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Harry Potter and the Unforeseen Hero


Chapter Eighteen: Paralysis



Whilst laying on their bed in the `couples' individual dorm rooms Draco had confessed to Harry that he was beginning to get nervous about their upcoming NEWTS exams and sitting in the familiar room with the familiar journalist Harry couldn't help but come around to a similar conclusion.  Two weeks had already flown past since their last meeting with Cuffe and he was excitable as ever as the three had entered the room.  For his part Harry was glad that they where rapidly approaching the conclusion of these meetings as the tale of their adventures wound its way towards the final parts.  The trio estimated that they would be done by late November and therefore giving them a few weekends free for revision prior to the exams. 

Classes seemed to be going well and Harry was relieved to find that whilst the classes were far from easy he understood the principles and consequently the content of their lessons far more readily than he had ever done in the past.  Ron was palpably more excited with each passing day by the upcoming Quidditch match and had begun training his team.  Harry found himself watching his best friend intently, it was clear that the pain of Hermione's loss was still at the forefront of his mind but for the first time since her death he saw a renewed twinkle in his red haired friends eye.  He wasn't sure that it was wholly the Quidditch but he couldn't quite place his finger on what else it may be. 

Cuffe cleared his throat and brought Harry from his contemplative mood "I trust you are all well boys?  I have to say I found our parting several weeks ago particularly irksome.  Did you want to dive straight in?"ÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉ.

The period immediately after Lupin's visit had left the group in a state of semi-paralysis.  The news he had brought to the group had pulled them into a temporary stupor leaving them concerned about friends, family and loved ones safety.  The news of muggle borns being sent north had, unsurprisingly, affected Hermione rather badly.  

Harry and Draco continued to run and train in the mornings but rather than come back to a focused group a sense of lethargy had settled in and they often retreated to their room leaving the other two alone in the sitting room.  Harry had caught Hermione's raised eyebrows looking curiously in their direction as they retreated to their room but he had tried to place it to the back of his mind.  It was now clear to him that he could no longer pretend that he didn't have feelings for Draco.  Reaching for the blond and pulling him into an embrace was the first action he performed every morning now and their kisses were no longer chaste and nervous.  He knew it would only be a short matter of time before their relationship moved to another level.  They had been desperately close to crossing the invisible boundary from kisses, hugs and a grope to something more physical.  On more than one occasion he had woken to find his throbbing erection pressed deeply into the snug confines of Draco's ass. 

It was with some surprise therefore that, when he and Draco arrived back from their run and practice in the first week of December, he found Hermione sat purposefully at the kitchen table writing notes in her meticulous style. 

"About time, where have you two been?" Hermione snapped as Draco climbed down the ladder into their underground home.

"Where we usually are at this time of day!" Draco replied

"Which is where?" Ron asked and Harry startled as he noticed the red head for the first time hidden behind a pile of books.

"We have been running first thing in the morning for weeks, keeping fit.  Something you might want to think about Weasley" Ron merely grunted and returned to his book

"So what's going on?"

"We need to get moving.  I was up all night thinking about it" Again Ron grunted as if in acknowledgement of this fact.

"Again with the riddles Hermione"

"I don't know what is going on with people being sent north but it doesn't sound at all good and it all comes back to the same thing doesn't it?  Nothing will be fixed until we have destroyed all the Horcrux's and we now have some information to at least do that.  We just need to put a plan together and find it"

"Where do we start?" Draco put in from besides Harry

"Well with you again actually" Hermione said and looked up from her notes to give the blond a friendly smile "I think we all ruled out the first two of our three options when Lupin described their deaths.  Which leaves Dorcas Meadowes.  We know he died in Malfoy Manor so we need a plan to find it, extract it and destroy it"

"You make it sound so easy mionie" Ron grinned and looked over his books

"Do you have any idea how big Malfoy Manor is Granger?" Draco looked imperiously in Hermione's direction with a hint of the person Harry so disliked from Hogwarts

"Play nice Dray" Harry muttered so that only the blond next to him could hear

It was like planning for Hogsmede all over again.  The piles or parchment, late nights, hand drawn maps and fevered discussions about what they might find there.  Many late nights and early mornings later their plans where agreed.  It had been decided that they would attempt their plan on Christmas Eve.  Reasoning that even Death Eaters liked to play pure blood happy families and so the Manor would likely be quieter. 

