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"Fight's coming." Oz said, "It's going to be big."

I was on fire, but the fire was green and we were inside a cage. The cage was black and white, with a golden sixteen plastered into the top of it, "Usually is." I answered calmly.

"No, global." Oz said, "You might need me."

"Global?" I asked, "This is going global? I like this burning thing when I was watching."

"You were watching?" Oz asked.

"Excuse me, I have to die." I said, falling down dead.




Chapter 60: Immortal Combat


"Well, I put together a list of weaknesses, one being anger, the other being jealousy." Cale said.

I took the piece of paper, "Right, I remember some of that." I said.

"He did the Watcher thing; he's sexy when he does the Watcher thing." Kelly said, kissing his cheek.

"I bet." I said, "So, we got any info about this mind link bull she's doing?"

"Only that it has never been done before, something to do with old magicks." Doug said.

"Old magics?" Graham asked.

"Lestat could read minds and had other forms of telepathy, most ancient vampires had some enhanced abilities." Doug explained, "He'd be major helpful here."

"But he's not here." Mal said.

I sighed, "Any way we could reverse the mind meld?" I asked.

"I'm working on it." Doug said.

"Why would you do that?" Mal asked, "Would that even work on someone who's not a vampire?"

"By the end of the night, who knows who'll actually be standing?" I asked.

"Anticipating us dying?" Kelly asked.

"No." I said, folding my arms, "I'm expecting a big fight."

Kelly looked at me oddly, "Can we have some privacy guys?" she asked.

"What?" Cale asked.

"Ummm, there are weapons downstairs, but Doug and Austin need to stay." Kelly said, "Move!" she said, causing the group to disperse.

"What was that all about?" I asked.

"I think you already know." Doug sighed.

"There are no weapons, are there?" I asked.

"Yes." Kelly said, "But we don't really need them right now."

"Okay, what's this about?" I asked.

"Your attitude." Kelly said, "There's something you're not telling us."

"I wish I could say you're right, but I'm just trying..." I started.

"...To bullshit me." Kelly said, "Excuse my language, but I think I'm more than entitled to it. Doug why aren't..."

There was a silence.

"What do you both know?" she asked.

I sighed and sat at the round table, "I don't fully intend to come back." I said.

"What?" Kelly said, standing, "I need to sit."

"You were sitting." Doug said.

Kelly sat down, "Oh, well, why do you not think you're coming back?" she asked.

"I not think I'm coming back because I'm not." I said.

"Why do you not?" Kelly asked.

"I not because I don't." I said.

"Why don't you not?" Kelly asked.

Doug shook his head, "Will you two stop." He said, "Kels, he's going in alone."

"Alone? What..." Kelly looked from Doug to me, "Are you insane?"

"A little." I said, "It's the only way."

"We're in this together." Kelly said.

"There's more to it than that..." I said, "This isn't about you or Doug. Not this time. This time, it's really about me."

"Ooh, I get it, this is the I'm a slayer and I'm gonna die thing you do." Kelly said, "Well, you're not."

"Shut up!" I shouted, "God, can't you just take the hint. I don't even want you guys near this! In some way, I asked for this, but I never signed on for any of this and I'm not taking you with me."

"As much as you want us to leave, we're staying." Doug said.

"That's great. Just great, isn't it enough that you've lost Gemma and been conned by Cale and been put in a coma and all this is about me." I said, walking away.

"Don't mind him," Doug said, placing a hand on Kelly's shoulder, "He's all afraid."

"I know." Kelly said, "I'm kind of scared myself. Were we this worried about the Hell Goddess?"

"Well," Doug said, "When Charity links with vampires all around, it's going to be Hell on Earth."

"So no?" Kelly asked.

"About the same." Doug smiled, hugging his friend.


I punched the punching bag, trying to put as much of my pain, anger, and frustration as I could into it.

"Trying to work out your aggression?" Cale asked, walking in.

