Harry Potter and the Unwanted Thirst

by -{BM}-

This is my first shot at a Harry Potter FanFic and it is copyrighted by the author (me!).

This story is set after The Goblet of Fire however I have incorporated some ideas from The Order of the Phoenix.

This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Chapter 1

Harry Potter was lying in his favorite spot in the garden outside number four Pivot Drive thinking about the school year that had just passed and wondering what the future will have in store for him. He had been on holiday for three weeks and was bored out of his mind, which happens when you live with muggles that are as interesting as watching the grass grow. And speaking of which...

"Boy, get in here now!" Yelled a furious Uncle Vernon.

Harry sighed to himself wondering what he could be so annoyed about now. He'd already done his many chores set for him today while Dudley sat there laughing and throwing objects at him. He walked back into the house wishing that he was somewhere in the wizarding world with his friends.

As he walked into the living room his heart stopped when he saw Hedwig, sitting on a chair waiting for him. This meant trouble, Uncle Vernon had told Harry to lock up Hedwig and never let her out. Thankfully, Harry had been taught some lock picking skills by the twins after they rescued him from his room when he was in second grade. When ever Uncle Vernon was out of sight Harry always picked the lock he had on Hedwig's cage and let her out to stretch her wings and catch her dinner. Unfortunately this time he had forgotten to put Hedwig back in her cage and now Uncle Vernon knows what he's been up to. Harry began to shake uncontrollably with fear as his red faced Uncle walked into to room glaring at him like he was some sort of disease. Harry knew what was coming; yelling, humiliation and a heap of pain. He jumped back in fear as Uncle Vernon began to yell at him,

"What did I tell you about that bloody creature? Do you think you're too good to follow the rules around here? After Petunia and I took you in out of the goodness of our hearts, you just spit it back in our face. Well I've had enough, get out!"

"Y-y-you want me to go to my room?" Harry stuttered.

"No, I want you out of this house!" Uncle Vernon yelled in reply.

Harry stood there speechless for a moment angry at how unfair this was. He let his owl out of her cage so she could feed and as a result he gets kicked out the house. He was about to say something to defend himself when he was stunned by a fist connecting with the left side of his face. He fell to the ground, still wondering why this had gone all wrong when a kick was delivered to his side which made him cry in pain. As tears filled his eyes he felt himself being picked up and carried to the front door, a few seconds later he found himself on the front lawn again.

"Now don't come back boy, I never want to see you again!" Uncle Vernon yelled as he slammed the front door shut.

Harry's tears began to flow more freely as he thought about the situation he was in. He was out on the street in the muggle world, without his wand or any of his wizarding stuff. He had never felt so vulnerable before in his whole life. He slowly picked himself up and began to walk down Pivot Drive, wincing with pain at every step, he wasn't sure but he suspected that one of his ribs were broken.


Albus Dumbledore was sitting in his office trying to find a suitable Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher from all of the wizarding profiles he had requested from the Ministry of Magic. He was sure that at least half of these applicants wouldn't want the job anyway, the rumors that the job was cursed were now becoming more than rumors after the incident with Mad-Eye Moody last year. He sighed to himself as he realized this search will probably be in vain, if worst comes to worst he might have to teach the subject this year!

He was startled from his search as one of the many objects he had in his office began to spin around and glow an eerie red. He immediately jumped out of his chair and raced over to the object. After he rubbed it for a few seconds it began to glow gold and an image was transmitted to his mind instantly, he saw Harry Potter stumbling down a muggle street clutching his side. He gasped in shock as he realized there was blood tricking out of his mouth and he also had a black eye. Something was not right at all.


One of the many portraits on his wall turned his head in Dumbledore's direction.

"Yes old chap?" It asked with a pleasant grin.

"Go and fetch Professor McGonagall, tell her that it's an emergency."

"Rightio old fruit," Armando Dippet replied as he ran out of his portrait with a serious expression on his face.

Dumbledore sighed to himself as he walked over to the fireplace at the back of his office. He had to contact Molly and tell her about Harry. He will spend the remainder of his holidays at The Burrow of course; he could no longer trust the Dursley's to look after Harry, not after what he had seen tonight.


Lucius Malfoy was waiting outside a room in a deserted mansion terrified out of his wits. This was a meeting that he wasn't looking forward to. He is sure that Lord Voldemort will be furious at his failure to secure the artifact that he had requested and when Lord Voldemort gets angry, people get killed or in a best case scenario, really badly hurt.

"Lucius..." A voice from the next room broke him out of his worried thoughts; I was the voice of his lord.

