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Chapter 2

Troubled and Wicked

Here I was in this luxurious mansion in New York owned by one of the world's most powerful telepaths, Professor Charles Xavier. This was so surreal and wrong in the same time. Even though I knew that trouble and danger haunt these people all the time, here I was waiting to speak to this man and ultimately be enrolled in his school. By doing this I risked becoming not only a target for the normal society, but also for every other kind of evil organization there might be. Before my enrollment it was fairly normal for me to attract trouble and mostly suffer from it, but now I was not very fond of this thing happening to me all the time. These extremely pessimistic thoughts were racing through my mind as I cozily snuggled myself in one big leather armchair staring outside the window watching the birth of the new moon. My stomach was twisting and turning. I started wondering if willing to join these people really wasn't a terrible decision to make. Or maybe it wasn't only that? I thought back upon the battle I had with the mutants. I had never fought the way I did then. I never experienced such malice and sadistic pleasure in torturing people. The bright memory of the satisfaction that filled me to the last cell of my body then scared me as hell.

I tried to suppress the angst moment in me and concentrate on what was happening. The professor was consulting Faith right now. The poor little blonde cheerleader was in quite a mess herself. The utter expression of fright what was going to happen her, how her life would change for the worse becoming an outsider. She never knew how it felt to be on the other side, ignored, laughed at, mocked and even hated. Back at school she never acknowledged me with a look, now she was throwing me worried looks with those big brown eyes hopping to see the same transition happening to me. Hell she was late with about twelve years. I eventually looked at her, my eyes filled with a mixture of satisfaction to see her in this state and superiority to her. Soon my eyes wandered to Jean and Scoot who were starring at me the whole time worried and from what I sensed fear, I was scaring them. I was even scaring myself with the tings I had been doing this whole day I twisted my head back to the window again, as the professor started talking about taking custody over her, because her parents had kicked her out, but this time I saw something that caught my eye right away.

It was a painting, a very beautiful painting hanging near the grandfather clock. It was painted in aquarelle representing a very graceful woman in white robes sitting under a tree with brown hair falling down to the grass. There was something about it that entranced me. I didn't sense it then but later I would discover that this painting holds much importance than what meets the eye initially. Soon my trance ended as I returned to reality by Faith's voice. She still didn't exactly know what she can do. They didn't either, I on the other hand knew well enough. She was a really powerful mutant with the variety of powers she had in her arsenal. Faith possessed super human strength, was virtually indestructible due to her infinite rapid regeneration and invulnerability to most kinds of attacks. Another ability she had was invisibility, but the most powerful were the manipulation of every kind of energy there was and the special ability to transform one type of energy into another. What power was bestowed upon her? She radiated it but could she even handle it?

After consulting with the Professor a short perky teenage girl with brown hair, named Kitty, came directly through the door and dragged poor scared Faith out of the cabinet. Now it was only me, Jean, Scott and Xavier left. I turned to the man in the wheelchair and began to speak.

"In spite of the circumstances it is truly an honor to meet such a powerful man as you Professor Xavier. My name is Philip Markov from the Markov mage clan and I'm a member of the Xion Order of Mages." I quickly introduced myself and shook his hand with a faint smile standing up from my cozy arm chair, but sat right back down after the introduction.

"I can't agree more with you on this one. I had one or two encounters with Xion Mages and was quite impressed with their abilities and control over the mystical forces. From what I heard from Jean and Scott here you resemble these impressions of the Order. We had to deal with the mystical field ourselves and it will be nice for a change to have a mage as an operative in the team." He said warmly and moved with his wheelchair behind his desk. He was looking at me oddly and I felt something undefined. Behind this façade of kindness and warm heartedness I knew that this man was not so moral and virtuous as I had heard him to be. He even resembled some of the Xion elders in his hypocritical acknowledgement. From this moment on I knew that I could not trust him.

"They are not what they are all cracked up to be." my words instantly shot out so fast that I even couldn't stop myself. My head was now spinning too and to gain full control of myself was nearly impossible. "Sorry professor. It has been ruff for me lately and I don't know what I'm saying."

