked if a nice Indian meal sounded good. I said that would be fine and thanked her.

I helped Olivia clean and once it was five o'clock, I went to get ready--showering and dressing. I chose a pair of semi-casual pants and a white button down. I added a belt before I blow dried my hair and brushed my teeth. I then stood before my mirror and frowned. I looked well enough but I noticed that standing beside Bale I looked like ground beef to his filet mignon. I had gazed at some People magazines and shuddered at the bike pants they caught me in when Bale was always caught in something presentable. Okay, so I like the bike shorts but I like to bike. Bike shorts are ideal for biking. I never said I was a fashionable man.

Shaking my head, I laughed lightly and moved down stairs. I took up residence on a barstool at the island in the center of the kitchen and watched as Olivia set out several dishes upon its surface: Coconut Chicken Curry, a chicken plate I didn't get the name of, and Palak rice. I hadn't had Indian food much but it was apparently based on spices, which I love. I hoped Bale was up for Indian food as well.

I got up and began to set the table, setting out a bottle of red wine and glasses with the plates and silverware. Olivia left soon after and asked no questions as to who was coming over or what was taking place. I poured myself a glass of wine and was pouring my second when the doorbell rang and I nearly dropped my glass. I set it at my place and moved quickly to the front door, smoothing out my clothes and then opening the door. Bale smiled as he looked me over and I blushed. I really didn't understand why I continued to blush but I didn't dwell on it. Stepping aside, I let Bale in and closed the door behind him. I locked the door out of habit and then led him into the kitchen, smiling when I saw him sniff and smile.

"Smells wonderful," he said and I waved the compliment away.

"I'll let our maid, Olivia, know. She cooked everything. Are you ready to eat?"

He nodded and took a seat at the table. I picked up his plate and served him before serving myself. Finally we were both seated across from one another at the table and we ate in companionable silence--a few short conversations popping up during the meal. Once dinner was over, I pointed him into the living room as I began to put away the leftovers and to set the dishes in the sink for clean up later. Once I was done, I joined Bale who had turned on the stereo and was listening to a little Billy Joel. He looked up and smiled as I poured a little more wine into his glass and then into mine. Setting the bottle down on the coffee table and re-corking it, I took a seat as Bale held out his glass to me. I lifted mine up as my mouth twitched to keep from smirking.

"A wonderful date. Delicious meal. And an even more delicious boyfriend."

He grinned and tapped his glass to mine as I blushed. We both drank deeply from our glasses, finishing the drink off and setting down the glasses on the coffee table. He moved closer and placed one arm around me, his hand flat against the couch cousin on my other side. His knee met mine as his hand rested upon my thigh. My throat was suddenly stuck as he leaned in and pressed his mouth to my ear.

"I meant it, you know," he said throatily. I shivered and turned my head just a bit to rest against his as he continued to speak in that God Damned sexy voice. "The food was good but nothing compared to you."

He kissed along my ear before nibbling lightly at the earlobe. I whimpered softly as my mouth parted, eyes closing as a pressed closer. The hand on my thigh squeezed lightly as he kissed along my jaw and soon his mouth captured mine and we were kissing. His hand left my thigh and moved to grip the side of my other leg, tugging them until my legs were draped over his. He deepened the kiss as I wrapped my arms around his neck and sucked upon his tongue.

I was so lost in the kiss that when I felt pressure at my groin, I was slightly disconcerted. I then realized that his hand was at my groin, touching, pressing, and massaging. I moaned into the kiss and he doubled his efforts. I finally had to pull away, head tilting as a low and drawn out moan escaped me, my hips bucking against that hand.

"Ah... Christian," I panted and he pulled his hand away fast, as if he'd burned me. My eyes opened and we stared at one another for a long time, as I continued to calm my breathing. I knew that Bale was debating on whether he should leave or stay. I wanted him to stay but couldn't get my throat to work.

"What... what do you want, Jake?"

I blinked and cleared my throat. "I... liked that. I liked when you touched me. Please don't stop."

He slowly smiled and replaced his hand. As he began to knead my quickly reacting cock through my pants, I shifted a bit to lay down, my head perched on the arm of the couch as Bale worked me. He pulled away as my hard-on became pronounced in the clothing. He seemed to be debating and at long last he looked at me, brown eyes glazed but concerned.

"Do you want me to...?"

I didn't need him to continue to know exactly what he asked. I nodded eagerly and used my elbows to perch myself up as I watched him slowly undo my belt and then button and zipper. He looked at me again before he placed his hand flat on my stomach and slipped his hand into my pants and boxers. His fingers brushed tentatively over my heated skin, those tips causing a tingling sensation every spot they touched. Moments later his hand closed around me as he gave a few test strokes.

"Sh-hit," I gasped as my head arched. He looked up in surprise before pulling my arousal out. He chuckled lowly as he began to slowly pull and stroke my dick. I worked hard to keep watching him though I would often shudder, moan, or arch backward in response. He enjoyed those responses and would speed up every time I responded in one of those ways.

Whether it was just having another hand--his hand--or the alcohol, it wasn't long until I was bucking--leaking quite a bit of precome over his hand--and knew that I was close. He seemed to get the idea as his free hand rubbed along my still clothed chest. He then slipped his hand under my shirt and rubbed little patches of skin. I was completely gone and barely knew what he was doing--besides giving me absolute ecstasy. Then he slid his hand up my cock, which was throbbing unrelentingly as his fingers tips and nails passed over my nipples, which immediately went hard.

"Oh! F-fuck," I moaned as I arched back, eyes closed. He brushed his finger over my dick head as his fingernails dragged over my nipples once again. I came hard, my hips bucking of their own accord as my nails dug into the couch cushions and I was reduced to a bunch of moans and whimpers as I rode out my orgasm. When I was finally spent, I collapsed back onto the couch and watched as Bale reached for the box of tissues on the end table and proceeded to clean his hand and me up. He then packed me away and grinned a little snidely.

"Well, I guess I don't have to ask you if you had fun," he said and I pouted lightly. I was pretty well buzzed and I had just come off an orgasmic high, of course I pouted. He laughed lightly and slipped on top of me. We kissed a bit longer and then he sat up, looking at his watch with a frown.

"I had a wonderful time, Jake. It was very, very nice. I need to go though," he said and I sat up, shaking my head as I placed my hand on his throbbing cock.

"You haven't--"

He tugged my hand away, eyebrow twitching. "Not tonight. I need to go. Next time, I promise." He snorted, leaning in and kissed me softly, deeply. Another five minutes passed before he growled and pulled away. "Damn you," he muttered and I blushed. He stood and glared me back onto my couch when I moved to stand as well. "I can let myself out. I'll call you tomorrow." I nodded and lay down on the couch. He smiled and hesitated before turning on his heels and moving through the place with purpose. "Goodnight, Jake," he called from the door.

"Goodnight, Christian," I called in my half asleep stupor. He left, the door shutting briskly. I figured that he had locked the door, and I really didn't care if he hadn't at the moment. Deciding I would shower first thing in the morning, I allowed my exhausted body to give into the sleep that wrapped around it.

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