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I don't really know which elements I'll be using or when, but eventually I'll find a place for all. If I get to finish the story, that is. I plan for this to go on a long while, but who knows.

By the way the story is about a 17 year old mage that later also becomes a mutant. His name is Phillip Markov and has a pretty messed up life, that doesn't seem to improve.

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The Untold Tales of a Mutant Mage

Chapter 1

Texas Showdown

The sun was shinning, the weather was hot as usual for September, the birds were singing and everything was out of the ordinary peaceful and quiet even for big city like Austin located somewhere in Central Texas. There was this thing in the air giving me the feel that some time in the near future something bad was surely to happen. But still I liked this stillness around me; I never was surrounded by such peace and tranquility before.

When my parents told me we were to move to America, I was in heaven. I needed this since everything that happened around in my homeland, all those painful memories haunting my dreams and I had the chance to turn my back on the past and move on. So I looked forward on the big change that was to transpire, but my expectation of where we were going to live were never met. I dreamed of the bright lights of New York or Los Angelis or even San Francisco, but much to my dismay we moved to a mansion/ranch three storey house in the outskirts of Austin. It was extremely hot and dry climate, which I despised; the house was a total wreck so the first months we spent in repairing it, but in the end it was a fresh start, so why whine. If not by the house I got annoyed by the people and their awful accent, which drove me crazy and I think I lost my remaining bit of sanity.

This was just the beginning of another hell for me, because as foreigners from another continent my family was considered to be aliens. First of all from the weird accent my parents were bringing to the English speech and the total lack of knowledge of the language from my little sister, but there was the weird and eccentric behavior my parents had. Very soon we were the weirdoes of the neighborhood, which didn't serve as a positive trait of my persona and from the first day I was singled out like a nerd and emo kid in my new high school. My name is Phillip Markov, I'm seventeen years old and come from the small country Bulgaria situated right above Greece for all that have no clue where that is and this is my story.

On this very particular Friday afternoon in the middle of September I was hurrying of to the only occult store in this huge town with hundreds of thousands of people that had some descent stock for sale. It was almost 5 PM, closing time, so I did my best to walk as fast as I could, carrying my school books in my back pack. My thoughts, which were once again delving in the past events from my miserable life, were interrupted by screams and loud crashes and other sound. There was panic in the air mixed with tension. People were running in the opposite direction from which was I coming, but nonetheless I proceeded led by my curiosity. Just as I came around the corner a large SUV came flying towards me. Being highly muscular and flexible I managed to evade it mere inches from my head and the car just crashed in the wall behind me. Just there before me was a fight between mutants. It was an unfair fight, four against two, and one scared as hell teenage girl.

My psionic gifts didn't need any special incantations, so they kicked in before I even noticed that. I guess fighting for ones life is just riding a bike, you never forget the basics. The gate that I closed six months ago swung open as my reawaking psionic gifts circulated with the strong magical energy once again through my whole body. My hair and eyes suddenly began emanating bright but in the mean time liquid glow looking like a kaleidoscopic picture with their color changing. My mind seemed to leave my body to probe the fighting mutants, a preparation I always did before entering battle, to see who I was up against and what the situation was.

The four seemed to be the baddies. There was a wicked blue skinned lady named Mystique, who was a mutant shape shifter. Although I didn't know to what extent her power really was I sensed she was danger nonetheless, trained as a fast and flexible martial artist and assassin. Now she was keeping her distance from the battle, but who knows what she has up her sleeve. A more active participant was a huge blond feral looking guy. He was called Sabertooth and even without my telepathy scanning could say that he was augmented with superior to humans' strength, stamina, endurance and reflexes. However he also possessed a very powerful healing factor, which would cause problems, when the time comes to disarm him. With him was fighting a very slim looking man in his twenties maybe. This was Pietro Maximoff a.k.a Quicksilver, who was a speedster; a very elusive catch, but not impossible to ensnare. The other woman, who kept her distance too, but was attacking via some kind of energy bolts, turned out to be his twin sister Wanda a.k.a the Scarlet Witch. Some twins though. They were totally different. He was silver haired, while she was with jet black curls.