"I'm a slayer, I'll never work out my aggression." I said, kicking the punching bag.

"I guess you're right." Cale said.

I shook my head, "They don't deserve this." I said.

"What? To follow you to victory? To feel great about themselves because they delivered the world from evil once more?" Cale asked, "The three of you, seems like that is the lucky number, you all are stronger together."

"They can't be in on this." I said, "Kelly just woke up from a coma...another coma and she doesn't wake up again."

"I, more than anyone, know that. Evil knows that." Cale said.

"Evil always knows. It corrupts. It feeds on us and I am sick of it feeding on me." I said, "I just want to be a kid."

"Well, you're not." Cale said, "And the world is weighing on you."

I looked at him. There it was, finally.

"I am sorry, I did not mean..."

"There it is. What everyone's thinking." I said, "Well I'm not the only Slayer."

"You're the only one that can face this." Cale said, "You are a remarkably strong and resourceful individual."

"So I should be able to pull something from my ass? Connor's not here." I said angrily.

"I'm sorry." Cale said, "I'm sorry that it is you that has to bear this load, but it has to be you."

"I'm scared." I said tearfully.

At first he stared. There was a moment of sadness and crying and silence, but then it was all about the hugging.

"We shall overcome this." Cale said, "Just like we overcame everything else."

"You're a pretty good Watcher." I said, "You would win the big trophy with the little gold stars."


I stood beside my bed, putting all my supplies into a backpack. I threw stakes, holy water, crossbow bolts, and all kinds of weapons into the backpack. I felt secure.

"Is this what you guys do now?" Oz asked.

I turned quickly and smiled at him, unable to form a sentence.

"Whoa, speechless." Oz said.

I hugged him immediately, "What are you doing here?" I said comfortably.

"I thought I would visit." Oz said quickly.

I frowned, "Not the nicest time to drop by." I said, walking to the bed and grabbing my bag.

"Apocalypse?" Oz asked.

I nodded.

"There's always something going on here, huh?" Oz asked.

I kissed him quickly, without thinking, "I missed you so much." I said quickly.

"It's okay now." Oz said, "I'm here."

"But you have to leave." I said, "Now."

"What?" Oz asked.

"I'm about to do something big. Bigger than anything and it's all going down. I need to know that you're miles away." I said.

"What?" Oz asked.

"I love you, Oz. You're the only one I can reason with and I need you safe." I explained.

"Okay." Oz said, "But you have to survive this."

I hesitated, and then nodded.

Oz kissed me one more time, "But after this is over, I'm coming right back." He said, leaving.


Mal and Graham joined Doug, Kelly, Cale and I in the Arcanum. We all stood, watching each other. The fight was brewing and I could feel it.

"We got the army behind us." Graham said.

"Are they there to stab us or help us?" I asked, remembering General Voll.

"Help." Graham said, "Besides, we generally don't stab, we shoot."

"Good, but then we go back to being enemies." I said.

"I don't think the Sergeant will mind." Graham said.

"Any other help?" I said.

"All the hunters I know are ready." Mal said.

"I packed." I said, "I'm heading out in an hour."

"I need to go." Doug said.

I looked at him impatiently, "No." I said.

"Gemma, she's not going to stray too far from Charity." Doug said, "If I'm going to do this, then..."

"Then I'll do it." I said.

"What kind of end is that for her?" Doug asked.

"So draw her out." I said, "Anything, but you're not going in with me."

Doug sighed and gave up, "Any idea where these vampires'll be?" he asked.

"I told the guys to go to populated areas." Mal said.

"Me too." Graham said.

"Weapons?" I asked.

"Everybody's got their shit together." Kelly smiled innocently.

"Button, button, who's got the button?" Cale asked.

I looked at him, "If I were a rabbit, where would I keep my gloves?" I asked.

"Touché" Cale said.

"What was that about?" Kelly asked.

