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Harry Potter and the Unforeseen Hero


Chapter Fifteen: A Date

Harry was lying on the bed in the room that he and Draco were currently occupying at Hogwarts staring at the ceiling whilst contemplating the day that had passed.  It was therapeutic, not always comfortable or happy, but satisfying to have the opportunity to talk about his experiences and the experiences the group had gone through in a way that he had never anticipated.  The second half of their meeting with Cuffe had run unlike the rest of the meetings to date.  The journalist, it transpired, had been keeping note of questions and points of intrigue through the various sessions held to date and the remaining couple of hours were used in answering them but one had stuck in Harry's mind more than the others; `your relationship' and he had pointed between Harry and Draco `is owed in no small part to this war.  Do you think of it as normal?'

Harry had immediately felt defensive at this line of questioning.  In general the Wizarding world had always demonstrated it self to be more educated than that of its muggle equivalent.  A world where two men being in love whilst not always commonplace was a non issue; true some people, usually muggle born witch's and wizards, still had issues. 

The question had thrown Harry in particular.  It was hard to tell how Draco felt in these situations; circumstance and the wizarding world's perception of him.  Draco was by nature much more introspective than Harry.  Harry had staunchly responded, in perhaps over aggressive terms, that `of course their relationship was normal'.  Now as he lay staring up at the canvas of the Hogwarts four-poster bed he found himself questioning this assertion.  They had never really been on a date per se; true whilst on their mission to find and destroy Horcrux's they had taken walks together and stayed up until the early hours talking about meaningless nonsense but they had never dated in the traditional pure blood way.  The relationship had grown as a result of a psychopath and not a chance encounter where two pairs of eyes met across a crowded room. 

His dreaming contemplation was interrupted rudely by a hand snaking its way up the inside of his leg and he was snapped back into the present.  Draco was lying next to him and slowly, painfully moving his hand up Harry's thigh to his crotch that had flipped from a peaceful slumber to an aching thick pillar of desire. 

"You looked like you needed distracting" Draco was huskily breathing into Harry's ear as his hand moved beyond the top of his trousers and slid back down under the layer of clothing that had concealed his modesty.  The blond's thin fingers reached their mark and closer around Harry's hard cock as the thumb moved up and flicked itself briefly over the head of Harry's cock drawing the precum down the back of his cock.

"What gave you that impression" Harry managed to breath as the feelings in his prick where beginning to distract him from cohesive thought.

"You looked pensive and I thought it had been far too long since I have had that fat prick inside me"

All Harry could do was moan in anticipation; the sensation of Draco's smooth, tight arse sliding around his hard cock drove him mad with lust.  After the first few times they had had sex Draco had been unable to walk comfortably and not much had changed except that Draco had grown more accustomed to Harry's girth and it was no longer such a shock to his tight little ass.  He watched transfixed as the blond stood up and stripped revealing the white jock strap Harry had bought him through OWL order.  The large bulge and the slightly see through material, where Draco's own precum was collecting, showed that he was just as turned on by the current situation as Harry.

The blond had moved forwards back onto the bed and deftly pulled Harry's trousers down before pulling the thick prick from the boxers and running his tongue over the salty precum covered head before swallowing the member down and into his tight throat.  The moan that exited Harry's mouth, Draco thought, was as good as firewhisky.  

"Turn round" was all that Harry was able to extract from his mouth as the feeling of sensory overload continued and he knew exactly what his lover wanted.  Turning around on Harry's cock he presented his arse and was immediately satisfied with the boy who lived tongue probing his tight hole.  It wouldn't last long and he knew it; having his cock sucked and rimming his tight hole would only make Harry more driven to fill Draco.  Just as he had finished constructing the thought in his mind Harry had arched his body which had pushed Draco on his side and onto the bed.  Quick as a flash Harry had moved himself so that Draco's legs where spread and on his shoulders and he was rubbing his thick cock at his now quivering hole.

"Do it!  Fuck me hard" It was all the encouragement Harry had needed as his cock found its mark and pushed down into the blonds' hole, filling him instantly.  It was intense; Draco lay back completely satisfied as his man took him roughly and he was not surprised to see his own cock explode all over his chest without touching it.  It had immediately pushed Harry over the edge as Draco had clamped down on Harry's fat cock and he had splattered his insides with his cum and then fallen forwards onto him. 

