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People always say something, some minute quote and it's always appropriate for the situation. Always. What do you say when there's nothing left to say? Exactly, you don't say anything. You just do. It's always about what you do.


"Slayer." The vampire growled.


"Vampire." I said, kicking him into a potted plant behind him. We were in a funeral home, I was winning.


After something bad happens, I always find it therapeutic to find an outlet...


The vampire stood and began toward me, but I round housed him, causing him to skid across the floor! I took out my stake, prowling around him. He shrugged off the pain and dove on me, causing the stake to roll a few feet away from me. I struggled to keep the vampire off my neck and sucker punched him, causing him to roll across the floor, but he was up in a matter of seconds. I rolled over to the stake, but was knocked into a chair! I scrambled through the pieces of the chair and stabbed him with a piece of the broken chair!


...Feels good while you do it, but afterward, everything's the same.



Chapter 70: Things You Can't Forget


Kelly sat down beside me on the couch, sitting a tray of juice down on the table. I didn't bother to look up at her or Cale, who sat on the couch next to Doug. There were no words.


"So, there's juice." Kelly said, trying to take away the awkward silence.


"Thanks." Doug said, "I can't believe...I mean, I was just starting to like the guy."


"Oh God, I can't do this." I said, standing and heading to the kitchen.


The gang looked after me.

"He needs time." Cale said.


"You think? His boyfriend just died." Doug said, "He really liked this one."

"What shall we do about Titan?" Cale asked.


"I don't know." Kelly said, "I don't think we're in our right mind."


"Yeah, something seems off. I feel like I'm forgetting something." Doug said.


"I too feel it." Cale said, "Something seems wrong."


"Nothing's exactly right." Kelly said, "I can see why slayers want to be alone."


"Cause their boyfriends always die." Doug said.


"Boyfriends, friends...enemies." Cale said, "The life a Slayer is hazardous at best. It's solitary."


"It shouldn't be. He deserves to be with some guy who really loves him. It should be...he should be able to find that." Kelly said.






Everyone has this idea, this dream of what they could be. Slayers, we never really dream of anything good. It's always about other slayers or death omens. I can hardly remember what it was like to have a dream that wasn't connected to the Slayer powers.


I stood at the counter, recounting the minutes, the hours...since it happened. I took a plate and smashed it into the sink.


Nobody remembers it. Nobody but me. I guess that's the burden everyone's been talking about.


"Are you okay?" Doug asked.


Doug's being nice...he never liked him. Inside, he's happy. He's happy my boyfriend is dead. My boyfriends always die.


"I dropped a dish." I frowned.


"Dropped?" Doug asked.


"I just dropped it, can we move on?" I asked.


Everyone wants to help when you're sad. But they never do. They just end up making you feel worse. Then there's the awkward silence...oh, the awkward silence.


"I'm sorry." Doug said, "I just..."


"I know." I said, "Thank you, but you're not going to help me."


"Doesn't mean I'm going to stop trying." Doug said, "I know..."


"How?" I asked.


"Gemma." He said simply, "You forget that I was in love with her? That she died for us?"


There it goes, the part where I feel worse.


"Sorry. I didn't forget...I..." I stopped, "Sorry."


"I really didn't think I'd ever get over her, still haven't really, but you learn to take it one step at a time." Doug explained.


And here comes the anger again. The anger just won't go away! It's there, just above grief. Just above regret.


I shook my head, "I just, I need to be alone." I said quickly.


"I keep feeling like there's something, just something I can't remember. It's right at the edge of mind..." Doug said.


"You know, maybe some things shouldn't be remembered!" I said even harsher than I had ever sounded.


Doug looked at me, shocked, then nodded as he walked away.


Doug. Damn, my mouth should be moving. I should be apologizing, but I just couldn't bring myself to apologize. If I kept this up, I really would be alone. In the end, all a slayer has is himself.






A cemetery, the Slayer's birthplace. I always ended up in a cemetery.


I stood at David's grave, watching in hopes that he would just pop up. Suddenly, a hand popped up through the dirt.


Be careful what you wish for.


As his face came through the dirt, I saw that familiar ridged face that vampires come with.


Oh no!


"Austin?" David said as he crawled up from the dirt.


Grab your stake. Grab your stake. Grab your stake.


I stood, watching this, horrified by the vampire that had just crawled out of David's grave. He looked around, dusting himself off. It was him.


It's not him.


It had to be him.


We're smarter than that.


David jumped into the air, but I couldn't move! He latched onto my neck and began to drain me. Before I could even think of an offense, I felt myself growing weaker and weaker! I looked in the distance and saw Titan, who faded away. I sat up in my bed, cold sweat causing my shirt to stick to my chest.


Never any good dreams. Never.


I got up from my bed and walked downstairs to get a drink of water, which I never drank. It was weird. I walked back up the stairs and sat in my bed. I finally noticed that David's shirt was draped over my armchair. I walked over and grabbed it and my mind began to wonder. It was could...


