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Chapter 3

Nature's Call

Phillip's Perspective:

The alarm clock started ringing furiously and I was too sleepy and tired to move my hand to turn it off. With a lot of concentration I slammed it telekinetically in the wall. However that turned out to be more taxing than doing it manually. Then I noticed him. The big Russian giant Piotr was still in my bed after sharing such a magical night together. I was so grateful to him for the things he did to please me. It has been a long while since someone has caressed me in that way. I cuddled more into his embrace and kissed him repeatedly on his face, neck, shoulders then his hands. I wanted to repay him for his excellent lovemaking and slid down his huge body gliding my fingers along his whole body feeling those wonderful muscles once again before taking hold of his big cock.

His meat had the descent length of around 9 inches and 2 inches width and was now in my position to play with. I began biting it gently along the shaft and the lick teasingly the bite marks with the tip of my tongue until it got rock hard. Then the heavy cock sucking began. I always followed a routine pattern. First was to suck on the head as long as possible licking every corner with the tongue, then sucking it like it was a lollypop. Then would be the shaft, which I took in my mouth and deep throated it for several minutes, after which I fucked my face on it and for the final I jerked it off while my tongue was licking the head. That always made them cum for me. This time it worked too and I was granted with another big load of this man's strong and intoxicating semen, which I ate with inhuman hunger.

Even though he came in a very wild orgasm he didn't wake up and continued his slumber. It was some time after 6 o'clock and a very tiring ritual was ahead of me, so I couldn't waste more time, so I showered myself to cleanse my body and in the mean time meditate to cleanse my soul as well. The first ritual from the program was the attunement to earth. This was the most dominant element for us humans, because like all the plants and animals we are children of earth and earth is in us, in our souls. We are just another form of this element and it was to honor it that we begin with this element. Even though I never set my mind into understanding every detail in the magic books about the study of the elements and their properties, I was always able to form a bond with them, which increased my strength and skills with using the elements. My power seemed to be adapting to every form of magic with ease and whereas all elementalists needed to chant to use their element or elements (if they were multi elementalists) I needed a mere thought. That's why I never quite got into great details that I never actually needed and sort of did my own thing.

The items that were used for the ritual were already lying on my table by the mirror. The most powerful one was my pentacle bowl. This was a very large, shallow wooden bowl divided into four triangles of different shades of green and brown. There was a white outer circle and, painted in black runes, the names of angels associated with the elements. In the center, painted with thick, intertwining white lines the picture of a tree enclosed in a circle. This was my tool to attune my energy flow to that of the earth and nature of the mansion to be in perfect harmony and achieve greater control over the aspects of the element. The next thing on the list was a very thin, spike-like emerald symbolizing the living aspect of earth - the flora and fauna. The last thing was my ritual clothing. It was a dark, acidic green velvet robe (very classy if I may add on account of the rich golden needle work showing twisted and complex floral motives on my sleeves and various animals on my body). On the chest was roaring a very ferocious saber, while on my back laid a hawk with its wings spread and on my legs was a very frightening wolf, crouching down low. I put it on naked and took the rest of my tools and headed to the kitchen to have a quick glass of coffee. But before that I left a note to my supreme lover Piotr.

< I'm sorry for not waking you up, but you are so beautiful when you sleep. I have to perform some rituals and had to wake up early; sorry I wasn't there to wake up with you. Hope to see you today and thank you again for the wonderful night.> Well that wasn't put in a very good way, but it would have to do the job.

I guess everyone here was an early person, because on Saturday morning at 6.30 there were people in the kitchen. I was very surprised to see my blonde cheerleader Faith there in a gym outfit having a bowl of cereal in front of her. Next to her was seated a red haired green eyed young woman in her twenties. From the pale skin and the reddish freckles on her cheeks and nose I could tell she was Irish. Near the kitchen sink was standing a stunningly beautiful African woman with the most clear and bright blue eyes and hair with the color of pure alpine snow. To contrast all this feminine beauty in the kitchen next to the coffee maker was standing this monster-like man. He was huge in size and very bulky with arms and legs resembling tree trunks and was covered in long blue fuzzy fur. I preferred not to use my psionic gifts so that I may stay clean for the ritual and had to introduce myself the normal way. I hated being social and meeting new people was certainly annoying to me. Normally I would like to be left alone and now I was obsessed with that thought since I was still tired, because from the little sleep I got last night.