On the other side were the members of the group calling themselves the X-Men. The woman in her mid thirties with long red hair, who was vigorously trying to block Wanda's bolts with a semispherical energy psychic shield, was called Jean Grey a.k.a Phoenix. She was a powerful telekinetic and a great telepath. Wonder why she was just sitting there keeping up an almost useless shield and manipulating Quicksilver to miss every time he made a blow. The man with her was Scott Summers a.k.a Cyclops, whose power was to shoot red beams of energy through his eyes. Not a bad gift, but was without control, because he was wearing some kind of protective red shades.

I have always been curious to meet mutants because of their powers, which was silly on account of being involved into the paranormal almost every day, well but not since 6 or 7 months. I was afraid to engage in their battle, but didn't want the nice couple to loose and had nothing better to do, so I decided to help them from the corner hidden from their sight just around the corner. Jean was handling her two mutants quite well, while I couldn't say the same for Scott. He was getting tired from the continuous blasts that had no effect on Sabertooth and much to his dismay Mystique changed her shape to that of a fierce lion and charged at him. This was where I cut in.

With a single thought I stopped Sabertooth in midair as he lunged at Scott too and with full force slammed him in the ground to let him deal with just one foe. With no time to spare i dragged him away from the battle. I was a bit pushy seemingly lost practice and judgment of my force, because I was digging up the pavement with his back like rake. By the looks of it he would survive, so I pulled him up. He was caught off guard like everyone else and the most logical reaction was to turn to Jean seemingly being the only telekinetic around.

"Jean I can handle this by myself you know!" said a very pissed Scott as he was blasting or at least trying to blast Mystique, who proved to be even more skilled than she showed avoiding every shot.

"This ain't me." came the distressed voice of Jean as she got was trying to shield herself from the twins and protect the blond girl. This was about this girl Faith. I kind of knew her. She was extremely popular in my high school and everybody knew of her. However very few actually knew her personality. It seemed that she has developed a rich bouquet of mutant abilities and was the prize for this battle. "But whoever it is, he plays hard and hope he helps me here too."

I am always obedient when it comes to very good looking people, men and women, so I spun my prey abnormally fast to disorientate him and hurled him in the nearest wall. To make sure he didn't get up right away I threw a truck parked near me at him. This was actually kind of fun slamming people around like second hand puppets. I never quite enjoyed fighting, but today there was something different in me. The hunger for someone else's pain and suffering grew in me and all I did was to encourage it and let it take over me. My attention turned towards Quicksilver. My telekinesis would be useless against his speed so I used alternative methods. In my mind was building a telepathic assault of great potential and I released it as an arrow seeking its target. It was one hit and his mind was fried. There were the screams of agony, which pleased my soul and there he was lying unconscious.

"My god what power!" exclaimed Jean sensing the strike with her own telepathy. "Scott it is good thing he is on our side" she said still maintaining the shield against the stubborn Wanda, who didn't give up or try and run away. I was on to her and bad. I took control of Jean's shield and launched it at the woman in the skimpy red outfit. I hated sluts, which was extra motive to be rather hard on her. I was mentally punching her in the guts, breasts, legs and face, but eventually I got bored and knocked her out via telepathy.

Everything was going according to plan; I was all incognito until Mystique saw my wiggling long hair coming from around the corner and decided to take me out from behind while I was too lost in my primal instincts. I was kicked hard in the back forced to show myself to the X-Men and the by around. Shit. There went my plan. This was a big mistake in the first place, why was I so stupid to enter someone else's battle.

"So this little runt is the one helping the X-Men. Let me demonstrate what I do to little foolish boys." She snickered arrogantly. She was underestimating me. How intriguing indeed. Boy was she for a startling surprise. Again she assumed that ferocious lion and jumped at me with her long claws pointed at my face.

