Vampire Slayers United

Chapter 49: Slayer, Lost



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Kick! A vampire fell to the ground and I staked him. I pushed the trees back, stepping through the bushes. I walked further into the bushes, my spiffy new black lace-up combat boots covered by my new leather pants with holsters for stakes and various other weapons and my red, snug shirt, which was a sight, not many fit me snuggly. I felt my way past all the leaves and stopped at the grave.

"Hello, Buffy." I said solemnly.

-          - - - - - - - -

"Now that we have a slayer, we should be able to combat the forces of evil more thoroughly." Giles said, cleaning his glasses, "Willow's numbers have grown exponentially.

"Somebody's chipper." Angel sighed.

"I believe he's right," Wesley said, "Where is he?"

"You can ask a better question than that." Gunn said, "Like how he came up with the story he did."

Everyone looked at him.

"You're thinking it." Gunn said.

"So, he's really a Slayer? Fool proof?" Dawn asked, "Cause, I thought Slayers weren't...of the penis having variety."

"Different strokes." Angel said, "Don't worry, Connor's tailing him."

They all looked at him.

"In the sense that he's being tailed." Angel said, trying to correct himself, "He's following him."

"I don't think Austin being safe is a problem." Giles said, trying to reassure, not only the rest of the room, but himself, "I highly doubt he's vulnerable."

"So, I'm not the only one who thinks he's...rough?" Fred asked.

"The conditions under which he was kept are disturbing at the least." Wesley said, "He also said that this world is a product of his wish."

"Where's Anya when we need her?" Dawn asked, "Oh...Xander." She said,, realizing that they'd just skipped over Xander.

"Yes, I will have the others build him a gravesite." Giles said, trying to hide his aversion to the subject. He was the oldest and had watched the Scooby grow up and it was sad to see them in the position they were in now.

"So, what's the plan?" Gunn asked.

"We fight." Angel said.

"How?" Dawn asked.

"Yeah, this Willow chick is the Big Bad. Literally." Gunn said impatiently.

"We are not altogether powerless," Giles said, "We shall find a way."

"How about reversing the curse?" Fred asked, "I mean,, this Willow has been absorbing powers for years, now, what's she trying to do?"

"After losing Buffy, then Tara, then Hell coming to Earth, Willow lost control totally." Giles explained, "They tried to bring Buffy back, but I intervened, recognizing Buffy would undoubtedly be affected."

"Yeah, I tried this spell once and it brought my mother bac, but I reversed it before we could see her. She didn't look great, she looked hella zombie-ish." Dawn said, noticing all eyes on her, "But it was dark and through a shade."

"Really? You full cast a resurrection spell?" Wesley asked, "That is a powerful piece of magic."

"Austin has asked the Council to round up every potential Slayer we can find and the Council has agreed. There are already girls here, but more shall be coming soon." Giles said.

"Is that wise?" Wesley asked, "To have us all in one place? This is, after all, the future of good."

"I trust him." Giles said, looking at Wesley, "He may be rough around the edges, but he's very capable."

"I agree." Angel said, "He asked that we assemble two teams, one to find the Vengeance Demon, Juhak, and the other to meet him at the cemetery."

"The cemetery?" Fred asked.

"I guess you'll be on the Vengeance hunt." Gunn smiled at her.

She smiled back.

"Cordy's cousin," Angel said, "He said he needs to have her and some guy witch named Doug."

"I have located them." Giles said.

"Everybody ready?" Wesley asked.

"Be careful everyone." Giles said, watching everyone leave, "Angel, I need you to find Austin."


"Send Connor and Groosalugg to the cemetery." Giles said, I suspect there are things you two have to talk about, after that, retreat back here ASAP. We need to either reverse this or fight as soon as we can."

"On it." Angel said, sweeping from the room.


I stood at Buffy's grave, reading it. Dissecting it. Beloved sister...Saved the world a lot. I wondered what it would say on mine. If I didn't get back to my reality, then there would be no hope. Willow was unstoppable, especially since Xander was gone. I ran my hand over my newly grown mini-afro. I had been in that cage for years with nothing to do but work out and I guess that was where my new definition came from. That and I was horny. Very, very horny. My thoughts stopped. Someone was moving behind me.

"One more step and you die." I said, turning to see Connor. I turned back to the grave, "Connor?"

"Hi." Connor smiled.

"You following me?" I asked.

Connor moved to my side, "Angel told me to." He said.

"Are you sure that's why?" I asked.

Connor stared at me, "What else would it be?" he asked.

