Vampire Slayers United

Chapter 61: A Convenient Death


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"Ahhh!" A girl screamed as a gigantic demon stalked towards her. The girl fell down, but began to scoot backwards, trying to get away from the demon, "Please! Somebody help me!"

The demon was about to slice her into pieces, but it stopped as a motorcycle sped to a stop, the back wheel crushing into the monster's chest! The demon flew through the air and landed on its back and before it could get up, a dagger flew into its skull!

The girl stood, "Thank you." She said, "Thank you so much!"

The man on the bike hopped off to retrieve his dagger and looked back at the girl, "You're welcome." he nodded, his hood bobbing up and down, "Just passing through."

"What's your name?" she asked.

He removed his hood to reveal his face, "Just call me the Slayer." He smiled.


"Watch his tail!" Cale shouted.

"His tail? He has a tail?!" Mal said, narrowly missing the demon's tail.

"Can't you see it?" Cale asked.

"I do now." Mal said, rolling out of the way of his tail, once again and grabbing the demon's tail. The demon struggled to get his tail into Mal's chest, but Mal struggled even harder to keep the demon's tail away from himself.

"Do you need assistance?" Cale asked, wielding an axe. Cale walked over and chopped at the monster's neck!

Mal stood, "I could have died!" he said.

"Sorry." Cale sighed, "I'm not used to being needed for such things."

"Yeah, Austin made it look easy." Mal said.

There was a silent moment.

"So, are you and Kelly doing anything special tonight?" Cale asked.

Mal looked at him nervously, "I...umm, I'm not sure."

Cale nodded silently, "I supposed you should go to it, then." He said.

"So, have you put together what happened in the Sunken Church?" Mal asked.

"From what I can ascertain, there was an explosion. The spell that Doug cast, it was to reverse the spell Gemma cast. It worked and the mass of your friends..."

"Ex-friends." Mal corrected.

"Yes, well, quite, they were able to weaken Charity, but not kill her." Cale explained, "That's when Lestat helped."

"Lestat?" Mal asked.

"He was the one who was able to connect with enough strength to allow Austin to kill her, once and for all. By allowing the connection, coupled with distance, Austin was allowed to stake Lestat." Cale said.

Mal thought about it for a moment, "Lestat did that?" he asked, "He's a better ma...vampire, than I thought he was."

"I think credit is due to him." Cale said.

"I should be getting back to Kelly..." Mal said.

"Of course." Cale said, "I understand."


There was a kick, then a punch, then another punch! The rather large demon I was fighting was getting the raw end of the deal. I was in a punchy mood. Dying was really freeing. Before I could hit the demon again, he grabbed my fist and knocked me back a few feet.

"You come into my home and disturb me?" The demon asked.

I got to my feet, "Cause you know something about my past. All my sources lead back here." I explained.

"Sources?" the demon asked.

"Sunnydale. A couple of years ago..." I said, "Torture, tremendous torture."

The demon smiled, his razor sharp teeth glistening in what little light there was, "You are no demon." He said.

"Nope. Not really." I frowned.

"The Trinity." A demon said.

"The Trinity?" I asked, "What is it?"

"A prophecy." The demon said, expecting me to know what it was, "Please tell me you know what that is?"

I was silent.

"The trinity will live when no others survive." The demon said, "The Hellmouth waits, Slayer."

"Right." I said, absentmindedly pummeling the demon until thick goo shot up onto my face, "That's disgusting." I said, wiping it off.


The music beat over the rowdy crowd as all the scantily clad women walked around, trying to find the perfect guy to hook up with. Leather and skin was the predominant sight in the club. With all the leather, one might think that the club would be hot and that would have been true if the club goers weren't dead. It was a vampire joint and all the humans walked around like happy meals. Some of them hadn't waited to go back to the room before they let the vampires feed on them. I wanted to stake them all and leave no evidence that I was there, but I couldn't, not until after I was done.

"You waiting on somebody?" A vampire asked, moving closer to me. She was a beautiful brunette with a very symmetrical face. Her face hid something, I could tell, and something about her was off.

"Yup." I said quickly.

I could feel her breath on my neck. She was scoping me out, neck first, "Awww, whatta shame. Fine specimen like you...poor guy, sitting all alone. Maybe I should sit with you." She said, taking a seat on the stool beside me, "Dass a shame."

"What?" I asked.

"Dat you sittin herr by yo lonesome." She said.

"oh." I said.

"A man of lil' words, no?"

"Look, isn't there someone you could bother? You're really getting on my nerves." I said.

"Dat dn matta." She said, "Beb, me like you."


"Sorry, I'm just not that into you." I smiled.


"Ain?" she asked, appalled by my bluntness.


"I'm waiting for somebody." I said.


"Mariska." The vampire I was waiting on said. His name was Raith. Some big wig vampire from the olden days that new a lot about what I needed to know. He was sexy like all other vampires are. Long redish-brown hair, killer smile, and chiseled features that only came from centuries of life, "You are my liaison?"


"Yeah." I said, watching Mariska walk away.


"I see you've met Mariska." Raith said, "You don't like her? I can feel it."


"Can you also feel my annoyance?" I asked, "Look, I'm just trying to piece together my past. You were in Sunnydale years ago."