"I completely understand. I managed to speak with Scott and Jean and the story they provided is truly disturbing. It will be quite all right if you just talk about this. With whomever you like from the seniors. That's what we are here for, to help you."

This was going to be just great. These two must have opened their mouths and now the grand puppet master was going to hold this back at me. This distrust I was having was abnormal as everything I had experienced today. I quickly tried to persuade myself that this man here to really help me, but the way he said these things indicated that he had thoughts in the back of his head. I guess that the description that his subordinates must have given him made him very precocious of my being in his mansion. Yet again I was amazed, how I cold bloodedly calculated the worst that could happen and showed great distrust and some sort of resentment towards these people. Were these emotions and thoughts even mine, was I so affected to be so devout of emotion and trust.

"My parents have been like this since my birth and let's say the environment I grew in was not that healthy. It is so damn complicated, I fear it is not the time to tell anything in addition. I hope to be of assistance when the situation requires it." That was a major understatement of the truth, but hey, I was not intending to let them read me like an open book. My voice was trembling with the building up storm of emotions contained for six long months inside of me. My empathy was not helping at all, adding the worries and concerns that force me to lose control. As the flood of painful images from my past invaded my mind I raised my magical barriers bestowed upon me by the higher mages of the order and became blank to the telepaths reading. I sure had to train my control over my psionics as they were so personally tied to me that I was like a mutant in this case, lacking control when I got misbalanced with my emotions.

"Are you ok? Your mind is blank and even I can't sense anything from you." the professor asked most "concerned" to me, while I was spacing out again. His voice had a hidden hint of irritation, but my mind was playing tricks on me once again no doubt. I tried to push these most menacing thoughts away and concentrate on the events now.

"I'm fine. Perfect even! Just shielded myself from what's going in my head." I smiled wickedly with a very evil face. "Will it be a problem if I get my own room without a roommate? Some of my stuff is not safe for untrained people. And I heard about attending training sessions and normal classes. I can attend the classes, but I have to perform some basic rituals to get in tune with the energy patterns here. My powers can go haywire if I don't get them attuned." I explained as if it was the most common thing in the world. The Professor seemed to understand my needs. I was amazed, that was a first in my life and giving the initial mistrust towards him. Someone considering me and my wishes was something I have only dreamed of, well at least on a bigger scale, since my Tristan always made sure I was okay with everything. Shit there I was again having a painful flashback. My face turned even blanker and paler than it previously was for a second. For six months I had been alright and now I was being haunted by that unfaithful day once again.

"You aren't going to faint now, are you. If you are not feeling good just tell us, sweetie and let us help you." Jean offered her help gently stroking my back in a very compassionate manner. This emotion I felt when she touched me was so unfamiliar to me, but she felt so close to me in that moment that it was almost too uncomfortable for me to put up with. There was so much confusion building up. Why was she trying to take care of me when the fear emanating from her was so obvious?

"I'm fine, really. It's from the energy flows here. I still have to adjust." I lied and they probably would have made me believe they bought it but one could see the part of disbelief written on their faces. I wasn't in the mood for revelations or sharing and then I was certain that this time would never arrive. "Just give me a week and I'll be done with everything I require as preparation."

"A week it is then. Scott, escort him to his new room. There is one on the third floor in the teachers' wing. I still have to discuss something with Jean here." and we left his office to go and find my new room in this very spacious place full of mazes of hallways, stairways and rooms, plenty and plenty of rooms. The mansion was amazing I could give it that at least and I thought it wouldn't be so bad to live in this luxurious estate. Finally we reached a wooden door, where we stopped.

"This is your new room. The door on the other side of the corridor is ours with Jean so if there is something you need just scream." He joked lousily. In return to that I managed to squeeze out a tortured smile, at which he just frowned. "Come on cheer up a bit. I know well what you are going through." hearing these words made something in me snap and bring my bad side outside. This has happened a lot during my life and remained ever since my birth the only thing I couldn't bring under control. It was like modes I was in. There was the normal mode and there was the psycho mode that freaked me out. I thought I had control over my bad temper, but now the line was blurry and I seemed to be losing it.

