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Harry Potter and the Unforeseen Hero


Chapter Twenty Two: A Famous Wizard

Draco was frustrated, which meant that Harry was frustrated.  The two wizards sat in the now intimately familiar kitchen in their underground lair.  Ron was to be found head flat against the kitchen table with Hermione looking expectantly around the group. 

"For the five hundredth time Hermione, we can't think of any more famous fucking wizards that died, or at least none that we haven't already reviewed and discounted.  The books are bled dry and frankly so am I" Draco finished and with an air of finality as he slammed the wizarding genealogy book they had been examining closed.

It was a mark of the group's general frustration that Ron had not leapt to Hermione's defence, something that he had frequently done in the past. 

"Well I am sorry Malfoy but unless you hadn't noticed we still need the unaccounted for piece or when your boyfriend goes up against Voldemort, you will be back on the market!" Hermione screeched slamming her book closed and glaring across the table.  As soon as the word `boyfriend' had fallen from her lips both Harry and Draco had frozen in a comical double act.  Ron scratched the back of his head.

"What was that?" The ginger teen asked in a voice far to calm to be sane.  Hermione's icy glance faded quickly from her face as she realised not only her mistakes but also the implications of it.

She had hesitated too long but she swept her hair back and in an almost convincingly confident voice said "Oh come on Ron I was just trying to get a reaction, you know it winds him up," there was a tangible pause around the table as the three looked on to see if Ron would believe this story.

"You're lying, I can always tell when you aren't telling me the whole truth, you're finger taps" in a comic book moment Hermione looked down and observed her own index finger tapping and forcibly stopped herself.

"Oh don't talk nonsense Ronald" she attempted, once again trying to brush it off.

"So you were just going to keep this from me?" he asked fixing an accusatory glance at Harry. 

He didn't know what to say, how could he explain to his best friend that he was too scared to confront him about such an important part of his life for fear of rejection.  He knew that he had to do something soon though as the colour began to fill his cheeks as he rounded on Hermione "and you!  You knew and you never told me!"

"Wait a minute Ron, this is NOT Hermione's fault.  I asked her to keep it to herself for now until..." but he couldn't finish his sentence.

"Oh my god it really is true" Ron whispered as he looked back at Harry.  Harry could see the crescendo mounting and made another attempt to cut it off.  "Look Ron, we didn't tell Hermione, she worked it out for herself.  You and Draco were ill at the same time and I guess she worked it out from there.  She would have told you but you were recovering.  I didn't know how you would feel about it and so I just asked her not to say anything."

"Six weeks Harry, SIX FUCKING weeks ago that was.  You could have told me yesterday, or the week before or the week before that.  But no...I find out that my best mate is fucking another bloke by mistake.  I don't care that you fancy blokes, not really" he added as Draco snorted "I really couldn't give a shit.  If you like to suck cock what does that matter to me?  The fact that its DRACO FUCKING MALFOY is one of the issues but the other is that you didn't trust me Harry.  You didn't fucking trust me!" he shook his head in despair.  He should however, have been watching Draco who had slowly risen from his seat and walked around the table.  Harry watched in slow motion as his boyfriend slammed a fist down across his best friend jaw.

"DRACO, NO!!" Harry called too late as he heard the fist connect with the jaw.  All hell broke loose.  Ron, far from being subdued, sprang to his feet tackling Draco to the ground before returning the punch to the blonds' midriff.  The house elf was screaming, Ron was shouting unintelligible words and Hermione was stood with her hands clasped firmly to her mouth.  Another punch connected with the side of Draco's face and then something strange happened similar to some of the `strange' occurrences he had as a child.  A soft static crackle filled the air and Harry flicked his hand to the right.  The force of the spell sent Ron sliding gently backwards into a kitchen cupboard.  Draco sat up coughing and made towards the startled red head.  Another flick of his hand and the shield charm sprang up separating the two men.  Draco thumped it before starting on a rant of his own, pointing threateningly in Ron's direction.

"You fuckwit.  This is exactly why we didn't tell you.  Because we knew you would react like this.  You would compromise our objectives" Harry stood mesmerised; he had never seen Draco loose it before, let alone in this kind of fashion.  "I KNOW Weasley that I treated you, Granger and not least Harry like shit at school but when will you get it into your thick fucking head... I.AM.NOT.THAT.PERSON.ANYMORE. You know what has to be done.  You know the prophecy is real.  I LOVE Harry and I want to help Harry Potter succeed in killing the fucking loony that is running around killing families.  Potter has had to deal with more shit than we ever have; Potter has more shit to come.  It's our job to help, not make his life harder.  If you were a real friend you would understand this.  Instead you are making his life, our life, harder" he was panting now and thumped his hand against the shield charm again for good measure.