"Good morning. Don't mind me much. I'm here for a nice cup of hot coffee and I'm out of your sight." I yawned putting my stuff on the table and going over to the coffee machine. The monster man was looking curiously at me and I just smiled at him, but it came out like a very bitter smile.

"Theresa, I didn't know it was allowed for students to be walking around in their bath robes. I personally think it is a bit inappropriate myself." I could hear Faith's high pitched voice declare in a most affected manner and mock concern. It would seem that the shock from her new condition had perished and she was her own bitchy cheerleading self. I knew her well enough to assume that her words were nothing but lies. The popularity contest had already begun and I was being brutally attacked.

"Good morning to you too, Faith. Do I hear you using the word "think"? Well that is a major improvement on your side." I said not even bothering to look at her. The bitch repartee was something of a second nature to me and in a verbal battle I was sure to be victor. The other three people in the room just kept looking on our quarrel. The Irish woman was chuckling slightly to herself while the other two seemed amused.

"Very funny and this is coming from the guy, who barely said three words back at school. So tell me. Why weren't you at dinner yesterday night? You could have met the entire school." she was really sneaky for a dumb and shallow blond.

"No doubt you have slept with half of the school already. If you must know I lost my appetite and had lots of unpacking to do anyway." I answered coolly turning to face her eye to eye. My face was very serious and I was determined not to loose my cool. This was sure to intimidate her, but she looked at me arrogantly and was up for the challenge. I guess I had underestimated her.

"Yeah, you know I would loose my appetite too, if my parents were such psychos like yours. I think that mages are total nuts and have dysfunctional families. I have told what happened to you at your place to the whole gang and they all agreed with me on that one." she smiled at me with that evil cheerleader grin from hell indicating that she has won a point in her popularity contest war. Well the battle wasn't over as my other side took again control over my mouth. This seemed to happen very often these days and especially when I was confronted by such morons.

"My parents are like that most of the time. At least they respect my powers, while yours disowned you with disgust. I guess to have a daughter for a mutant was cramping their style." I had her where I wanted her. The bitch was not going to win and I would make her suffer for making me her enemy. "No offence taken from you guys I hope." I turned to the other people, who were dead silent making no sound at all. They just nodded as Faith left her cereal on the table and stormed out off the room.

"I gather you two know each other and don't get along well." suggested the Irish woman still looking a bit in the dark. She stood up and came to me sticking her hand out. It was nearly impossible to be in a bad mood around her for too long!! "Hi, I'm Theresa Cassidy. It's a pleasure to meet you sort of."

"Hi, I'm Phillip Markov. You are pretty right, we were together in the same school and back then I was labeled as a freak and she was the glorious cheerleader. We had our fights back there so I guess it's going to be the same here. Just stay away from her, a bite from a viper can prove to be less poisonous than the sting from that girl's tongue." I commented still shaking her hand and smiling a bit. Her cheerfulness was infectious.

"It's nice to meet you too. I am Ororo Munroe, but most of the time people call me Storm. I am also a teacher in the mansion, so we will be seeing each other around." The African woman introduced herself and her voice was so soft and had a very beautiful melodious tune to it that I was soon entranced. With some training her voice could become a very powerful weapon.

"It most certainly is my pleasure. I rarely meet such fine examples of feminine beauty." I smiled at her warm heartedly. I really meant it. Her dark tanned chocolate skin and long cotton white hair were an unusual combination, but made her so heavenly beautiful. Those two sky blue eyes were also mesmerizing and full of inner power.