Cale wrapped his arm around her, "Of course I'll explain it to you." He said, walking away with her.

"Anybody else weirded out by that exchange?" Mal asked.

"Maybe you should get going." I said.

"Right." Mal said, "Look, don't die. I need a place to stay."

I patted his shoulder, "So heartfelt." I said.

Mal smirked, then left.

"He's not wrong," Graham said, "About the not dying part."

I kissed Graham on the cheek, "Don't worry about me, worry about the rest of the world." I said, dismissing him.

"Gemma should be mine." Doug said.

"Why is it that we're always the last ones standing?" I asked.

"You're not." Kelly said, joining us, "We are standing."

"We always do." Doug smiled.

"We've got a few hours before we have to fight." I said.

"Is this the part where you tell us to go and live?" Doug asked.

"Nope." I said quickly, "I think we should be together."

We all smiled at each other.

"Did you know Oz was here?" I asked.

"What? Seriously?" Kelly asked.


Graham stood in the training room of the Arcanum, staring at Cale, who had ushered him into the room. Graham had little contact with Cale, but knew he was important to Kelly, thus he was important to Austin, which automatically made him important to Graham.

"We should be getting ready for the fight." Graham said.

Cale smiled, "I'm aware of that." He said, "But, first, I need something of you."

"What is it?" Graham asked.

Cale shuffled his feet, then returned his gaze to Graham, "I need you to protect Kelly."

"Why would I need to do that?" Graham asked, "Where will you be?"

"I can't let Austin go down there by himself." Cale frowned, "Besides, if something should happen to me..."

"You've got my word." Graham said quickly, "Don't let anything happen to him."

"I shall try my best." Cale said.


"So, Mal, you work with witches and demons around here." Bach, Mal's oldest hunter friend, asked.

Mal looked up at him, "Not a lot, I guess though." He said.

"Demons are demons." Jak, another hunter, said.

"But not all demons are bad." Mal slipped.

They looked at him oddly.

"We are here to stop the Apocalypse, aren't we?" Bach asked.

"What're you saying?" Mal asked.

"It was a simple question." Jak said, joining Bach.

"We're here to stop the Big Grammy vampire from rising up and taking the world over." Mal said.

"And we're working with the Slayer, who has demon friends." Bach questioned.

"Just a witch." Mal said.

"What about the vampire?" Jak asked.

"Gone." Mal said, "Look, we're the good guys!"

"As long as we're clear on that." Bach said.


"Okay, Xander what do you mean Buffy and Willow are gone? Where are they?" I asked, "Xander, I could know what, never mind. I just, umm, tell them I called and said hi. Okay. Later, Xan. " I said, closing my phone. I turned to walk back in, but found Graham staring at me. I sighed and smiled at him.

"Something wrong?" Graham asked.

I shook my head.

"So, I shouldn't ask, is that it?" Graham asked, "Bet if I was Lestat..."

"Don't." I said warningly.

Graham frowned, "Sorry, I just don't take losing well." He said.

"What is it with you two? This isn't a game, this is my life." I said angrily, "This wasn't ever a competition, it was a choice, one that I guess I've been putting off, but now I'm making the choice."

"And the choice is?" Graham asked.

"Not you." I said sadly, "And not him. I choose me."

"That's a total cop-out." Graham protested, "How can you possibly decide that right now?"

"Hey!" I protested, "It's a very valid point, in fact it's muy valid...there's muy validity."

"So, after this, what's the plan?" Graham asked.

I shrugged, "I guess a nap." I said, "Maybe a snowcone."

"Good." Graham smiled.


"Somewhere, something big is happening." Doug said in his meditative position. He was channeling, trying to make sure that Charity wasn't pulling a donkey in the bucket. He could feel a low rumble, actually feel it. He could feel echoes that he never felt before. New York. Something big in New York.

"He's a witch?" Bach asked.

"His name is Doug." Kelly frowned.

