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The story is in two parts. Part one (Harry Potter and the Unforeseen Hero) is complete and 26 chapters long. I plan to post at least one chapter, possibly two, every week until it is all posted but to get you started I have put the first four chapters up! I have tried desperately to find a beta reader to QC my spelling and grammar without success, so please forgive any typos. If your interested in the job please let me know!!

I wont say too much about the story, I hope you will give it a read and decide if its ‘for you' but just to give you some brief context so that you don't go ‘erm...WTF'. It follows storyline up till end of HBP and is canon from then. It is a Harry/Draco slash so if you're not into that I guess this one wont be for you. The only other thing I would ask of you is give this story a couple of chapters before you write it off as a bad job!

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Harry Potter and the Unforeseen Hero


Chapter One: Recipero


The trees were close together in this part of the forest with a dense canopy that obscured the eerily pale moonlight that hit the top of the trees but made it no further. The sound of silence hung heavily on the air and every leaf rustle or small animal movement could be clearly heard by the cloaked individual that rested against a tree. The cloak was made of the heaviest black cotton and had a hood that was drawn up far over the stranger's head causing the face to be obscured to any unlikely observer. This part of the forest rarely received guests.

The hooded character tapped his wand impatiently in his left palm and a slight blue spark escaped and fell silently to the floor. The faceless character flicked their head around to the right as a distant crunch carried to his ears. The sound repeated, increasing fractionally in volume until a few minutes later a gaunt, pale, manic faced woman stood in front there.

"Bellatrix; the reason for this meeting must be of the highest priority. You risk more than you can possibly imagine by summoning me here"

"It is of the most urgent priority! I come with the worst possible news" with no response forthcoming from the hooded character Bellatrix continued "Recipero. We must commence Recipero"

"You are quite sure? I mean I had considered the possibility, how could I not? It has faded as before but I had assumed a setback"

"I am quite sure. I saw it. Recipero, we must do it. Now!" The pale moonlight coloured hand that had been previously caressing the wand snapped forwards, in the blink of the eye, and gripped Bellatrix's shoulder.

"You know nothing of Recipero – the details of this are far more complex than you can even begin to comprehend. Don't..." the stranger forestalled her as she attempted to interrupt "it is true, the Dark Lord discussed this with me directly, if you wish to see our Lord again you will do exactly as I tell you. Do you offer me your support freely?"

A moment that could have been a second or hours passed as Bellatrix considered the strangers words "I will do as you request of me but be under no illusion; you are not my master. I have one master; the Dark Lord and I do this for him and nobody else"

"Touching, Bella, as your sentiment is we all have one master and that is the Dark Lord. I am but a servant. Now listen carefully. Return home; do not under any circumstances get caught. Discreetly gather our forces and keep them close. I will not be in contact for some weeks, possibly months. DO NOT argue Bella" the voice again forestalled her "you have no concept of what must be done, this will not happen simply because we wish it. When I am next in contact I should be in a position to move to the next phase at which point, if you have done as I requested, I will provide you with further information"

"That is acceptable" Bellatrix snapped

"As if you have an alternative" the voice sneered

"You are aware of the plan to infiltrate Potter's camp?" Bellatrix said changing subject rapidly

"Of course" the voice replied with a slightly curious tone

"The plan was implemented to some degree of success. I have the results of the plan carefully detained"

"This is timely indeed, retain its services Bellatrix. Play with it if you must but do not kill it. It will have an important part to play, do you understand?"

Bellatrix offered a curt nod and stepped back to move away but the hand on her shoulder did not relax and offer her passage "I will say this but once. Do not contact me unless it is the direst of situations. What must be done cannot run the risk of discovery; I will be deep in hiding. Is that understood?"

"It is understood" she said and the hand fell away. Bellatrix turned from the stranger tracing her path back the way she had come and shortly the faintest pop of her dissaperation could be heard. Satisfied the stranger pulled the cloak up further over their face and strode off in the opposite direction.


More than a thousand miles away, in bed, lay a black haired boy with a lightening shaped scar on his forehead. Limbs protruding from his torso at all angles he breathed contentedly in a deep sleep. As he rolled over he wrapped his arms around the lean blond aside him, pulling them closer together and letting out a contented sigh. To sum up the past few weeks as ‘trying' would perhaps have been the understatement of the year. The lead up to the defeat of Voldemort had almost killed Harry and the activities that occurred subsequently, truly shocking. But that was all behind him now. The issues with the Ministry resolved but not before time!

The room was meticulously tidy with everything having ‘a place' even the morning copy of The Daily Prophet could be found neatly folded in half on a solid oak dressing table.



Saviour of the Wizarding world Harry J Potter, see left, captured in this truly moving picture

following the defeat of He Who Must Not Be Named. The Wizarding world continues to

celebrate the death of the most famous dark wizard of all time. Despite the public outpouring

of relief and happiness, success comes at a great loss to us all. The significant damage to

Wizarding infrastructure can be but a drop in the ocean when compared to the loss of Wizarding

life. "The great battle will ultimately go down in legend but the sacrifices too should never be

forgotten. Their losses should serve as a constant reminder to us all about the value of

humanity and never to allow such a situation to ever arise again" said the Minister for Magic

Kingsley Shacklebolt. A program of remembrance can be found on page five


The rest of the article folded neatly around under the top half of the paper. In the picture, the black haired boy could be seen resting a hand on a redheaded figure's shoulder and with the blond, which currently slumbered in the bed with the raven-haired boy, looking on. The red haired figure was holding a prone looking figure close to his chest.