"Quite a charmer, aren't we? You flatter me most dearly. Jean told me you were a proficient fighter, so you have not discovered your powers just now. Are you only psionic?" She wanted to know. I could only apply to the wishes of this goddess.

"No to both questions. Mages' couples most of the time have children who are able to use magic. It is called the Gift, because it is the gift of the gods' and each generation is trained in using this gift in the most diverse way possible. The psionics are the easiest to manifest and control, so that is what we mostly use, because we don't need to chant and can react right away." I explained still taking sips from my coffee between sentences. I liked explaining to people that didn't know a thing and listened with fascination.

"Fascinating. It is truly fascinating. You seem to be extremely courageous, too. I haven't seen a person yet that hasn't reacted weird to my appearance. I normally get that from people, so it is pretty hard not to notice that. By the way I'm Hank McCoy." said the blue beast looking man as he gave me his huge palm to shake. He was kind of rugged and sexy in an animalistic kind of way, but his voice was with a hint of a British accent that made my heart start beating faster.

"Don't worry. I have grown up in a world in which everything is weird. I have had my share in communication with strange humanoids before. Besides I like to wear fur." I said innocently and smiled at him. He was a bit confused at the last statement, so I turned around and pressed my back firmly on his chest and made him wrap his arms around me like a scarf.

"How do I look?" the question was hilarious in its nature filling the kitchen with laughter. It was mostly an innocent joke, but I actually rubbed my ass on his crotch in a very naughty way. I didn't know why I did that, but he was so damn sexy in his own way that my restraints fell instantly. The very hard pole pocking me was a clear enough sign and then he even gave out a loud enough moan to concern the women in the room.

"Hank, are you ok? I know you stretched your back muscles two days ago, but if its something serious just let me know and swallow your pride." a slightly amused but yet concerned Storm asked.

"No, it's fine actually. I'll survive" he said in a low husky voice pulling his body away from mine and showing his back to everyone to hide his erection. He was having second thoughts about this. I guess I was yet again to make the first move. So I came behind him touching gently his shoulders rubbing them. Boy, I was turning into a slut and was shocked by my own boldness, but hell if I was going to get laid, who cares. I am a teenager and my body has its needs.

"Relax. I know some stuff about acupuncture and can massage you if you want. Back home I had a lot of chances to practice and can guarantee with 100% that you will be pretty much relieved after my hands are done with you." I offered kindly or so it seemed to the females, because he and I perfectly understood the context between the lines. "My room is next to Scott and Jeans so you can come around noon, say after lunch. I have special spoon that always does the trick."

"Sure. No problem. I will be there. My muscles are hurting like hell." was his answer; he must have been really horny, because I could feel the sexual tension radiating from him and his trembling body.

"I don't get it. You don't admit that you are in pain, when I'm offering my help, but here comes the new kid and you start whining about the pain." said Ororo in mock outrage and took a huge sip from her own glass of coffee.

"It's a guy thing. To confess a weakness to a woman is suicide, because she will brag about it the whole time. I watched my parents long enough to know that one for sure." I stated and drank my whole cup in one breath.

"Sure. Your name by the way is very strange. Are you Russian? Because we have a senior on the team his name is Piotr and he has a sister. You will get quite well along." informed me Theresa with a smile on her face once again.

"No, I am not a Russian. I come from a small country called Bulgaria right above Greece. Me and my family moved to America about 7 months ago." I answered now washing my empty glass in the sink.

"I can tell. You don't have that annoying Texas accent like Faith. I can hardly understand her." remarked Theresa. Hank had left the room already and Storm was now staring out of the window.

"Says the woman with the Irish accent. It was funning chit chatting, but I have some mage things to take care of. See you later." I announced and gathered my belongings from the table and exited the room in a very cheerful mood, different from the crappy one, with which I first entered.