Ron looked stunned but he managed to stutter "You, you, you love him?"

A shade of red crept over his milky cheeks as he finally lowered his hand and turned to face away from the room before saying clearly "Yes, I do" and then as if to affirm it he repeated "I love Harry Potter."

The tension had fallen out of the room and Harry let the shield charm drop as he approached Draco to put a hand on his shoulder and pull him round and into an embrace.  Harry brushed his lips over Draco's ear and whispered "I love you too. You make me so happy" and then added, almost as an after thought, as he pulled away from Draco "even though you just had a full on brawl with my best friend."

"Well Potter, someone has to defend you, because you weren't." 

"Say that again..." Harry said in an audible whisper that hung in the air.  Draco frowned at his boyfriend.

"Someone has to defend you?"

"No, no the bit before" Harry urged

"Well Potter?" Draco said looking at Harry confused.  He was pleased to see a similar look on Hermione's face and a grimace on Ron's.

"Holy shit!"

"What?" Draco asked.

"I know where the last Horcrux is."

"Where?!?" Hermione all but shouted.

"Well how many other famous witch or wizards died in the first war?  But don't you see it all makes sense!"

"Harry you are making no sense at all" Draco said.

"No, no, it makes perfect sense.  We know that he wanted to make seven Horcrux's.  Right?"

"Yes Harry, I think we have established that" Hermione snapped, clearly not enjoying being in the dark.

"Right, so we know that he only created them using powerful witches or wizards as the binders.  Meadowes was powerful as was Dearborn.  Gaunt may not have been magically powerful, I don't know, but he had a powerful bloodline.  He will have had to have used a Horcrux to re-take physical form in the graveyard; so that is the `bit' that is currently within him.  We don't know who died to create the diary or the snake but it isn't an unreasonable assumption that they were powerful.  What if I was supposed to be the snake?  What IF he was targeting me to be the seventh Horcrux?  We know the snake was made much later than the rest which would make sense because he was stopped.  But what if he came to make two Horcrux's that night?  He would never use my mother, she was muggle born, but the Potter's are an ancient, powerful house and it has the blood magic too – two Potters strengthened in blood."

"So you mean..." Draco cut in.

"Yes!  That the final Horcrux's is in Godric's Hollow.  Tell me that that doesn't make sense?"

"No Harry, its brilliant" Hermione said sincerely, "It makes total sense." 

It felt so good to have a plan again; something tangible to get a hold of and progress, it reinvigorated the whole group.  Despite everyone's best efforts lethargy and frustration had set in prior to Harry's brain wave.  Ron and Draco had soon become fed up of being `nannied'.  The reconnaissance missions offered light relief as they took two of the group at a time away from the camp and allowed civilities to return but nerves soon became frayed again as a lack of plan caused the whole group to stagnate.   Hermione Granger was Harry's best friend but even he had begun to loose patients with her endless nagging.  All of this was now different, they had an objective.  Hermione had immediately sprung into action, turning a page in her notebook, scribbling down thoughts that physically exploded from her mind.  It took a few moments before she realised that the group was staring at her "Sorry" she grinned apologetically before continuing "I just wanted to get those down before they escaped me".  Ron grinned in appreciation.

Harry collapsed in a heap, on the bed that he and Draco shared, after what had turned out to be a very long stressful and emotional day.  They had come so far in such a short time.  After the initial euphoria of Harry's brain wave the tension that had existed before re-established itself.  Ron was angry because he had not been told of Harry's relationship with Draco.  Draco was angry because Ron had reacted, as he always did, with a hot temper.  Hermione was steadfastly ignoring that awkward hour which made everyone else painfully aware of its existence and Harry, well he was most angry with himself for not talking to Ron and avoiding the whole thing. 

Reaching over to the other side of the bed he pulled out his battered CD walk-man and he pulled out the back where he had magically inserted a pocket to store the CD's and flicked through before selecting a mix album `NOW that's what I call music...28!' and sticking it into the player.  `Love is all around' filled his ears and he couldn't help but grin at the irony.  The tune flowed through him.  What would his parents think, if they were alive, of his relationship with Draco?   Would they care?  Everyone had always told him that Lilly and James' were the perfect couple, in love and happy.  Surely if he was happy that would be enough for them.  He hoped so.  Dumbledore would have been fine with it, he was confident of that; he and Elphias Doge had always seemed a little closer than the average friendship.  Harry, was snapped from his thoughts as the mattress next to him softened and Draco joined him on the bed.


"You ok?" the blond asked pulling Harry into his arms.