"Easy little lady." Jak said, pushing up on her, "Wouldn't want a fine philly like you to get too worked up."

Doug exhaled, "You do know that I used to tackle people, don't you?" he asked.

Jak threw his hands in the air, "Hold up, big fella, I was just pointing out that she's one fine..."

"I dust vampires." Kelly frowned.

"You're spicy." Jak smirked.

"I don't like you." Kelly said, "What else do you feel, is it Charity?"

"No, something else." Doug said, opening an eye, "Charity is lying low."

"Good?" Bach asked.

"Pretty good." Doug answered, "Means she's not on the move yet. She hasn't done the mind link."

"Good, that's all we needed to know." Jak smiled, pulling out a gun.

"Yo, Jak, what are you doing?" Mal asked.

Bach pulled his own guns out, "We're taking over this little operation." He smirked, "You've gotten us this far, but we'll take it from here."

Doug stood, "You can't be serious." He said.

"Shut up, witch." Bach said.

"Bach, Jak what is up?" Mal asked.

"You think we don't know you're working with these freaks?" Bach said, "The whole gang knows that you're in this with them. We know you think you're helping, but we hunt bad things and witches and demons are bad things."

"You see, what you just said there, witches and demons. We're not even the same thing." Doug said.

Jak walked over to Doug and pistol-whipped him, "Shut up." He said.

The lights went out.

"What the fu..." then there was a scream from Bach!

"Doug." Kelly said.

"On it." Doug said.

"Bach?" Jak said, then there was a groan and squeal.

"God of light, light the room!" Doug said simply.

The lights came back on and both their eyes darted to the corner where Mal was held up against the wall by Lestat, who had apparently taken out the other two hunters. Lestat looked as if he was about to finish Mal off when he let him go.

"Lestat?" Doug asked.

"Where is Austin?" Lestat asked.

"He's gone." Doug said from nowhere.

"How do you know?" Kelly asked.

Just then, Graham ran in holding a piece of paper, "Austin's gone." He said.

"So is Cale." Doug said quickly.

They all looked at each other. Kelly looked to be thinking it out.

"He wouldn't." Kelly said.

"He promised to protect Austin." Graham said sheepishly.

"He what?" Kelly asked.

"And he made me promise to protect you." Graham confessed.

"Oh." Kelly said breathlessly.


As Cale made his way down through the tunnels, he could swear that this was the oddest thing he'd ever done. When he joined the Council, he never, in his wildest dreams, thought that he would be doing this type of thing. This, after all, is the work for the slayer, or as it were now, slayers. He now understood why Giles had appointed him to be the Watcher of Austin. There was something unique about Austin, he was a male slayer and had his own way and was meant to do things no other slayer, bar one or two, had done. It had been a routine assignment until he fell in love with Kelly and now things weren't as black and white anymore. Even now, this was complicated. If Kelly lost Austin, she might never get over it and Cale didn't want to lose Kelly, he'd just gotten her back. So far, the sewers were empty, all the vampires were out getting in place for the mind link, Cale assumed. As Cale crept up the tunnel, he stopped at footsteps just down the tunnels and to the right. When he stopped, so did the footsteps. Cale pulled out a cross and a vial of holy water. As he crept to the corner of the sewers, jumped out and threw the holy water, hitting the figure with the holy water and getting kicked onto his ass!

"What the hell!" I said loudly.

Cale sat up, trying to get the filth off his clothes, "Terribly sorry, I thought you were a vamp..." he stopped when I stepped into one of the lights, "Austin, what are you doing here?"

"Better question, what're you doing here?" I asked.

"I came to offer my help." Cale said, standing.

"You can help back at..."

"I shall not return, I am here to..." Cale said.

"Offer assistance. Got it." I said, "We're almost there."

"Good, good...these tunnels give me the bleeding creeps." Cale frowned.

