Vampire Slayers United

Chapter 67: Just friends


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Lestat and I sat on my porch swing, gazing out into the moonlit space. It was a happy time, our happy time.


"I wish I wasn't a monster." Lestat said, "For you."


I smiled, "You're not a monster." I said.


"I'm nothing more than a beast. Your beast." Lestat said.


"Don't go all Twilight on me." I chuckled, "I wish I was normal."


"I don't." Lestat said, "Your mortality makes you."


I looked up at him, surveying his face, etching it in my memory, as if I could ever forget.


"Looks like Twilight's here." Lestat smiled, looking up at the sky.


I did too. I could see the sun rising in the sky, dawn was coming, but I didn't move. Neither of us did. Then I spotted something tiny speeding towards us. We both stood and watched as the tiny dot transformed into a figure flying towards us. Lestat put his arms around and braced us for impact. I clenched my eyes as the figure crashed into us, causing ripple of energy throughout the entire town!


I sat up quickly, looking around the room. Nope, still just me. I sighed to myself and lay back, not able to close my eyes again.




Kelly stood in the mirror of her bathroom, putting on her makeup. She brushed the blush on her eyes, wondering what the day would bring her. She caked on base, wondering what demon would attack today. She whipped her now-blond hair over her shoulders, thinking to herself that it all might come crashing down around her.


"Hey, babe, you going to be in here all day?" Mal asked, walking into the bathroom.


Kelly noticed his abs first, then his smile. He was beautiful. His caramel skin glistened in the lights from the mirrors.


"You can answer that, ya know. It's not just rhetorical." Mal smiled.


Kelly blushed under her blush, "It hasn't been that long! Besides, it's not like you need all day to do what you're going to do." She smiled.


"Ah, you know I like it when you talk back to me." Mal said, kissing her.


"Cause you're such a dork." Kelly smiled.


They both stopped and looked into each other's eyes.


"Move with me." Mal said.


"Move?" Kelly asked, "What do you mean?"


"I mean, away from here, from this. We could settle down, have real lives." Mal smiled.


"Have you completely lost it?" Kelly chuckled.


"I'm being serious." Mal said, "We could do it and just leave."


Kelly stared at him, not knowing quite what to say.




I punched the punching bag until my fists were white, which was pretty odd since I wasn't white at all. I kicked the punching bag, too, trying to get out all my aggression, but I couldn't. There was still more! How could there be more? It wasn't fair! I did a spin kick, landing on my feet quickly and punching the bag, stopping when I felt someone else in the room.


"I do believe you've effectively killed the demon." Cale said behind me.


"Yeah, well, I'm working on inner demons." I sighed, "Sorry I didn't come and see you when I came in, but I needed some time."


"It's quite alright." Cale said, "I was waiting on Mal, he seems to be late."


"Sounds about right." I said.


"Despite what you would think, he actually is quite the worker." Cale said, as if saying it would harm himself. There was something unsure about his tone, it was as if it quite literally pained him.


"Who would have thought?" I asked, "I just mean, he's not the type that..."


"I completely understand your awe." Cale said, "It is, of course, also true that he has been our slayer, so to speak."


I looked at him quickly, then away, "I guess someone had to be." I said.


"You were off finding yourself, you needed to be Austin for a while." Cale said.


"But I wasn't, I was still the Slayer. Austin, the first and only male vampire slayer." I said, "It's the dreams that kill me."


"Prophetic dreams or dreams about past slayers?" Cale asked.


I sat on the bench, "The ones with me and Lestat." I said.


Cale looked at me, not sure of what to say.


"In the dream, we're happy. Sitting on the porch, happy." I explained, "Then, he says something about twilight."


"Twilight?" Cale asked.


"And Dawn." I said, "Any normal person wouldn't...wouldn't put these two together, but it's hard to do when they're being said every night. Then the guy appears and it's all Bam! and boom! And then I wake up."


Cale looked at me oddly.


"I'm crazy aren't I?" I asked.


"You've been a little erratic lately, but I suspect everyone is." Cale said.


"So, it can't be easy for you to see Kelly and Mal." I said, "It weirds me out."


"I admit, it "weirds" me out, but she's happy. It is none of my concern." Cale stammered.


"I don't think it's true." I said.


"That I don't care?" Cale asked.


"No, that when you tell a lie often enough, you start believing it." I smiled, "Did I ever tell you thanks for helping me with that vamp club? Without that ultraviolet light I might have died there."