"Y-y-yes my lord," he managed to stutter.

"Come in here and tell what news you have."

Lucius felt his legs nearly give way from underneath him as he began to walk into the room. He saw his lord sitting in an armchair by a fire. He walked up to him fearing the worst.

"M-m-my lord, w-w-we..."

"Stop stuttering like a fool and tell me, did you get it or not?"

"N-n-o, we were unable to..."


Lucius was unable to finish his sentence; he was writhing on the ground in unbearable pain. He heard Voldemort cackling with laughter as he screamed in agony wishing that the pain would just stop. After it finally ceased and he was still lying on the ground twitching, Lord Voldemort began to speak,

"You have disappointed me Lucius. I trust that after this experience you will not disappoint me in the future."

"Yes my lord," Lucius gasped as he began to get up.

"Now go! Contact me when you find it, and for your sake, I hope you contact me soon."

"Yes my lord, thank you my lord." Lucius left the mansion in a foul mood. His only comforting thought was that at least when he gets home he can take his anger out on Draco.


Harry Potter stumbled past a deserted alley, he was exhausted. He had been walking through town for three hours with a broken rib and a very sore eye that he had trouble seeing out of. Unable to stand up any longer he stumbled into the alley and collapsed next to a dumpster, he began to shiver as the freezing cold weather finally caught up with him. As he lay there the tears began to pour out again, why? Why does everybody want to harm him? Even when he was only one year old he had an enemy that had tried to kill him. What was it about him that everybody hated?

"Well well well... Look what we have here boys, a stray."

He was broken from his thoughts by a gang of boys; they were all way bigger than him and looked to be around seventeen. The one who spoke was the biggest of them all and was obviously their leader, he reminded Harry of Dudley, especially with that evil sneer on his face. This didn't look good at all, Harry felt a jolt of fear hit him as he realized that he didn't even have his wand, all of his possessions were back at the Dursley's. Although knowing Uncle Vernon, he'd probably have burnt all of his stuff by now to erase the fact that Harry ever lived there. Harry decided to try and get up so he could maybe make a run for it. However as he got up the leader of the group kicked him in the stomach and forced him back onto the ground again, Harry cried out in pain another kick connected with his broken rib, he lurched forward and began to vomit blood.

"Uh... how gross, dirty little f**K," one of the gang members commented.

"Yeah, let's just finish him off and take all of his stuff," another one suggested.

The leader bent down and began to scrounge through Harry's pockets, after a few moments he looked up at Harry with an evil grin on his face.

"He hasn't got anything, looks like we'll have to get something else off him..."

Harry had no idea what he was on about until the youth began to unzip his jeans. All of the rest of the gang members followed suit and Harry began to feel like vomiting again when he realized what was going to happen to him. He felt defenseless, hopeless, defeated.

"Now," the leader began as he grabbed Harry by the hair and lifted his head up within inches of his cock. "Suck me you little..."

"Stupefy!" The leader's sentence was cut short as he flew eight feet in the air and hit the wall. His body crumpled to the ground and he lay there motionless. Harry and the rest of the gang looked down the alley and he began to cry with joy when he saw who it was. He began to try and get up again but about half way up he felt his eyes roll to the back of his head and the last thing he saw before passing out was the puddle of his own blood that he fell into.


Minerva McGonagall shivered as she began to walk down the muggle street she had just apparated into. It was cold, very cold; she hoped that this cold didn't finish off Harry before she managed to get to him. This thought made her stomach drop and she began to run in the direction that the small device in her hand was pointed in. Thank God for those little devices in Dumbledore's office, she had never understood the need for them until tonight. She remembered Dumbledore's instructions as she ran, find Harry, and use the port key he gave her to take him to The Burrow.

As she turned down the street where Harry was located she was intercepted by a muggle who was on a street corner wearing a large jacket and a big grin on his face.

"Hey lady, care for some of the good stuff? I've got everything you could ever want so just give me your order... weed, coke anything."

Minerva had no idea what this madman was on about but whatever it was she knew he was up to no good. She just gave him one of her sternest glares which made him back away and she continued on her way. This place certainly looked to be one of the slums of muggle society; there were all sorts of bad types about. She began to wonder why Harry would even think about walking through this place, anything could happen to an underage wizard here, especially one without his wand. Tears formed in her eyes as he realized that Harry probably didn't know where he was going, from the look of him through Dumbledore's device she could tell that he'd sustained some heavy blows to the head. How could a man be so cruel to one of his own blood? Wizard or not Vernon Dursley should still love Harry as one of his own. He's nearly as bad as you-know-who when it comes to discrimination of people because of their magical or non magical bloodlines.

