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Chapter 4

Net of Lies and Mystery

Piotr's Perspective:

It was lunch time and I was at the seniors table in the dining room trying to put something in my mouth, but I wasn't hungry at all. I didn't even have breakfast, because I couldn't keep my mind of thinking about Phillip. We had spent one truly wonderful night together, but in the morning I only found a note from him. Not that it wasn't sweet - things he wrote, but leaving a note. I was pretty much sure he was regretting what happened last night. I was having my regrets too; he was so vulnerable last night and still offered his body. I couldn't help but hating my self for taking advantage of him. There was also the fact that he was a minor...

I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I was so taken aback, when he suddenly entered with Ororo. They were laughing so melodically and charming that everyone in the whole dining room stopped every kind of activity to watch them. I was flabbergasted and petrified from the sight of him. I didn't know how, but he was changed beyond recognition and was stunning. I never knew he could be so amazing in this cheerful mood and he had this air of vitality around him. I couldn't grasp how his white skin had taken this mild chocolate shade and his hair color could be this green and still look natural. But what was the most beautiful part of him were his eyes, which were now a rare and exotic mixture of misty grey and brown.

"My god, Phillip, is that you? What did you do to yourself? You look simply fantastic; you must tell me how you did it. Come and sit with us." cheerfully greeted him Jean and he sat right next to her, which was right opposite of me. He still seemed in a good mood, but a little nervous. I could swear that he even managed to exchange some cold glares with Wolverine.

"Hello, everybody. Don't worry. Sooner or later I will return my natural hair color and appearance. These are just some side effects of a magical ritual." he was sounding very cheerful, nothing like the sad and angry boy I saw last night. His eyes found me and he smiled at me. It was a semi smile and his facial color turned red a bit with embarrassment and that was the same thing I did too. Then his eyes moved on to Petra, who was sitting right next to me.

"Hey, Petra, how was the tea I fixed you? Did it do the trick?" he asked in a very friendly tone like they knew each other for ages.

"It did wonders with my nausea, but I can't seem to shake the feeling of tiredness off. All I do is yawn and nod with my head in a half sleeping state." she giggled "How did it do with you? You sound pretty cheerful, so it must have worked."

"Didn't do much. I was mostly out of control this morning so there were too many aches for it to fix. My head is still pounding like hell and my body feels like jelly. Thank god I was able to recharge at Ororos' garden." he stated to the confusion to everybody else except Petra and as a big surprise to Logan.

"Do you care to explain what you are talking about?" asked Scott, who was for some reason very pissed at the good mood of the teenager. Phillip instantly frowned at the icy tone with which Cyclops had encountered him.

"You were there and you know when I said that I had to do a ritual. The first one was today and I had to attune myself to the earth patterns in the mansion, but things got out of hand and the power that was released drew Petra in somnambulist state towards me." he explained as fast as he could so that no one understands just to piss Scott even more. That did the trick as he fumed up with anger at which the boy just smiled bitterly.

"It was nothing really. Don't worry about it. I have been through a lot worse." Petra tried to stop a scandal in its birth and that seemed to work, because Scott stopped himself from saying something and Phillip just hummed in annoyance.

"If you say so. I haven't seen much battle myself and haven't witnessed the things you might probably have. Nice chit chatting, but I think I am going to eat now." he replied to Petra trying to resume his cheerful mood. It didn't work as now there was a storm cloud over him and the air of vitality around him just faded. With that he just stood up and left the table without further response.

"Way to ruin his good mood, Scott. He was totally depressed after his parents kicked him out of their house. I see some progress in him and you just go and make him feel guilty for his loss of control." Jean complained slapping her husband behind the neck.

"Well I can tell you guys that he was certainly a very different person last night we met him. He wasn't depressed, he was very pissed for some reason and acted a bit arrogant." Joined in Betsy, who was at this time only observing the boy. "Not that I didn't like it. They don't have the spunk anymore. He is a totally different story. I've never seen a boy so unnerved in my life."

"Betsy, are you kidding or something? The boy I saw was pretty messed up for some reasons that lie in his past, but I don't think that he could be arrogant. By the way, what do you mean unnerved?" asked Jean in concern going immediately in defensive mode for Phillip. I loved this woman for her motherly instincts to every student in this mansion. I think she is the only one that knows every single boy and girl in the mansion and loves them all.