"I was." Raith said.


"So, you know all about the darkness there. I was tortured, then I got a power boost." I said.


Raith looked at me oddly, "You are him." He said.


"That's what they keep telling me." I said, "Do you know anything about that."


"You should let the past be the past." Raith said, "It is unhealthy to linger."


"You've lingered for...centuries? How's that working for you?" I asked.


"You stupid child." Raith said.


"What do you know about the Trinity?" I asked.


Raith stopped and looked up at me, "I know nothing." He said.


"Listen, I've been on the move for months, trying to figure out things, then a demon says something about a trinity, now you won't let loose with the info, I'm going to get a little stabby." I said.


Raith looked around and smiled, "You might not make it out alive." He smiled.


I chuckled and noticed the whole club stopped and sighed, "All I want is info." I said, "I've got a friend outside, ready to filet you."

"Yeah right." Raith chuckled, causing the club to erupt into laughter.


"Okay, fine." I said, "Do it!" I shouted.


Nothing happened.


"I said do it." I shouted, "Bloody shit!"


Just then, a bright light shone through the club and suddenly, I was standing around dust while humans ran out of the club.


"Guess I'm not getting any answers tonight." I frowned, leaving the club. As I walked through the parking lot, I found myself stopping to listen to an argument.


"Is it me?" the girl asked.


"It's not safe for me to be with you." The pale man said.


"Dorian, you don't mean that!" The girl said. The girl was short with auburn hair and a necklace with a C.


"Clio, leave me alone!" Dorian growled.


"Hey." I said, walking into the light, "Everything alright?"


They both looked at me.


"Go away." Dorian growled my way. He was a taller guy with a more redish-auburn hair and I could see his eyes in the dark. There was something behind his pale skin, something odd...


"It's alright." Clio said.


Suddenly, Dorian was upon me, fangs bared and Klingon forehead in my face, "Leave!" he growled quickly.


I clutched my stake underneath my jacket. He recoiled as if he could read my mind. In an instant, he was gone. I walked over to Clio, "We need to go back to your house." I said.


"I don't even know you!" Clio shouted, snatching away from me.


I flashed my stake, "I'm the answer to your problems." I said.




At her home, there were pictures up everywhere of her by herself. In the pictures, she looked as if she was kissing, touching, or even just standing by someone else.

"I didn't know he was a vampire when I met him." Clio said behind me.

"Most people never do." I said.

"He told me, told me that he loved me and that we couldn't...some vampire attacked me." Clio said, "He protected me. Nursed me back to life. I love him."

"And he loves your blood." I said.

"He never wanted my blood." Clio said, "Not before he tasted it."

"He attempted to turn you?" I asked.

"No, but I wanted it. I needed it, to be with him forever." Clio said.

I looked at her slowly.

"He's dead, but I love him." Clio said, tears building in her eyes.

"I know the feeling." I said, walking to the window.

"I don't know what to do without him." Clio sniffled.

"Has he killed others?" I asked.

"He didn't mean to." Clio said, "It wasn't his fault."

I sighed and walked over to her, "Recently, I lost someone who meant a lot to me."

"A vampire?" Clio asked.

I looked up at her and nodded, "I never saw it coming." I said, "Somewhere deep down, I knew...I mean, vampire, slayer...wasn't a match made in heaven."

"Slayer?" Clio asked.

"Point is, he has to die." I said.

Clio looked at him, wondering where this had come from, "What? How could you say that?" she asked.

"Call me a cynic." I said, "There has been other guys and I move on. I moved on. You'll move on."

"He's the love of my life. He likes poetry and art and..."

"Lived through those periods." I said, "It's unnatural. Believe me, I'm not a hypocrite...I just know what I'm talking about."

"You get off on killing vampires, you'd want that." Clio fumed.

"It's a calling." I said, "A job, only personal."

"Get out." Clio said, "I won't let you kill him."

I looked at her, then nodded and walked to the door, "I'm so sorry." I said, leaving.

Clio stood, watching the door in disbelief. Who did I think I was? Who was I to tell her what to do? To say he had to die?

"He's right." Dorian said, stepping from the shadows, "I want to taste you."

"Then do it." Clio said, pulling down her shirt to expose her shoulder, "If this is what you want, then do it!"

Dorian looked conflicted. He vamped out, his long fangs baring for her, to bite her.

"You can't do it." Clio said.

Dorian lunged at her, knocking her to the ground! He picked her up and threw her across the table, breaking dishes and she slid to the ground, "Damn you! I don't have a soul!" he shouted, pinning her against the wall.

"I know you love me!" Clio said.

Dorian's fangs chomped into Clio's neck, draining her slowly. He wanted to pull away, but he wanted to he didn't. He couldn't love her, he didn't. She was a sex toy, nothing more and now she was a meal! I watched, ready to spring into action and was shocked when I saw him break from her neck and smash his foot against a chair, then he rammed a broken piece of wood through his heart. Clio cried, reaching up to him, but it was too late. I stood outside the window, watching as Clio cried and I found myself wanting to hold her, to tell her that it would be okay, she'd get over it...but I couldn't. Cause I hadn't. And I wouldn't. I don't know how I ever could.

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