I headed into the woods of the mansion and it had passed a good twenty minutes, before I stopped and placed the bowl on the ground with the crown of the tree picture facing north. Earth was associated with this direction so the tools and the caster must be directed northwards for the ritual to work. I sat in front the bowl with my bare feet crossed in the lotus position that was best suited for meditation. I also exposed as much as skin as possible. My chest was naked and I sat with my ass naked on the grass with my robe spilled around me. My mind was released and I could see the life and energy of the element around me. After awhile I was in a sleep like state half aware of what was around me, my senses dimmed by the magic circulating in me. Soon my eyes stopped seeing shapes and light. All that I saw were the energy flows from the ground the life force of the nature around me. But this was nothing I have ever seen before. The bright green light was dazzling and I felt going blind. As my eyes closed I could feel the presence of the most powerful earth deity on the planet. I have only heard from legends about her magnificent radiance and might. Now I was honored to be in her magnificent presence.

"My child, you are the most gifted from all of my children in the world and you have suffered the most for a child your age. I have come here to you to ask you to accept my gift. I want you to be the one that is one with earth itself, because you like me love it so dearly. Do you accept this gift, privilege and burden?" she asked, her like voice the soothing whisper of the winds themselves. I could tell that she was smiling at me, but I didn't dare open my eyes, because they were unworthy of seeing her blinding glory.

"I am most humbled by the proposition, which you, oh glorious queen Gaea, have made towards me. I shall be most honored and I accept the privilege with which you shall make me the most happiest of all men. But I can not help, but express my doubts about my worth as recipient of this gift." I said most humbled bowing down to her feet. I couldn't believe that this was happening. Was I dreaming or could this be the reality.

"You are a man of pure heart, who has never been tainted or tempted by great power and has remained with a virtuous soul. So take this chance and be second after the mighty gods of this kingdom." she repeated and I could feel her hand making a slow motion.

There was something here making every kind of energy go haywire with power and was the reason was this magnificent goddess had appeared in front of me. Heck I wasn't even sure if I was strong enough to adapt to such currents, but I had already passed the point of no return in that matter, so all that was left was to go with the flow knowing that I was in the mercy of Gaea. The crystal started radiating bright green light and strings from it departed and hit my chest lifting me from the ground. When this powerful energy hit my chest I never knew there could be such a reaction. My body never levitated itself from the ground and nor did the flora around me go wild. Roots, grass and flowers were sprouting from beneath me trying to reach me in their embrace. That happened too and I felt this most wonderful sensation. For once in my life I felt a part of the element, not just a strict master, I felt the harmony of being one with the element. I have achieved in creating this bond with mother earth. I was everywhere and yet nowhere in the same time. I felt everything nature felt and knew everything about earth by simply being connected to it. Soon I could hear the whispers of the forest spirits and sense the presence of all gods guarding life on earth and earth itself. The roots and plants wrapped around my body undressing me from my tunic. The sheer pleasure of the sent of the flowers blossoming in my hair left drifting away in a sound sleep.

This wonderful trance continued for quite awhile. By this time the goddess had left me to enjoy the sensation. My humanly senses were now insignificant as the winds blowing through the leaves became my voice, the trees themselves became my eyes and all that lived in this small paradise were now my emissaries. The ground beneath me rose to the will of another presence near me, the presence of a woman connected to earth through her mutant powers. Because of my newly found powers over this element I have called this servant of Gaea to build me a throne. But this idyll didn't last long however as the winds alerted me of the intrusion of outsiders. I soon felt myself violently shaken.

My eyes opened still shining with the bright green glow of nature's grace and might. With sadness in my heart I cut this direct connection to Mother Earth and as I regained my formal human senses I met the gaze of Logan, who was bringing me to my feet. On the inside he looked pissed at me, but I sensed via empathy this strange mix of confusion, concern or even may be fear. This was when I became fully aware that I was nude in every way imaginable if one would exclude the violent flora growing on me.

"What happened?" I asked with a slight feeling of partial amnesia looking around myself to see a completely wild forest rich with all sorts of trees, flowers and every other kind of plant one may think of. I guess being connected to such great deity as the oldest deity of earth has its downs. But I felt sad in the same time. I didn't want to return to this pitiful body; my only longing was to drown in the tranquility to which I only had the power to enter.