"Jean, you should have seen him. Logan picked a bone with him and the boy just stroke back with full force. He played some kind of psychological mind game with the man!!! We were all scared shitless that Logan will eventually slice him into pieces." stated Warren in a very excited tone. He was like an overgrown teenager in his manners, even though he was a millionaire and was the only one from the seniors to goof around in the most dangerous of situations. Sometimes it was a torture having him on the team.

"You aren't joking, are you? I can't believe that a teenager stood up against Wolverine and got away with it." gasped Kurt, who was at moments so easy to get bewildered, but I never thought anything bad of him, because I knew the hardships in his life due to his appearance. He wasn't one of the most attractive men, due to his demonic looks. He had thin coating of blue fur, scary fangs, pointy ears and a very long pointy tail too. That made him a bit shocking for most of the people.

"He is not joking. You should have been there. The kid has guts. The first time I saw Logan pull out his claws I was scared shitless, while Phillip here didn't even tremble and the claws were just mere inches from his face." the other seniors just gasped with amazement. Jean was blown away, wearing expression of total incomprehension and confusion, while Scott remained ever so pissed. Whispers broke out between the other seniors. Everyone was out of their minds with the things this new student did and quite frankly so was I. I was out in the dark at how he could be the sweetest and gentlest youth in one minute and then turn into this dark and negative person.

"I don't like the boy. There is something about him that makes me wanna keep an eye on him. I don't trust him." Logan growled in his typical way. But this time he really meant it. He wasn't considered to be one of the most trusting types of humans, but the way his voice sounded really told that he was absolutely serious about his statement.

"Logan, don't be like that. You say that about half the students around here. He is just going through a lot." Jean tried to smooth things and tried keep the team together. Betsy totally agreed with her and was anxious to see what the new kid will do next. It was a funny thing to see a British woman act with such vitality and humor.

"Think about it Jean. You said yourself that he took out four of the most powerful members of the brotherhood just like that. What normal teenager would have the power and training to perform a feat of this sort? Besides he seems to have drastic mood and behavioral swings. Tell me now, since when didn't this combination mean trouble?" his words made me think about that myself and it seemed to have an effect on everybody else, because all conversations ended on the second as every single senior concentrated on their own thoughts.

"For once I totally agree with Logan on this one." came Scott's voice from nowhere in particular. He seemed really troubled and pissed. I haven't seen him in such a dark mood before.

Jean gasped, "Oh my god Scott! I can't believe this! What is the matter with you? So what if he acts a bit out of the normal. He had it rough. That doesn't mean that he will end up like Lilia." we all remembered Lilia. She was one of the most gifted of our kind, but was mentally unstable and ended up as our enemy. Her powers got the better of her and after making everybody's life a virtual hell the poor girl disappeared and nobody ever saw her again.

"Lilia was a loony right from the start. She was chaotic, overly obsessive and paranoid. I was going to be quite surprised if she didn't become a villain. But Scott I highly doubt that Phillip is the same." Betsy tried to soften things and loosen up some of the tension. It didn't work that much and all it seemed to do was to aggravate Logan more.

"Still there is something about his past that he is hiding. The boy knew what he was doing yesterday and you all ought to keep your eyes open for what he does." he growled.

"Can we drop it all ready?! I got enough of these conspiracy theories. Sheesh, you act so child like. We have had even more obscure cases with mutants and none of you acted so weird." I was grateful to Jean for ending this conversation. I couldn't even muster a sound. I was so deep in my own thoughts of guilt. I couldn't forgive myself for sleeping with this boy. I could still see his deep and pained eyes in my mind and upon remembering what happened to Lilia I feared that I had done something irreversible.

Phillip's Perspective:

That Scott was really one of a kind pain in the ass. If there was a living embodiment of the word "Mood spoiler" Scott would be it. He still couldn't get pass the fact that he wouldn't get any kind of information about my past and was all pissed because of it. This was unbelievable and he is supposed to be the leader of the X-Men. Right I am the queen of Egypt for that matter. As I was storming out of the enormous dining room to my misfortune at the moment I bumped into Theresa. She took some time so observe me from head to toe before she was in condition to recognize me.

"Oh my god! Phillip, is that you?! What the hell did you do to yourself to look like that?!" she was astonished and eager to know everything. How was I supposed to stay mad when I was around this hurricane of joy and vitality? I needed just a couple of seconds to restore my good mood that was thanks to my new bond with the earth. I was so thankful that Gaea chose me to hold such power. I was virtually the keeper of the Earth's core of life and this duty had its benefits.

"That is a mega long story, you know. These are just some side effects of the ritual in the woods I performed today."