"Let me demonstrate you what happens to ignorant bitches that stay in my way." I grinned wickedly not moving an inch. Through sheer force of will I changed her back to human form. I never knew I could do that, but at that time I was too lost in my berserk mode wanting as much pain and agony I could get. She was startled. The X-men were astonished and I...well I was pleased. I grinned at her once again and sent her mercilessly trough a wall crushing it to cinders. "And now for the grand finale." I chuckled and blasted her with one of my most powerful and devastating psionic gifts, my offensive version of the tamed empathy.

I created a bond with her to pour the emotions I thought of in the mean time. There was pain, physical and mental, fear, sorrow, anger and rage. But the peace of resistance was the emotions of animals I created especially for her. Among other things she felt ferociousness of the big felines like tigers, panthers and lions, the blood thirst of a wolf and a shark. She went insane, but managed to sustain some control over her powers, because soon she was up in the sky as a raven trying to run a way. I left her do that, so she warned her boss to stay away from me. This was over so I hurried to get away from this place; I gathered my books, which were all over the street now. My eyes and hair lost their glow and I looked normal again.

I headed towards the X-Men, who were looking me fearfully with some kind of horror, but I also felt their gratitude. I began chanting the well known spell for teleportation and thought of my home, while I was holding on the flabbergasted mutants, who had no clue, what I was doing. Soon there was a bright boom we were now in my home safe from the gazes of the outraged people back in the city.

"What the hell are you doing here? Why did you teleport and who are those people?" I was greeted by my very unhappy dad. He was in one of his good moods towards me. Cool relationship we bought had with my dad, no doubt about that.

"It's complicated dad. Give me a sec and I will tell you." I answered annoyed by his rudeness. I don't even know why I was putting up with those people, who called themselves parents. On the contrary I knew perfectly well why. It was because of the stupid council of mages, to which I theoretically was a member in the 7 and last outer circle, but practically was their slave doing much of the dirty work and getting no credit for it. I could run away and manage to survive on the streets, but the council would find me and there come the punishments for my actions. So I was pretty much stuck.

"You see I'm a mage coming from a line of mages and that's what you saw back there. It wasn't mutant abilities it was magic." I explained calmly turning to them trying to explain everything with just to sentences, which was pretty much useless, because they couldn't quite process that.

"So they don't know you are a mage, but still you tell them and you claim to have used it in front of them, which was very unwise thing of you to do especially in public areas. You should have known better than that. Tristan should have at least taught you that one." my mother answered without even acknowledging me with a look coming from the other room, but I didn't shiver at that. It was his name that made me tremble in pain and she knew I was still tormented by the image of him, so why delve in the wound deeper. I always knew that she wasn't just a master level sorceress in illusions and shamanism, but also in torturing me as well.

"But mom, these are mutants and they are pretty used to what happened. Hell even Jean here is a telekinetic and I used only that. Isn't that right" I turned towards the petrified

X-Men, who weren't used to such family scenes. They simply nodded in approval. Hell these complete strangers were backing me up against my parents.

"Let it drop dear. He did what he had to do. It was an unfair fight. What was he supposed to do." my father intervened, but the way he said it indicated that he wanted my mom to shut up. He raised his head and looked directly at Scott. "So you would like to offer a place at this school for mutants even though my kid is a mage. Interesting. What do you think dear?" my father asked casually my mom, both looking so ignorant and arrogant.

"How did you know about that?" asked Scott, a bit freaked out.

"That's telepathy, my dear. We all can develop it. At least mages that is. Well why not dear? You can have our son, if you want him." She bluntly stated much to my disbelief. I was crushed. I didn't want to go and get involved in that sort of stuff again. I was tired of this, fighting for someone else, trying to remain alive, and was too broken inside to be able to keep up, so why torture me more. I knew I wasn't beloved by my parents, but this was too much. I needed a break from this even if it was in the same house with my parents. I didn't want to start up again with the stressful routine of being the justice protector like these guys were.

"Come on mom and dad!" I yelled at them punching the table almost trembling with anger. Normally I never burst like that, but hell no body had the right to mess with my vacation given me as a bliss from the gods. "The council gave me two years of rehabilitation! Now it is like 6 months. Why don't you leave me alone to pull myself together? DON'T I DESERVE THAT AFTER EVERYTHING!?!" I was shouting in surge of anger that surprised not only the guests, but my parents as well.

