The Tales of a Mutant Mage:

When I started this story I wanted it to be special and in some ways I have accomplished this. At least I hope I did. But now I feel that with every next chapter I loose the spirit of the story and it slowly fails to be what I wanted it to be. I know it's a total bonehead move to start posting something without making sure it's worth it. The only explanation I can give is that I finally found out what will best suite the story so it doesn't end up being shallow.

So I've decided that it would be for the best if I revised what I have done so far and try to make it better. This doesn't mean that I will stop posting the story, but it will take time to do over the five chapters that are already posted plus the next two, on which I am still working. I'm sorry for playing such a nasty trick on your patience, since I haven't been posting anything new and now I am stating that it needs to be done again. The good news is that the chapters I have wrote are not that much and that long, so it should take a month or so to start posting again. The rewritten chapters will be posted in a new directory with a new name. "The_Life_Story_of_a_Muatnt_Mage". So keep an eye out for this new and improved story this time around March.

To not let you down even more or unwillingly force you to stop reading the story I'm going to fill you in on what I am going to try and make better. First of all I'm going to stick to 3rd perspective on a permanent basis. I have recently read some articles about writing fiction (I think I had to read those before starting posting, but the damage is already done) and I am positive that 3rd person perspective with am omniscient storyteller would be far better to keep the interest and to make things more compact rather than going on and on without nothing major happening. Small changes in character designs and some of the moments will also occur, which means that rereading the existing chapters won't be a total loss of time.

Another change that might occur is the more goth/horror direction in some of the graver moments in the story. This is a tale including mages, so stuff like demons are surely to come up and I want it to be more affecting. I also I'm figuring out ways to heat things up and pump adrenaline like in the good Hollywood action films and thrillers like Killing Me Softly, The Italian Job, XxX and Fast and Furious. I'm not saying that I will be borrowing scenes from them, but I'm giving examples of the adrenaline and the great atmosphere in those movies, at least for me. And the last spice to this concoction is going to be the slightly more deep and gentle relationships and sexual intercourses. I don't know how all these three will mix together, but I am sure that staying on this a bit naïve and shallow level isn't going to cut it.

This story is not only concerning me, but concerns the readers as well. That will be you my dear friends. I strongly believe in the importance of author/reader bond or communication. That's why I wrote this letter. I'm subtly urging you to send me feedback, ideas, comments and even critics. I'm open to all sorts of suggestions, ideas and requests, because knowing what you want to read and what you like will improve the story even more, if I only followed my own whims without considering other points of views. Ok guys I'm solely relying on your support for this story to go on.