"You do now, don't you?" I mocked him in a very sarcastic tone, while I was bringing my trunk in the room. "So enlighten me in, so that I can finally rest in peace knowing the reason of my despair." I opened the trunk and all what was in burst out to find itself a new place. I was pissed that he was so afraid and then distant and now he was trying to become my best friend. I turned around to see Scott's equally pissed facial expression.

"Cut me some slack. I saw what happened back there. I'm trying to help you get over it. There isn't a reason to over dramatize the whole thing." he snapped back at me. This was the last straw and I couldn't control my anger anymore. What a hypocrite he was!

"Over dramatize the whole thing?!" my voice rose in disbelief. He was taken back by my sudden outburst. "Who the hell are you to tell me what painful and traumatizing is and what not?! Do you know what it is to be living with my parents?! Do you know what had happened before I was stupid enough to mess into your battle?! Tell me Scott, do you?! No, I don't think so!" I was practically yelling into his face. I barely stopped myself from casting him into magical flames. This automatic aggression from my side almost brought me to inflicting pain again. The unexpected lust for destruction was the last thing I expected and I had to calm down immediately.

"That's right I don't know. So why don't you just tell me so I can really help you." He said in a milder manner. His voice was concerned and the features of his face were now relaxed. It's as if he sensed his doom that nearly happened. What if he really was sincere? What if these thoughts of doubt and distrust were wrong? My rage subsided, but the hurt and distrust in me remained.

"That will never happen Scott, not if I can help it." I really meant that. My past was going to remain my past and was not going to be exposed to these people. On account of being a teenager, privacy was a main priority. This place was strange, not safe and I wasn't going to become a target.

"Why?" the simplest and hardest of all questions. His voice was frighteningly calm. I couldn't decipher the emotion in his voice. Even my empathy was powerless and the glasses he was wearing also made it impossible to figure out what he was thinking.

"Because I don't trust you. It's that simple. I aided you in battle. I didn't expect to be considered a hero, but I at least I wanted to feel gratitude. What I felt with my empathy was fear, fear for which I was the reason. And now you try to be all friendly. I don't trust people that go behind other people's backs and try to pretend to be something they are not. So don't put your hopes up with you gaining my trust." That was only partly true. I knew deep down inside of me that he was good person, but I was hurt at the time and wanted everyone else around me feel the same way. I succeeded, because he turned his back without saying a word and walked away. He knew that he was defeated and took it like a man. I began feeling sorry for what I had done right away.

It was around midnight that I finished unpacking and rearranging everything properly to match my taste. You don't know how difficult it can be to arrange so many different magical items with energy patterns that disrupt each other. Everything has to be placed in such balance so that the room can be inhabitable. With a little bit of magic I changed the color of the soft furniture in dark glistening green and changed my bed to resemble a queen size bed from the Victorian age with the large heavy drapes and all the works. I was dead tired but there was something that kept me awake, so I decided to explore the huge mansion in peace and solitude. This was the way I liked it, to uncover everything there was about this place without the normal gulch and stares and unwanted attention. Soon I reached a still lit room. I guess there was a curfew or something because there was not a living soul around this place. This was the fabled Rec Room as I sensed from the mansion itself, how I perceived this information was still a blur. So there was someone in there and as much as I forced myself not to enter, all attempts were in vain and decided to inside and take a look.

It was supposed to only a look to see what was going on in there. I decided to scan and see who was there. On the couch were sitting two men. One was a giant with enormous muscles compared to the other man, who looked somewhat puny in his presence. The large man went by the name of Piotr Rasputin a.k.a Colossus and his ability was to coat himself with an armor of bio metal. The other man with wickedly shaped hair was Logan a.k.a Wolverine. He was a fast healer and his whole skeleton was coated with adamantium with additional claws that could be retracted at his wish. I observed that the adamantium was not part of his mutation, but I didn't delve to find out why. Around them on the armchairs were sitting another man and a woman. The third man was stunning in any ways imaginable. Just perfect that blond man was with this godlike body and those majestic wings. His code name was Angel for obvious reasons and his real name was also sexy. Warren Warrington the Third was his name, a name that royalty normally would have. The woman was with fine Asian features and a body so elegant it seemed impossible to have. She was a telepath some beneficial gifts going by the code name Psylock, but in reality was Elizabeth `Betsy' for short Bradrock. Her most recognizable feature was her purple dyed hair.