"We learned nothing." Cale sighed.


"We learned something." I said, standing, "I'm late for Sexual Psychology, or at least I will be if I can't catch a shower."




David sat across from Doug, each of them staring at each other. There was a lot of tension built up between them and David had no idea why. Of all Austin's friends, Doug liked him the least. He had even caught Doug following him. As much as he liked Austin, he didn't know if he could take anymore of Doug's bullshi...


"" Doug said.


"Huh?" David asked.


"I just wanna bury the hatchet." Doug repeated.


"You followed me around." David said, "And as flattering as that may sound, it's not. I know you don't like me."


Doug sighed.


"And that's too sad because I really like your friend." David raged.


"And he really likes you too." Doug said.


"Then why are you trying to keep us apart?" David asked.


Doug was silent.


David looked at him, "You love him." He said with realization.


Doug shook his head, "I love him as a friend, I just don't want him getting hurt again." He said, trying to convince David.


"You probably can guess that I'm not an idiot, so why are you treating me like I am?" David chuckled, "Look, man, it's cool that you have feelings for him like that as long as you don't try anything."


Doug stared at him, "If I really do love him, why would I listen to you?" he asked.


David stared at Doug, processing what he said. Doug threw his money on the table and stood from his seat, "It was a slice." He said walking away.




I moved around my house, cleaning. It was all I could do to keep busy. I had cleaned most of the rooms, but couldn't quite get the sinks the exact shade they were when I first moved in. It was anger inducing. I was cleaning the couch when I found an envelope. I snatched it up, looking at it. It had my name on it, so I opened it.


Dear Austin,

I knew hiding this in your couch would be the best thing, cause you're so random. I love that about you. I'm probably gone, whether it was on good terms or bad ones, I just want you to know that I love you. When I'm not with you, I'm wondering how long it'll be until I'm with you again. All I want it to be there to protect you, but I know you're capable of handling yourself. Sometimes I wish you weren't, so you'd need me. I'm rambling, and in a note. I guess the big lesson in all this is that I love you, no matter what we go through, I love you.

Love Always,



I sighed to myself, stifling tears. There was a knock at the door and I shoved the letter back into the creases of the couch and stood, walking over to the door. I opened it to see David standing in front of me.


"Hey." I said, but he ignored me and walked into the house, pacing in the living room, "What's wrong?"


"Your friend is tailing me." David fumed.


I looked at him oddly.


"Following me, he's trying to dig up dirt on me." David explained.


I still looked at him oddly, "Who is?" I asked.


"Doug." David said, "Dude's got a major hard-on for you."


I chuckled, "No, he's my best friend; he's just trying to protect me."


"Whatever his deal, I'm not sure I can take this." David said, "It freaks me out."


"I'm sorry he did that. I'll talk to him about it." I frowned.


"I really, really like you, but that was a little too..."


"I get it." I said, "So..."

"I think we have potential." David smiled.


"We do." I smiled.


"Want to get a bite?" David asked.


The door opened and Oz walked in, "Oh, sorry, am I interrupting something?" he asked.


"We were just getting ready to go." David said.


"What is it, Oz?" I asked.


"I just thought we could talk." Oz said.


"Oh." I said, "Can it wait?"


Oz shrugged.


"How about we meet tonight at the club?" David asked.


"Sure." I said, kissing him on the cheek, "Can't wait."


He smiled as he walked out of the house, but I knew he was a little annoyed.


"Sorry." Oz said, "I just got attacked."


"By?" I asked.

"Big demon, had long impaler." Oz said, "Looks dangerous."


"Fine, let's go and..."

"Already got a name: Glarghk Guhl Kashmas'nik demon."
He said.

"Where is said demon?" I asked.

In the sewer system below Vengeance...

"Why do demons like the sewers? I know they have noses...I think they have they have noses?" I asked myself as I trudged through the muck of the sewer. The smell was enough to knock any sane person off their feet. As I made my way through the muck, I wondered what all I was stepping in, and then I decided that I didn't want to know. I cursed myself for wearing a pair of really good jeans and not wearing my combat boots, "Stupid demons with their stupid `oh I'm going to eat the world one chubby seal at a time'." There was a roar in the tunnels ahead and I knew I was about to walk into something big and nasty, besides the pounds of crap I was already stepping in. I walked into the tunnel ahead and saw a big, bald demon with weird eyes and what looked to be no mouth. We stood, staring at each other before two long rods extended from his arms. I pulled out a stake on impulse, but put it back in my jacket and ducked the onslaught of punches being thrown at me! I grabbed his arm and wrenched it, casting him off to the side of the tunnel! He threw his body back at me, causing me to fall and slide backwards across the tunnel and he jumped on top of me, the large extended thingy jabbed me in the arm and I yelped in pain, then in anger, then in some emotion I couldn't quite comprehend. A weird mix. I saw a flash then I was sitting in a classroom.