Despite the early hour of the day a gentle knock could be heard on the bedroom door and a small house elf poked its long nose around the side of the door, as if to check that it would be safe to enter. The elf had learned that whilst his master was a kind person there are some sights that no elf should have to witness. For a number of months the elf, when requested to wake his master, had cautiously entered the bedroom. He still couldn't forget the time when he had walked straight in, bold as brass, to see the blond sitting on top of his master. Kreacher still counted himself lucky that the large bottle of moisturiser had sailed past his head that day and had not hit him.

Deciding that the coast was clear and that it was indeed safe to enter Kreacher crossed the plush bedroom and climbed upon the bed.

"Master" the elf spoke quietly into the black haired boy's ear. The elf had again long since learned that attempting to wake the blond was a grave error and one to be avoided at all costs.

Harry rolled onto his back as the voice had disturbed him. Kreacher moved forward so that his face was in line with Harry's and gently pushed his shoulders "Master" he repeated.

Slowly Harry's eyes began to open, followed quickly by a jump and a shout. All hell broke loose as the blond lunged to the right where a wand could be seen. Both of the men still had a deeply engrained reflex of self-defence.

When Harry looked back on the morning, later that day, he supposed it was inevitable really. They had spent so many months traveling fearing discovery and for their lives that self-preservation was a good thing.

Harry responded instinctively and grabbed hold of the blonds' wrist lifting it so that the spell that had just been cast bounced up into the ceiling.

"Dray, its just Kreacher" the blond fell backwards onto the pillow letting out a loud sigh.

"Well why did you shout for heaven sake?"

"I woke up to find a house elves face staring at me, I think anybody would jump if that was the way in which they were woken!!" Harry responded defensively but couldn't hold his sulking look as Draco Malfoy started laughing.

"Oh! Funny is it!" Harry shouted, jumping onto Draco and began to tickle the sides of the blond.

"I give up, I concede" spluttered the blond half coughing, half laughing "You are right I can't see anything remotely funny in that situation at all" and began to laugh again.

"Kreacher, please I have said in the past... PLEASE find a humane way of waking me up in the morning"

"Yes sir, I is sorry sir. But breakfast is served and you have a busy schedule sir"

"We will be down shortly Kreacher" knowing what that meant the elf bowed and quickly left the room.

Forty minutes later the blond, immaculately dressed in robes of deepest emerald entered the kitchen. As he bent low in a bow Kreacher couldn't help but think the blond master's limp had become perhaps more pronounced. Pulling the chair out from the table Kreacher turned to the old fashioned styled Aga oven and pulled the freshly made pastries out before serving them.

Harry entered the room nose deep in a letter, walked around the table and pushed a kiss down on the blonds' hair "Hey! Don't do that, it's taken me ages" Harry dropped the letter into Draco's lap and set about his own breakfast.

Dear Mr Potter,


I have no doubt that I will be seeing you this morning at the service however; I would request your attendance at a brief meeting this afternoon. Perhaps you would be so good as to meet me at the Ministry visitor's entrance at two PM. I will not take much of your time.


Please advise me, by return of OWL, as to whether you can attend this meeting?




M McGonagall




"I wonder what she wants" said Harry

Draco snorted "Well who wouldn't want an audience with the chosen one". Harry's fist connected with the top of Draco's arm "Oi! Ow!"

"Well be nice then! Time to leave anyways"

Kreacher ran forwards handing Draco and Harry cloaks. It certainly wasn't winter yet but the uncharacteristically cold last few days of August had, in Harry's opinion, represented the mood of the Wizarding world. To say that he was not looking forward to this morning was, in fairness, an understatement.

It had been put together fairly quickly but again it had needed to be. The memorial service would commemorate those people who had lost their lives fighting Voldemort. The individual services had been held and more sombre occasions Harry could not remember.

He had always wanted to be normal, not special, not unique, and not different but just a regular person. The individual services had been horrendous and after the first catastrophe of Colin Creevey's funeral the Ministry had been forced to place Aurors at subsequent services to control crowds. The freak show had almost caused Harry to cancel his attendance at future public activities and only Draco's insistence had altered his stance. Harry was however, relieved that this was the last one. A collective commemoration and celebration of the lives that had been forfeit for the greater good.

As they approached the front door Harry pulled his cloak about him and grasped Draco's hand. When they travelled together Draco more often than not performed the dissaperation. For Wizards to openly appear in muggle society was unusual, not unheard of, but never the less unusual. For a large gathering to take place in one of the busiest parts of muggle London – that was defiantly not heard of.

However, perfectly as always Draco apparated Harry to the designated spot in front of the Odeon Cinema, Leicester Square. It had only been a few short weeks since the battle but there had been much debate as to where to hold the service. Hogwarts would have been a logical place but the significant damage and raw emotions that were associated with that location ruled it out. It had therefore been decided that a fitting tribute would be to have the service as far away from a magical centre as possible.

Silver chairs appeared neatly in rows a short distance away in front of which a large satin white cloth appeared draped over a large object. As Harry and Draco moved forward friends came into view and hugged each of them tightly in turn. Sat quietly in the middle of the crowd Harry gripped Draco's hand as the Minister read aloud a speech and then pulled off the white satin cloth to reveal an obelisk, not dissimilar to those used to commemorate the veterans of both World Wars. He couldn't read the names, his eye sight wasn't fantastic, but he didn't want to either. The fact that the names were there was truth enough to the loss.

It took Harry a few moments to realise that people where getting up. He had heard the minister's words but they offered him little comfort. He was grateful though – grateful to just be one of the many mourners and not the circus freak show on this one occasion he felt just a little bit normal. As he stood Draco turned so that they where face to face, pressing his soft warm skin to Harry's cheek the blond wiped away the tears that had fallen

"Come on Harry we have people to see and you have an appointment with McGonagall"

Glancing back at the obelisk Harry followed in Draco's wake to where a small crowd of familiar, friendly faces appeared waiting for them.