She ran down the street and turned towards the alley entrance as she realized that the alley must be where Harry went as the small device began to glow red and point in the alley's direction. As she turned into the alley she saw a sight that made her blood boil. There were six of them, and they all had their pants unzipped with their penises out. The one who looked to be their leader had Harry by his hair and by the look of things was trying to force Harry to pleasure him orally. She didn't even think, within a few seconds she had whipped her wand out and cast the stunning spell on him. As the rest of the group turned around and saw her they all scampered away like a bunch of rats. She ran over to Harry and began to sob involuntarily as she saw the state he was in; she needed to get him to The Burrow, and fast.


Molly Weasley was busy in the kitchen making dinner when she heard a voice in the living room calling her name. She walked in and saw a flame in the shape of Professor Dumbledore's head,

"Hello Professor, what can I do for you?" She asked.

"Hello Molly, I'm afraid that something quite bad has happened to Harry. The muggles that he lives with during the holidays have assaulted him and thrown him out of her house..."

She had to fight hard to contain her disgust. She never did like that Vernon Dursley or his family. Their fear of those who are different almost makes them pathetic. And now they've hurt Harry and thrown him out of their house, Molly suddenly realized there were tears in her eyes as she thought about the hardships that Harry has had to endure his whole life. She was broken from her thoughts as Dumbledore continued,

"As a result of a heavy beating he was disorientated and began to walk into the muggle city for refuge. Unfortunately he was exposed to some rather sickening events but thankfully Minerva was able to rescue him in time. I am asking you if you'll take care of Harry for the rest of the holidays, if he's exposed to any further stress I'm afraid it may have serious mental repercussions."

"Of course," Molly answered. As she smiled to herself, Dumbledore didn't need to ask, of course she'd take Harry.

"Thank you Molly," Dumbledore replied, "Minerva will be along soon with Harry and I'll send Severus over to the Dursley's and pick up Harry's school things. Thank you and good day to you." And with that, Dumbledore's head disappeared from the fireplace and the fire assumed its normal appearance. Molly Weasley smirked to herself as she pictured Severus Snape turning up on the Dursley's doorstep, Vernon Dursley is about to meet a wizard who won't be pushed around!


Severus Snape arrived at number four Pivot Drive feeling very out of place in his muggle attire.

"Stupid muggles, why can't they dress more fashionably?" He mumbled to himself as he knocked on the front door while looking down at his jeans, collared shirt and leather shoes. In the back of his mind he was praying that there weren't any other wizards that lived in the area, if he was seen dressed in this way then he'll never live it down from teachers and students alike.

As the front door opened he was welcomed by a very fat and stout man who he guessed was Harry's uncle. His eyes narrowed as he remembered what Dumbledore had told him about the abuse that he had inflicted upon Harry. Severus was no stranger to abuse; he shuddered as he remembered all of the beatings that he had received in his childhood. His father, Amputatitus Snape was a drunk who used to come home every night after a day at the local wizard pub and direct all of his anger and fear onto his son. Some nights he used to come in and beat Severus while he was asleep, memories of those moments still cause him to wake up in the middle of the night trembling with fear. After hearing what Harry had to go through, Severus felt a kind of pity and remorse for how mean he had been to Harry over his past four years at Hogwarts. He had a sneaking suspicion that this wasn't the first time Harry had been beaten, normally people who abuse their children see it as an escape from reality and tend to do it often to help them feel better about their existence.

"Yes. What do you want?" Vernon Dursley grumbled, snapping Severus from his thoughts.

Severus decided that he could probably do things quickly if he ignored this muggles arrogance and was polite.

"I'm here to pick up Harry's items for school Mr. Dursley so if you would be so kind..."

"Bugger off!" He was interrupted by a now red-faced Vernon Dursley. "Get out of my house before I call the police sir, you are trespassing on my property."

"Listen here Vernon," Severus began, deciding to cancel all plans of being polite, "I am in no mood to argue, let me through to Harry's belongings or I will turn you into a toad!"

This statement and Severus' angry glare succeeded in changing Vernon Dursley's mind and also turned him into a very polite man who led Severus into the house to get Harry's stuff. Severus smiled to himself, he doubted if he could actually turn anyone into a toad, that's more Minerva's specialty, but at least it worked.