Harry and Draco had intensified their battle simulations; getting up earlier and going for longer as the pair sought perfection.  A week before Christmas Eve Harry surveyed the ground with grim satisfaction as the `corpses' of their most recent duelling simulation vanished into thin air.  There was always room for improvement but his ability to work in true partnership with Draco was now not in doubt.  They knew what the other was thinking in a combat situation now without needing to talk.  As Harry would realise that a shield charm was required one would already be expanding into the gap he had identified or vice versa. 

"I think we are as prepared as can be expected" Harry said and Draco nodded in his direction "Agreed"

"Let's get back and shower up.  I don't like looking or smelling like this"

"I like it" Draco whispered as he slid his arms around the boy's waist and pressed his lips to the side of his neck.

"Don't do this to me Dray"

"Do what?"

"You know full well what.  I know that we haven't said it butÉ"

"What?" he squeezed the dark haired boy from behind again "Go on"

"We haven't ever spoken about you and me.  I'm fine with that by the way.  We speak all the time about everything and anything but I don't really know what is going on"

Harry could already feel the colour rise up into his cheeks and his subconscious telling him that Draco had him right where any good Slytherin would; exposed.  The small declaration of insecurity about their relationship had provided the blond with an open view into his own feelings.  What if Draco was content with the companionship that he offered but that any true feelings for Harry simply didn't exist?  The silence was beginning to stretch just a little longer than he was comfortable with and he moved to gloss over this "Don't worry about it.  It isn't important"

"You don't think it is important?" Draco asked

"I didn't mean that"

"That's what you just said"

"Well do you think it's important?"

"I should think that is rather obvious"

"Not to me"

"Harry, are you gay?" The sudden change in the conversation caught Harry off guard and he turned to face Draco.  "I mean I know you dated Weasley junior last year and yet here you are in the middle of a wood asking me about what is between us.  Before I answer your question I want to know the answer to my question"

Harry licked his lips.  How in hells name did he begin to answer that question?  He was rapidly wishing that he had not said anything.

"I don't really know how to answer that" this was clearly not the response Draco had been looking for as his face took on the familiar sneer.

"Well until you can answer that I cant answer you" and he began to move away back to the old tree stump

"No wait" Harry called a little too loudly and grabbed his arm to prevent him from moving further away

"Look.  When I said I didn't know, what I meant was I had never really thought about it before" Draco rolled his eyes "Yes I dated Ginny for a while and I kissed Cho Chang once. I have never really thought about another guy in that wayÉ only you.  I'm sorry I don't know if that makes me gay or bisexual or whatever but what I am saying is" he swallowed the lump that had appeared in the back of his throat and licked his lips.  It was time to lay the cards on the table; he had as good as had already.  "I like being with you.  I like the fact that you are there when I go to sleep.  I like the fact that you are there when I wake up.  I like the way you smell.  I like kissing you.  I like the fact that you didn't turn out to be the arsehole you always pretended to be at school.  I like your hair and the way it touches the sides of your face.  I like lots about you and if that makes me gay then I guess I am gay.  I don't like labels but you make me happy and I want more.  But if you don't think that way and I am just the only option around at the moment then I need to know that" he looked up expectantly into the piercing grey eyes.

"Harry to me you are the only option"  "Hey wait!  Let me finish" The blond jumped in as the emotion drained from Harry's face.  "What I meant is you have always been the only option for me.  I have wanted to be close to you since I first met you.  The reason I wanted to know if you were gay is because I don't want this `quest' to finish and then for you to run back to the Weaslette"

"I don't want her"

"What about others?"


"How can you be sure?"

"Because I want you"

"How do you want me?"

"Lots of ways"

"Such asÉ"

"Why do you do this to me?"

"Because I want to know"

"I want you emotionally and" he licked his lips "physically"

"Have you ever thought about what that would involve?"

"Yes" he licked his lips again as Draco moved close to him wrapping his arms about him and bringing his mouth close to Harry's ear "What have you thought about Harry?"

"Everything" he muttered

"Have you thought about touching me?"


"What about sucking me?"


"Me sucking you?"


Draco leaned in closely so that Harry could feel his lips brush over his ear and it sent shivers down his body "What about spreading my legs and pushing your cock inside me"

Harry licked his lips and in a hoarse whisper "Yessss"

"Does the thought of fucking me turn you on?" Harry grabbed Draco's hand that was now resting at his side and pushed it into his crotch to meet his throbbing cock.

"What do you think?" the low moan that escaped Draco's lips told its own story

"You still haven't answered my question" Harry said trying to maintain some wafer thin degree of control over the situation

"What was the question again?" Draco pulled back flashing a brilliant smile in Harry's direction

"What's going on with you and I?"