He has to die.





"What do you mean?" Doug asked as we all sat in the middle of my living room, "We don't kill humans."


He's barely human.


"I just think we all need to calm down and..." Kelly said.


"I'm not asking permission." I said, "I'm doing this, you're either in or out."


"You can't come back from this, I do suggest...You'll be a different person." Cale said.


"I'm the slayer, I slay bad guys. Since before I was a slayer, Titan has made my life Hell! He's been manipulating our minds! How I met Connor isn't how I met Connor! Or maybe it is. I don't know." I said, "This ends now."


"It's not right." Doug said.




"It's not wrong." I said.


"It is." Cale said.


"I'm the Slayer." I said, "I slay evil."


"He's a human, the laws..." Cale said.


"I am the law." I frowned, "I make my own laws."

"I cannot allow you to do this." Cale said.


"You gonna stop me?" I asked.



"Yes, if I have to." Cale said.


"Me too." Kelly said.


Two humans, no problem.


"Me three." Doug said.


Two humans and a witch. Potentially problematic.


I looked over to the weapons trunk, then back at them. Before they could make a move, I was at the box and pulling a sword. Cale tried to punch me, but I ducked and kicked him backwards over the sofa.


In every generation, there is a Chosen One.


Kelly grabbed a crossbow and shot it at my arm, but I quickly grabbed it from the air and snapped it!


She...He...They alone will stand against the vampires, demons, and forces of darkness.


"Gaia, bind his feet to the Earth!" Doug chanted.


Roots grew around my feet, but I quickly grabbed a lamp and hurled it at Doug and it smashed into his skull, causing him to crumple onto the floor! I shook off the roots and walked to the door, looking back at the wreckage I had left behind, then I finally left.


He is the Slayer.






"Des, please bring in the Drocman files." Titan said into the intercom. There was no answer. He pressed the button again and said politely, "Des. Please, I need those files." Titan stood and walked over to the door of his plush office. He reached his hand out to touch it, but recoiled. There was no motion outside. Something was wrong. Before he could move, the door swung open, crashing into his face and causing him to roll backwards and stop with a thud on the desk! Titan looked up to see Austin standing in his doorway with a sword in hand. Austin looked different, there was no quip, no smile, just a blank face. He could see just outside the door, the bodies laying on the floor. They were breathing, "I thought you weren't supposed to use your powers on humans."


"You're not human." Austin said blankly.


Titan chuckled, wiping blood from his face, "You made me human." He said.


"I made you into a monster." Austin frowned, "I thought making you human would make you harmless...I'm na´ve like that."


"So, what, you're going to kill me? That's going to undo everything I've done?" Titan asked.

"No." Austin said, dropping the sword to the side. Titan stood up, but Austin brought his hand up into an uppercut, "But it's a start."




Kelly walked into the living room, handing Doug, who sat on the replaced coffee table, an ice pack. She frowned at the bump growing on his forehead and walked to Cale, who seemed well enough. He was sitting in one of the arm chairs reading a book.


"You're already studying? I hope it has a way to stop a Slayer in there." Kelly said hopefully. She sat back down on sofa.


"Afraid not." Cale said, "There were obscure texts, none about a slayer killing humans. Faith."


"We have to stop him." Doug groaned, "We can't let him kill."


"Yes." Cale said.


"So, why do you have your head in a book?" Kelly asked.


"Because he just kicked our asses." Doug said, "We need offense."


"Maybe you could find a spell." Kelly said.


"Maybe, but with the time restrictions, I'd say the chances of a spell falling into our laps was..." Doug said.


"How about a fighter." Connor said, standing at the door.






They always say that vengeance won't fill the void, but it does go a long way.


Titan chuckled, spitting blood on the floor. His eye had swollen shut and his lip was busted. There was blood all over the floor.

Titan chuckled, "Why won't you kill me?" he said.


"Why kill you, this is so much more fun." I said blankly.


It wasn't. It wasn't fun at all, it just was. It was dirty, it made me feel dirty.


"You can't." Titan said, "You don't have it in you."


I grabbed him from off the floor, "You can't talk your way out of this." I frowned.


"You're the good guy, always trying to stress how much unlike Buffy you are, when in reality, you're just like her. A tortured soul." Titan smirked, "Always hurting, always in pain. Soon Twilight will come."


Oh great...Twilight.


I raised my hand, "When he gets here, tell him to suck my balls." I said, backhanding him across the room!


"Fuck you!" Titan shouted.


"You killed them, you've been taking everyone from me...why? Why me?" I asked.


"You have to be out of the way." Titan said, "Plus, I'm fascinated with you."


I raised my hand again, but before I could bring it down, a hand grabbed me. I looked over to see Connor's face glaring at me.


"Hello, Lover." Connor said quickly.


I punched him in the face, causing him to stumble back! Connor regained himself quickly, whirling around and punching me back.


"This isn't you." Connor said.


"And see, I thought this was all me." I said, trying to kick him, but he guarded himself, "You're not going to stop me."