They seemed to be from the seniors of the X-Men on account of all of them being over puberty. The four were engaged in a friendly game of poker and the room was filled with heavy smoke from cigars and cigarettes. Although I didn't make a noise as entered the woman sensed me so I couldn't quite walk out without an introduction. It was very stupid of me to not raise my barriers again. I had already scanned the room and already knew, who was who, but a proper introduction was nonetheless needed.

"Oh, it's the new kid! Come here my dear. I am Betsy Bradrock and it's a pleasure to meet the new blood." she welcomed me most heartedly taking her cigarette out of her mouth without me sensing anything else or wrong in the way she acted. It was weird to hear a heavy British accent coming from an Asian, but I kept that to myself.

"So that's the girl, eh? What are you doing out of your room after curfew hour?" grinned Logan. The comment was made because of my long hair. Something inside of me snapped again and was too tired to even try and suppress it. Hell I was never going to let that drop until I got my vendetta. I was still in a very crappy mood and he was playing with fire.

"Laugh at the hair will, ya? By the way if someone actually made the effort to tell me there was a curfew I was going to go out of my room earlier to slaughter everyone in the house." It was a very tacky and sarcastic remark and the icy tone in my voice startled the four of them.

"Mhm, you don't seem to take a joke very well and I guess these things happen on a regular basis. What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?" I almost whispered as I leaned forward placing my head on my hands between those of the two men on the couch watching Betsy in the eyes. I was officially out of control. What has happened to me? Why was I doing this? Why couldn't I stop it and why did I like it?

"Are you acting tough kid? You think you know about such things. What are you seventeen? I bet you just found out about your powers, so stop acting." grunted with irritation Logan concentrating on his cards.

"What excellent judge of character you are, Logan. You must really know that. I am sure that I am like an open book to you." I said a bit louder and my irritancy and rising disdain could be felt crystal clear. The other three remained silent and petrified looking in disbelief at me. It seemed that Wolverine wasn't someone to be tampered with and his teammates were plain struck by mockery.

"How do you know my name, bub? You wanna play tough with me and that's fine by me, but I don't know how you gonna do something? You are just talking and I bet you don't anything about fighting? " he said gnarling at me drawing his claws from between his knuckles.

"Am I supposed to be scared by you and your claws?" I said in a low voice. I didn't even tremble of the metal claws mere millimeters from my eyes. Now I stood up and sat next to Piotr on the end of the couch tightly pressing myself on his big frame touching him sexually fast and unseen for the others as I made myself cozy. They were all taken aback by my reaction.

"Cut the boy some slack. He seems to be the only one who has the guts to stand up to you. I admire that." finally said Warren eyeing me strangely. He was a bit amused and a bit weirded out by my performance.

"Yeah Logan listen to Angel here. Cut me some slack. Besides you really should do something about your burst of violence." I said in a very low mocking voice and lowered myself to the table to grab the knife used to slice the salami and played it between my fingers. "Tell me Warren did it hurt?"

"When?" he asked totally confused concentrated on my face once again.

"When you fell from heaven." I whispered with a low sexy voice sounding pretty much like a slut. I couldn't understand how I was so bold to actually use that line for flirting with a man, when I was minor and he clearly was a heterosexual. My mind screamed for me to get out of there, before everything worsened, but my body didn't comply. The room was filled with laughter nonetheless. Even Logan laughed at Warren's embarrassed face.