Harry Potter sighed to himself as he sat on a bed at one of his favorite places in the world, The Burrow. He had arrived a few weeks ago and tomorrow he was heading to Diagon Alley and would stay at the inn tomorrow night and take the train back to Hogwarts the next day. He had only told two people about the things that had happened to him on that frightful night when he had truly given up on everything and had just wanted to die. He had arrived at The Burrow that night but he didn't wake up until the next morning and thanks to healing spells, was as good as new. However spells cannot heal the injuries of the mind and Harry found himself having fewer nightmares about Cedric Diggory or Voldemort and more about Uncle Vernon and that gang of muggles that he met in the alley.

When had woken up the next morning he was surprised to find himself at The Burrow and even more surprised to see Dumbledore and Snape sitting at his bedside. He had told them everything about the treatment he had been receiving from Uncle Vernon ever since he could remember and they promised him that he would no longer have to go back to Pivot Drive, ever again. Harry nearly passed out again at the shock over how kind Snape was to him that morning, he had locked Snape's smile permanently into his memory for he doubted he would ever see it again. Harry hadn't told Ron or anybody else about what happened to him, he had only told Dumbledore and Snape so he would never have to go back there again. Harry knew that Ron probably knows what happened to him but he was thankful that he never brought the subject up in conversation; it was defiantly a subject that Harry didn't want to discuss.

However despite the bad experiences beforehand he had actually had the time of his life at The Burrow with Ron and his family. He couldn't help but notice the absence of Percy when he first arrived and when he asked Ron he was informed that Percy was now assistant to the Minister of Magic and had completely shut himself off from the family to side with Fudge, who believed that Harry was making everything up and you-know-who hadn't returned.

Harry sighed to himself again as he hopped into the bed and snuggled under the sheets. As he began to drift off to sleep he began to pray that hopefully this year will be better than the last... no beatings... no killings... no Voldemort...


Draco Malfoy wore a bored expression as he walked around Diagon alley while he was doing his own school shopping. His parents weren't with him of course, his mother was walking with some of her friends and his father had informed them that he had something important to do and then took off down Knockturn Alley. Draco was relived to get some distance between him and his father, if only for a short while. Whenever he's away from Hogwarts his father watches him like a hawk, if Draco ever did anything to displease him then he would be beaten to near death and locked in his room to think about what he'd done. Over these summer holidays Draco suspected that his father was loosing his sanity, some nights he would come home from a late night meeting and would beat Draco for breathing too loud. Draco suspected that his father was taking part in something really big for the Dark Lord, and judging by his agitation, his life was probably on the line. His thoughts were interrupted as he accidentally bumped into a nearby person,

"Sorry..." he began but he stopped and his expression changed to a huge grin when he realized who it was, it was Potty and his Weasel. "So Potter, I see you're buying school supplies for the both of you. I'm sure Weasels family couldn't afford all the fifth year texts."

"Malfoy! You little ferret, I'm gonna..." an angry Ron started before he was interrupted by Harry,

"Malfoy, didn't you learn your lesson on the train back from Hogwarts. Now piss off and leave us alone!"

For once Malfoy decided to heed his advice. He wasn't in the best situation for a fight, Crabbe and Goyle had done their shopping last week so he was alone today. He gave the both of them an evil sneer and began to walk away. He wondered where the Mudblood was; maybe they were meeting her later. Once he got far enough away so they began walking again he turned around and decided to follow them and see what they were getting up to. Maybe he could find some new material to tease them with this year. He followed them and then felt his jaw drop as they turned into Knockturn Alley. Now what would they be doing down there? Draco thought to himself as he continued to follow them and also turned into the alley.

It had been a couple of years since Draco had been in Knockturn Alley and he had forgotten what a maze it was. He had only ever been in here with his father and had decided immediately that he didn't like the place at all. He began to follow Harry and Ron through the maze at a distance but around two minutes later he tripped on something on a dark corner and lost sight of them both. Great, Draco thought to himself, what do I do now? He decided to keep walking but after two minutes of stumbling through dimly lit streets he began to feel angry with himself and wished that they would teach wizards apparition when they are younger, then he wouldn't be in this mess.

"Are you lost my friend?"

Draco nearly jumped out of his skin and turned behind him to see a man in wizarding robes who was looking at him intently. Draco breathed a sigh of relief, at last he would get out of this accursed alley. However his feelings of joy were quickly replaced by fear as he got a closer look at this strange man. His skin was so white it was nearly luminous in the dark street, and his eyes, they were glowing red. Draco began to tremble as he realized what this man was but his realization came too late. In the blink of an eye the man had moved behind him and had sunk his fangs into his neck. As the vampire began to slurp greedily on Draco's punctured neck Draco managed to scream out loud for a few seconds, hoping that someone will hear him and save him before everything went black...