After a minute or two Harry had fallen silently from Draco and now lay in his arms.  "You do know Harry that what we have is not wrong or strange just because we found each other in difficult circumstances, don't you?   You saved me and gave me my life back"

"I know.  I can't imagine not waking up next to you.  The question just surprised me, because if it hadn't been for Voldemort I would never have had you.  We would have just been school boy enemies"

"I know but it did happen and now we have each other.  Never try to understand time and circumstance because it will just fuck with your mind"

"I would much rather fuck you"

"I thought you just did!" the low moan was a simple response but one that conveyed his satisfaction

"Do you think sometime soon we could go out together though?" 

"Harry Potter, are you asking me out on a date?"  His face flushed pink and he was feeling nervous.

"Yeah I guess I am"

"I warn you I have expensive taste"

"Don't I know it"


"So how about it" and Harry licked his lips nervously

"Of course you prat.  I would love to"

"Cool!  Great!" 

"Did you honestly think I would have said no?"  Clearly his relief had shown a little too prominently. 

"I don't know; I don't know much about dating.  I just know I would like to take you out"

"I am looking forward to it"

Draco had gently rolled Harry from on top of him and pulled the duvet up around them before cuddling in close to him as the two drifted off into a deep sex sated sleep.

Sunday passed in a flurry of homework.  Whilst the sessions with Cuffe were both necessary and, as Harry had recently discovered, oddly therapeutic it did require an unsurprising time commitment from the trio.  One thing that Harry was thrilled about in this extra term was how quickly the NEWT content was making sense.  He would never be as academically intelligent as Hermione had been or Draco was, but his time hunting Horcrux's had given him a practical understanding of magic that he had never had before.  He would always be average, at best, poor, at worst, in potions but charms, DADA and his other subjects he felt that he was not only understanding the theory but that he could for the first time see why it made sense.  Despite this epiphany and new level of understanding it had not materially impacted the time required undertaking the homework that was currently being set by the professors.

It was under the cover of Draco's Arithmancy class the following Wednesday that Harry began to put his plans into motion to take Draco out on their `first' date.  He had spoken with Ron, who had promised to distract Draco, while Harry made a trip to Diagon Alley on the Saturday afternoon.  He had already received an owl confirming that a private table for two had been booked in the new, yet popular `Snap Dragon' restaurant to be found in Godric's Hollow.  The next challenge was appearance; Harry had always been particularly uninterested in his wayward hair or second hand muggle clothing but was determined, almost fevered in his desire to ensure that their date was a success and that in turn required him to take a greater interest.  He had written to Madam Malkin and booked an appointment.  All was in hand.

The weekend that was fast arriving would be a `home' weekend and Harry was determined not to give in to Cuffe's most recent request to have a further interview session that Saturday.  Harry had politely but firmly reminded the journalist that their schedule was to meet the weekend after next and that they had in fact already accommodated additional sessions.   He had however, promised that when they did meet next it would be for longer as they looked to conclude the sessions well in advance of the exams that were now looming on the horizon.  Both Draco and Ron also seemed pleased to have a weekend off and without the amiable Cuffe for company. 

Although technically the weekend had yet to start, being a Friday an unpleasant weight bore down on Harry as he sat in the Great Hall and opened the Daily Prophet;

Healer Elliott Barrington-Smith Disappearance


The world renowned Dark Art reversal healer Elliott Barrington-Smith is missing.  Last seen three days ago the alarm was raised yesterday evening when the ever punctual Healer failed to arrive for his shift at the run down hospital.  A search was mounted and sources have been able to trace Mr Barrington-Smith up until he left work on Monday evening.


The Healer, who famously, developed the treatment for Dark Magic induced insanity, has been making a substantial difference to the lives of the every day witch and wizard for the past thirty years.  A co-worker was quoted as saying "Elliott is the life and soul of the department; I hope this is all a giant mistake and he will arrive back on the ward safe and well"

Continued page threeÉ

There was nothing unusual about articles such as this one appearing in the Daily Prophet; people were constantly appearing and disappearing in the Wizarding community but this particular case filled Harry with a dark foreboding.   He passed the paper to Ron and pointed at the article.