"Look out Warren, because you might end in his bed!" Piotr joked but in the same time he let his hand that was stretched on the sofa to fall on my shoulder. It was a kind of protection of territory instinct. I was gladly surprised that my affection was having result and I started rubbing my bare foot against his. Would you like to come to my room after you are finished with your game? I would love your company. I chose you stud, so don't worry about competition for tonight. I'm right next to where Scott and Jean are. My words echoed in his mind to reassure him as I was hitting on Warren. However I used my advanced telepathy to block out Betsy or any other telepath that might be listening and made it entirely personal.

"Are you hitting on my man, boy? Are you gay?" asked Betsy trying to defend her own territory. She looked amused, but one could never now with women. I only smirked with an ambiguous grin.

"You jump to conclusions too fast, my dear Betsy. I have only complimented the angelic look that he is blessed with and with those snowy white wings of his, it is not odd to assume that he is an angel." I eluded the question slyly.

"What's your name boy, you know we can't keep calling you boy all the time." She asked next.

"Phillip Markov is my name and the mystic arts of long forgotten magic are my game." I whispered in a low husky voice and concentrated on the blade in my hand. It instantly stood on the tip of my finger and spun slowly. I blew lightly at it and as my breath reached its metal surface it dissolved like smoke in the air. This was just a simple illusion but it was enough to leave them breathless. Besides I'm quite a telepath myself among other things. I projected my thoughts as I spilled Piotr's drink on the table and upon sliding my fingers on the smooth wet surface of the table the liquid turned into the same knife.

"So magic boy, that's how you knew our names in the first place. That was a nice trick you showed us and we all got a good laugh, but why don't you leave the adults play cards and stop pestering us." Logan snickered and drew a card from the deck not even acknowledging me with a look. This was going to cost him big time. My new wild side couldn't put up with such insults so I had to strike back.

"You know, this is a problem I have from a long time now. I don't seem to have control over myself sometimes and things like telling telepathically everyone playing with you the cards you hold in your hands might happen by accident." And did exactly what I said I would. I thought of the images of his cards and sent them in the minds of the other players, who snickered with me.

"But you are right you know. I should really go to bed now, because I'm still not old enough to be with you adults." I smiled with evil satisfaction and got up from the sofa. My hand slowly patted Piotr's head and told him. You are most welcome to come when you are ready. Tonight is going to be just for you. I walked out of the room slyly not wanting to see Logan's reaction as he processed the information in his head, but in the mean time I swayed my hips as I moved out of the room.

I had never enjoyed myself in my whole life like I did back there with these people. I never knew that being so bad was that much fun. Maybe leaving my bad side get more appearances, wasn't such a bad idea to be considered of. It certainly brought me close to these people than my normal and timid side would have done. People didn't like invisible people and when I wasn't like this I would be just that, invisible. I was back at my room and just forced myself to sleep because tomorrow I would start once again the attunement rituals and they are quite tiring.

* * *

Piotr's Perspective:

It was around two in the morning when our poker session ended and we were all drunk, well almost everyone. Betsy could never get drunk, a true blessing from God from the view of a Russian. She offered to clean and nobody disagreed with her. I was having myself problem with standing straight on my legs. As everyone went to bed I remembered the words of the boy. This Phillip boy was sure something. I have never seen someone so young and so bold in the same time.

This mere teenager stood against Wolverine like a man and dealt with him in his own way. Not many people can say that they engaged Logan and gotten away without a scratch. All I could say that he was stunning in every way. His body was firm and even rock hard, without his muscles even being bulky. The touch of his skin sent shivers through my whole body and his perfect bubble ass was made to be devoured by someone like me. I had already made my mind on that. If it was wrong and sinful to have sex with him, then let it be, because tonight I'm too drunk to even care.

As I neared his room my heart began to beat faster and faster. Sweat of nervousness began to break out everywhere I thought of. My hand knocked on his door enough loud and continuous to wake him up if he was asleep by now. The knob on the door twisted and turned and the door opened slowly with a low screech. I felt like being in a horror movie, until I saw him standing in the door way.