Harry had just completed his shopping for the new year at Hogwarts with Ron. He had bought some new potion ingredients, some text books and new robes. He was happily chatting away with Ron about when Hermione was going to show up when he bumped his arch nemesis, Draco Malfoy. At a first glance Harry noticed that Malfoy was different from when he saw him last. He seemed skinnier for some reason but the big difference was his eyes. Harry noticed that they were no long the piercing, confident blue color that they were a year ago, but were now a misty blue which gave Harry the feeling that there was a hint of sadness behind his eyes. Harry didn't put much more thought into what could have changed Draco's body from the firm superior version to this new skinny sad looking one as Draco made another snide remark towards them after he bumped into them and Harry had to practically drag Ron away before he killed Malfoy.

After they had lost sight of Malfoy Harry decided to bring up something they were planning over the holidays help Ron's bad mood,

"Say Ron, how about we go and look for that store that we talked about."

Ron's face immediately changed from a snarl into a grin,

"Good idea Harry, let's go."

Harry smiled to himself as they both started to walk towards Knockturn Alley, apparently there was a wizard sex shop down there somewhere and Ron told him during his stay at The Burrow that the twins had managed to sneak down there and had given Ron directions. As they turned into the entrance Harry expected someone to stop them from entering, it was a adults only place after all but there was no one in sight. Harry began to feel a bit nervous, from what he had heard from the twins there was always somebody at the entrance to the alley to stop unaccompanied minors from entering.

"Wonder where the guard is?" Ron asked as they started to walk down the alley. "It's weird that he's not there but at least it makes things easier for us."

Harry agreed with Ron, it is very strange that there's nobody at the entrance but at least they didn't have to sneak past anyone. As they began to walk through the maze of street Harry couldn't shake the feeling that there was something strange going on. For some reason he thought that there was somebody watching him but he couldn't see anybody in sight.

"According to the directions from Fred and George, it should be just around..."

Ron stopped talking as they both heard a scream from the next street. After exchanging worried looks with each other they both began to run towards the source of the scream. As they turned the corner they both stopped and looked at the scene in amazement, there was a man biting into the neck of a young blond boy whose face Harry couldn't see in the dark. Without waiting fro Ron's response Harry took out his wand and aimed it at the man,

"Stupefy!" He yelled, his spell hit the man but didn't do anything. The man turned his head and looked Harry directly in the eyes, Harry was paralyzed with fear as he looked into his eyes, they were glowing bright red.

"Harry!" Ron yelled. "He's a vampire, most spells have no effect on him so don't cast anymore, it'll only make him angrier.

Harry didn't have any chance to reply as the vampire somehow leapt off the blond boy and landed behind him. Before he could react the vampire jumped on his back and plunged his fangs into Harry's neck, causing him to fall over and drop all of his shopping. Harry tried to pry the man off him but all of his efforts were in vain as the vampire was stronger than him and wouldn't let go. After a few moments Harry felt his surroundings begin to spin around him and his eyes began to grow heavy. The last thing he could remember was Ron yelling, a huge gush of blood and the vampire tearing his fangs out of his neck and letting out a scream of rage. As he slipped into darkness Harry realized that this year at Hogwarts is going to be just like the last one...


Albus Dumbledore sighed to himself as he walked through a deserted graveyard in the middle of the night. He had never expected to be back here so soon but the situation with Harry and Draco required him to do this. They had both been bitten, and were currently lying unconscious in the Hospital Wing at Hogwarts. When he was finally able to arrive at the scene in Knockturn Alley he had found a delirious Ron Weasley holding Harry Potter in his arms, trying to make him wake up. Unfortunately he had arrived too late and both of the boys had already begun their transformation.

"Lumos," he muttered and his wand lit up his surroundings.

He walked into an old Mausoleum and began to climb down a flight of steps. He frowned as he thought how hard this was going to be for both boys, especially Draco Malfoy who was so proud of his pure blood. Lucius Malfoy would be furious at his son and would probably disown him from the family. After walking for a minute through the maze of passages, he had reached what he was looking for. He stepped into a room covered with dust and cobwebs; the only object in the whole room was an old coffin on the floor. He walked over to the coffin and opened it; inside of it was the body of a nineteen year old man. The man's skin was grey and he had long brown hair, Dumbledore aimed his wand at the man,

"Arisio," he muttered. Nothing happened for a few moments then suddenly the eyes of the man opened and he sat up in his coffin and looked at Dumbledore with a confused expression on his face.