I looked at him, "Jasmine still around?" I asked.

He stared at me, "I had to kill her." He said.

I nodded slowly, "Sorry." I said, "If it makes you feel any better, you're in Hell where I came from."

He chuckled, "You're not serious." He said, pausing, "You're serious?"

"Yeah, but it's not just you, it's L.A. and literally. It's okay, though, you're fighting." I said.

"Back there." He said, looking like he was trying to figure out everything, "How did we know each other."

I looked up at him, "We protected L.A., me, you, Dawn, Kelly, Doug, Groo, and Oz, then we moved away and you didn't come and..."

"It's...that's not what I meant." Connor asked.

"Love." I said without a thought.

Connor looked to be struggling with what he was hearing.

"I don't expect you to...That's not you, but you should know." I said, looking down at Buffy's grave.

"What was it like?" Connor asked.

I looked at him, "Surreal...we were in love and barely argued, maybe twice the whole time. We got so lost and when we finally found each other, my destiny came between us."

Connor and I looked at each other, getting closer and closer. When our lips met, I couldn't help but shed a tear.

"I'm sorry." Connor said on the verge of panic.

I sniffed, "No." I said, putting my head on his chest, "I've just been through a lot and I miss you so much." I said, pulling his sleeve up to see tattoos on his arms. They were sexy.

"I got them a few weeks ago." Connor said, rolling up his other arm.

I stared at him, the Twilight symbol, "Where..." I asked. He wasn't Twilight.

"I..." Connor said.

"Connor." Angel said, causing us both to look at him, "Join Groo back at the Base."

"But I was..." Connor said.

"Now." Angel said darkly.

"Please." I said, staring at Buffy's grave.

"Please." Angel sighed.

Connor looked at me, then walked past Angel. Angel stalked over to me, staring at the grave, too.

"The words fit her." I said, breaking our silence.

"Yeah," Angel said, "Look, I don't know how you came up with this plan..."

"The Scoobys used it once." I nodded, "The best idea Buffy ever had."

"Buffy?" Angel asked.

I nodded, "Buffy's still alive where I came from. Resurrected. So is Faith." I said.

Angel looked at me, bewildered, "Is is she?" he asked.

"She's Buffy." I said slowly, "Still fighting her own demons, literally."

"Are we...I mean," Angel said, dancing around the subject.

"You're in Hell and nobody knows but me. L.A.'s in Hell, but on the outside...But if L.A. was really okay, Connor would have called." I said quickly.

"Hell?" Angel asked.

"Wolfram and Hart." I said simply.

Angel looked at me in disbelief.

"You know, I don't know which reality is better." I said, "Both of them are really heard to live in."

"I have to get back." Angel said.

"Thanks for having this conversation with me...I know talking's not your thing." I smiled.

Angel turned to me, "Are you sure that our worlds...that we can do this?" he asked.

I nodded, "Look, I need those two, Kelly and Doug, sent to the vineyard. You know where it is, so tell them to meet me there." I said.

Angel nodded, sweeping away.


As I waited for Doug and Kelly, I began to wonder about what was happening back in reality. Was Kelly still dying? Was she dead already? What was the Master up to? I walked down into the wine cellar, trying to see down into the darkness. I walked closer and stopped.

"Well, it said you were coming, but...Wait, you're a man. Leave now." Caleb drawled.

I stopped, "Wow...I really don't feel like killing you today." I sighed.

"I don't think you'll have to worry about that." Caleb smiled, "Awww you are a slayer, and a feisty one at that."

"God, you're not only a male chauvinist, you're just chauvinist." I said, "I wish I had the scythe. You know, the one you're protecting."

Caleb looked at me, startled.

"Yeah, in about two seconds, I'm gonna be kicking your ass. Then I'm going to use the scythe to cut'll hurt." I said, looking around. Aha! The trap door! I jumped into the air and tried to kick him, but he grabbed me and threw me into the wall across the room.

"Where's all that fancy slayer power now?" Caleb smirked.

I got up, "You want to see slayer power?" I asked, running towards him. When I got close enough, he swung at me, but I ducked and kicked him in the stomach, bringing my fist around, connecting with his face! I brought my foot over, kicking him in the face and he slid across the floor, "You might need to power up."

"Like I know how he knows." Cale said, looking to his immediate left. He got to his feet and ran at me, but I grabbed his arm, using his weight and slammed him onto of the trap door and we both fell through the door! As we smashed to the floor, I rolled out of the way as crates of wine dropped on Caleb. I got to my feet and dusted off, "The world so owes me." I said, walking over to the scythe stuck in the little piece of rock, "Just like she described it. I'm going to King Arthur it." I grabbed the scythe and smiled to myself.

