Vampire Diaries: Dark Revelations


"So, is that why you wouldn't give me the time of day, you think I'm a spoiled rich guy?" Eric asked.

Eric, who looked dangerously close to Chace Crawford, and I sat in bed. We had gotten drunk and high and somehow landed in this bed together. My idea of him had changed from utter dislike to a mutual respect, I guess. At first, I thought he was just a preppy football player, but he had come hard with the drugs and alcohol, which I couldn't buy because I was underage. He used them more than I did, which was a big deal because I had seen him take two different pills, smoke a few blunts and now he was at it again, not to mention he had been drinking. I was more conservative with them, more cautious. He assured me that he had done this many times and he knew what he was doing. I just smiled and nodded, heading out of the room.

"Where are you going?" he called.

"Shower." I smirked, standing at the door wrapped in a sheet.

"Mind if I join you?" He asked.

I thought about it, then nodded and headed into the shower, "I'll get it hot for you." I smiled, heading in and turning on the shower. I let the sheet drop and jumped into the shower. After a few minutes, I began to wonder why he hadn't come in so I stuck my head out of the shower and yelled for him to come in. After a few more minutes, I shut off the water and headed out into the room. I looked to the bed, where he wasn't. I walked closer and stopped when I saw a body lying on the other end of the bed! I backed away, into the corner and ran away from the sight, grabbing everything I owned and everything that could implement me and left.


Chapter 3: Guilt


As I walked out of the meeting, I exhaled deeply. The teenage drama around this place was overwhelming. There was the triangle of Elena, Damon and Stefan; Jeremy and Bonnie; and Caroline and whatever was going on with her. I still had no way to get Katherine back and I noticed Damon a lot more these days. He was around more. He was also heartbroken...for Elena. I could feel his pain and I couldn't help but feel it's karmic. It's the only magic I could really use. Living in the same house with Bonnie, I couldn't use magic without being known. She was a novice, but she was growing stronger every day. It was quite annoying. I had other things on my mind at the moment. Not only was all this going on, but two anniversaries were about to happen.

"Nice meeting, huh?" Alaric asked.

"Saltzman." I sighed, "It really wasn't."

Alaric chuckled, "You're new, you'll get used to it." He smiled.

"This is temporary." I said quickly, "I'm hot out of college, not sure what I want to do and I can't just stay for free."

"I'm surprised they hired you, you being so young." He said.

"Yeah I had to do some nasty things to get the job." I chuckled.

He looked at me oddly.

"I'm a joker." I chuckled.

"Oh." He smiled, "You know Damon?"

I looked at him, "No." I spat.

"I just thought since you were talking to him..."

"No." I said quickly, "He's a dick."

"I heard about your assignment and I think it's genius." Alaric said, "I know it had to be difficult for you..."

I stopped, causing him to look back and stop, "You know that it must have been difficult? You don't have any idea." I frowned.

"I guess you're right, sorry." Alaric said, "Are you Bonnie?"

"Not sure what you mean." I said, walking again.

"Oh, I just thought you and her were alike." Alaric said, "I mean..."

"I know what you mean." I said, "I'm nothing like her."

"I didn't mean to offend you." Alaric said.

I nodded, "It's okay. I'll see you around Al." I said, walking away.


I walked past the stacks, heading into the darker books a.k.a the occult books.

"Looking for something?" Stefan said, leaning on the bookshelf.

I cast an awkward glance over at him, "If it's not Salvatore, it's another." I said, walking past him and back to the table.

Stefan looked over the table, at books, "Occultism?" he asked, "So, you are a witch, like Bonnie?"

"Listen, if you think because you're the good Salvatore that I'm going to tell you who's after Elena, then you're wrong." I frowned, "That would put me in danger."

"Elena's already in danger." Stefan said.

"Not my problem." I said, burying my head into the books.

"You don't mean that." Stefan said, "This is your cousin's best friend."

I sighed and slammed the book shut, "Stefan, you're a nice guy, but if you think I'm going to...You locked up the one person that knows everything that could save her." I said.

"So, you're team Katherine? Damon was right." Stefan asked.

"I'm sorry to interrupt your little Cullen family type of deal, but this is real." I frowned, "I've never met Katherine, but even I know that if she has all the answers, she's your only hope."

"But you know what they want." Stefan said.

"I understand, you want to save the love of your life, but are you willing to anything?" I asked.

"Yes." Stefan said quickly.

"Then you're a fool." I said, standing with a few helpful books, "I want to help, I do, but there's nothing I can do...yet."

"What do you have on Damon?" Stefan asked, "What's the big secret?"

"If you haven't put it together, sweetie, then you probably won't put together the pieces between Elena and Kathy." I said, walking way. When I got to my car there was a note attached to my window. I picked up the note and read it. I quickly stashed the note in my pocket and slammed the door as I sped off.


"You little bitch!" I shrieked as I walked into the kitchen. Bonnie froze at the island and looked at me oddly. I walked over and shoved the note on the counter, "So, you know, what now?"

Bonnie looked from me to the note, "...I know what you are and what you've done..." she said, "You think I wrote this?"

"You didn't write this?" I asked.

"Why would I write this?" Bonnie asked, confused.

I chuckled a little bit, "Damn it!" I said, leaning on the counter, "Who knows?"