"Dumbledore," he said with a croaky voice. "I take it you haven't come down here for a little chat?"

"No I haven't Liam, we have a problem. Two boys were turned the other day and I need your help."

"What?" Liam exclaimed angrily "But I was the only one left and I've been asleep for fifty years!"

"I know, Dumbledore replied. It seems there is another left; I have no idea who he is though."

"This is unfortunate," replied Liam as he studied his old friend, "I hope you have brought me a snack?"

"Yes I have. I put the charm on this blood myself, so you don't have to worry, it's fresh," Dumbledore replied as he reached into his robes and took out a clear bag full of blood. He was glad that he had convinced Liam not to kill anymore, and the fact that he could keep blood alive once it had been extracted from the body was a great help in this process. He was also glad that now he had ties with muggle hospitals who would allow him to come in and get blood once it was extracted straight from the donor. In the old days he had to ask for volunteers to give blood themselves.

"Ahhh..." Liam said with a satisfied look on his face as he took the bag. He drank it down in one go and Dumbledore smiled as the saw the color return to Liam's skin and his eyes changed from dull grey to a piercing blue. Liam stood up out of his coffin and put his hand into his robes and took out a wand.

"Shall we go then?" He asked with an excited tone.

"Of course" Dumbledore replied. "I haven't seen you this excited before Liam," he added as he apparated to outside the Hogwarts grounds.

"Well you have no idea how boring it is to sleep for so long," Liam replied as they both walked through the gate and into the Hogwarts grounds.


Harry Potter woke with a start and looked around in confusion at his surroundings. He was in the Hogwarts Hospital Wing, but how did he get here? All of a sudden it came to him, Knockturn Alley, Draco, the Vampire, and the bite. He reached his hand around to the back of his neck and jumped as he touched the fang marks that were there.

"So it wasn't a dream," he said to him self as he got out of bed. He looked over at the bed beside him and saw Draco Malfoy stirring. Draco opened his eyes and looked at Harry,

"Potter?" He said in his usual Malfoy drawl. "Where the hell are we? What happened?"

"Don't you remember?" Harry replied. "You were in Knockturn Alley and there was that vampire."

As soon as Harry said these words he saw Draco move his hand to the spot where he was bitten just like Harry did and he also jumped as he discovered that the bite was real. Draco looked back up at Harry with a confused expression on his face,

"What?" Harry asked.

"You, you're not wearing your glasses."

Harry moved his hands to his face and discovered that he was right. He looked back over at his bed and saw his glasses lying on the bedside table. But he could see perfectly! What the hell was going on? At his moment the door to the ward opened and Professor Dumbledore and another wizard who Harry had never seen before entered the room. He looked twenty, maybe younger and had blue eyes and long messy brown hair.

"Ah, I see you're both awake," Professor Dumbledore said as they both walked up to Draco and Harry.

"Professor, what's going on? Why can I..."

"Mr. Potter, Mr. Malfoy, I know you both have many questions but I ask that you just listen for the moment and they will all be answered in time. This man with me is the new teacher for Dueling Class."

"But we've never had an actual official dueling class before." Draco said as he eyed the new face suspiciously.

"Correct, but with the recent return of Voldemort I decided that it would be beneficial to start a class. It's only for fourth years and above and Professor Varslier here will be the teacher. But we didn't come here to talk about classes, as I'm sure you both know you were both bitten by a vampire during your `adventure' down Knockturn Alley."

"What did he look like?" Professor Varslier asked, showing an unusual interest in this vampire.

"I don't really have much of an idea, it all happened so fast. All I can remember was his eyes, they were glowing a fiery red and they terrified me." Draco said,

Everybody looked at Harry, "That's pretty much all I remember too. Except that he had white, pasty skin, and he was very fast," he said quickly, remembering how scary the whole experience was.

"Boys, I'm not going to hide anything from you, you were bitten, and as a result, you are now both vampires. That is why you can see without your glasses Harry; a vampires five senses are all perfect so as a result your vision is no longer impaired." Dumbledore said with a grave look on his face.

"But its daylight," Harry said, looking towards one of the windows in the room. "I thought vampires only came out at night."