"Well I don't want to sound presumptuous, but it sounds like I am your boyfriend.  If you want me that is?"

"I totally do"

They had kissed more times than Harry could perhaps remember but the intensity and unspoken words in that kiss took his breath away.  They held hands as they walked back to the tree stump.  Harry felt light and a little giddy which was made worse as Draco leant down and whispered in his ear `just you wait till tonight' as he was descending into the tree.

Harry found that he couldn't wait until that night.  If he stopped to think about the promise Draco had made as he descended into the trees capacious depths he found himself hard and with sticky boxers.  On more than one occasion Hermione had pulled him up on his behaviour.  Even Ron, who was not known for his observational skills, was now frowning in his direction as he blushed and looked away from Draco who was speaking.

"You alright mate?"

"What?  Oh yes fine, thanks"

"Are you sure Harry you seem very distracted?" Draco asked in mock concern

"Yes fine thank you Draco.  My mind just wandered for a second"

"So how do we get down to the basement of the Manor?  It seems like a good place to start being as that was where the last Horcrux was" thank god for Hermione Harry thought as attention was diverted back away from him

"Well the best way is through the entrance in this corridor" Draco indicated, pointing to one of his hand drawn maps

"Right.  It's a shame we can't expand the search radius for magical concentration spell.  It took ages to find the last one in a small place.  I think we are going to be lucky if we find it easily when the Manor is so big"

Draco coughed and placed a pointed look in Harry's direction.  However, the man with the lightening scar was already disconnected from the conversation once again.  Draco aimed a kick in his direction.

"Ouch!  What was that for?!" Harry looked over crossly in Draco's direction whilst rubbing his shin

"Hermione was just saying it's a shame that we can't search a bigger radius using the `magus defigo' spell that we used last time" Harry blushed once again a faint red hue creeping up his face.  Of course he wanted to do everything he could to locate and destroy the Horcrux but he was not sure he was ready for his friends to know the details of their early morning practice sessions.  He was scared that they would find it highly suspicious for he and Draco had not only been practising duelling in these sessions but experimenting with `joint casting' to make more powerful spells.  It was a logical extension, Draco rationalised, to casting the duelling spell together.  There had already been times when the double strength shield spell had saved them from powerful dark magic during the duelling practices. 

"There maybe a way" Harry said finally

"What, how?" Hermione sat forward and Harry was impressed to see just how close she was to the edge of her chair and falling off it.

Harry cleared his throat and wished for an absolution "Look, there is no reason why I haven't told you this, it's just never seemed important till now, but Draco and I have been working together in the mornings on spells and stuff" Hermione frowned and Ron looked like someone had just poked him in the eye "It started off with swapping information on spells and the like then we moved to practicing those spells and then one thing led to another"

"And?" Hermione prompted

"We can cast some spells together that increases the power of the spell compare with if we had casted it individually"

"You what?" Ron spluttered

"We.  Can.  Cast.  Some. Spells.  Together.  Honestly Weasley" Draco intoned

"But why?  Why would he want to do that with you?  That's really difficult" Hermione spluttered

"Show me" Ron's monotone continued

"What why?"

"Show me!"

"Oh come on Harry.  It's not as if it's something to be ashamed of.  We practiced something, we got good at it.  End of story.  Patronus or shield charm?" 

"Shield" Harry spoke quickly.  He wasn't sure that his friends were ready to watch Draco's eagle Patronus and his Stag meld together into a hook nosed, winged, beast with Antlers.  In fairness they had only ever managed to achieve that feat twice themselves.

"Come on then Potter, unless you are going to do it sitting?"

Harry stood, reaching for his wand and automatically reached for Draco's hand.  As the slim fingers came into contact with the palms of his hands a familiar jolt of static passed between them.  He couldn't help but notice how natural it felt to have Draco's hand in his own.  He knew it was going to happen before it did and he responded in kind "Protego!" the light spilt from the tip of his wand and instantly intertwined with Draco's before shooting forth and forming a shield charm between the kitchen door and the hall way. 

Ron looked up at the thick shield and snorted.  Hermione licked her lips before speaking "Impressive"

"Impressive?  What in fucks name is impressive about that?  I knew it would be a mistake keeping him.  Now look they are not only doing things without sharing but they are fucking casting together.  That is messed up"

"Fuck off Ron!  Just in case you hadn't noticed our ability to cast together may actually come in handy.  What's your fucking problem?"

