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Chapter Six

Maggie didn't really give me too much time for myself over the next weeks. I didn't mope exactly but during the times that I was at home and alone, I'll admit that I cried a few times. I really can't explain it, but I hurt emotionally and the emotional became physical and I truly believed that I would never get over him. Maggie had a different idea. She called a friend of hers two weeks after what she called the "split" and explained the situation. She didn't tell me anything about the friend except that I was to take this friend of hers out and have a good time. The friend would meet me at a club called The 411, a club that I had never heard of. I was far too exhausted to protest and so I dressed up that Saturday night in clothes that Maggie assured me screamed "hot" and "sexy" and definitely "not famous". I really didn't care either way but the moment I was dressed and all cleaned up, I slipped on my sunglasses and headed out the door.

I wondered about this friend as I drove to the club. Maggie hadn't even given me a name or even told me what she looked like. I was suspicious but that was completely Maggie anyway and so I wasn't too bothered by all of the secrecy.

As I turned into the parking lot, my mind was on many other things and so I didn't even realize that the majority of the people in the parking lot were definitely male. I parked my car and shut of the engine before getting put and locking the door. Pushing the keys into the pocket of my jeans—which were too fitted for my taste, but Maggie had insisted on them—I headed toward the club. The moment I slipped inside it became very evident as to why Maggie had given me very little information. This club was without a doubt a gay bar—if the two boys that were making out in the corner to my left were any inclination—and I could bet that the friend that Maggie was setting me up with was going to be very, very male.

I was slightly annoyed. It was not like Maggie to just assume things. And yet she had assumed that just because I had been attracted to Bale that I was now attracted to all men.

"Hi, Jake."

I turned my head at the sound of my name spoken by a light, crisp voice. My eyes immediately fell upon the prettiest man I had ever seen. I just stared at him from behind dark sunglasses and when he smiled, I couldn't help but smile back.

"I'm Samuel Moore. You can call me Sam."

I nodded, still not able to speak as my eyes continuously took in sandy blond hair, a lightly freckled face, playful hazel eyes, and a body so slight and lithe that it could put many male models to shame. The one's that weren't bulimic or anorexic anyway. The boy was wearing black jeans and a dark green short-sleeve shirt that hugged his form in a very flattering manner and it was very easy to see why every man in the place was looking him over at least once or twice. I also now understood why Maggie had taken the liberty of assuming that I would like Sam. Once I had met him, I truly didn't mind her interfering.

"Nice to meet you, Sam. You already know my name," I said as I held out my hand. He looked at the hand and then back at my face before smirking. He then took my hand and shook it but rather than letting go, he tugged me forward as he started for the dance floor.

"Dance with me," he said with a laugh and I was smart enough to know that he wasn't asking. We arrived on the dance floor and the first thing I noticed was that my clothes were at home here, the sunglasses included. The next thing I realized was that I had no idea how to dance. Not in a place like this, and not in the same way that these men all danced.

"Hands here," Sam said as he turned to me, taking my other hand and placing both of them on his hips. I raised a brow as he grinned and swayed his hips. Moving closer, he laughed again and leaned in. "Move with the music."

I tried but before long turned in my hold and pressed his body back against mine. I flushed deeply but he reached back, placing his own hands on my thighs as he started to move his body once more. "Move with me. Yeah, like that."

I was thankful for his hands because I was sure that I would have fainted if it hadn't been for them. Here was a man, younger than I was, that was taking the time to show me how to dance was. I sympathized with him for being stuck with me as a student.

"M'sorry," I whispered loud enough for him to hear over the music.

"Don't be," he called back as he turned his head enough to flash me a smile before grinding his hips against mine. He then pulled away and headed for the bar. My eyes were drawn to the seductive sway of his backside and it was obviously an invitation. An invitation that I took without any hesitation.

"How old are you?" I asked him as I claimed the barstool to his right. He flashed a pretty smile and winked.

"I am as old as you want me to be."

I made a face and he laughed. "Tell me something first and then I will tell you."

"Tell you what?"

His hand was on my thigh in the next second and for a moment Bale flashed through my mind. I ignored it and returned my attention to the other male.

"How attracted to me are you?"

I smiled, ignoring the heat radiating from my face and the sensations that were quickly heading to my groin. "Very."

He smiled brightly but no blush appeared upon his face. No doubt he heard such things all the time. "I'm twenty-two."

He turned then and signaled the bartender over. The bartender glanced at me and then grinned before winking at Sam. He then slipped away as he began to make some type of concoction that he poured into two separate glasses. As he placed the glasses in front of Sam and myself, I glanced questioningly at the younger male.

"Don't ask, just drink."

I watched as he placed his glass to his lips and tip his head back to down the drink. Even while chugging an alcoholic beverage, he was fucking gorgeous. I followed his lead and gulped down my own drink, wishing I hadn't as my throat burned and my eyes watered. I blamed it immediately upon the liquid diet of champagnes and wines of celebrities.