"Yeah just thinking" Harry replied, pulling the ear phones from him.


"Anything exciting?"


"Not really, just after everything today, wondering if my parents would have been happy for me?  Never having a conversation with them that I can remember, I guess I'm just curious."  


"That's understandable Harry.  Obviously I have no idea what they would say, never having met them, but I would certainly like to think they would be happy for you.  Things have been tough on you for a long time and I would think they would be happy if you were happy."


"In which case they would be very happy."




"Do you ever, you know..." Harry paused awkwardly searching for the words "...well wonder what the situation would be like if you and I had got together at school or something."


"To be honest Harry it would have been a very difficult situation.  My father would have, probably about now, been announcing to me who my wife would be"


"You're what!?"


"My wife Harry, purebloods..."


"Say no more, it's another one of those things that I wouldn't understand, right?"


"I am sure you are perfectly capable of understanding it Harry but not coming from a pureblood family I dare say you would never accept nor agree with the obligations placed on an heir.  I loved my father, in my own way despite his cold exterior, but now I am in charge of my own destiny."


"What about your mum?"


"What about her?" Draco replied but Harry could tell he had made a mistake.  His boyfriend was now tense and Harry knew he shouldn't have gone in this direction.


"Nothing, it doesn't matter.  Hey!  Just so I am clear...you aren't getting married in the pure blood way, anymore, right?!"  Harry asked, suddenly nervous.


"No Harry, I'm not, I told you I am now free to make my own choices."


"And you don't want to get married?"


"I think you had better ask me first and to be honest it seems a little premature" Harry grinned at Draco before biting the creamy white skin of his lover's neck.  The moan that escaped his lips was obscene.



The following days were devoted to planning the next foray into what they hoped would be Voldemort's Horcrux strong hold.  Harry had snatched conversations with all of his compatriots however, it was fast getting to the point that he could no longer stand the undertones of tension and he knew it was on him to sort it out.  So it was a few days later that he found himself alone with Ron in the kitchen as he was sorting through the sheets of paper that had the usual array of notes, rough sketches and plans.


"Right, night mate" Ron said as he stood and moved towards the door.


"Actually, have you got a second?"


"Well I'm quite tired, can't it wait?"


"It can, but I would rather it didn't, will only take a moment."


"Ok" Ron said as he took his hand off the kitchen door handle and sat himself back at the kitchen table.


"I just wanted to say that I'm sorry and that I wanted you to know that whilst it was a conscious decision not to tell you, it wasn't that I didn't want to tell you.  I just honestly didn't know how to.  You are my best friend and I don't believe in secrets but I just didn't know how to start.  You have always hated him so much.  Anyways that's all I wanted to say really.  I hope you will forgive me because I would really like things to get back to normal between us."


"There isn't much to say mate.  I want you to be happy, god knows you deserve it, and if he makes you happy then I'm pleased for you.   I don't like the guy, that hasn't changed in seven years or longer, but I will make an effort to be civil if he will.  Just remember though Harry you can talk to me about anything you want ok?  The next time you don't show me the respect of treating me as a friend I will be seriously fucked off, ok?"


"Right erm, yeah, got it.  So talk to you about anything, right?"


"Yes mate."


"Well I dunno who to ask this too but maybe you can help?"


"What's that?"


"Anal sex, is it always supposed to hurt to start with?" Harry said, cracking a grin and moving swiftly out of Ron's punching vicinity.


"Ok, that is gross.  I don't want to even THINK about that.  I change my mind, talk to me about anything that isn't your sex life with Draco.  Now if you excuse me I have to go and be sick."


"Where have you been?" Draco asked as Harry entered the room glancing up over the book he was reading.


"Terrorising Ron with questions about anal sex."

"Ok you have peaked my interest, do you care to explain?"

"I had to square things with him.  Things have been difficult since he found out and it needed to be sorted.  So he told me I could talk to him about anything and I asked him about anal sex" Harry said and watched as Draco began to laugh. 

Harry made up his mind in that instant and sat down next to Draco pulling his hand into his own before speaking.  "I am not really very good at this stuff, but there is something I want you to know, I love you.  I love you very much.  It actually scares me a little, I'm not sure I can imagine myself without you anymore, but I want you to know that our relationship does not follow your pureblood weird practices.  You can talk to me about anything and everything.  I most probably won't be able to do anything about it but I want you to know I am here for you whatever."

"Thanks Harry.  I promise to try but you aren't going to undo years of conditioning overnight.  But I promise to try."

"No pressure Draco, I just wanted to say it, so you know."

"There is something you can do for me though" he said smiling wickedly.