"You might want to stop." Caleb muttered, covered in wine.

I kept walking as he backed away. As I got to him, he swung his fist and I chopped it off. As he stared at his missing arm, I lobbed off his head, "I'm pretending you're a demon...Wasn't that hard." I said, standing beneath the hole and jumping directly up and running up the stairs and out into the graveyard to find Anya fighting Doug and Kelly. Doug looked about the same, a little more gothic than I remembered, but still great. Kelly was brunette here and very G.I. Jane. As Anya was about to bite Kelly, I raised the end of the scythe and jabbed it through her back, causing her to dust, "Welcome to Sunnydale." I smirked.

"Lived here...I remember." Kelly said, massaging her throat.

I nodded, "Have we ever met?" I asked.

Doug shook his head, "No. But I'm glad we did, that chick was tough." He said.

"I would have thought she'd become a vengeance demon again." I pondered, "So, do you know why you're here?" I asked.

"No." Kelly said.

"Alternate Universe. We're friends. A Buffy chick, she's alive. Thousands of Slayers. We just beat a Hell God." I said.

"And we're all alive?" Doug asked.

I looked between them, "Yeah. We're even halfway normal." I lied.

"SO, we're demon-ass kickers?" Kelly asked.

My heart skipped a beat. She's a fighter. She's alive. I nodded.

"Awesome." Doug said.

"So, we're going to help?" Kelly asked.

I looked at the dust on the ground, "Willow's in town. I need you to perform a spell. I think I know what Willow's doing and I can stop her, but I need to get close enough to her."

"You do know she flayed a person, right?" Doug asked, "They filled me in on her."

"That's serious magic." Kelly added.

I nodded, "You're going to have to trust me. You're powerful. Both of you, in your own way. The only thing we needed was each other." I said.

Kelly and Doug looked at me and smiled.

"We need to get to Sunnydale High." I said.

"You know that's rebuilt?" Kelly asked.

"Yeah, I remember. And, also, there's a Hellmouth under it. Willow's opening it." I explained, "It's a thought I've had since...forever. She's killed her best friend, tried to kill good guys, and she's not done. I can feel her pain."

"You can feel her pain?" Kelly asked.


"What can I do against a witch like that?" Doug asked.

I looked at my scythe and threw it to him, "Nothing. You're going to unlock the slayer in us all. I'm dealing with Uber-witch." I said, "We're late." I said, walking past them and they followed.


Angel and his gang prepared to summon the Vengeance Demon that had changed the world. Angel felt something deep in the pit of his stomach as he looked around and wondered where they all were. Austin had neglected to inform him of his team's fate, other than they had gone to Hell, which, despite its bluntness, was very vague. Wolfram & Hart wasn't his main concern anymore, it was Willow. Cute, perky little Willow. She made them look like kids with magic tricks. Gunn and Fred had prepared their magic circle while Wesley searched a book for more details when he wasn't staring at Fred. Lorne stood in the corner with a mirror and it was times like this when he wished Cordelia was still here. She had gone. That sadness, mixed with the fear of the unknown and fear for where and what Connor and Groo were up to almost driven him insane. Giles had left with a bunch of girls earlier and Willow had been spotted. Of course, so had her gang. Angel wondered how Willow's grief could take her so far from the geeky kid she used to be. He watched now as Fred walked to a plant and began conversing with it.

"Fred, I thought we'd been through this." Angel said.

"I know, but they have such good jokes." Fred said, "I know it sounds weird,, it's weird."

Angel smiled, "Vampire...with a soul." He said.

"True. What would sound weird to you?" she asked, "We're pretty ready, aren't we Gunn?"

"As ready as we'll ever be." Gunn said, "Are we sure this guy isn't Coo-Coo?"

"Austin? No. He knew where Buffy was buried. He's fighting for us." Angel reassured.

"Don't you mean with us?" Gunn asked.

"Slayers don't fight with us." Wesley said.

"What's that mean, Angel pie?" Lorne asked.

"If you knew Buffy, you'd get it. They fight for us." Angel said.

"Then why're we fighting?" Gunn asked.

"For everybody else." Angel said, "Ready with that spell?"

There was a growl and they all turned, "You don't need a spell." Oz growled.

"Oz." Angel said, "You're on the wrong side."