"You are standing here because of a charm that I cast on both of you earlier that covers your skin and protects in from harm. Think of it as a wizard version of sunscreen, except it's much stronger." Dumbledore said as he pulled a book out from underneath his robes. "Here is the wizard definition of a vampire and what they are capable of," he said as he opened the book and put it on the bed Draco was laying on. Harry moved over and began to read,

There are no more vampires left after the great killings that occurred in the late 17th century. Despite muggle legends, vampires actually could live during the daytime, however exposure to sunlight weakened them greatly and extensive exposure can be fatal to them. As a result, they didn't like to come out at day. Because of the fact that they lived on human blood vampires had the gift of eternal life and the only way they could be killed was by sunlight, magical means or by starving them of blood. When a vampire didn't or couldn't feed for a long time their skin assumed a white, ghostlike color and their eyes burned and glowed a fiery red color. Vampires were physically much faster and stronger than a normal human, and wizard vampires tended to have better magical ability than normal wizards.

Harry was broken from his reading by Malfoy, who was now crying into his hands. It shocked Harry to see him crying, he had never seen him so vulnerable before.

"I can't be a vampire," he wailed. "My father will kill me. He hates any creature that isn't a full blood wizard."

"Now Draco, I'm sure your Dad won't be angry with you," Professor Dumbledore said as he looked at the boy with pity in his eyes, fully knowing with a heavy heart of what Lucius would do when he found out.

"No, you don't understand, he'll kick me out of the house. I'm no longer his son anymore," Draco said as he sobbed into his hands.

"We will work something out for you Draco, don't worry," Professor Dumbledore said with a grave look on his face. "I've decided to hire Professor Varslier not only for his dueling skills but also for his skills in dealing with vampires. From now on you will all meet a few times a week and he can give you advice and help you through your pain."

"How can he help us?!" Draco yelled, "What does he know about the pain I'm going though right now?"

"I know your pain well, Mr. Malfoy. I've known pain like yours for well over six centuries," Professor Varslier said with a smirk on his face.

A silence came over the room as Harry and Draco both took in what he had just said.

"But wait a minute;" said Draco, "I thought all the vampires were wiped out."

"No," he replied, "Up to last night when Albus came and informed me of your situation I thought I was the only survivor. I did face possible death a number of times but my skills with a wand saved me. In the end I just hid for a few decades until they had stopped looking for me and I am still alive today."

Harry's head was spinning, he couldn't imagine being alive for that long, and yet now he had the chance. He suddenly felt very sick inside and sat back down on his bed, why him? Why did these things always happen to him? Ever since that night Voldemort killed his parents he's never been normal, and now he was more abnormal than ever.

"I'd advise that you boys get some rest, the other students will be returning to school tomorrow evening. You will have your first private class with Professor Varslier tomorrow, at 10am. Good day to you both," he said as both he and Professor Varslier left the room.

Harry lay back down on his bed and just before he drifted off to sleep he looked over at the sniffling Draco on the bed next to him.

"Don't worry Malfoy, it'll be alright," he said.

"I don't need you sympathy Potter," he replied.

Harry turned his back to Draco and thought angrily that Draco may not be human any more, but his attitude sure as hell hadn't changed!


Lucius Malfoy kneeled in front of his lord fearing the worst. He had failed him again; unable to find the artifacts that Voldemort had desired he had returned to his hideout and was ready to face the consequences. He shock with fear as Voldemort sat in a chair in front of him reading a letter that had arrived at the same time Lucius had.

"Well Lucius, it seems that your failure to retrieve the artifacts that I needed to put my next plan into action has suddenly become unimportant."

"M-my Lord?" Lucius stuttered, wondering what was going to happen now.

"Yes, it seems that Potter and your son were bitten by a vampire and were turned."

Lucius nearly fell over with shock, his son, a vampire? Pitiful Draco, he had allowed himself to be bitten, pathetic. Well if he ever saw Draco again he would punish him for being such a weakling, his blood is no longer pure, and as such he is no longer a Malfoy.

"But my lord, I thought all the full blooded vampires were wiped out?" He asked.

"Yes, the presence of this vampire is indeed intriguing," Voldemort answered. "That's why I want you to bring him here, I need to check this but I'm sure having him with us will allow us to attack Potter from a distance. Also there are a few more things I would like to try with such a powerful creature at my side."

"Y-Yes my lord, I will find this vampire right away," Lucius said as he carefully backed out of the room.


Harry woke the next morning with a start. The dream that he was having was troubling him but he decided not to pay it anymore attention. After all what were the chances that it could happen, maybe a million, no, a billion to one. As he got up out of bed Madame Pomfrey entered the ward from her private quarters,

"Morning Mr. Potter,"

"Good morning," Harry replied as he looked over at the empty bed next to him. "Where's Draco gone?" He asked as he looked around at all of the other empty beds.

"I believe Mr. Malfoy has gone to the meeting that you're supposed to be in that starts in five minutes," she replied as she gave him a stern look.