"Don't shout like that. We didn't raise you to ..." my mom started, but I cut her off.

"You're right. You didn't raise me at all. I'm just your son, who happened to be a huge burden, which you sent away. Ain't that right? Only because of the council was I to come back to you and now because of the same council I was stranded here with you. As much as I don't like it I will stay here and take a break from all that shit, whether you like it or not" I hissed at them with loathe I never showed to any person. I needed to be normal at least for two years. Was that so much to ask for?

"That's it!" my father snapped back at me. "Take all you have and leave this house this instant. The council has freed you from duty, which means we don't need to take care of you at least for the following year and a half. Now move and become someone else's problem!" he ordered raising his hands warning me. The guests were mind blown of the things happening here. They didn't know and understand much of the story, but got the picture that I wasn't close to my biological parents.

"Try me old man. You have seen first hand what I can do, so don't start an apocalypse, when you god damn know you can't stop it." I warned him on my own and left the table to go to my room. "I'll leave and that would be the best thing I ever did in my whole life." I hissed at my parents and then turned back to Jean and Scott and said more calmly. "If you would wait outside this house, I'll come in about ten minutes and we can leave, if you still want me that is." I sort of asked with a hoping voice showing my vulnerability. They nodded understandingly. This was an unusual decision, because I wanted to rest and not put myself again under heavy training. These X-Men meant business; at least that's what my mind perceived from Scott and Jean. But I was certainly better off with them than with my parents here. It was a win-win situation. They get rid of me and I get away from them. I was going to do this no matter what it would cost me later on. I considered the X-Men the lesser of two evils and besides from what I pick up from them they are good people.

I entered my room and went straight to a huge wooden, but leather bound trunk with lots of decoration on it and opened it. This very second every single portable possession I had levitated itself and put itself in my magical trunk able to contain endless mass of objects that would fit inside. Soon my magical manuscripts, artifacts, alchemy set alongside with my PC and other things were packed. As I closed the trunk and turned around I saw Scott standing at the door.

"How are you?" he asked. The question was stupid considering my pale skin color, sick look and red from tears eyes, but at lest some one was considerate.

"Yeah, just peachy" I answered sarcastically and took the one thing that hadn't put itself in the trunk. It was photo of me and Tristan tightly embraced laughing. God I missed him, my man. I missed his manly laughter resembling a roar, his pearly white smile, missed touching his powerful jaw, looking into those crystal blue eyes and playing with his long jet black hair. Why did it happen to him and not to me? I deserved it so much more than him. Scott seemed to have noticed the photo and asked.

"Who is that?" but my full of pain and agony look dissuaded him from asking again. I looked my self in the mirror. I hated myself. Hated this face with the powerful jaw, hated these brown eyes, and hated my long to the waist brown hair with blond and black dyed streaks. Even if I was considered to be attractive I couldn't live in my own skin, didn't like the concept of being me of being this. At this thought I instinctively touched my black leather cocker band reminding me of the misery, but no, I was stronger than this. If I managed to survive the last mission, I was capable of almost everything. So why be weak? Why behave like a sissy girl? My facial expression changed to my most frightening grimace, pure lack of humanity and emotions. This was my warning sign and Scott got the idea as he backed out in the hallway. This man, who was somewhere around his thirties, got shivers from me and he should cause I am not be messed with.

"Let's go." I said slowly and went outside the room followed by my floating trunk and Scott. Outside the house was the jet of these people calling themselves the X-Men. My parents have summoned it from where it was previously landed so I could get as fast as possible from their sight. For once I totally agreed with them. Normally I would be stunned to see one of these wonders of technology, but I was pretty pissed to admire it now. The trip was silent as no one wanted to make things worse for themselves by bugging me in this state and I was grateful to these people in a way. This is how my story begins and if you think that everything went peachy fine from here on, you are gravely mistaken.


Well how was it? I hope it is very well received. The sense of mystery about the past of the character will remain throughout the whole story about him and every chapter will reveal a bit of his exiting background. I promise lots of sex to come too. So don't worry. J