His graceful sweaty body was glistening from under the thin robe he was wearing, those firm and well defined abs and chest mesmerized me. From then on I couldn't control myself. I had to have this young beauty in my arms.

"Does your offer still stand?" I whispered slowly sliding gently my fingers over his face following the line of his jaw to the tip of the chin and brought his eyes to mine, because he had his eyes locked on his feet. Even though he was sleepy I could tell that these weren't the same from before. The inner power was gone alongside with the mischievous flame and now they were showing deep vulnerability and sensuality that made me change my mind.

"You know may be now is not the right time. I'm here waking you up in the middle of the night fully drunk. I'm going to go now." I was about to leave, but he grabbed me firmly by the elbow and pressed himself on my back. His hot breath against the base of my neck was driving me crazy.

"Don't go. Please come with me." his voice was just a low whisper, which drove even crazier about him than I already was. "I need you tonight in my bed beside me in your arms." the softness in those words stroke my heart and my skin covered itself with goose bumps. This was certainly not the boy I met tonight which I wanted to hump wildly.

"Are you sure? Once I start even an army can't stop me." I stated turning face to face with him. I smiled softly at him embracing him firmly. I bent my head so that our foreheads connect and we just starred in each other's eyes.

"God you are beautiful. I want to be with you so bad. I want to screw you so hard, that you would scream for mercy, but look at you now. You are so gentle, so beautiful. How can I possibly want to hurt you?" I said clearing his face from his long hair.

"I'm not afraid." was his only reply. His hands took hold of my neck and then we kissed. The kiss was long, passionate and gentle. He let me enter his mouth and explore it with my tongue. I can still taste the sweetness of his lips soft as velvet. Soon he broke the kiss and freed himself with ease from my embrace and walked in his room looking back at me with burning desire.

As I walked in the room my eyes opened wide in amazement, because the whole room was lit by candle light and right there on the queen size bed was laying the sexiest teenager I ever laid my eyes on. He was naked lying on the bed awaiting me with his arms wide open. With no moment to spare I stripped down to nothing and crawled on top of him slowly trying to not harm him. The touch of his skin sent waves of electricity through my body and we had a very long foreplay caressing our bodies, kissing and nibbling our necks. Just as it was getting good he once again escaped from my arms. He smiled weakly and his eyes were full of longing.

His lips tenderly kissed their way from my Adam's apple to my nipples and it felt like feathers touching my skin and caressing my muscles. Then I felt his warm tongue on my nipples as he sucked them slowly hardening them to the degree they actually pained me. All I did was to moan at his tender touch and caress his body with my own hands. I couldn't help but moan some more and shiver under the touch of his fingers and tongue working with extreme expertise. His fingertips were sliding along my abs giving me another wonderful sensation to enjoy. His tongue left a long wet trail as it reached my navel and cleaned it out too. As he reached the base of my dick he stopped and nuzzled his face in my thick bush of pubes, but in the mean time played with my balls. He was teasing me and although everything he did was making me extremely horny I wanted relief from the built up sexual tension so I just took hold of his head gently and forced it down to its destination, my dick.

Phillip wasted no time and started sucking me. First he licked and sucked on the head of it, then licked the shaft to lube it good. After he was done, he opened his mouth and took the whole thing to the root. I was startled to see such a young boy to be expert in deep throat, but as it turned out he was no virgin to begin with. He put his hands on my hips and encouraged me to fuck his face, an offer I never ever dreamed of denying. I soon was thrusting wildly fucking his mouth with fervor. To increase the inevitable Phillip started again massaging my sack and even my pucker and in seconds I shot the load of my life in his mouth. The cum was so much that it escaped his mouth and spilled over my balls, naval and his chin. He seemed to be smiling at the cries of pleasure I was giving, although it was hard to tell from my cock being still in him. He didn't even mind that I had finished in his mouth and that my jizz was covering his face.