"What's that?" Harry asked and Draco picked up Harry's hand within his own and placed it on his crotch to feel his throbbing cock. 

"Oh I see" Harry said smiling.

Jumping up onto his knees Harry leaned forwards and began to slowly undress the blond, leaving on his white briefs. Then jumping up he quickly stripped down to his own briefs before returning to Draco, feeling and sucking the pulsing cock through the cloth.   Harry's hand slipped under the others elastic tugging the throbbing prick and running a finger into the tight crevice of the blonds asshole.

Painfully hard now Draco moved up pulling off his briefs and quickly pulling at Harry's too until they joined Draco's on the floor.  Leaning forward and he took as much of Draco's cock into his mouth as he could and was satisfied to hear him breath in sharply and his muscles contract.  Harry's mouth was flooded with sensations; his cock, smooth and warm, had a lightly salty taste to it and the faint smell of the sweat coming from his balls was driving him crazy.

Licking up and down Draco's long shaft his hips rocked in appreciation.  Before the rocking turned into thrusting.

"Oh, suck it.  Yeah" Draco moaned.

Harry moved his right hand to his huge balls and began to rub them gently in his hand.

"Keep doing that.  Uhhhh.  I want you to suck me off.  Do it.  Yeah. I'm gunna, UHHHH... cum."

Harry's head bobbed up and down and Draco's cock started to swell in his mouth and his breathing became more erratic.  His legs tightened up.

"Yeah...Suck!  Ohhhhh...Uhhhhhh!  MMMMMMMM!"  Draco gave one final hard lunge, gagging Harry who felt the cum rush out of Draco's dick and into his mouth.  Harry swallowed quickly.

"Oh my god" Draco said panting and catching his breath, that was intense!

"What about me?" Harry pouted as his whose own raging hardon was demanding attention.

"Oh don't you worry, I have something for you..."

Draco lifted himself off the bed and turned his back to Harry before moving into a keeling position and wiggling backwards so that Harry was directly behind him.  He held his ass open, exposing his tight hole, before pushing further back so that Harry's' cock head was resting on his hole.

"Ready?" Draco asked, placing his warm hand around Harry's cock

"What do you think?" Harry grunted

At the same time, Draco pushed back, Harry went forward. Slowly they worked Harry's dripping cock into Draco's tight ass hole. Harry could tell that it was hurting as his large cock began stretched Draco's tight hole.  The blonde made a sighing noise as Harry bottomed out.

Slowly Draco pulled forward before thrusting back onto Harry's cock.  Harry could feel Draco's ass lifting on and off his cock. Each stroke was pure pleasure.  His bare ass was so hot and tight, and now Draco was slamming himself up and down in pure ecstasy.

"I wanna see you" Harry whispered into Draco's ear and the blond stopped before pushing him down onto the mattress and lowering himself back onto his target.  

The look of pure lust in his eyes as he was riding was driving Harry insane, feeling his dick as far into Draco as it could possibly go. Draco was rock hard again and gushing thick precum. Harry thought that one touch and it would burst all over again.

Harry took hold of the blonds' slim hips and started driving his cock into that tight arse, fucking him hard. He was slipping in and out like a piston.

"Fuck, I'm close" Harry moaned and Draco's hand started working furiously on his cock.

"Me too" the blond grunted and Harry slammed into him really hard, as he couldn't hold it any longer.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Ohhhhh!" Cum spurted from Draco's cock all over Harry's stomach, chest, face and hair.

The load that now coated him and Draco's bare ass rubbed Harry's dick perfectly and cum poured out, flooding his hot little hole.

It took a few moments for the two to come down from their post-orgasm high.

"That..." Harry began and heaved a deep breath "...was fucking amazing" Draco grinned impishly before replying "well you have a hot cock."

"Thanks and you have a fucking hot arse" Harry replied before gently slapping one of the pink cheeks. 

The couple slept soundly wrapped in each others arms until the following day. 

"Harry Potter, WHAT have you done to my arse" Draco groaned as he slid from his lovers arms.

"Are you ok?" Harry asked as his eyes flicked open.

"Of course I'm ok" Draco snapped "I just feel like an entire Quidditch team has had their way with me, that's all."

"Well they bloody best not have!" Harry said grinning and quickly covered his dignity as a firm wrap on the door sounded and Hermione's voice could be heard from the other side of the door saying "Are you two up?  We are ready to start."

A short while later the couple joined Ron and Hermione in the kitchen as they began the day's planning.  By the end of the day Harry said "I think we are as ready as we ever will be."

"Agreed" Hermione said, nodding her head before continuing, "Tomorrow then?"

"Yes" Harry said.