"Stay close." I said, walking ahead. We got to the church with no resistance. When we got to the inside of the church, I stopped, "Here's the deal, you be on your toes. I'm going to put my foot in Charity's ass, you look for Gemma and be careful." I said, pulling out the Dagger of Hope, "If we get through this, then we don't know what to expect."

"I'm in here." Charity shouted.

I turned, my most serious face on, "She's waiting." I said, turning back to him, "Please don't die." I said, walking away.

Cale nodded and walked up a flight of stairs. He found himself in a room filled with books. The room was dilapidated, yet it still held most of its charm. There was a roaring fire and opened books.

"I think you just had an orgasm." Gemma said, standing across the room.

"Hello, Gemma." Cale said nervously.

"You look nervous...I know how to warm you up." Gemma said, waving her hand at the fire and levitating a ball of fire out and hurling it at Cale, but it stopped before it hit him and flew back, hitting Gemma in the arm!

"Bet that burned." Doug said, "They make medicine for that."


"Did he do it?" Graham asked.

Kelly looked at Doug, who was sleeping peacefully on the floor, "Yeah, I think so." She said quickly, "Have you heard from Mal and the hunters?"

"You are still working for them?" Lestat asked.

"With, we were working with them." Kelly said, "And we need all the help we can get."

"Yeah, we're down a slayer." Graham said quickly.

"We need to get to the club." Kelly said.

"I'm going down there." Lestat said.

"No, you'll only..."

"I'm going." Lestat said, heading for the door.

"Fine," Kelly said, causing him to stop. She walked over to him, "If you come back and he doesn't, I'm staking you."

"Agreed." Lestat said, leaving.

"Now..." Kelly said, "We gotta go."

"The hunters are all ready." Mal said, joining them in Arcanum.

"All that leaves is us." Kelly said.

"Let's go." Graham said.


As I walked past pew after pew, I took note of the candles. I saw Charity ahead, her back turned to me. I walked up closer and with every step, my heart beat faster and faster.

"Nice heartbeat." Charity said, not bothering to turn around.

"Doesn't fit your MO." I said, "You don't plan this big."

"Wasn't fully my plan." Charity chuckled, "But I have to admit that old fool had some innovative ideas."

"Do you turn on everybody who tries to help you?" I asked.

Charity turned to me, "I'm not case." She said, "No pun necessary."

I looked down at the Dagger of Hope, "I think you might need more than you know." I said quickly.

"What is that? Are you sad?" Charity asked.

"I should've helped you. There's more that I could've done." I frowned, "But I'm going to help you now."

"This is what I've been waiting for." Charity said, walking towards me.

"I think we all have." I said, walking towards her.


As fire flew through the air and scorched the walls, water extinguished the flames just as quickly. Doug and Gemma stood opposite of each other and in the corner, Cale searched books for a spell that could help. He was impressed that Doug showed no sign of being tired. Gemma was impressive too, her spells were more potent than anything she did when she was alive.

"I'm impressed, baby, your casting is better." Gemma smiled, "Obbligare!" she hissed and Doug froze. Charity smiled and looked at Cale, "Don't you love latin?"

"That's not really latin, it's..." Cale stammered.

"Morire." Charity said, shooting black sparks at Cale, who raised a book in front of him and the book shattered and pages flew everywhere!

"You have to appreciate fine literature." Cale said, "maak los!" he shouted and Doug unfroze.

"Oh, no look what you gone and done." Gemma frowned, vamping out, "I think I'll savor you, mate." She said, lunging at Cale. Before she could reach him, she was suspended in mid-air.

Cale kept chanting from the book he was holding and walked over with the book, then smacked Gemma across the head with it!


Kelly made her way through the packed club, Mal and Graham at her side. She was at her wit's end. She had no idea whether she was on edge because of worry over Austin or Cale, or even Doug, even though he was protected.

"So, how many of these guys are your friends?" Kelly asked.

"You'll see." Mal said.

"I hope everybody's alright." Graham said nervously.