"That is what we should be asking you, bub! The kids here came screaming to me that there was an attack in the forest and that someone has taken control over Petra. When I come here I only see you so I'm gonna ask you this once again. What the hell has happened here?" he was angry and rude in the way he demanded the answers. His shitty attitude towards him was going to backfire very soon, whatever his true feelings were, I thought and this very instant I recalled the events before my black out.

I remained silent and still zoned out like in a trance. Now I turned towards the other people standing there to look at their faces with my half closed eyes. There was a boy I sensed his name was Jay and by his side was his sister Paige. All of a sudden my psionic abilities were on line and functioning at top speed without me even noticing it. The brunette boy had red feathered wings and could do things with his voice that were most interesting, while his blond older sister was able to strip her skin to reveal another layer made of a totally different substance like metal for instance. Quite handy and complex powers they both had I was contemplating in my head as mentally I was stripping from the plants around me and dressed my self with my robe.

"I was doing my ritual. I'm sure that the Professor must have mentioned that I was going to do these things, but however I never knew this land here can contain such power." I almost whispered and my voice was weak and trembling with hints of faint sleepiness in it. Overall I was not too well. I swayed so violently as I walked down from my throne that I was wondering how I was maintaining balance.

"Are you feeling alright? You don't look that good." asked Logan with concern. He came to my side and took hold of me to support me and handed me my robe. In the mean time I managed to strip from the vegetation covering me and leaned towards him dressing in motion.

"Yes, I am just exhausted. This is a very powerful place Logan. You have to understand that with such power things got out of hand." I pleaded weakly trying to defend myself from his look of disbelief. Then as our eyes met he seemed to soften and just nodded.

Now my mind wandered to the other blond woman, who was in her late twenties. This was Petra and her power was terrakinesis, the ability to dominate over earth in its various forms such as sand, rock, lava, gems. She was dressed in her sexy silk bra and tong and was sitting on a rock holding her head. By the looks of it she was dizzy and disoriented. So was I to say the least. This was surely a straining experience.

"But don't think the professor won't hear about this. We will speak to him right away to sort this mess out." He warned me as I walked slowly towards Petra and brought her up to her feet. She was so spaced out that she didn't even try to push me away or anything and let herself lean on my chest.

"Ok, we will. Now can I take care of Petra? She got affected too and I am sure she is in the same condition as I am." I asked Logan and he nodded slightly. "Hand me your vest, Jay." I reached my hand towards the winged boy, who seemed very startled at my sudden knowing of his name, but as he was hit by his sister's elbow he complied and handed me his long vest from thin material, with which I covered Petra's smooth shoulders.

"Thank you." I whispered to Jay and his sister as I walked with Petra away from the forest. And thank you. I sent via telepathy to Logan only.

It was around 10 o'clock when I entered his office. My favorite spot, the big leather armchair, was conveniently free so I used the opportunity to make myself cozy there. Charles was yet again behind his desk starring at me with a stern and furious look on his face. My empathy was telling me that he was most angry with me and the events that I have caused just one hour ago. He wasn't the type of person that wanted panic being started by a student and not only that. He hated people that were more powerful than him. I have seen many people like him I and I knew that he had been informed about the whole forest and the throne. But the thing that got on his nerves the most was that I was able to block him.

Although I wanted to put him on his place I was first of all not in the power of doing this. I was totally drained; my body wasn't able to move itself freely and every movement was a humongous effort. To top it all my head was splitting itself apart from pain and I was haunted by nausea. Besides, Logan was in the room, too. He was sitting on the window observing me. I saw myself in the mirror before my arrival and knew perfectly well why. After the ritual I my appearance had altered. My hair was extremely wild and voluminous and had a very dark shade of green that resembled brown. My skin was now a bit bronze in color and my eyes were now a strange mixture of brown and grey.

"Do you mind explaining me what has happened in the woods? I though that you had control over your powers. I didn't allow you to do your rituals to create chaos and panic among my students." his voice was sharp and harsh. He never stopped looking at me with some kind of arrogance. I felt like being interrogated for a crime.