"So you were the creepy boy in the woods. Husk told me all about the weird things that were going on in the woods. Just didn't realize it was you. Come on and sit with me at the X-Men best trainees. I am personally from the seniors, but it's more fun sitting with the teenagers." I guess that information about things around here spread very fast.

We neared a table near the windows and there were sitting ten teenagers. They were all different looking and too many to scan all properly without my head going boom with all of my body still strained from the ritual trying to normalize itself. As I saw Paige Guthrie sitting at the table I instantly understood that Husk must have been her code name. Every one here had a code name, which was all so very confusing, because I had to learn two names per person. Just great. I observed everyone carefully without using my mind scan.

At the end of the table were sitting a nice couple. The girl was the furthest from everyone else and was clad in clothes that hid her skin even though it looked healthy and soft, she even wore gloves. The most interesting detail about her appearance was her white streak of hair which contrasted her normal dark auburn hair color. Her boyfriend was a lean and athletic boy with short thick dark blond hair and the brightest crystal blue eyes that I have ever seen. They were just like ice. Next to the couple, which was holding hands by the way, was placed a shorter and slim girl with her dark brownish hair pulled back in a pony tail. She was having a very enthusiastic conversation with a magnificently beautiful blond that even resembled the appearance of an elf. However that girl didn't possess that cool beauty and seemed to be quite a party girl. Next there were four teens encaged in a conversation of their own. The girl was a Chinese in her appearance and had a weird 80's style hair cut that was very short. The other ones were boys. One was a typical blond with tanned skin, probably a surfer or a beach lover and the other one was a Brazilian with dark skin and black mop like hair. The last one was another blond, but with his head shaved to the skin except for his fringe, which was cut in a punk style. The weirdest of all was a quite attractive girl with straight and shinny electric green hair. So many faces I had to remember and so many names too.

"Hey guys. Look what I brought today. It's the new boy." Theresa said as loud as she could, drawing all the attention towards me. I felt like being a zoo specimen and with the exotic way I looked it wasn't a wonder. I could see that Paige was getting nervous as I gave her a quick glance.

"Hi." echoed a whole chorus of teenagers greeting me. Then the whole introduction began. Everybody said their name, their code name and explained about their powers a bit. It took a while before I could say anything.

"It's nice to meet all of you. I'm Phillip." I said briefly, which didn't satisfy most of them. They all waited to hear about my powers. Boy that would take a day or so to explain and list, because mages do have a wide range of powers and virtually they could do everything if the exact amount of talent is present though.

"Is the hair and eyes part of you mutation?" asked Lorna a.k.a Polaris. She was the green haired girl and her power was to control magnetism. It was a nice elemental power to say the least.

"Mhm, no. I am not a mutant. I am a mage. My looks are just side effects of the ritual I did today in the forest." That came as a shocker to all of them. I guess nobody except Theresa knew about me not being a mutant.

"So you are the one Husk has been talking about in the woods? That's so cool. She said it was quite a show with everything growing out of proportions. We were all quite sure that you were a chlorokinetic." shot out Kitty a.k.a Shadowcat as fast as she could. This was the girl with the pony tail and her power was to go through solid objects. She was so eager and curious.

"I guess the word spreads fast around here, huh." was my only remark trying to eat something from the plate which I brought with myself.

"Faster than a forest fire in the middle of the summer." answered with pride Jubilee; that name served as her code name and nick name alike, although her real name was Jubilation. She was the Chinese girl and her power was to create plasma blasts of different intensity.

"Don't mind them much. They with Amara are the only major gossipers on the block. You don't have to tell anything if you don't want to." said Alex a.k.a Havok, who was the surfer looking boy. He could also shoot plasma bolts from his hands, but couldn't control their density.

"No, it's cool with me. I can tell. I bet everyone here has embarrassing moments. So I was performing a ritual to attune myself to the earth element upon bonding with it. Well the bond proved to be too strong for me and I got overcharged with its energy, that's why all the freaky things around me happened. Until my hair doesn't change back to its normal look I will still be a chlorokinetic among other things." they all seemed fascinated by my story. I guess they were never involved with magic before and it was all so easy to lie to them. Throw the biggest lie at them and they would buy it. I couldn't possibly want something more convenient.

"So basically what can you do? Being a mage gives you quite an arsenal of powers I bet. I have always wondered what a mage can do." asked Bobby a.k.a Iceman. He was the boyfriend of Marie a.k.a Rogue, the girl with the white streak in her hair. He was cryokinetic, while she possessed a sort of power mimicry, where she would need to drain the life force of another human being via skin touch to access his skills. Unfortunate for her, she wasn't in position to control it and that is why, she had to be wary of her skin.