"Don't worry about it mate; you know these things happen all the time.  I would have been more worried for the chap if I had seen this in the paper a year or so ago.  Voldemort's dead Harry it's just an accident.  He will show up in a few days" he thrust another mouthful of toast in and began to chew before continuing "Now what time you want me to come over on Saturday?"

"Well I have an appointment in Diagon Alley at three so before then?  Then about five can you tell Draco I will be picking him up at seven.  Two hours should be enough for anybody to get ready, even Draco" Ron grinned

"Dunno about that mate; though you would know better than me"

"Well don't tell him till five and then you're welcome to hang about but I will swing by as I say about seven and collect him"

"Cool; well I will disappear after five.  He will be pissed with me that I only gave him two hours notice and you know it!"  Harry grinned at his best mate as he thought about Draco's face when Ron told him

Friday was, as it turned out, a dull day.  It was dragging and Harry could not concentrate on anything.  He was caught between thinking of the plight of the Healer and of the outstanding tasks required to ensure that Saturday evening was a success.  His daydreaming almost cost him dearly in Charms when Professor Flitwick asked him about the hastening charm they had been studying for the past week; a complex charm that allowed for a brief period of time the body to move at an accelerated pace.  Thankfully Pansy, who had been sat next to him at the time, muttered the answer to him. 

The evening was a whole heap better than the day; Harry and Draco had used the fireplace in Professor McGonagall's office to floo home to 20 Secrecy Avenue and Kreacher had greeted them warmly with a meal of Steak and Ale pie.  They chatted over the meal and soaked up the familiar feeling of home before moving to the lounge and cuddling up on the sofa to watch the muggle film "Titanic".  Draco was wholly scandalised at the entire film announcing that `he could not believe a single wizard or witch had not been on board and that a simple Reparo would have fixed the whole thing'.  It was all Harry could do to avoid rolling his eyes.

The Saturday morning dawned bright and crisp though it was plain to see that winter was settling in as the tree's that overlooked the Potter-Malfoy residence began to drop their leaves.  Over breakfast Harry casually mentioned that he would be popping out for a couple of hours that afternoon to take care of a few bits and pieces.  He had chosen his moment carefully, at the point Draco was most engrossed with an article in the paper about a new experimental potion and the comment was barely acknowledged, although there was something of a minor disagreement between the couple that afternoon as Ron arrived and Draco contested the fact that he had ever been told.  Glancing at his best mate with an `I'm sorry expression' he stepped to the apparition point and transported himself to Diagon Alley.

He had his robes made up, attended Flora's Magical Floral shop, Gringotts, Jetta Jewellers, before, with a deep sense of foreboding, heading towards The Leaky Caldron. 

He had arranged a room for an hour to wash; change and most ominously have his hair `styled'.  The witch in question had come highly recommended from Mrs Weasley.  Her name was Irene and she was a complete delight putting Harry immediately at his ease.  She applied a growth and straightening charm to his hair before carefully cutting it.  Harry then proceeded to have a quick shower before changing into his new robes.  Irene then proceeded to style his hair and as she proudly presented the mirror for Harry to inspect her handy work he couldn't help but be reminded of his forth year and the triwizard tournament.  

Glancing at Fabians' watch he gathered himself together, thanked Irene profusely and aparated back to the house.  His throat had gone dry as he reached for the doorknocker; of course he could let himself in but that wouldn't be appropriate this evening.  The house elf opened the door and a faint look of shock glazed his face and was gone again.

"Yes Master Harry"

"Could you tell Draco I am here?"

"Of course Master" the elf bowed low before disappearing with a crack before reappearing moments later "Master Draco asks me to tell Master Harry that he will be down in a moment andÉ"


"And that you're a git" came an agitated voice approaching the door.  The house elf bowed once again and moved back into the house.  Harry could just see through the crack of the hinge of the door Draco pulling his finest cashmere cloak around his neck before stepping out the front door and almost falling over as he glanced at Harry.  Harry's throat became, if possible, dryer as he proffered the bunch of flowers in Draco's direction.  Draco was stood stock still in a comical pose half in and half out the door, his eyes hungrily drinking in his boyfriend.  The deep crimson robes offset perfectly against the crisp white shirt and the open black travelling cloak Harry was wearing.  Draco moved forward and snaked his hand into Harry's hair before pulling him into a kiss.