"I have control over my own powers. I can assure you about that. You seem to forget that I am not a mutant and I can only access my powers through commands only." I snapped back at him. Both Logan and the professor were stunned by my boldness.

"How dare you? Who do you think you are to talk to me like that? Don't you know who I am?" he was outraged. My, my, my, what an enormous ego he possessed. Someone just had to put him on his ass.

"You are the most powerful telepath in the world, but among mutants and don't you forget that, Charles Xavier." I was glaring at him and muttered the words with the iciest tone I could produce. Neither of the men dared to say something. They were so taken aback. "What I said is not a sign of disrespect or ungratefulness. It is the plain truth. Your powers are fuelled by emotion, while the mage kinds are influenced by the energy currents around them. So don't even try that control issue bullshit with me cause I'm in a league of my own."

"If that is true, for your powers to go wild out of proportions, they must have been affected by a very strong source of energy. Judging by the side effects on your appearance it must have been immense power." Charles went silent and I only nodded to his assumption. Even though he wasn't a mage he caught up quite fast; the surprise came from Logan, who seemed to understand without a problem.

"You are correct, professor. You have something here in the mansion that has charged up the grounds of your property with extreme raw power. The first from the rituals I mentioned yesterday was to create a bond with the element of earth. What I actually did was to find my way to the living core of this element in every possible form it may exist. Upon my connection I seemed to have become highly charged myself turning into a sort of a radiating torch light affecting everything connected to this element." I explained skillfully avoiding the part where Gaea blesses me with her power. I was smarter than to give him information that could be potentially harmful against me.

"What do you mean under "something" that has altered the energy here?" he asked trying to hide information that I already knew for quite awhile. He actually played his cards very well using his trick questions. That may have worked on most people that were deceived by his appearance; I knew better.

"If you mean the ruby of Cyttorak has done this I would have to disagree. Although it is a very powerful artifact in its nature it has nothing to do with the elements. It is created to alter the human kind not nature. Besides the power here is raw and unshaped, whereas the ruby is with a defined and very delicate magical signature." came my explanation, which left the professor speechless. Right in the bull's-eye; now I got him in my hands. Logan jumped rapidly to his feet and caught me by the neck in a choking hold.

"Now where the hell a kid like you would get information like that. Very few people know about this. If I were you I would start talking right away." he growled at me tightening his grip. A cliché move, but yet effective in most cases. I remained calm looking him straight in the eye without even blinking.

"This is a most powerful artifact of great value and it would be stupid if anyone would think that my kind of all people in the world wouldn't be informed about its whereabouts and who its master is. If we weren't sure you were reliable enough, we wouldn't have let you have it, but now that I think about it, may be it was a bad idea."

"Let the boy go, Wolverine. I need him in condition to speak. I didn't realize that every single item of mystical value was so heavily tracked down and listed. The ruby must not be mentioned in front of any of the students. Not even some of the seniors are aware of its presence in the mansion." came the harsh order from the professor. At this point I didn't think much of him at all. He didn't even trust his own people, but kept on preaching trust. Logan finally let go of my throat and I could breathe. We parted with a single glare of distrust and loathe.

"Fine, it isn't my business anyway observing what the ruby does all the time. But when the time comes I'm expecting that you would return the favor. My silence does come with a hefty prize." was my only reply.

"We'll work something out. I am sure about it. Now back to our problem. Why do you that the ruby isn't responsible for the mysterious energy misbalance? Although it doesn't affect nature its radiance could have affected the area." he asked coldly.

"Let's cut with the games shall we. If you want to know so much about the ruby just ask straight away. Your little games don't work on me. Its radiance alters the human soul for the worse and quite frankly I think you got too much radiation from it going on." I made a very spiteful remark at which he shot his eye brow and Logan growled.

"Why you little runt!" Logan was furious and jumped up again ready to hit me, but was restrained by the professor.