"MY PROBLEM?" Ron balled "Have you forgotten who he is?  He's a snake Harry and you have let him close to your magic.  Have you any idea how dangerous that is?"

Burning rage was all Harry could feel.  He had just insulted Draco, he had insulted his intelligence and he had scorned weeks of effort and practice that could make a very real difference to the success of their next mission.  With a shaking hand he slowly lowered his wand and released Draco's hand.  He felt strangely empty.  "Fuck you Ron" and he left the room before marching into the bedroom he shared with Draco. 

Harry was used to being insulted; living with the Dursleys had taught him how to deal with that.  He was even used to having his sanity questioned; that whole year with Umbridge for example.  But this was a new feeling, a burning anger.  How dare Ron question Draco's integrity like that?  How dare he get upset that he and Draco had a skill that was going to be useful to them?  There was timid knock at the door.  He ignored it.  He was not in the mood to discuss this further.  The knock this time was more insistent.


"Harry, its me, may I come in?"  Hermione of course it would be her acting as peacemaker. 

He sighed before responding with a dejected `yes'

"Are you ok?" the concern in her voice was so familiar it made him feel guilty

"Yes I'm fine"

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure Hermione.  I just don't like it that Ron is still questioning Draco's integrity.  I think he has more than proven he is with us on this.  I also don't see why he is making such a fuss about something that can actually help us?  I mean he does want us to find the Horcrux, right?"

"Oh Harry" she pulled him into an embrace "He doesn't hate Draco"

"Could have fooled me"

"He doesn't Harry.  He just doesn't understand your new friendship.  He is jealous.  You do know don't you Harry that what you and Draco did back there is a very unusual skill"

"Hermione, you know I love you right?"

She blushed and he added "as a friend".  She smiled before he continued "I love you like a friend but please drop it.  I don't wanna talk about this at the moment"

"Ok Harry.  Well you know where I am if you want to talk about anything at all" she got up and moved back to the door.

"Hermione" he called after her



A while later, as Harry lay on the bed staring at the ceiling, Draco entered the room and hovered around the doorway before asking "is it safe to come in?"

"For you?  Always"

Draco smirked and placed a plate of food on Harry's lap "You missed dinner"

"Wasn't feeling hungry"

"Eat its good"

"Dunno how you could sit in there with him"

"I didn't"

"So where were you?"

"In the kitchen with Granger"

"So where was Ron?"

"In their room I assume"

Harry took a bite of the slice of bread and dunked the rest in the thick stew.


"Yeah.  Thanks" looking up he gave Draco a warm smile


"You're not leaving?" Harry looked up from the bowl and asked as Draco turned to leave

"Would you rather I didn't?"

"Stay with me"

Draco turned back into the room and with a well practiced flick of the wand cast the familiar charm to merge the beds together before climbing onto the bed and resting next to Harry as he finished up his stew.

"You seem pretty calm about what Ron had to say.  Didn't it bother you?" Harry asked

"Of course it bothered me but why do I need to get annoyed when I have you to protect my honour"

Harry grinned down at the blond who was now sprawled lazily across the bed as he discarded the bowl onto the bedside table.   "What's the time?"

"Late.  Hermione went off to bed"

"Oh" a sudden lump had formed in his throat as he slid down the bed and rested his head stiffly against the pillow. 

"Jumpy Potter" Draco grinned as he ran his hand up and down Harry's jean clad thigh


"Make me" Never one to refuse a challenge Harry rolled over and onto Draco in the process before lowering his head onto the blonds for a deep kiss.  He could feel the blood flood to his cock as the friction between his crotch and the blonds increased.

It wasn't long before Draco's svelte hands found their way beneath his t-shirt before re-emerging and pulling Harry down harder to connect their groins even closer.  A small moan escaped Draco's lips, which only fuelled Harry's desire.  He moved slowly down his lover's neck pressing kisses and little bites into it.  The following moments turned into a blur; clothes flying everywhere and kisses finding their way onto lips, shoulders, necks and chests.  Draco reached out a hand to grasp Harry's pulsating prick. 

"mmmmmmghhhmm its big"

"You know how big it is" Harry blushed

"Not really, I have never touched it" he tugged the fat cock in his hand a few times before a bead of precum appeared and glistened on the head.  Pushing Harry back and up Draco moved forward to a position where he could run his tongue over the head and wipe away the precum with his tongue.