"I am beginning to wonder if we need to go out at all; I think my meal has just knocked on the door" Draco said as Harry blushed a shade of red to match his robes.

"It looks alright then?"

"Alright?  Much better than alright.  Are those for me?"  It was Draco's turn to blush as Harry handed the spectacular bunch of flowers to him.

"Yeah.  I didn't know what you liked so I got you a bit of everything"

"Thank you" he turned and put them just inside the door calling to Kreacher to put them into water.

Harry proffered his arm towards the blond.  They were sucked into the compressing darkness before re-emerging in Godric's Hollow outside the Snap Dragon.  The customers that were already frequenting the restaurant looked up from their meals as the two men strode into the restaurant and not a moment later the mutters broke out.  The waitress who also seemed totally over awed by the situation ushered them to their seats before giggling like a schoolgirl and hurried off returning with the menus.  The table itself was in a quiet area of the restaurant and hardly overlooked.

The starter and main course could not have gone more perfectly.  Harry felt almost normal as he sat with Draco and discussed school, employment, family amongst other topics.  It surprised Draco to learn that Harry had seen his parents in the mirror of Erised.  Similarly Harry was shocked to discover that Draco had broken his jaw following the punch that Hermione had delivered to him in third year; although Harry was sworn to secrecy, even from Ron, under pain of death. 

Just as Harry was feeling relaxed and reached for Draco's hand it happen.  A camera emerged from around the corner and the bright flash made his eyes blink as the photographer clicked away capturing the moment of their first date.  Draco reared angrily to life reaching for his wand as the photographer made a swift exit back around the corner he had just appeared from. 

The Snap Dragon's manager was summoned and berated by Draco's sharp tongue.  He had fiercely questioned what type of institution allowed journalists entry to capture private moment of paying customers.  The apologies had not come fast enough and Harry dropped some galleons on the table before escorting Draco from the restaurant.  Harry kicked himself as soon as they stepped from through the door and into the thronging crowd of reporters and photographers.  The flashing lights were enough to daze him and the jostling almost separated him from Draco before pulling his lover tight to him and apparating them from the manic crowd.  They re-appeared in the back garden of 20 Secrecy Avenue and nothing but white rage emanated from his blond lover. 

"Fucking bastards" he half spat, half sobbed "Fucking bastards have to go and stick their fucking nose where it isn't fucking wanted"

Harry knew better than to even attempt to calm the fiery blond down at this point he was too far-gone.  He ranted for ten minutes before Harry felt it was safe enough to approach and wrap his arms around him and pulled him gently onto the seat by the pond that was bubbling away in the darkness. 

"You're mine, not there's.  I don't want to share you"

"Dray; you know I am yours.  Only yours and always yours; ermÉI have erm something for youÉif you want it that is I mean"

Draco lifted his grey eyes to piece Harry's and he cupped the blond in his hands and wiped away the stray tears of fury.  "Look it's not much but I wanted you to have this" and he thrust a small dark felt box into his hands.  Contained within it was a White Gold band inlaid with small green emeralds.  The dry feeling had returned to his throat as the silence built.

"Do you like it?" his voice cracked half way through the sentence

"Like it?  I love it.  I am blown away.  I don't know what to say"

Relief spread through him and the flow of moisture resumed in his mouth.  Harry extracted the ring from its box and placed it on Draco's finger.  "This ring has a secret you know, just in case you ever doubt that I am yours"

Draco looked from the ring to Harry confused "Oh?"

"Yeah.  Do you wanna see?"


"Come and stand over here" he moved Draco to the far side of the garden "Now wait here for three full minutes and then press this emerald" he indicated one that was larger than the others "and think of me"

Harry left a bemused Draco standing at the end of the garden as he walked quickly into the house before running upstairs and into the bedroom.  Unlike apparition the movement was silent and Draco appeared standing next to Harry in the bedroom.

"What the hell just happened?" he whispered softly

"Now if you ever doubt that I am yours then you can find me instantly and ask" he muttered into the blond's ear before applying a kiss to his neck.

"Did I ever tell you just how much I love you?"

"Perhaps you could show me?"