"Basically every mage begins with the psionics disciplines. They don't need spells and chants to activate and are most diverse. Mainly we use them as our primary weapon, but yeah in general we have a wide range of powers."

"Why don't you give us a demo of your chlorokinetic powers? We know our powers so well that even abusing and showing off with them isn't fun anymore." pleaded Ray a.k.a Berserker, who was the shaved dude. He was quite cool having the power of electrokinesis, which was a bit underdeveloped allowing him only to shoot bolts of lightning and to charge up from electrical utilities.

"Fine, I'll do it. Rogue, can I borrow your flower?" I asked Rogue, who was with a beautiful white rose in her hair to match the white streak. She nodded and handed it to me. I closed my eyes on concentrated on it forcing it to close its petals and then reopen them showing the colors of the rainbow. Then its shortly cut stem started growing and new leaves and rose heads started sprouting. In the end I held in my hands a beautiful wreath of colorful roses. Everyone just stood there entranced and gasped as I handed the wreath to Rogue showing that there were no thorns on it. She smiled at me in a flushed and timid manner.

"That is so beautiful! I want one too. We ought to call you Blossom as a code name." exclaimed Amara a.k.a Magma, who turned out to be the blond elf like girl. She was a mixed type of elemental. Not only was she terrakinetic and pyrokinetic, but she could also transmute into a magma form, where both of her abilities were combined into magma control.

"Yeah right. Blossom?! Where do you come up with this stuff? Why don't we name him Grapevine for that matter?" asked Lorna in mock outrage and laughed with everybody else. Only Paige didn't seem to enjoy herself. She barely had said a word.

"Let the boy breathe. You are suffocating him. He will soon pick up a nice name and start his training to join the X-men. Isn't that right now, Phillip?" joined in Theresa. This was quite embarrassing, because I never thought of joining their team and never wanted it. I have always been fighting, fighting my tutors only to learn the skills, fighting with my parents, fighting life and all I needed was to be left alone to catch my breath and try and have a normal life.

"I'm sorry Theresa. But I highly doubt that from ever happening. I don't want to become a X-Men." Everyone seemed kind of disappointed. I believe that Ray and Jubilee gave me the evil eye.

"How come? For Gods' Sake, who cares if you ain't a mutant? You took out Mystique, Sabertooth and the Maximoff twins just like that. Why wouldn't you want to kick more asses?" she asked blown away. The teenagers were blown away to know that I defeated these members of the brotherhood.

"You defeated the four most dangerous mutants of the brotherhood. For that you must already a senior. Not many can actually say that they stood up against them and lived to tell." shot out Roberto a.k.a Sunspot. He was the Brazilian boy and his power was quite complex. He was able to charge himself with solar energy and access a more powerful back energy form, which had several benefits.

"It wasn't like I was trying to do it. It was all the adrenaline that allowed me to do it. Look I have never seen battle in my life and I'm a pacifist by nature. I have seen weird, but never engaged in battle. Sorry I'm just not cut out to be a fighter." That was another lie, but how would they know the truth. I can be very convincing when I want to. Pacifism is something so unknown to me and almost my whole life was engaged in battles, but that didn't mean that I don't want a break from all that shit.

"My god, you have talent and awesome skills. I just can't believe that you don't want to try and fight." Theresa trailed off into a long monolog about power and responsibilities and how there couldn't be pacifism in those with power. I couldn't bear and hear her anymore. I knew I was lying terribly to her and all the others, but if they knew the truth about me, they wouldn't be so pleased, so why not lie a little bit. It couldn't hurt anyone in the first place. I just wouldn't need to fight again.

Just as I was about to trail back in my past and recall all the events that pained me most, Piotr's thoughts echoed in the whole room and he was shouting in his mind so hard that every single telepath in the whole room turned his head towards him. The things he thought of weren't so reassuring either.

"Phillip, can you hear me. About last night ..." I couldn't believe I was having this conversation with him. Man was I that bad? Sheesh and to top it all every telepath had to listen to it.

"Sure I do, Piotr. But so does every telepath in the whole school or may be the whole country. Please don't think so loudly." I interrupted him as fast as I could, before anything else, which might put me in a bad light, dropped from his mouth. I turned my head in his direction to make a sign with my face, so he would shut up. Jean and Betsy were all ears or should I say all telepathy about the whole thing and couldn't help, but stare at me and then Piotr and then me again. "This is private. You mind not eavesdropping, while I have this conversation." I asked them, but shut them and every other telepath for sure. When I put up defenses, no one can breach them; that's for sure.