"I want this in me now" Draco whispered

"I don't really know what to do" Harry blushed

"Me either.  How difficult can it be though?  Lay back"

The lithe blond moved quickly forwards and positioned himself over Harry's dripping cock and he ran the thick prick across his tight hole, spreading the precum as he went.  A steely look of determination crossed the blonds face as he began to lower himself down onto the thick cock beneath him.  As the head broke through and into him he let out a load yelp of pain.

"You ok?" Harry asked quickly "Should we stop?"

"I am not stopping.  I have wanted you in me for ages.  I want this thick dick of yours in me!" 

Harry spat in his hand and wiped it up the length of his cock before turning his attention to wanking Draco's shorter but thick cock.  This turned out to be exactly the right move as Draco soon became overwhelmed by the intense feeling this was providing.  As he bottomed out Harry's prick ran over his `spot'.

"Oh my god" he panted



"Stop what?!" Draco grabbed Harry's wrist and stopped him pulling on the thick cock that was now coated in precum "that" he panted

Slowly he began to rise up on Harry's cock before sliding back down.  The deep guttural moan that escaped Harry was hugely satisfying and he picked up the pace.  It was not long before animal instinct took over and Harry had pushed Draco onto his side and then down so that he was now looking down on his lover with his legs up over his shoulders and his hips thrusting hard into the blonde's deflowered ass.  A few more minutes of hard pounding found Harry whisper urgently that "I'm close" and Draco went back to stroking his fat prick.

"Really close" Harry warned

"Cum in me!"

With one final slam Harry went rigid and felt like someone was ripping his world in two as he emptied his seed into the hot blond's ass.  The last thrust had rubbed right along Draco's prostate and he was simultaneously coating his chest in cum before Harry pressed his lips to the blond and collapsed onto him.  It took several minutes before either spoke. 

"That was amazing" Harry virtually purred into Draco's ear

"I know.  Pull the duvet over" Harry stretched out an arm and pulled the duvet up over him and his lover. 

He was in a dark room with a crackling fire spitting near by.  He was happy, very happy.  The plan was perfect!  It was better than perfect.  As he thought about it a thin, soulless smile crept up his face as he considered the irony.  The pitiless smile turned into a laugh, a serpentine hiss.  Harry awoke with a jerk as Draco shook him awake.

"Are you ok?" he asked, the tone of concern etched in his voice

"IÉI'm fine" Harry panted and automatically rubbed his scar

"What was that about?"

"Nothing" Harry tried to deflect the question as he continued to massage his scar, hoping to alleviate the pain.

"It didn't look like nothing"

"Honestly, it was nothing"

"Come on Harry!" Draco half snapped

"Look, you know sometimes I get visions right?  When Voldemort is particularly angry or happy or has a strong emotion.  That's how, wellÉ that's how I knew you needed help"

"Yeah, I know"

"Well I had one, he is happy, very happy" Harry said through gritted teeth as another jolt of pain cursed through him

"Do you mind if I try something?"

"Erm, sure, ok" Harry said as he felt Draco's thin hand on his face and work his way up to the scar.  Harry winced as Draco tried to push his own hand away.

"Trust me" Draco whispered and after a moments hesitation Harry moved his hand away, only for it to be replaced by Draco's.  A few moments later the pain began to dull.

"What the heck?" Harry exclaimed and continued "nothing has ever helped with that before!"

"It's a spell to help dull dark magic"

"Thanks" Harry said and meant it more sincerely than anything he could remember

"Anytime, try and get back to sleep" Draco replied and kissed the top of his forehead. 

Several hours after that Harry woke to find himself alone and the sound of running water in the bathroom next door.  He slipped from the bed and slid in to the steaming shower and swallowed his first load of cum from the thick cock he was so enthralled by. 

That morning after their run Harry and Draco practiced joint casting the `magus defigo' spell.  It was a difficult one to joint cast but by the end of the morning they were casting successfully every time.  When they returned at lunch it was to a tense atmosphere.  He managed to avoid exchanging more than a few words with Ron.  Throw in a lot of sex and so was the pattern for the following few days.  It was not until Hermione's lecture the night before Christmas Eve that Harry's friendship with Ron returned to something close to normality. 

It was late on Christmas Eve afternoon that the four retreated to their respective rooms to change.  Draco kissed Harry tenderly on the lips before they pulled the black balaclavas down to obscure their faces.  They met the other two at the exit of the tree den. 

"Into the Vipers nest we go" Hermione observed as they exited the stump and clasped hands to apparate.