"I'm not letting you do this to yourself." Connor said, grabbing my leg from a kick and tossing me on my ass!


I stood, shaky and panting, and glared from him to the sword. I rolled over to get the sword and when I came back up with the sword, Connor kicked the sword from my hand and jumped over my foot sweep, kicking me when he spun back around!


Connor's here! The love of my life...and I'm kicking his face.


"You shouldn't have come back!" I said as we both got back to our stances.


"Good thing I did come back." Connor said.


"How was Hell?" I asked.



"Nevermind." I said, "My memory is a little fuzzy, so how long were you in Hell?"


"Months, in reality, minutes." Connor said, "What about you?"


"Faked my death." I said.


"I died too...only for a while." Connor said, thinking.


"We're never going to agree on this. He deserves..." I said.


"They told me." Connor said.


They didn't tell you everything.


"It's not enough this time." I said.


Connor made to grab the sword from the ground, but I grabbed him by his back and threw him against the wall, leaving a Connor-shaped indent. I quickly grabbed the sword and walked to Titan who looked to be regaining his composure. He tried to shield himself but I raised my sword and was about to swing when, again, I was interrupted by a burst of energy that knocked me across the room and to the floor!


"Oh God, Connor!" Kelly said, running over to him.


"I'm alright." Connor said, standing, "What'd you do?"


"It's a spell to take him off his feet for a minute so we can figure out what to do with him." Doug said.


"What are we going to do with him?" Connor asked.


"I suppose that handing him over to Buffy would be the right idea." Cale suggested.


"I agree, I mean, Buffy should be able to help." Kelly said.


I moaned.


"I'm ready with the magic." Doug said, his aura shining.


"Your's so...bright." Kelly said, noticing it for the first time.


Before they could figure out what was going on, Titan grabbed Doug and began chanting, now bringing forth the orb that held his powers. It began to glow and shine in the light.


Oh no! His powers...


There was a miniature explosion that sent everyone to the ground! I took the time to get up and get my sword! I ran at him and swung at him, but he caught it and stood face to face with me.


"Now..." Titan said, bending the steel, "We're about to have so much fun." Titan punched me so hard that it sent me screeching across the floor! I tried to get up, but he was on me in seconds, hitting me in the head, stomach, and anywhere else that would cause me great pain. Connor tried to jump in, but got thrown for his trouble!


"No." Kelly said, crawling to Doug, who was still unconscious. Cale walked over to them and hoisted Doug on his shoulder and retreated with Kelly.


I was now actively blocking Titan's attacks, but it still hurt! I jumped over his head and kicked him in the back, causing him to lunge into the wall! Titan elbowed me in the face, bringing a fist back at me next!


"You're not so bad now, are you slayer?" Titan taunted.


"Nice eye." I said.


Titan punched me and grabbed me in a bearhug, "I missed this closeness." He said.


"Yeah?" I said, headbutting him, "How's that feel, baby?" I said. I took this time to help Connor up and we fled.






I sat at home, licking my wounds. Titan was back in full force and that meant big trouble for us. Connor was still here, reeling from our fight. There was so much to say, so much to do. I had a lot to answer for. My friends hadn't turned away from me, they had been there, helping me. It was all nice, but it didn't help. Nothing helped. Everyone knew the exact thing to say to make me feel bad that I wasn't more understanding of them. I didn't know how to deal with having someone in my life, then not having them. I know, something that always happened, but still...And things were exacerbated by the Twilight talk. I didn't know where this was all going. I sat out on my back porch, thinking, when Connor came outside eating ice cream.


"Your fridge is pretty stacked." Connor said, "Want some?"


"No thanks." I said.


"You know, no one's holding it against you." Connor said.


"I know." I said, "But I think maybe they should."


"I have something to tell you." Connor said, "I met someone. Gwen, her name is Gwen."


I nodded, "I met someone too. David. Lestat. They're both dead now." I said.


"I'm sorry." Connor said.


"Me too." I frowned.


"I'm not going anywhere for a while." Connor said, "I think I'm staying. You guys need help. Why didn't you tell me about Oz?" he asked.


I stopped and looked at him, "Who told you about Oz?" I asked, "He's back in Tibet."


"So, you weren't planning to tell me?" Connor asked.


"Why would I?" I asked.


Connor sighed, looking away, "I just thought that maybe we'd share important things." He said.


"What do you want from me, Connor?" I asked, "You decide not to come with me here, then you show up every now and then and this last time you show up to tell me about your girlfriend!"


"You think it's any easier for me, coming here and seeing that you have this whole new life without me? It tears me apart!" Connor said angrily, "But I have to see you, if I don't, I don't know what I'll do."


I wanted to say more, to say something relevant, but I couldn't find the words, "They should be madder." I said.


"You thought it was right." Connor said.


"It's not about what I think; it's about what I did." I said sadly. We both looked at each other, then off into space.


- - - - - - - - - -


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