"Phillip, I feel bad about what happened last night. I've been thinking this over and realized that it was a huge mistake." he whispered as fast as he could; his thoughts were jumbled and confused mixed with a lot of guilt.

"I can't believe I'm having this conversation. Piotr, please relax you aren't making it any easier for me. Wasn't I good?" I couldn't help feeling a little bit hurt by his thoughts of regret. I never thought of myself of a sex god, but I had some experience in the field. Was I that bad? I was fuming with rage and hurt and let him know it.

"No, it's not about that. I haven't been pleased in such a way in my whole life and that's just it. To put a long story short I just used you to get sexual relief and I still think that you wanted me in the room because I was a senior and you just obeyed." hearing his confession really melted my heart. Damn I gave up too easily. How was I supposed to maintain a character, when I melted up the second I sighted or heard something so sappy?

"Piotr, don't do that to yourself baby. You didn't use me. If I didn't want it I wouldn't have stopped you in the first place. What we shared last night was so special. Why would you go and ruin the moment?"

"That goes for me too, but you must understand that you are under age and the things we did together are strictly forbidden by the law. Besides I have a lot on my mind right now, because I'm heterosexual and having slept with you raises questions that put my own life and beliefs under doubt." I saddened at his response and although I wanted to repeat what we did last night, I knew that I was his first homosexual experience and I could really sense the whirlwind of emotions and doubt in him. Damn, that empathy. I was yet again overwhelmed by his emotions.

"Come on now Piotr. Don't be like that. You surely found out that I ain't a virgin and about the second thing. You were the second best lover I ever had. I know what you are going through. Don't worry. Both ways you will make someone really happy."

"Still you know we can't repeat the last night scenario. I just wouldn't be able to live with myself if we do it gain."

"I know my big gentle giant. Just relax and don't blame yourself for your sexuality. If you are sure you are gay, you would just need to accept it like you accepted your mutation. It's the same thing actually. You just know that I'll be here if you need help."

"This very funny actually." I could hear his mental laughter. "I should be the one that knows these things and offer you help, because you should be confused. Oh, the irony. Can you believe that? What a pathetic case I am?"

"Shut up! Piotr, you are the most virtuous and considerate man that I have ever met, you know. You are so innocent and good hearted and quite frankly you don't deserve the hard time you are giving yourself. You are not pathetic that you feel confused. Hell just because I ended up gay earlier than you doesn't make me better. The world wouldn't be as it is now if we all knew everything in it." man was I good at the psychological shit when I wanted me to be. I guess that worked because I felt his emotional state balance a bit and finally with my mind set free from the shielded conversation. As I was about to finish up my lunch the mental voices of Betsy and Jean battled for my attention.

"Phillip, you don't think we are letting this private conversations with Piotr just skip our attention. What was that about last night, boy?" began Jean in a very serious tone, which was followed by Betsy in the same manner.

"He was speaking as if he had done something that he surely regrets. What did he do to you?" she was asking, but she already knew the answer. Jean got the picture too and gasped as I remained silent. God I forgot how much I hated telepaths, but most of all women telepaths, they seemed to be even more annoying with their always accurate intuition.

"Phillip, please tell me what happened? Did he hurt you? If he had molested you, we will take measures and he will get seriously punished by the law." Jean started babbling about all the protection I would get. The only thing I got was annoyance, because these two couldn't keep their noses out of private business.

"Do not lay a finger on him! He is enough troubled as it is. I don't have to tell anything. God just keep your distance from me like you do to every other student here and don't mess into my private matters." The anger in my voice puzzled them and enraged them too.

"Cool down kid. We are just trying to help. It is against the law to molest a minor. Don't get all pissed and start with this kind of bullshit." Betsy replied.

"When I need your help, I'll ask for it. Did you get that? By the way what leads you to the cliché conclusion that Piotr molested me and I wasn't the one that actually asked him to spend the night with me?"

"But you couldn't have done that. I mean yesterday you were..." Jean began mumbling in disbelief.

"I was what? A total wreck? Jean, my dear, you don't quite know me so don't label me under the mental unstable just yet. Yeah and by the way I am gay and for a very long time not a virgin. So there all questions are answered without further complications." I spat the words out filled with loathe. I couldn't believe that this was me. I was a walking time bomb and the more people wanted to interact with me the more I was about to explode and release everything that I harbored in my heart. For these long months I had never let anything show on my face and now I was about to crack.