"So much sexual enthusiasm is contained in you. Let me help you satisfy mine and your needs." He whispered in a very alluring tone licking the cum that had spurted on me. I was head over heals for this boy and smiled at him as he was licking away the cum on me. He washed my balls once again and even started eating my anus. I was in heaven with his slippery tongue going in and out of my crack. As his speed increased my moans got so loud that they could have waken up Jean and Scott, who were in the next room, but at this point I didn't care.

"I want you inside of me. Will you enter me?" his voice was still very sexy, but there was this vulnerability in it that feared rejection, so I just nodded. He crawled over me sitting on my abdominal area with his legs tightly pressed on my sides. We kissed once again before he adjusted himself on my cock and pushed it deep inside his ass. I could actually taste my own sperm, but I wasn't disgusted by that taste. It slid without any resistance from his ass and he began riding it very slow at first twisting in so many different postures that every time I entered him I felt a new sensation given from his ass muscles. Then his pace quickened and soon was riding me in a most fiery way. I could see in the semi-darkness his hair waving wildly and his hands behind his neck.

"Can I have you in a different position?" I asked hoarsely waiting for his approval. A very low yes made its way to my ears drowned with passion and longing and I raised my torso so that our chests were virtually glued together. My hands got hold of his shoulders tightly and I turned him around while he was still on my cock. His back was now resting on my chest and to make it more comfortable for me I sat on my knees to be able to fuck him. It took only several seconds to shift our bodies and I was now doing everything there was to do, while my young lover was lying on my chest enjoying the show. I picked up the pace from where we stopped and was soon in frenzy. His short moans and whimpers mixed with my roaring as I slammed my cock even harder in him. The boy wrapped his arms around my neck trying to steady his convulsing body and I was sucking on his neck giving him reassuring kisses. The incredible feeling of his ass so tight and hot, the massage his legs and arms were providing for me brought me on the verge. In one mighty push and a loud roar I finished inside of him with such power, that my sperm sprayed from his ass on the sheets.

We fell down exhausted gasping for air breathing heavily. We were now spooned up my dick still inside of him. I was ready to doze off when I felt his body trembling. Curiosity got the better of me and as I opened my eyes I saw that he was jerking himself to orgasm. I felt guilty because he had let me fuck him and even sucked me, so I decided to return at least that favor. I was being out of my mind. I was straight, but now I reached down and sucked this young man's cock. He really didn't expect this attention from me; the way he reacted I gathered he knew about my body getting the pleasure as his stays on the background. I frowned at that and continued to suck. I wasn't much of a cocksucker on account he being my first, but he was so sexually aroused that he came several minutes after I had played with it in my mouth. His semen was sweet like the rest of his body and I loved tasting every drop of it.

"That was wonderful. Thank you." were the words he whispered as I placed myself back on the bed next to him. I once again watched as the fire inside of him dies and instead of it I see the deep pools of emotion in his eyes. He rose from the bed and kissed me softly on the lips and rested on my chest. That's how we spent the following minutes sitting in his bed sweaty, tired, breathing heavily and Phillip resting on my chest. Now I was aware that he was a minor and a boy and I was straight, but what was done was done and this had been truly a wonderful night.

"Will you stay?" came another soft whisper from his side. As a response I only placed my hand on his neck and with the other pulled him towards me. That's when I noticed the choker on his neck. It was there the whole time and got in the way of my kisses, but every time I tried to pull it down he was very protective of it. Now I let my fingers run down on the smooth leather texture feeling the ornaments on it.

In the end we covered ourselves with the messy sheets. We didn't even get up to clean the sperm from our bodies and he snuggled in my arms his face buried in my chest and I could feel his hot breath on my skin. I embraced him very tightly so that he would feel safe and his arms were around my neck seeking protection. That's how we had gone to sleep.


Okay people that was chapter 2. Phillip is a bit on the loony side and seems to be a bit psycho, which will be his trade mark. I also represented Xavier to be a bit on the negative side, because I got annoyed everyone to depict him as so good natured. Since when do we have so virtuous people of high stature in our society? I like to give him a bit darker side. Oh and this is the first of many sex scenes to follow. In my mind there is always time for sex and with as many people as possible, however there will be also serious relationships besides the one night stands.