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I smirked, letting our lips meet again, "I think I love you." I said quickly.

"I didn't...I didn't know we were this far." David said.

"You don't have to say it back, I..."

"I love you, too." David said.

I smiled and kissed him again, savoring his taste! I could feel it, it had snuck up on us.

"Real cute." Titan said. We looked over to see him holding a gun.

"Who is that?" David asked.

"Doesn't matter!" Titan said, firing shots out at us!

Chapter 69: Consequence

"Who is hurt?" Doug asked. As he, Cale, Mal (who had raced here before he could leave town), and I stood around.

"David got shot in the shoulder and Kelly..." I paused.

"You look shot." Doug said.

"I'm a slayer, I healed quick." I said, "The shot hit Kelly in the head but she..."

"Code Red! Room 506 B! We need all available doctors!" A nurse shouted down the hall.

We watched at the door as the doctors tried to resuscitate her. The machine flat-lined, causing us all to stare her way. I cupped my hand over my mouth, letting out a small gasp. Cale turned away. Doug looked down at her lifeless body. Mal looked as if his legs had given away. David made his way into the room, his arm in a sling. He pushed his good around my shoulder and I felt a tear come to my eye.

"No! There has..." Cale shouted, "There has to be something..."

But there was nothing, just her lifeless body.


"We know who did this." Doug said, "I say we go and give him a house call."

"He's human." I said, "We can't kill him."

"Why not? It would be what he deserves." Mal asked.

"Austin is right, to kill him would be unjust." Cale interjected.

"HE JUST KILLED KELLY!" Doug shouted, "He literally shot her!"

"And he should be put away." I frowned.

"You know what, screw this shit! You deal with it your way, but I'm finding him and killing him!" Mal said, walking away.

"I'm with him." Doug said.


Doug ignored me and continued walking away.

"What...wait...are they going to kill someone?" David asked.

"You have to stop them." Cale said.

"I'm not sure I can." I said, "I'm not sure they're wrong."

"They are." David said, "He's a human being."

"It can't...this can't be it. She was a good person and...she deserved so much more." I said, "He just walked in and shot us."

"Yeah, you got hit too! Where's..." David looked at the bloody spot, but couldn't find a wound.

I recoiled.

"So, what're you going to do?" Cale asked.

"I heard about these...beings. I read about them...the one time reading comes in handy. The Oracles?" I said.

"They were...slain." Cale said.

"Oh, well..." I said.

"But I do think there's another way." Cale said, "There is another Oracle, I think."

"Can you get me an interview?" I asked.

"You need certain things, certain offers..." Cale frowned, "We have to make the right..."

"No!" I said quickly, "I have a feeling I can use my sweet sensitive face to...awww, who the hell am I kidding, I'm going to kick some ass."

"Oracles...ass kicking..." David said.

"Just do it." I said.


Doug and Mal raided Magick, trying to find the right amount of magic and weapons to take Titan down, to make him suffer for the crime he had committed. Doug sorted through the books, trying to find the darkest one he could.

"This will not help." Cale said at the door.

Doug stopped what he was doing only for second to turn his blood-shot eyes toward us, "Where do you hide the black magic?" he asked.

"Black magic?" I asked, "Doug..."

"Where are they?" Doug asked.

Cale was silent, standing in front of me.

"Doug, there is no coming back from what you're planning." I said.

"So we just let him get away? You're supposed to be the slayer, you're supposed to slay the bad guys!" Doug shouted.

"I'm supposed to protect the humans." I said, "I'm supposed to protect the world."

"You do that, but I'm going to exact some revenge." Doug said, rifling through the books.

I reached out and grabbed his hand, but he uttered something in Latin and sent me hurling across the room! Doug looked just as shocked, but snapped back into reality when Mal came around the corner.

"You ready?" Mal asked.

"Yeah." Doug said, grabbing multiple books.

"Doug..." I said as I got up.

He looked back, then was gone.

"Damn him." I said, standing up, "Get the Oracles, now." I said.


Doug felt something rising inside. A hatred that he never felt before! The Slayer wanted to just sit around while Titan got the chance to do something worse. The car ride was excruciating! All these emotions were pouring out and he couldn't cry now, not now! It was hard to believe that his best friend was gone. Kelly was dead. It was all swirling inside his head now.

"You okay, man?" Mal asked.

"Yeah." Doug said without thinking, "I just, I can't believe she's gone."

Mal was silent for a minute, "We're almost there." He said, "You sure you're ready with the magic?"

"Yeah." Doug said, perusing through a book, "There's a good spell here."

"Look, you're the magic part, I'm just the part with a gun." Mal said.

"With this spell, we should be able to prolong his pain." Doug said eagerly, "We're going to make him pay."

"You bet your magical ass." Mal said quickly, "Get your books ready."

"Right." Doug said as they pulled up.


I stood at the entrance of a cave, a large one. I had been sent there. Cale was saying some wacky words and there I was! As I entered the cave, I noticed strange markings and as I made my way into the cave. The cave began to turn white and there were more of the markings, then there was a door at the far end of a hallway. I walked to it, but stopped as it opened and a woman floated down the hallway and stood in front of me.

"Do you come offering a gift?" The Oracle asked.

"I come offering nothing." I said.

"You." The Oracle said, "A Slayer. A male slayer."

"You know why I'm here." I said.

"The way you speak to one such as myself." The Oracle said, "It's almost disgusting."

"Listen, I don't have much time! My friend...she wasn't supposed to die. I know it." I said.

"If you have come here to beg..."

"I've come here for help. I'm a champion. I fight for the people, but I won't fight, not without her." I said.

"Yes, you are. If you will not fight, then the other slayers will. There are other champions." The Oracle said.

"If that's true, if I don't matter, then why do I sense you're lying?" I asked, "I'm not some dumb little girl."

"Nay." The Oracle said, "You come here and dare to order me about? I am servant only to the powers."

"I'll bet those powers would be real pissed if the only male slayer won't slay. Then my destiny won't be fulfilled." I frowned, "Your bosses know what I want, what I need...I want it now!"

"The only way one could do such a thing is for an exchange. To undo this will take a sacrifice." The Oracle said.

"Do what you want to me...I don't care." I said.

"It will be done." The Oracle said.


Doug and Mal stood outside the main office, waiting. They had planned it just right, so that everything went according to the plan. Mal busted down the door and rushed in, his gun in the air! A sword came from nowhere and sliced through his mid-section! Doug was shocked and began his chant. Titan swung at Doug, who fell to the floor and avoided the swing. Titan swung again, but this time Doug had gotten to Mal's gun and fired a shot before Titan chopped off his hands! Doug lay on the floor, writhing in pain as he watched Titan die.


I smirked, letting our lips meet again, "I think I love you." I said quickly

"I didn't...I didn't know we were this far." David said.

"You don't have to say it back, I..."

"I love you, too." David said.

I smiled and kissed him again, savoring his taste! I could feel it, it had snuck up on us. There was Déjà vu...major...

"Real cute." Titan said. We looked over to see him holding a gun.

"Who is that?" David asked.

My eyes bulged as I remembered, "Kelly, get down!" I said tackling David to the ground as Titan fired the gun at us! Titan took off running and I sighed, I was untouched, "Are you okay, David?...David?" I asked.

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