"Now stop putting you nose in other peoples' lives. It's not like I matter to you anyways. I bet you have plenty more students with problems to attend to. I want to be left alone and leave Piotr alone too." I snapped at them once again and cut them off telepathically. I thought at the moment that I had gone beyond the point of no return in hostility towards the seniors and it was just my second day during my long stay at the mansion. This time off from the council wasn't going to much pleasant. I made some lame excuse and left the juniors in training with Theresa to return to my room.

As I entered the hallway leading to the big stairway I heard my name being called from behind. It was a very deep masculine voice, which belonged to Hank. He caught up with me and escorted me all the way my room.

"Phillip, can I come for the massage you promised me?" he was extremely nervous about asking such an innocent question. But that was on the outside. We both knew perfectly well what kind of massage I was going to give him. In an instant my mood changed again. I pushed back the pesky and nerve wrecking seniors and concentrated on the action I was going to receive. These mood swings were even weird for me and they seemed to have started right after I activated my powers to help Jean and Scott. Right now however I was too busy trying to better my mood.

"Sure, I have nothing else to do right now. Follow me." I was eager to see what this man was capable of in bed, even though I was so tired mentally, which weakened my body also. But my sexual appetite was insatiable at the moment. I swore to god that every man in this mansion or even teenager was enough to give me a hard on for a long time. I might be shy when I was with a huge group of people, but when it came to one on one conversation or sex in the case, my shyness simply evaporated. So with a sly grin on my face I brought the giant in my room and laid him on my bed.

"Now lie on your stomach and be patient." my final orders were as I started massaging his back as promised. It felt so good to feel his rock hard muscles coated with his blue fur. It was so soft and gentle, but also firm and hard in the same time. My hands moved down and down his pine till I reached his ass. As I started working on those perfect firm ass cheeks of his, Hank began to moan in an animalistic matter, which turned me on even more. I didn't spare him any pleasure in pressing the parts of his body that would shoot his dick straight up and in attention.

I finished massaging his feet and came to where his head was. He looked at me with a look of sheer pleasure, waiting for the next surprise. I unbuttoned my jeans very slowly and exposed my cock, which filled my underwear nicely. There was a wet spot near my head from the precum that was oozing. I took out my cock and pointed it to Hank's mouth. I guess he wasn't in the whole idea of servicing me as well, as would have done it. My head rubbed on his cheek sliding down to his mouth leaving a trail of precum on his face.

"Come on, Hank. You scratch my back a bit and I will give you the best hours of your life. I know what I am talking about. It isn't so bad. Don't be afraid." I was soothing him still pressing my cock on his lips till he finally surrendered and opened his mouth to me. Due to his mutation he was bigger in every way imaginable than most humans and his mouth was wider so was his throat so that my dick slit in there with no trouble at all. It took a while till he adjusted himself to my thrusts and soon after loved to deep throat me. His enormous tongue was doing amazing swirls around my cock; another benefit of his mutation I guessed and soon without warning came inside of his mouth. Hank was so much into blowing me that he didn't even mind milking me to the very last drop.

"That's a good boy there. Now it's time to give you pleasure. Isn't that right now?" I whispered in a very low sexy voice as I manipulated him to lie on his back and came down on his cock. I had this crazy fetish about sucking cock through the underwear. There was something hyper sexy about the taste of cock mixed with the cloth. Hank was moaning in sweet agony as I was sucking, liking and squeezing his giant cock. The man was hung like a horse, literally. It was around 12 inches or more and so thick. No wonder his code name was Beast. No human could ever have such a cock. I mean from where could he pump so much blood in it to have a hard on in the first place.

Soon his dick was hard as ever and I slipped his enormous boxer trunks from him and tried to deep throat him. He was so thick that my jaw hurt from the stretching I had to do. Even though I wanted to take the whole thing my throat was on another opinion. It simply couldn't stretch to take the dick in, so I only managed to take it to the 7th inch, from where it was quite impossible to keep going. Hank was almost growling with pleasure mumbling something under his nose and making low guttural sounds. He became totally entranced from the pleasure and I used the opportunity to make him willing to be fucked up his ass. While my mouth was working his cock, my left hand was massaging his fury blue sack of balls the size of eggs and my right was pocking and rubbing his rosebud.

