Vampire Slayers United

Chapter 62: Search for the Old Ones


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Megan Lansing walked down the cold, eerie path in Scotland; she felt the coldness all around her. The shadows seemed to move and the fog had thickened immensely. Suddenly, she was lost in the fog, her long, red hair flowing in the rough wind. The wind lashed out at her, seeming to want so much more from her than she had to offer. She was a bar matron, or at least she had been until one of the new guys had become a squid. Not literally, of course, because that wasn't possible. She could still remember his hands all over her and the cheers and jeers and whistles as she walked by. They made her cringe. Ever since her fiancé, Seamus, had died not long ago, she had been alone. He had died in an attack not long ago, when the dead had walked the Earth again. Some girls from the local castle had told the town that it was a gang from the Americas that had taken a drug named PCP. She had not believed them. Those "things" were not human. They may have been once, but they were not human anymore. Ever since, she had been on guard and very alert, which is why she stopped when she heard another set of footsteps.

"Hello," she said into the darkness, "Is someone there?" she said, again into the darkness.

"Poor young lady, are you lost?" A man asked, walking out from behind the bank.

"Who are you?" Megan said, clutching her purse, "I have a weapon."

"Such a threat to such an innocent question." The man said. Megan sensed something in his voice, arrogance and a creepiness that she had never felt through words.

Megan tried to pull something from her bag, but before she could, a man grabbed the bag and stood in front of her, his face was primal and his teeth...they were...

"Give us a kiss." The man said, burying his face into the girl's neck. He sucked in her blood from her, feeling her warmth and the life draining from her, "How does it feel to be loved by God?"

"Everybody's gotta love somebody." I said, staking him, "Right?"

"Thank you." Megan said, regaining her composure.

"All in a day's work." I said, "Is there an easier way to get to the castle?"

"No." Megan said.

"I was so afraid of that." I said, walking away.


As I walked up a hill, I was almost there. I stopped as I stood in the distance, looking at the castle. It was so big and nice and I wanted to be inside already. Since my "death", I had found my way here. It was very hard and the term stowaway was an underrated word. I heard a whizzing noise and turned to see a rocket coming directly my way. I ducked out of the way and rolled over to see the rocket hit the castle and explode in a cloud of green smoke and snake people came out. I got to my feet and stopped when I saw Xander run to the castle and a horse follow. I was even more shocked when the slayers, Xander, and the horse-lady come out. It was then that I noticed that Dawn was the horse-lady and she was gorgeous. I grabbed my head, hoping that it might just be a dream. A weird, very odd dream, but it wasn't. I sat on a boulder nearby and shook my head. I felt a headache coming.


"This is the place." The landlord said.

I nodded, "Thanks." I said.

"I'm going to need the rent now." The landlord said.

I reached into my pants and put the money in his hand.


"Waldorf." I said, thinking on my toes, "Eric Waldorf."

"Well, if you have any problems, just call." The landlord said, leaving.

I nodded to myself, turning to the empty room. The first thing I thought about was Lestat and the look on his face just before I staked him. I remembered the feeling, wanting to kiss him and hug him and let the world go to Hell for him. I thought back to a conversation between Graham and me, one about their relationship not being a game. It wasn't a game, but it was true that even though Graham loved me, I was in love with Lestat. I had fallen for the one...person, yes, person that I had tried not to love. It hurt like Hell to it, but I had to.

"You did the right thing." Lestat said, standing a few feet away from me.

"Do you love torturing me?" I asked.

"Yes." Lestat said simply.

"Haven't seen you in a while." I said, "So what's the big? I must be a big deal, the big bad...excuse me, little evil doesn't exactly haunt just anyone."

Lestat smirked, "I prefer the slayers of the past centuries." He said.

"Is it really necessary for you to look like that?" I asked.

Lestat frowned, "You don't like? He sends his love." He said.

"Somehow I don't think he's in Hell." I said, "How is it?"

"Hot." It said, "Your boyfriend was there."

"Lestat's not there."

"I wasn't talking about him." It said.

I frowned, "I was wondering when you'd bring Connor up." I said.

"You know he fell in love with a girl. You were just a phase." It said.

I shrugged, "Doesn't matter anymore. Austin is dead." I said, "And there's no bringing him back."

"You would let your friends die for you?" The First asked.

"What? Without me there, they'll give up." I said.

"No, they won't, especially for what is to come." The First smiled.

"What's coming?" I asked.

"Our Harmony is coming." The First said.

I thought about what it just said. Our Harmony was coming? How could we ever be in Harmony?

"The world is upon the eve of change." The First said, inhaling, "Can't you just smell it?"

"You've come and taunted me, right, now you can go." I said, turning to walk away.

"This is our time." The First said, echoing Lestat's last words to us, "I love you."

"Shut up!" I said, turning around.

"That's what he said last, he said he loved you and you staked him." The First said, "Everything you touch dies or fades."

I was quiet.

"Your first serious boyfriend went to Hell and...well, so did your last." The First said, "How did it feel, to know that you had to kill him? To know that he's gone and not coming back?"

"There's no use of goading me, I'm done. I'm not a slayer anymore." I said quickly.

"You'll always be a slayer, it's who you are and I won't rest until all of you are dead." The First said.

"Must sting." I said, "The fact that mere mortals took you out must hurt like a bitch. Where does that leave you on the evil hierarchy? Pretty low."