That contagious laughter reached my ear and that hand slipped further up my leg. Sam flashed white teeth as he turned his attention. "Are you enjoying for first gay bar experience so far?"

I laughed and nodded. "I am. And I have a very good guide."

"Yes, you do. And because you are quickly becoming my very favorite tourist, I will offer you the tour of a very secret attraction."

I swallowed hard. I was fairly certain that whatever this "attraction" was, it would have something to do with this boy and myself very alone and in a situation that I wasn't certain that I was ready to be in just yet. Then his hand slid straight to my groin, which had been fighting a loosing battle, and I changed my mind.

"I think I will take that offer," I told him, clearing my throat.

His smile widened as his hand pressed down before letting up. He pulled it away and took my hand, pulling me from my seat. Nodding at the bartender, Sam tugged me past the bar and away from the dance floor before heading down a darkened hallway. Many couples were making out, pressing against one another, and grinding their bodies together. I couldn't help but watch them as Sam pulled me further down the hall. When we reached the end, he opened the last door to the left and entered, tugging me inside and closing the door behind me.

I got a quick glimpse of what looked like a simple bedroom before I was pushed against the door. It was becoming very obvious that Sam had no issues with being very intimate with nearly complete strangers. Hands tugged and pulled at my clothes as a soft mouth claimed my own. For a boy that looked very submissive, Sam definitely had a lot of dominant tendencies. I took hold of his arms and gently pushed him away, ignoring the pout that claimed his mouth and my own urge to kiss the pout away.

"I can't... not yet," I said, ignoring the indignant throb of my cock. Sam grinned and shrugged before pulling away and moving to the bed. He sat down on the edge and patted the space next to him.

"Come sit with me, Jake. I promise I'll behave."

I wasn't sure I believed him but this distraction was really growing on me and I couldn't keep myself from crossing the room and taking a seat right beside him. He grinned that cute grin and laughs softly.

"See, I don't bite. Well... I don't bite when I haven't been asked."

I snorted. I was sure that wasn't true either but what did I know. Sam was a complete stranger to me. Well, as complete a stranger a younger man in a gay bar could be. I suddenly recalled that I was in a gay bar and swore softly, certain there had to be someone out there who recognized me. Sam raised his brows in question at the sudden anxiousness in my voice. I frowned and nodded at the door.

"No one out there recognized me?" I asked. I remembered the bartender and surely he had to have recognized me. Or someone. Sam looked me over, biting down ever so lightly at his lower lip. Then he wrinkled his nose up and finally he shook his head.

"Those close aren't typical of rich people. Well, not your kind of rich anyway. They say to me, middle class gay man. Plus those sunglasses are pretty big. Speaking of, lets take them off, hm?" He didn't wait for my okay before off came most of my disguise. Well, a major part of it anyway. He then gasped and placed a hand to his mouth. "Oh my god, it really is Jake Gyllenhaal." I glared at him lightly and made a grab for the glasses, which he lifted out of reach with a little giggle. I grumbled and reached over more before finally I gave up and pinned him to the bed. He laughed and looked up at me with those eyes as I, catching my breath, returned the gaze. I don't remember how many minutes passed but finally I moved off him, forgetting about the glasses and wondering why I had wanted so much to just kiss him just then. I looked ahead at the door, trying to ignore the movements by Sam getting up. Seconds later a pair of glasses came into view and I took them with mumbled thanks. Sam merely laughed and scooted behind me and before long, I was getting a massage from a master.

My eyes lowered as he worked my shoulder muscles deep, kneading and pressing and pulling at the knots and kinks with patience and care before sliding down and continuing the process. The massage was have lasted at least an hour and all I can say is that it did wonders for my body and my mood. When he scooted around again, setting himself just next to me, I found myself smiling at him.

"Thank you," I said and after a second of hesitation, I leaned in and kissed him upon the cheek. He giggled and shook his head.

"Well, don't thank me just yet. I must admit I had ulterior motives in giving you that massage."

I raised a brow at him, frowning deeply. He snorted and leaned in close.

"Jake, I like you. I'd like to get to know you better. Go out with me?"

I blinked. My mind returned me to months before when I had met Christian in the library and that meeting had started something wonderful. I ignored the pang in my heart again before slowly nodding. I pushed all thoughts of Christian Bale out of my head. It was time to move on. As Christian had, if his pictures in the tabloids with pretty girls said anything, and they did. I now smiled sincerely at Sam and nodded more firmly.

"All right. I'll go out with you. But since you asked me out, you have to buy me dinner on our first date?"

I tried to keep my face straight but the way Sam pouted caused me to laugh. He grinned and kissed me firmly upon the mouth. This time, I let him and even kissed back. The pain was still there but I could deal with it now and I was sure that someday, it would all go away. Besides, Sam was too cute too turn down.