"Brits are pretty resourceful." Mal said.

"Yeah." Kelly said.

"What about Austin?" Graham asked.

"Him too." Mal smiled.


I ducked a punch, then kicked Charity down onto a pew! I ducked another punch as her anger gripped her. I grabbed her arm, but she whirled around and knocked me off my balance. As she wrenched my arm, I elbowed her in the eye and whirled around, backhanding her and causing her to fall to the floor.

"Pretty good, mentor." Charity smirked, rising to her feet, "But I'm a vampire. That hurts about as much as sun hurts you."

I tried to kick her, but she grabbed my leg and twisted it, causing me to fall and kicked me while I was down.

"Don't you just hate bad guys?" Charity asked, "You wish you were bad...I think that's why we weren't buddies. It wasn't because I was jealous of you, you were jealous of me. You wanted to be boundary-less. You saw how fun it was."

I chuckled, "It's funny that you say that." I said, "Cause if I were you, I'd slit my own throat."

Charity grabbed my throat and lifted me from the ground, "You little bitch!" she said, offended, "I'm going to skin you ali..." but she stopped as I shoved the dagger through her stomach, "Sonuva bitch!" she said, dropping me.

I kicked her feet from under her, "Bet that hurt, skank." I said kicking her in the face and pulling the dagger from her stomach, "That's mine." I said kicking her again. Charity jumped to her feet again and lunged at me, but something tackled her and I was shocked to see Lestat, vamped out, punching at her! He stood and walked over to me, "Lestat?" I asked, kissing him, then punching him, "You asshole!"

Lestat held his jaw, "I have a plan." He said.

"Duck." I said, pushing him aside as Charity ran at me. She stopped and we exchanged blows, and I kicked her in the shin, causing her to lose her balance as grabbed me and threw me across the room.

"I was hoping for help." Charity said, pointing at Lestat, who seemed to snap to attention.

Lestat walked towards me, or marched, definitely more like marched and stopped as he got to me. His face contorted and a tear ran down his face, "Run." He said simply.

I tried to hit him, but he grabbed my arm and I cried out! I kicked him in the chest and flipped over him. As I was about to put him down, hands grabbed me, then Charity screeched as her hands began to burn! I mentally thanked Cale for the Holy water bath and maneuvered myself from between the vampires. I stood opposite both of them, wandering what my next step should be.


Cale watched as Doug exchanged spell after spell with Gemma, who seemed to be getting tired too. Doug ducked dangerous spell after dangerous spell and came back even stronger. It was odd.

"Baby, what's your secret?" Gemma asked, "I knew you could go all night, but..."

"It'll be my little secret." Doug said angrily, "Gemma, I can help you."

"By what? Putting my soul back? No thanks, I'm done being your little bitch, I'm gonna be my own bitch, luv." Gemma said, sending black sparks at Doug! Doug ducked it and Gemma cursed. Gemma looked at him sideways, "Nice trick, babe."

Cale looked from Gemma to Doug.

"You're not really here." Gemma said, "That's why I can't hit're not even here."

"You can astral project?" Cale asked.

Doug shrugged.

Before either could do anything, Gemma was on Cale's neck and sucking his blood, "Nothing you can do. It's all just a light show." She said, but suddenly, she felt something stick her. Doug had, with great difficulty, telekinetically moved a stake through Gemma's heart.

"Goodbye, lover." Doug said, near tears.

"You're too late." Gemma smiled, disintegrating!

There was a low rumble and Doug and Cale looked around.

"Austin!" Doug said, still near tears, "Can you make it?"

Cale nodded and broke into a jog with Doug's astral self behind him.


At the club, half the room had stopped.

"Oh God." Kelly said, noticing how many of the club-goers actually were vampires. Half of the club was vampires and they were linking up already!

"You ready?" Graham asked, wielding his axe.

"Oh God." Kelly said again, clutching a sword.