"Austin." Dawn said.

I looked up at her, "Dawn?" I asked.

Then I was back in my body, the demon was about to jab me in the heart, but I moved and his stinger smashed into the ground, cracking and I threw myself at him, kicking him hard in the stomach. He brought the other hand up and made another attempt, which I broke off his stinger and impaled him, throwing the stinger down and wiping my hands.

"Another fun night for the Slayer." I sighed, surveying my clothes, "This crap'll never come out." I said, walking away.




I slunk back into my house, feeling a bit achy from the fight and a lot filthy. It wasn't the easiest fight, but it should have been. It was just one demon, it should have been easy. While I beat myself up, I moved to the kitchen and rifled through my fridge. Oh, how I missed being a carefree teenager. I found the cold pizza and warmed it, sliding my shoes off, I walked to the living room and set the shoes down. Before I could take a bite, there was a knock at the door. I sighed, walking over and opening the door to see Kelly.


"Hey Kelly." I said.


"Oh God! Austin, he wants us to go away from here and I really don't want to leave, but I care for him and he's so cute and pretty much what I like in a guy, but if being with him means that I have to leave I don't know if I want to but..." Kelly said with limited breathing.


I grabbed her, "Kelly, chill." I said.


"Slayer strength." Kelly groaned.


I released her, "You're going away? For how long?" I asked.


"I don't know." Kelly said, walking past me and sitting on the couch, "My life is here with you guys, but he's...I really like him."


"Kelly, listen, I'm tired so I'm going to shoot straight from the heart. You leave and I disown you." I joked, she didn't, "It's your decision."


"What am I going to do?" Kelly asked.


"Do what feels right." I said.


"Thanks?" Kelly said and her eyes went wide, "You're hurt."


I looked at my exposed arm, "It's just a surface wound." I said.


"It looks pretty deep." Kelly said, concerned.


"I'll be alright." I smiled, "I just haven't slept since...well..."


"Oh, sorry." Kelly said, "But what am I going to do?"


"I can't tell you what to do, it being your life." I said, "Besides..." I closed my eyes.


Uh oh! There goes that flash again.

"Austin?" Dawn's voice asked.


I opened my eyes to see Dawn Summers sitting to my right.

"Are you alright?" Dawn asked.


I looked at her in shock, then around the room to see I was surrounded by students, some of which were my friends. We were obviously in Sunnydale and I couldn't form words.

"Austin." Kirstie said.


I looked to my left and saw one of my good friends Kirstie, "What's going on?" I asked.


"Geometry." Kirstie said, staring at me strangely.


I frowned, "Any particular reason why we're doing geometry? I graduated a while ago." I said.


Kirstie laughed.


"What's going on with him?" Lisa, one of Dawn's friends asked.


"I need to go to the bathroom." I said, standing. I felt so queasy and suddenly I couldn't stand anymore and I fainted.


"Austin!" Kelly said.


I looked up and into her eyes.


"Are you okay?" Kelly asked.


"Call the guys." I said quickly.




Later, we were all assembled in my living room. I felt intangible, as if I couldn't be touched. I felt like I wasn't there, as if I were somewhere else.


"What's so urgent that we had to drop everything?" Cale asked.


"There's something wrong with Austin." Kelly said.

"What is it?" Cale asked.


"He was fighting this big demon for Oz and..." Kelly started.


"Well, hold on, what about me?" Oz asked.


"You came to me with a demon." I frowned.


"No, I didn't." Oz said.


"If it wasn't you, then..." I thought about it, "Damn him."


"Him?" Doug asked.


"Titan." I said, "Our resident shapeshifter."


"I hate him." Doug said, "Who was this demon?"


"Gloogly Gris Kaskh'nik demon? I'm taking a wild stab here." I uttered.

"We have to get crackin on this now." Mal said, "We have an announcement."

"An announcement?" Cale asked nervously.

