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"So, does this mean you can't slay openly anymore?" Kelly asked.

I shrugged as we walked down the streets of Vengeance, "Some people like vampires, some don't. It's sort of like that show True Blood without the sex and raunchiness." I said slowly, "I can't believe vampires are public."

"I can't believe people like vampires." Kelly said.

I shrugged again, "I'm supposed to kill them, but I can't do that when that tramp Harmony is running around promoting...being one. How am I supposed to stay a secret when they aren't?" I asked.

"Sucks." Kelly said, "Cemeteries are packed these days."

I sighed, "I really hate people." I said.


"I'm supposed to protect them," I said, picking up a newspaper with an article about vampires, "but how do you protect them when they don't want to be protected?"

Chapter 72: Caught

I ducked as a punch flew at me and evaded a kick, knocking the feet from under the vampire! I elbowed the vampire in the chest and kicked his knee, causing it to snap out of place and shoved a stake into his heart while he was crying out in pain. Two girls came around the corner just as the vampire disintegrated and I stashed my stake away quickly, walking by them. I noticed they had cameras and laughed, knowing that they wouldn't get those pictures for two reasons: Vampires didn't show up in pictures and vampires wanted blood, not glory. I quickly made my way back to the house and slumped down on my couch.

"Hard day?" Connor asked, standing at the doorway with a bowl of ice cream.

"Vampires are public." I sighed, "What's wrong with the world?"

"Angel's big in L.A." Connor said, taking a spoonful of his ice cream.

"So's Harmony." I frowned, "I remember that skank shot me."

"I can't believe she killed a slayer on tv."

"I can't believe this whole thing." I said, "I'm a slayer, bound to a calling. What do I do now?"

"It's not easy, you just need to find a way to turn this around." Connor said, "Show them what vampires really are."

"Maybe the millions of vampire movies..."

"Twilight." Connor said.

I sighed, "So unrealistic." I answered.

"The vampire thing or the romance thing?" Connor asked, sitting down beside me.

I shifted uncomfortably, "Both, I guess. Vampires like people, but only as snacks. Walking, talking snacks." I said.

"What about love?" Connor asked.

"What about death." I said.

"You think they're the same?" Connor asked.

"You think they're not?" I asked.

"You're lost." Connor said.

"I admit it. I am." I said, "How can you even want to know? People I love or could love die. Dead. Not coming back anytime soon except for in the zombie-type way, but-that-doesn't-even-count."

Before I could vent anymore, the window shattered inward as a giant demon jumped through it! The demon was giant and scaly with black scales in certain places with green scales all around. It had one eye and two giant razor sharp claws and a mouth full of divergent teeth! It clawed at me but I moved, from side to side, making it harder to hit me. He found my pattern and swatted me through the glass shelf cabinet! Connor had dropped the ice cream and was on his way to punch the demon, but the demon grabbed him by the throat and raised him into the sky! I got to my feet and kicked the demon's leg, causing it to buckle and he dropped Connor, who gasped, trying to get air. Connor and I stood side by side and watched as the demon scattered into pieces and the pieces liquefied, disappearing.

"What the f..."

"I don't even know what kind of demon that was. Never seen that kind of demon before." Connor said.

"I always see those kind, you know, the kind that strangle me while breaking everything in my house." I groaned, "I just bought that."

Just then, the phone rang.

"I'll get it." I said, "Hello?" I asked picking up the phone. It was Buffy, telling me that the slayers were being persecuted. Apparently, humans and vampires were waging a full war against slayers and being a slayer, I wasn't safe. Imagine that, me not safe. Who would have guessed? I politely thanked her and told her I would think about her offer to shelter me. To be honest, living with all those women wasn't my idea of a good time. It was too cramped. And Willow would have to undo her glamour to help me there. Apparently, I'd be a fish. I hung up the phone.

"Things are getting bad, aren't they?" Connor asked.

"Connor, things are already bad. Frak!" I said angrily.

"What is Frak?" Connor asked.

"Connor, you have to leave. L.A.'s safe for you." I said.

"What about you and our friends?" Connor asked.

"Connor, I love you." I said.

"I love you too."

"But my love is toxic." I frowned, "People actually die for my love."

"We've been through this..."

"And that's why I didn't think you would say anything. You know what I'm going to say." I frowned, "I have loved having you here, but you have to go."

"Right. More isolationist slayer crap." Connor sighed angrily.

"Yes. We're hunted. It's time for us to hide." I said quickly.

"Fine, but you have to at least call." Connor said.


"I promise." I smiled.



I stood in the cemetery, swinging into action as soon as I saw a vampire pinning a woman to the ground. I pulled out my stake, oblivious to my surroundings and jumped in the air, kicking him in the back of the head! The vampire slid into the dirt and looked back up at me.

"Slayer!" the vampire yelled.

"The one and...well, the one." I said, staking.

There was a flash of a camera and I turned to see a mob of people.

"You murderer!" A portly woman shouted.

I didn't stay to find out what was going on, I immediately took off running with all my slayer speed and hauled ass out of there! I ran into the street but stopped as a car hurtled at me. I looked down and quickly jumped through an opened manhole and looked up in time to see the car tire had gotten wedged above. I started to walk forward but stopped at a figure in the shadows.



Kelly and Doug sat downstairs at Austin's house when they heard a low rumble come from upstairs. They both looked at each other and ventured toward the stairs, calling Austin's name. When they got to the top of the stairs, they edged toward Austin's bedroom. As they walked toward the room, there was another bump and then nothing. The two friends slowly opened the door to see that the window was wide open and the room was disheveled and there was a piece of paper on the bed. Kelly walked over and picked it up while Doug walked to the opened window and closed it.

"What the..."

"He's gone." Kelly said, "He got caught slaying, he's gone."

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