"Who said? Maybe you're on the wrong side." Oz said.

"Get the chant going." Angel said, not taking his eyes off Oz.

Oz wolfed-out as they began to chant and Angel vamped out! They both pounced on each other, colliding with a loud thud!


As we got to the High School, there was a bus outside. The girls and Giles stood outside the bus and as we ran up to it, Dawn got off.

"You made it!" Dawn said, hugging me.

I nodded, "And I even got the scythe." I said.

Giles moved forward, "May I?" he asked.

"No time, Gi, we've gotta do the magic with it. Dawn, I want you and Kelly to assist with the spell. The rest of you girls, follow...where are Connor and Groo?" I asked.

Giles and Dawn looked at each other, "They went in some time ago, but never returned." Giles said.

I nodded, "Just more incentive to get the flow going." I said, looking up at the High School.

"Where do we set up?" Dawn asked.

The Principal's Office.

"The Principal's office." I said.

"Where do we go?" Giles asked.

The Basement.

"Basement." I said, my head throbbing.

"Are you alright?" Giles asked.

"I'm good. Go, I'll be right behind you." I said, watching them leave. I felt an eerie feeling and turned to see Buffy, bathed in white light, "Buffy?" I asked.

"It's all sparkly." Buffy said, smiling, "Sorry, I'm still not used to it."

"It's cool. Just don't let it happen again." I said deadpan as she sparkled.

"This is pretty risky." Buffy said.

"You did it. I have to outdo you." I smirked, "Plus I figure if this is the new world, I should lead it."

"Great leader." Buffy smiled, "I'd have done a better job."

I chuckled, "Sorry. The wish, I'm just...I never wanted This!" I said angrily.

"Don't." Buffy said, "I'm not so dead in the other reality, so that's enough, right? Hold the line."

I nodded, turning to leave.

"Wait." Buffy said, "Save her. If you save one person out of this entire thing, save her."

"Tell the crayon story." Xander said, appearing at her side.

I nodded and walked into the High School.


Angel tussled with Oz as the rest of the group cast the spell, trying to locate Juhak. Fred was working with the portal and Gunn ripped an axe off the wall and ran towards Oz and Angel as Wesley changed. Angel growled and jumped back as Gunn chopped at Oz, who screeched and swatted him away! As Angel moved in for the kill, he neglected the group of bringers coming up behind him.

"Angel!" Fred shouted, but it was too late, Angel was dust, "Wesley, go!"

Oz pounced on Gunn and ripped him to pieces, then the bringers descended on Fred and Wesley as Fred's scream filled the air!


As I entered the school, it was totally trashed. I went and stood at the center of the group of girls. As I did, Giles put his hand on my shoulder and showed me a bloody axe.

"What makes him qualified to lead Slayers? He's a guy, slayers aren't guys." One of the girls griped.

"Ok, well, guess what? I'm what you got! I'm the one that's chosen, not you. Some big higher up decided that I was more important than you. That I'm more worthy than you," I said, getting angry faces, "But that's about to change. There's gonna be no lightening the mood, no could die. You all will die, but I'm giving you the chance to decide. We're all going to die; I'm giving you the chance to go out with a bang."

"The guy who died...he was a friend of yours? He was..." one of the girls, Renee, asked.

"Which one? The guy who freed me? Yeah, he was a friend." I said, "The guy who...Connor. He was my boyfriend. Groo was a friend. They fought. They died. I'm not going to go out that easily. Not now. I'm sharing the power...the girl...s before me, died protecting the world. Buffy Summers came up with this, but I'm doing it."

"They've heard." Giles said.

"That spell should kick in soon." I said, looking around. I caught sight of Willow and bringers and turned to the girls, "Go! Giles, get them running until it kicks in!"

"Awww, you don't want to go, I got something of yours." Willow smirked, walking backwards to the basement.

I turned to Giles, "Nevermind, we're fighting." I said, watching the girls arranged around me. I stood in between the girls and Giles. As the bringers came, I began to fight. I took three bringers out at once and took one of their knives, plunging it into all three. I ran and jumped over a group that were fighting the girls and rolled over, getting to my feet. I looked to the side and saw Doug; He, Kelly, and Dawn looked drained, then I looked back at the girls! They were Slayers! I smiled as they kicked ass. I watched Doug, Kelly, and Dawn slump to the floor just after sliding me the scythe. I kicked basement door down into the basement and walked down into the basement and stopped at the sight of Buffy, "Buffy?" I asked.