"We're leaving Vengeance." Mal said.

I immediately looked to Cale, who seemed to be having an aneurysm, "Demon first, flee later." I said.

"What's the problem with said demon?" Doug asked.

"Did he sting you?" Cale asked, "Its stinger has different effects on different people."

"What effect is it having on you?" Oz asked.

"Doesn't matter, this is quite urgent." Cale said, "Where would we find this demon?"

"Sewers under Hollard St., that's where I left the body." I said.

"Then it should be as easy as getting its blood." Cale explained, "To make the remedy."

"I think I'll sit this one out." I said.

"We'll go." Mal said, enlisting Oz.

As they left, there was some discomfort, "Well, we shall go and get the other ingredients at the Magick."

"What's Magick?" I asked.

"That's the new name of the store." Cale said, walking away with Oz.

"Edgy." I smiled.

"Huh?" Kelly asked.

"Umm, I'm going up to take a new nap." I said, "New meaning long."

"Okay, I'll be down here if you need anything." Kelly said loudly as I climbed the stairs. I ignored her and went straight to my bed, flopping down onto it. I closed my eyes for what seemed like eternity and I opened them to see the inside of the nurse's office. I sat up and looked around, seeing no one. I jumped when the bell rang and I got to my feet, leaving the room. I made my way through the crowded hallway and stumbled upon Dawn.

"Hey, you okay?" Dawn asked.

"I'm good." I smiled.

"So, we still on for after school?" Dawn asked, "Or do you think you're too sick?"

"Sure, how about six?" I asked.

"Before it gets dark." Dawn said, "Remember the ampire-vays."

"Right." I said, "Umm, five."

"Kay, cool. I'm going to go to History, I want to get a good seat." Dawn smiled, walking away.

"She's such a spaz." Kirstie said, "You should really stop being seen with her."

I chuckled nervously.

"And where did she learn to dress herself? Does her sister dress her?" Kirstie asked.

"I know," Darby, one of the girls said, "she's so...fifth grade. She's such a little nerd."

"Ms. Do-Right." Kirstie taunted.

"Hey, look, there's those new kids." Kirstie said, "The Charleston kids, they're truly beautiful and I normally don't say that about girls, but Sarah is gorgeous. Too bad she's dating her own adoptive brother, George...and that sexy Mark..."

They were a few yards away and at the sound of each of their names, they seemed to smile. Mark seemed to smirk at me. He was like a wicked mix between Robert Pattinson and...well, just him. We sat beside each other every day in class.

"Hello, Earth to Austin." Kirstie said.

"Oh, sorry." I said.

"Wanna do lunch?" Kirstie asked.

"I'm actually kind of sick, so I'm going to head home." I said, "But see you guys later."

I walked home slowly, trying to figure out what kind of alternate world I was in. High School was hard enough once, but...the demon, the big demon with the thing! What was happening to me? What would I find when I walked through my front door? I stopped when I got to my house, the brick betrayed my feelings. The warmth from the outside betrayed what I felt and knew about the inside. I rounded up my testicles and moved toward the door and moved inside. I was immediately greeted by the smell off Jasmine.

"Honey!" Mom shouted, "Is that you?"

I slid my backpack down by the door and headed to the kitchen, where my mother stood, washing dishes. I nearly fell over at the mere sight of her.

"Are you okay, baby?" Mom asked.

I quickly latched onto her, trying my hardest not to let go, "Mommy!" I said.

"Oh, baby, what's wrong?" Mom asked.

"Nothing." I said.

The door in the kitchen opened and Dad came through, dirty from working on the lawn. I ran to him and held him too.

"What's wrong with him?" Dad asked mom.

Mom shrugged, "Drugs?" she asked.

"No! I'm just happy to see you." I said.

"That's a first." Dad said, "You sure you're not on any drugs?"

"I'm pretty sure." I smiled.

"How about you go upstairs and clean your room?" Mom asked.

"I kind of just want to bask." I said.

"Bask?" Dad asked, putting a hand on my forehead, "Are you okay, son?"

"Just basking." I said.

"Well, hurry, you little basker." Dad smirked.

"I should, there should pictures! Where's my camera?" I asked, looking around.

"In your room, you know we don't touch your stuff...not this week." Mom chuckled.

I went up to my room to get my camera and stopped at a mirror. There was something creepy going on...I turned to walk away and saw a vampire! Before I could scream, the vampire covered my mouth and I saw who it was, Mark!