"Don't worry." Mal said, climbing on the bar, "Hunters ready?!"

There was a roar from the other half of the club.

"FIGHT!" Mal shouted, causing the hunters to spring into action.


I choked as Lestat held me by my throat and I noticed that Charity had been scrambled for a minute now. Suddenly, Lestat let go and went blank for a minute. I watched as Charity began to levitate! Doug and Cale appeared from another room and we just stared at each other.

"We're too late." Cale said.

"Not if we go through with the plan." Doug said, looking at me oddly.

"What plan?" I asked.

Cale and Doug looked at each other.

"What plan?" I asked angrily.

Doug disappeared.

"Holy Hell," I said, "Did you know he could do that?" I asked.

"Astral Projection." Cale explained, "We should go."

"What about Lestat?" I asked. Cale's face lost its emotion, "That's the plan, isn't it?"

"The plan is for Doug to do a spell and Lestat to..."

"No." I said, "Go."

"Go?" Cale asked.

"I'll be right behind you!" I lied.

Cale nodded and headed back out the way we came and I turned to Lestat, whose eyes glowed a light yellow.

"It's the end, Austin." Charity's voice came through him, "It's over, I win."

Back at the Arcanum...

As Doug came to his senses, he hurried to the back room where candles were set up and a pentagram was set in the middle of the room. He hurried and placed himself in the middle of the pentagram and began to chant.

At Club Copper...

Graham found himself outnumbered, two to one, and Mal was too busy to help. Graham swung his axe, but missed both of them! As one caught him by the throat, he saw a piece of steel go through its neck and it turned to dust as he fell to the ground!

Kelly stood behind him, smiling, "And you're supposed to save me?" she asked, waving her sword around and slicing up vampires.

Graham smiled, and then went back to fighting the vampires.

Miles below Vengeance...

I blocked a kick, then grabbed Lestat's arm and flipped forward, then blocked his next attack, but he kicked me so hard I flew back, breaking several pews. I tasted the blood in my mouth and looked over to the cross that stood over the pulpit. I rolled out of the way of another kicked and grabbed the cross, about to stake him when suddenly, he stopped and looked at me innocently.

"You have to do it, now." Lestat said.

"What?" I asked.

"Doug came through." Lestat said, "He's giving us a window, by reversing the spell, he's making her vulnerable. By slaying me, you slay her and her minions."

"No." I said, realizing what he'd just said, "I won't. We can..."

"This is our time." Lestat said, grabbing my hand, "I love you."

I looked at him angrily, "You bastard!" I said, staking him, "I love you, too." I said, stepping back as he turned to ash.

Doug appeared behind me, "Austin, we've got to go!" he said.

Before either of us could go anywhere, there was a gigantic explosion and the church began to crumble all around us! As I looked around, Doug faded away. I knew I didn't have much time left and I grabbed the dagger and put it in my back pocket, then took off into a full sprint down to the bridge. I felt the dagger slip from my pocket and I stopped, turning to run back for it. As I got to it, I saw a white light, another explosion and I saw it coming, but couldn't move. Before I knew what was going, I was sent flying through the air!


"I don't understand, where is he?" Kelly asked.

Doug sighed, "There was an explosion." He said, "The only reason I made it was because I was astral."

Kelly looked at him, tears welling up in her eyes, "You're lying!" she cried.

Cale walked over and put his arm around her as she weeped. Doug and Graham began to weep too while Mal lost his footing and slid against the wall. I stood outside the Arcanum watching this display. My first reaction was to rush in and tell them I'm alright, but I didn't. I thought about it and it hit me...I was free. Everyone thinks I'm dead and no one knows I'm alive, which in turn mean, everyone thinks I'm dead. No one will look for me. What was I saying? Those people have stood by me through...everything. Without me, though, maybe they'd go on to live normal lives. With that thought in mind, I turned and walked away from the Arcanum.

- - - - - - - - - -

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