Suddenly, there was a creak and I turned in just enough time to see something wooden coming at my head and it connected with a thud and I fell to the floor!

"Doesn't look like I'm the only one with a sting." The First smiled.


As I came around, I noticed I was chained up against a wall and I tried to maneuver my way from the chains, but I couldn't.

"Not getting out of that, Ssslayer." A man in a dark purple robe, "I am Pastor Seir and I'd like to welcome you to my little church."

"What's the deal with evil and churches?" I asked.

Seir smirked, "I am no evil, I do only what is right." He said.

"Let me guess, what God tells you to do?" I asked.

"Yes, he comes in many forms." Seir said.

I thought about it, "Does this God call himself the First?" I asked.

"Yes, the First and purest." Seir said.

"Nice." I sighed, "So, what do you want with me?"

"The First requires a sacrifice." Seir said, stepping backwards into the dark.

I frowned, "No fair, how am I supposed to beat you into a bloody pulp if I can't see you?" I asked.

"You are an abomination in all sense of the word...You are not like the others." Seir said.

"They call it unique, thank you very much." I said sarcastically.

Seir vamped out in front of me, "When I was younger, about 45, I was embraced." He said, "Never even thought God would still love me."

"He doesn't." I said quickly, "You're a vampire and the First is evil."

Seir chuckled, "Blasphemy!" he said, waving his hand around, gesturing to the church around us, "There used to be pews and pews of members, until I revealed my true nature, then they wanted nothing to do with our salvation, so I had to take matters into my own hands."

"You turned them?" I asked.

"I ate them." Seir smirked.

"Nice, very nice." I said, "I knew people wanted me dead, but this is ridiculous."

"Tale of you is legendary, you and the blonde one." Seir said.

"Do I always have to hear about her?" I asked, "So, you know I'm alive? Just you?"

"Yes." Seir said, "And the first, so, why did you abandon your hope?"

"I didn't." I said, "I just know I'm not the only slayer...Somebody else will take my place."

"The Glorious days are coming; the world is coming to an end." Seir said.

"I guess that normal life thing is out?" I asked.

"Of course." Seir said, "We're not like anybody else."

"What you talking bout, weirdo?" I asked.

"You'll find out soon." Seir smirked, clubbing me across the head with his stick.


"Ow." I said, "That shit hurt." I said, rubbing my head. As I opened my eyes, I saw a mountain off in the distance and directly below, a cemetery. I made my way off the balcony and down to the cemetery. As I stood over the newly dug grave, I read my name off the tombstone. It felt surreal, but it was so real.

An arm flew around my shoulder, "It's hard being dead, isn't it?" Lestat smiled.

I looked up at him, just smiled, and stared into his eyes and as the sun hit them, they changed colors.

"But I guess yours isn't as sticky as mine." Lestat smiled.

"It's sunny out." I said.

Lestat looked into the sky, "Yeah, been a long time since the sun shone for me...must be shining for you." He said.

"I'm sorry, but I don't understand." I said, "Where are we?" I asked.

"I mean, you died, right? In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer." Lestat said, looking down at me, "Doesn't quite apply to you, does it?"

"Lestat, this is I dead?" I asked.

"That depends on you." Lestat said, "But death's not as clear cut as it used to be."

I thought about what he said, "I'm not dead yet, but you are." I said.

"That-a-boy, that's my boy." Lestat said, "I am. You're not."

"I couldn't save you this time." I said.

Lestat leaned in and whispered, "You weren't supposed to." He said, "But I'm only dead in the physical know you're going to have to go back, right?"

"I don't want to." I said.

"No matter how long you wait, I'm still dead." Lestat said, "And not because you couldn't save me."

"Then why? How am I supposed to just go on?" I asked, "I chose you."

"I know." Lestat said, "Now you have to choose them."

"They think I'm dead." I said, "They're better off."

"It's coming." Lestat said.

"What is?" I asked.

"The world is about to change..."

"Change?" I asked, "How can I even begin..."

"I remember this one slayer, she said something like `there's only one thing on this Earth more powerful than evil, and that's us.'" Lestat said.

"I love Buffy, but she's a ditzy blonde." I said.

"That did the impossible." Lestat said.

"She also..."

"Sent her vampire boyfriend to Hell?" Lestat asked.

I nodded, "Tell me you're not in Hell." I said.

"I can tell you that you have to fight." Lestat said.

"I am fighting." I said angrily.

"You're running. You're tied up. You're giving up." Lestat said forcefully grabbing my shoulders, "Don't! I didn't die so you could crawl into a hole! LIVE!"


I woke up to find myself tied.

"You're awake." Seir smiled, "I was afraid I had hit you too hard, but that would be impossible since you are a Slayer. In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. She, or in your case, he, is the Slayer."

I thought about it, all of it, everything I had been through the last few days and it sucked. It had been months since my vampire honey had died and now I was here, where I always ended up, "Yeah, I am." I said, nodding and standing. With one swift move, I broke the chains and they slid off my wrists, "I'm the slayer." I said grabbing him, "And you are dust."

"Wait..." he whimpered, "I know secrets."

I paused, "What secrets?" I asked.

"They are bringing the Old Ones to Earth once more." Seir said, "They seek to destroy you!"

"Who?" I asked.

"Your parents." Seir said as I dusted him.

"They're next." I said.



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