"Don't scream." Mark said.

I made a muffled attempt to talk.

"I just want to bask." Mark said, "Sun down is early these days."

I stomped on his toe, causing his hand to move from my mouth, "Ma..." but he swatted me against the nearest wall! I panted on the ground, but he caught me again.

"I won't hurt you, your smell is...intoxicating." Mark said, "I can't stop...thinking of you."

Holy crap, is it me or did this just go all Twilight on me?

"Do you think of me?" Mark asked.

I nodded.

"I am sorry for this, I'm a monster." Mark said, sweeping out of the room.

"It's daylight!" I shouted.

"Who're you talking to honey?" Mom asked, "Are you sure you're okay?"

"Fine." I coughed.

Later that evening, after binging on home cooked food, started my journey to Dawn's house. I wanted to leave before the sun went down, but my parents wanted me close to them and I actually almost forgot. As I walked down the dark streets, I began to think about Sunnydale and exactly what kind of evil was housed there around this time. I shuddered as I walked down the street. I didn't need slayer skills to know that I was being followed. I just kept walking, hoping it was a friendly evil beast. In an instant, I felt something whip past me! It knocked me on my ass! I got up to see a pale man standing at the end of the street.

"Fresh meat!" he grinned, walking towards me.

He stopped just short of me and suddenly someone else whipped past me, this time knocking me on my face, "Damn! Is that necessary?" I asked.

"Sorry." Mark said, standing in front of me, "This one is mine!"

The other vampire shrugged and fled.

"Wow, thanks." I said, "What's next? A daring encounter where you don't knock me to the ground?"

"You are most peculiar." Mark said.

"Austin!" Kelly's voice came from nowhere, "AUSTIN PLEASE!"

"Kelly?" I asked, looking up at the sky.

"No, Mark." Mark smiled.

"Stay away from me." I said walking over and kissing him, then I jabbed him with a piece of wood I had found at my house, "I know how this ends, but thanks for the save."

I walked away, only stopping when I came upon Dawn's house. I knocked on the door and Joyce opened it. I can't describe what I felt; the emotion coming from me was immeasurable.

"Austin, hello." Joyce said, "Dawn's upstairs...Buffy's making out with Riley in the living room."

"Sorry." Buffy said, unlatching her lips from his.

"Thanks, hey all." I said, making my way upstairs. Joyce was alive now. I hadn't thought about it. That would mean Tara was alive and...everybody was alive. Connor might be born, but not man-sized yet and still destined to screw Cordelia, therefore bringing that happy-go-lucky skank to Earth. Angel was...still fighting. So many memories.

"Hey!" Dawn said, coming out of the bathroom.

"Hey." I smiled, then I felt a sudden twinge in my neck, "What..."

"Don''s nothing." Dawn said.

"Am I bleeding?" I asked, touching the spot and bringing blood to my attention.

"It's just a peck." Dawn said.


Kelly had been knocked to the ground as Titan had forced his way into Austin's home and began trying to slice the Slayer's throat with a very dull knife. The gang were trying their best but they hadn't made it back in time. I could hear her, there was nothing, no black. In the past, I was convulsing on the floor, but in another place I was being killed slowly! I had a choice to make, to go and get a second chance with the people I loved with their consequences.

"You humiliated me." Titan said, "They don't want you dead, but they don't control everything! You'll give me my dignity back!"

Titan reared back, the large, ancient knife in hand, and struck forward, but I raised my hand and caught the knife, "Oooh, pretty knife." I said, kicking him in the stomach. He stumbled back, "Can I keep it?"

"What in the Hell!" Titan said, "You should be three sheets to the wind!"

"Oh, I am. I just know better. This world is cruel, harsh. No redo. Plus, it's not every day that my neck bleeds." I said, "One day I'm going to have to kill you...I sure hope that's soon."

"I'll get you!" Titan said.

"I see you not having a head soon." I said, tossing his knife to him.


The group came through with the tonic, it was really gross. I felt so indifferent. I had a chance to...or maybe that was all made up. Maybe I was right and there were no second chances. Mark. It was my own fairy tale, something that was so unlikely. It seemed that my memories were getting more and more flushed.

"Alone time for a slayer." Oz said.

"Yeah." I smiled weakly, "I got a headache."

"I've got to go." Oz said.

"I know." I said.

"Be careful." Oz said.

"You too." I said, hugging him.



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