I used my drooling saliva to lube my fingers and started finger fucking Hank, who enjoyed this kind of game even more. Soon two fingers became four and before he knew it I was riding him fast and hard. His heavy legs were on my shoulders with those gigantic feet rubbing against my head. I was giving him a great hand job in the meantime to keep his mind of the fucking he was receiving. Hank had a big enough anus to let me through without pain and he only felt the pleasure of the whole act. The friction of his fur got me so high that I wasn't able to hold any longer and shot my load inside of him. Very fast I came out of him and adjusted myself on top of him trying to put his dick inside of me. It was massive and even the saliva didn't help.

When it came to the 7th inch the great pain began, because I have never been so stretched in my life before and every single inch of his cock was even wider. Some very painful minutes for me and some very pleasurable minutes for him I managed to take it all in. Now it was up to Beast to pleasure himself in the best way he could. It certainly didn't take him long to understand what was expected from him, as he started pumping rapidly his thick meat inside of me. His upper body sprung from the bed and slammed against me and his gigantic arms embraced my waist and shoulders making me perfectly steady. His thrusts were so fast that I couldn't even notice when he entered and when he left me. All I felt was the wonderful vibration inside my ass and the friction from his furry body. I have been with hairy guys back in the day, but this was a totally different experience. I loved the touch of his soft fur on my body.

My legs took hold of his waist to push myself even harder on his cock and body. My arms clutched his neck and shoulders. A kiss was inevitable. It was the first from the whole act, but certainly wasn't the last one. His tongue forced itself in my mouth and I sucked it with such pleasure. It was big and long like everything with him. The kiss was so deep and intense that I couldn't breathe afterwards. The kiss was the beginning of the end, because soon after he exploded a massive load of his thick and white cum inside my ass, which leaked out in small but steady streaks and stained my not so clean sheets. They still smelled of the man sex I had last night with Piotr, but I didn't care much. We dropped exhausted on the bed still caressing each other, kissing and cuddling.

If the ritual was tiring than the three hours spent with this Beast in the bed were totally exhausting to death even. I fell quickly in a deep slumber as my lover escaped from the bed and fled the scene of the crime. He wanted me to be comfortable in my own bed, now wasn't that too considerate of him. However I was too beat to argue and make him stay so I ended up in alone again with a very satisfied grin on my face. I was unlucky, because that grin was short lived. My sweet slumber turned into one major nightmare of the worst kind, the prophetic.

I got one of those once or twice in a year and I wasn't talking about the precognitive dreams that showed something of a smaller scale. These were in a league of their own, the heavy serious stuff. Only few people are blessed with such a privilege, too bad I was one of them. The first few times I had actually received a prophetic dream I was scared shitless. However they were connected with my true nature, the way I was and my place in the world. Eventually I got used to seeing the inevitable battle of the world's forces against hell and all that is evil, but this was different. This was so detailed and crystal clear that caught me off guard.

It all started with lots of fire and brimstone, destruction and mayhem and so on and so on. The usual things in every grave prophecy, that one can receive. I had these dreams from very little so it wasn't something to be scared of, because I knew that the day of this apocalypse would be far in the future. It always was, but this time it was all different. It wasn't just total chaos of death and agony like before. I saw myself or what was to become of me and sensed that this was all very near to the present to happen. A truly horrifying sight indeed, but I couldn't observe myself more closely, because the picture changed and I saw fragments of my past. The most humiliating and painful moments I could ever experienced. It was like a hurricane of memory fragments, a picture slide show running in dazzling speeds. For the first time since I lost my innocence I felt the fear crippling inside of me freezing my blood. I just stood there taking every single blow from my past once again; the emotions connected with these memories once again flooded my soul boiling and stirring. I was like a balloon about to burst from the pressure inside, when I heard that laughter. It was far worse than the demonic ones I have ever heard.

A huge head formed in front of me, which was like a skull covered with different fragments of skin: pale blue dead like skin, scaly skin, decayed fur and strange horn like tumors. It was a gruesome patchwork from hell and all I could do was stay there and look at it petrified. It was starring at me with those blood-like red eyes and laughing at me with a chorus of twisted male and female voices. The simple eye contact drained my powers and paralyzed me with fear, wild and uncontrolled fear. Behind the head became pitch black and from the four corners of my eyes I witnessed four large energy bursts in blue, red, green and ghastly purple. From the dark blue color emerged a large silhouette of a serpent targeting the head. The green energy twisted into a silhouette of a human made out of roots, while the red one formed a bird with big mighty wings. The purple one remained formless however and all four clashed with the giant head creating immense and blinding white light. For a moment I couldn't see anything and a second later I was in a dark chamber which was painfully familiar. Two sets of large arms held me tight from behind I could feel the claws gashing through my skin. I knew what was coming and I braced for the impact. It was the only thing left for me to do. Then those big razor sharp teeth sunk into my neck and I screamed as loud as I could.