"I'm trapped here." She said, looking around, "It's dark where I am."

"So, you didn't go to Heaven?" I asked.

"There's no Heaven." Buffy said.

"So, you're still pulling strings?" I asked, "The First. I kicked your ass ages ago."

Buffy walked up to me, "You're not as dumb as you look." She smiled, transforming into Xander, "You know, I screamed for my life..." Then Riley, "I screamed so much and begged."

"Why would I believe you?" I asked.

"Because it's all your fault." Riley frowned.

"Fuck you." I snapped, "You can't touch me. So, are you just going to make faces at me?"

The first transformed into Dawn, "Everything you touch dies. He wasn't really ready, he had to take powers from other around him...when he realizes what he's done, there'll be no kumbayas."

My stomach fell and I closed my eyes. I felt the scythe and my brain, urging me to go on, but my heart was crushed, "You can't use her anymore. You can't use any of us anymore." I said, walking through it, "See, you're just a ghost." I said, walking to the seal. I saw Connor hanging above the seal, shirtless with blood dripping into the open hole. There was a knife in his heart, but some energy surrounded it. I walked over and touched his face.

"Austin." Connor said, causing me to jump.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Kill me." Connor pleaded.

"What?"I asked, "Never."

"I feel like I've known you forever." Connor coughed, "If you ever loved me, then you'll do this."

I kissed him passionately, "I love you." I said.

"It has to be done." Giles said at the door.

I turned to Giles, "I know." I cried.

"Go." Giles said.

I nodded and kissed Connor against, jumping into the hole. When I landed, I stared over the edge of the cavern and saw Dark Willow standing at the cliff, chanting. I took a step forward and she stopped, "Hey there, dark-haired girl." I smiled.

Willow turned to me with a smirk, "Hey, how'd you get down here?" She asked.

"Nice veins, but when I dress like a homicidal bitch, I don't try for emo." I smirked.

"You're just quoting all the goodies today." Willow said, "Great to have something to be remembered for, huh?"

"Sounds like Evil Bitch Wicca of the Western hemisphere." I said, "I don't want to fight."

"I wouldn't' want to fight me either." Willow said, losing half her smirk.

"I didn't say, wouldn't." I said, stepping forward, "I saw Buffy and Xander."

"Get ready to join them." She spat.

I twirled my scythe, "What happened Will?? Buffy died, so nobody can live?" I asked.

Willow growled, "Funny, who'da thought poor, mousy Willow'd be the last Scooby standing?" she asked.

"After you killed Xander? Who knew?" I asked, "There's always Giles."

"Giles...poor, stupid Giles. Thinks he knows everything." Willow said, floating a little, "I could have brought Buffy back."

"In my reality, you did." I said angrily.

"What?" Willow asked.

"This...isn't where I'm supposed to be! This isn't how it's supposed to be, when I signed up for Slayer Duty, I didn't sign up for reality travel!" I exclaimed, "In another world, you did just what Doug did. You released the Slayer Power."

"Not surprising, still taking orders and being a follower." Willow frowned, turning to me. I threw the scythe at her but she telekinetically caught it, "You tried to kill me? Good boy."

"Nope. It's your time. Doug could only do so much, it's time you do the rest, please? Will...we need you." I said sadly. I saw images in my head and I felt something terrible, "Yeah, read my mind. Look at the images! You did this, you hurt your friends! You hurt I can save you!" and Willow looked at me, her dark hair fading to red and her eyes returning. She floated to the ground and slunk down to the ground on her knees and I grabbed her into a hug and held her.

"Will, we don't have long. Unleash the power...don't stop doing magic...just don't misuse it." I said, hearing a roar of growls and turned to see Turok-Han running and climbing up the side of the cavern. I grabbed Willow's hand, "I call Juhak, Demon of Vengeance!" I shouted and Willow and I jerked and stopped at the demon that stood before us. I grabbed the scythe and sliced her stomach open, snatching off her necklace as she fell to the ground, then looking up to Willow, "Go."

Willow got up and I handed her the scythe and she ran to the opening of the seal, "I'm sorry...about Connor..." she said sadly.

I nodded and turned, throwing the talisman into the air and it began to flicker. I outreached my hand and stopped it in mid-air. I felt power, the power that was finally there and the talisman burst open!

"Austin!" Giles and Dawn screamed, helping Willow, who stared at the new portal.

I smiled back at them and heard Dawn scream my name, then ran to the edge of the cavern and jumped with all my might, hopping right into the portal.


- - - - - - - - - -

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