"Knows what?" Bonnie asked, surveying me. I looked at her oddly and back at the floor, "I'm your cousin, you can tell me."

I chuckled, "I'm not telling you anything." I frowned.

Bonnie looked hurt.

"You think you're a superwicca because you've got gram's grimoire..."

"How did you know..."

I moved closer, giving her a death glare, "You're nothing close to me." I spat walking to the door.

"Teach me." Bonnie said, "I knew you were a witch."

"Congrats, little cousin." I said angrily.

"Who left the note?" Bonnie asked, "Who else knows?"

"Damon." I frowned, heading out the house.


Damon walked into his study, a little confused. This whole "Elena in danger/Peyton showing up" thing was disturbing. The vampire they faced had been practically ancient. Powerful. There was no way in Hell. He paused as he smelled the air and turned quickly to grab a wooden arrow out of the air just before it hit him!

"You missed." He smiled.

I reloaded and aimed, "That was a warning." I frowned, "Next time I won't miss."

"And why are you trying to kill me today?" Damon asked.

I took the note and threw it at his feet, "Pretty bold. Did you have Stefan leave it on my car?" I asked.

"Note?" He asked, picking it up.

I studied his face as he read it, smiled and crumpled it, "You didn't write the note?" I asked.

"No." Damon frowned, "Looks like whoever you and Katherine are running from has found you."

"Why do you assume we're running from the same people?" I asked.

"Aren't you?" Damon asked.

"I've got no idea who she's running from." I frowned.

"Are you going to stop pointing that thing at me?" Damon asked.

I lowered the crossbow.

"Let me help you." Damon said.

"I don't need your help." I said, turning to leave.

"That's you," Damon said, turning and pouring some liquor, "Running from everything."

I stopped and turned from him, "You left me for dead." I frowned.

"You left me, just like that bitch Katherine." Damon frowned, taking a sip, "Karma."

I rolled my eyes, "I didn't have a choice." I said quickly.

"What do you mean you didn't `have a choice'?" Damon asked skeptically.

I was silent and then continued, "You had a choice. You left me, exhausted and bleeding onto the street." I frowned.

"You hurt me." Damon said.

I smirked, "Nobody can hurt you. You barely have a soul." I said.

Damon, who was sipping, stopped and looked up at me angrily, then sat the drink down.

"You would let me die, that's how I know. Someone you cared for, someone you..." I stopped.

"You're the past." Damon said.

"And, what, Elena's your future? Dream on." I said angrily, "You left me on a street, dying..."

"You left me and I was already dead...undead." Damon said.

"I didn't have a choice." I yelled. I calmed myself, "There wasn't any options."

"What are you talking about, crazy?" Damon asked.

"Nothing." I said, walking to the door. I looked up to see Damon in my way.

"You're not leaving until you tell me exactly what you are talking about." Damon said, looking into my eyes angrily.

"They told me that if I didn't leave you, they would kill me." I said quickly, "These vampires aren't jokes and they're not newbies. These vampires make Katherine look like a cuddly puppy."

"Is that who you're working for?" Damon asked.

"I'm not working for anybody." I said.

"That's who's after Elena?" Damon asked.

I looked at him for a second, "On to the next one...right?" I asked, pushing past him.

"You left me to save me? A soulless...thing?" Damon asked, unconvinced.

I sighed, "Yeah, I did. As quick as you were to kill and...hurt the people in your life, I loved you." I said, angrily.

"You loved me? You still love me, I can see it in your eyes. I can smell it on you." Damon said.

"Doesn't matter anymore." I frowned, "You should be trying to help Elena."

"I'd help you too, if you'd let me." Damon sighed, "Tell me, if you know the vampires are coming, why are you still here?"

"I promised to protect Elena..." I said, "From you."

"Me?" Damon asked.

"You leave death, destruction and heartache wherever you go. You're a soul-sucker." I said sadly, "If you want proof, look at me."

Damon looked away.

"You loved me, just like you loved Katherine, just like you love Elena...It never ends well for anybody." I said.

"How do you know I loved you?" Damon asked.

I shook my head, "I don't. I just hope I wasn't in it by myself." I said, walking away.


I walked into my room with candles gathered in my hands. I was going to do a mystical gps to find whoever left the note on my car. I walked over and placed candles on the floor. I stopped quickly.

"Hello, Peyton." Elijah's voice came behind me.

I froze, about to run to the door.

"I wouldn't do that." Elijah said. I could feel his smirk.

I turned to him, "I was wondering when you'd find me." I said carefully.

"It wasn't hard really, once you came out into the open." Elijah said, surveying the room.

"A farcry from what you're used to. It's so suburban." Elijah said, his eyes landing on me, "You look different."

I felt self-conscious.

"Your boyfriend tried to kill me." He chuckled.

"If he was my boyfriend, he'd be here." I said.

"Instead, he left you all alone." Elijah said, "I hope you know that this part is going to hurt me more than it hurts you, old friend."

"You think I'm just going to let you kill me?" I asked.

"Not kill. Klaus doesn't want that." Elijah said, inching closer.

"You're not getting my little cousin." I frowned.

"She's needed." Elijah said.

I shook my head, "Inferno." I said, causing flames to shoot out of the candles and surround the air around him. I ran to the door and opened it, only to have it slam shut and Elijah twirl me around.

"That wasn't nice." Elijah said cheerfully.