Scott's Perspective:

It was almost 7 o'clock, time for dinner. I was still in my room after taking a shower and just finished dressing when I heard the screams. I've never heard such agony in my life. After the initial shock I burst out of my room trying to locate the scream. Finally I was sure that they were coming from Phillip's room. The door was locked, so with a kick from my side it was busted open. He was lying on his bed naked; the covers tossed aside revealing his chest; his hands were pulled up and looked as if they were tied up by some invisible force. He was wiggling and screaming for mercy.

"Stop it right now! Leave him alone! Finish what you started with me! Gut me, hit me, kill me! Just don't do that to him! Spare him! Tristan, no, no, no!" he was screaming. Then he gave a high pitched squeal and I could see a large trace of blood leaking from his choker. About this time I was right next to him trying to free his arms and shouting for him to wake up. It was as if he was glued to the bed and I couldn't move him by an inch. The screaming seemed to subside and all I heard was a low sorrowful whisper "I love you" and his body became free. He jerked and jumped in my arms wrapping his hands around my neck sobbing.

I was in a blur of emotions. First of all I didn't know what happened. It was just so unreal and frightening in the same. It was as if Phillip was being murdered in his dream and the blood I saw was so gruesome. Now however it was gone without a single drop. I didn't like him much after yesterday, but he was right and now I couldn't stop myself from worrying about him. There was also another thing to it. I was drawn to him in a way I never experienced. Holding him in my arms never felt so natural and good to me. Still in this mash of fright, confusion and concern I was sitting there soothing the still sobbing boy.

"Phillip, it's me Scott. Don't worry, I'm here. Please speak to me. Say something." I said as I pulled him into a tighter hug placing him in my lap. He was buck naked, but I didn't care.

"I was having a nasty dream." he managed to mutter as he cleared his face from his sticky hair and wiped away the tears from his now opened eyes. He was shivering uncontrollably and didn't even dare to look up at me. He still didn't trust me. This realization stabbed me very painful.

"This was not just a nasty dream, Phillip. Please tell me what happened." He continued to look down. He had stopped shivering and it was as if I was holding a corpse. "Ok, don't tell me, but please don't do this again. It got me so scared." As I said that I let my lips brush off his head.

"OK, sure. It won't happen again." he said quietly still panting heavily from the nightmare. His hand grabbed his neck trying to loosen his choker.

"Why don't you take off that chocker of yours? You can't seem to breathe." I suggested and put my hand on his neck trying to loosen it up. The touch of his skin so smooth and soft just drugged me with pleasure and wanted this to go on for ever, but he stopped me the very instant and lifted up his head to meet my gaze. I instantly fell under the spell of those deep sad eyes and couldn't think straight anymore. I instinctively leaned forward.

"Don't touch the chocker band, please. I can breathe just fine." we were so close to a kiss, but he resisted. I could smell his scent so sweet and earthy and our noses almost touched. It was the perfect moment, yet he avoided my move and broke the embrace and stood up.

"You know you should go now. I'm fine now. Thank you for the concern." He said more coldly covering his nakedness with the sheets. I couldn't believe how he changed so quickly, the weakness was visibly gone and he was yet again defensive towards me. Have I lost his trust forever without even gaining it? I couldn't stop staring at him and his eyes. Even though his voice sounded indifferent towards me, his eyes were a totally different story. They were still pained glistening with tears and this look of sorrow and anguish never seized to haunt me.

"If you feel sick or keep having nightmares just tell someone, ok? It doesn't need to be me. By the way dinner is almost ready." I said as I left the room, still unsure of what was going inside of me. Wasn't he gay? What did that "I love you" mean? Upon contemplating over these things I never seemed to ask the most important question. What do I care? Suddenly I felt unsure of my own beliefs and doubted my own self. The image of the perfect leader that I created for myself seemed to crumble under the weight of this transition I was undertaking. Am I what I think I am? This was the only think repeating itself in my mind for the rest of the night.

The plot thickens again. What is going to happen with Hank and what is Scott going through? Only I know. What does the dream? How will Phillip end up in his relationships with everyone in the mansion? Stay tuned for the next most exciting chapter that will follow.

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