Ron Weasley sighed to himself as he boarded the Hogwarts express. Harry was in trouble... again. Dumbledore had visited him after the incident in the alley to assure him that Harry was alright but the old man wouldn't answer any more of his questions after that. The only other important thing he told both Ron and Hermione as he left was to tell nobody else what had happened. Ron had followed the old man's advice and not breathed a word to anybody else about the incident. He smiled to himself as he saw Hermione standing inside the express waiting for him, her prefect badge gleaming. She'd obviously been polishing it as much as Ron had after he received it during the last few days of the holidays with his Hogwarts letter.

"Ready to do our prefect duties Ron?" She asked and Ron could only squeak as she pinched his butt before he could answer. As he followed her to the main carriage he could already tell that this was going to be one hell of a school year...


"Ah, Mr. Potter, you finally decide to join us. Sleeping in were we?" Liam said with a grin as Harry entered his classroom. It was a weird classroom since its sole purpose was to hold dueling matches. There was a large dueling circle in the middle of the room which was surrounded by four smaller circles. There were no tables but chairs were strewn everywhere throughout the room.

"Sorry Professor, I was..."

"It's quite alright Harry," Liam interrupted. "There is no need for apologies, however if you are late to my dueling classes then I will be forced to take points."

"Yes sir," replied Harry as he grabbed a seat and sat next to a smirking Draco Malfoy who was sitting facing Professor Varslier as he stood in the middle of one of the smaller dueling circles.

"That's another thing, in this room when we have these meetings I wish for both of you to address me as Liam, not Professor Varslier. However in my normal classes and around the school I expect to be addressed as a professor, okay?" Liam said as looked at them with a grin on his face.

"Okay," both boys replied.

"Now that we got that out of the way I would like for you both to join me here in the circle,"

Both boys got up and walked into the dueling circle, as they walked in Liam walked out. They both looked at him in confusion as he sat down in the seat that Draco was sitting in before he got up.

"Now, fight," Liam said as he looked at them.

"What?" They both said at the same time.

"I said fight. Albus has told me about you two, being bitter rivals, always on different sides well now you're on the same side. And I want all of the bitterness and anger between you two to stop. So fight."

Draco's face changed to a grin that made Harry flinch but then Harry remembered all of the things in the past that Draco had done to his friends that had enraged him and he took out his wand and Draco did the same.

"Accio wands," yelled Liam and both boys' wand flew out of their hands and landed on the chair beside Liam.

"No magic, this is going to be an old fashioned muggle fight. This will be far more effective in getting all of the anger out of your bodies,"

Harry barely had time to look back at his opponent before he felt a fist hit his face. Wow! That was fast he thought to himself. He retaliated immediately and Liam, who was still sitting watching to quietly laughed to himself, this will be a good fight! He thought to himself as he silently observed their movements.


Albus Dumbledore sighed to himself as he watched the two boys fight it out from the doorway of the classroom.

"I hope you know what you're doing Liam," he muttered to himself as he turned and walked away with an odd smile on his face.


Harry lay on the ground, unable to move. He looked over at his blond haired opponent who also looked like he didn't have anything left to give. He looked up as Liam entered the ring with a large smile on his face.

"I started this fight for two reasons, firstly to demonstrate what your constant bickering is doing to both of you. The fight was a metaphor for all of the blows you have traded over the years, both verbal and physical. After all of the bickering is finished, where does it leave you both? Just as you are right now, mentally strained, hurt and unable to continue. Can you see what I'm saying? If you both keep fighting with each other then you'll both end up badly hurt, or worse. The second reason was to demonstrate two of the advantages of being a vampire; the first was the increase in your strength and speed, which I'm sure you both noticed as you were fighting. The second is a very useful advantage, look at your wounds."

Harry's jaw dropped as he looked at his left arm which was now flawless again; just a few seconds ago there was a deep cut and bruising covering his arm from the fight.

"Now I want you both to stand up," Liam instructed and both boys did so, the few seconds of rest giving them time to regenerate their energy supplies. "Now I want you to shake hands," he said as he glared at Draco who gave a small yelp of surprise.

Harry walked towards Draco, unsure of why he was even bothering to do this. It's not like Draco will ever be nice to him, so why should he be nice to Draco?

Liam smiled to himself as both boys shook hands and glared at each other. Oh well, he thought to himself, it was a start.

"Now," Liam said as both boys stopped, "I think it's time for me to teach you that charm that protects you from sunlight" he said as he gave both boys their wands back.


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