"Don't waste your energy with him. Besides we need him as our ally not as an enemy." Charles said looking at me with a sort of respect. Maybe he thought of me as a worthy opponent or I don't know what, but he was ready to put his dislike aside to work with me. He knew that I wasn't just another ignorant teenager and that I was far more than that.

"I am glad we had come to some sort of agreement. To determine if this could prove to be disturbing I suggest that you delve into the history of the mansion and note yourself every single event that can be out of the ordinary. If you have information, who owned it before you, what kind of people lived here or even before this placed was ever built. Every single detail might shed some light on what's happening here. This rich in power area can be like a magnet to a lot of people and things that are not meant to be out in the sunlight as well."

"I will get on with it right away and is there something else that must be considered?"

"Yes, everything you find about this place and the reason why it is all charged up, must be read firstly by me. There is also one more thing. Nobody from the seniors is to know about this. If this proved to be just something that can be ignored, all the better. No need for panic. Isn't that what you strive to, peace and tranquility for all. Let's not spoil the idyll." I said smiling to Charles, who seemed delighted for some reason.

"Well yes of course. Logan will be silent about the contents of this meeting and we will make the excuse that you had been out of control, because of your emotional state which was a result from your parents' ill treatment towards you. You are quite a find Phillip. It would be truly profiting for us to have you as a student here." this conversation twisted into a very subtle direction, to which Logan was totally clueless. He was so confused, because from angry enemies we with the professor had become close friends. He was just going to use me and my knowledge, while I was going to use his mansion and money resources and maybe his mutants and even connections. It was a very shaky truce relying on need and exploitation rather than friendship.

"Now if you don't mind, Phillip, could you please tell Ororo to be ready for the meal. Sometimes she can forget the time, when she is around her flowers." He said in a warm tone to which I only smiled in the same warm way.

"With pleasure, professor." was my only answer as I exited the room and headed towards the garden. Not that I know exactly where it was, but I instinctively picked up the presence of plants of the mansion and soon walking through a series of corridors I reached the garden.

As I walked inside the most obscure thing happened. Every single plant in there grew out of normal proportions, blossomed or whatever it normally does. How was this possible? I was questioning myself yet again. Was it even in theory believable that there could be such force to interact so strongly with the physical world? I guess that the gift I was presented with was more powerful than I expected.

"Phillip, this is so beautiful!" exclaimed Ororo flabbergasted as everything around her sprouted to reach unworldly beauty. "By the way what did you do with yourself? You look stunning like that." she gasped looking at me from head to toes observing the drastic change in my appearance.

"You like my new look. I call it "In Touch with Nature". Nothing a bit of magic couldn't do." I said grinning at her.

"Yeah, you look great. If I had known you could do that, I would have dragged you here myself on the second we met." she yelled hugging me in tightly after taking a last look at her flowers.

"Trust me I didn't know I could do that before this morning. Now let go of me please. I can't breathe." I managed to spill between breaths.

"Look, you have been a day here and you are beginning to learn new things about yourself already. I'm so proud." she said with a great sunny smile showing her pearly white teeth. I guess keeping her garden healthy beyond normality was enough to list her as a friend to death.

"Oh joy! It's truly a miracle. Now let's go and fetch some lunch. The professor said that you should be reminded of that from time to time."

"Yeah, he is right. When I'm near my flowers and trees time just ceases to pass." she sighed as we headed to the cafeteria; a huge place filled with lots of tables for every single person in the institute.

"That I know. It happens to me too, but when I listen to music. It's like I'm the only one there and time and space just stop being there." was my reply as we neared the seniors table. Boy was this going to be a long day.


Mhm, things are getting interesting. Really interesting, at least for me. J The mystery around my boy thickens. He receives a very nice gift from Mother Earth herself; what can I say I love ultimate power in industrial quantity. There is some weird vibes with Logan in a particular moment, how will things develop, only I know. What I like about him most is that he is a bad boy; he knows that and loves it too. Makes you wonder why he is that way and what he will do next, huh?