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"Stop! No!" Cantrell, all of 19 years old, ran through the crowded square with no one stopping to even acknowledge her. A mob was following her as she used every ounce of speed she could to outrun her stalkers. As she ran down the street, she hit the alleys, a hand grabbed her and pulled her in. For a minute she struggled when a voice let out a gentle shush. The assailants ran into the alley, not seeing a trace of her and turned around, leaving.

"Thank you." Cantrell said with a sigh of relief.

"Don't thank me, thank Willow." I said quickly.

"Who?" she asked.

Chapter 73: Kinetics

"So, that Harmony Bites show thingy was real?" Cantrell asked as we sipped sodas out of cans. We had hidden inside a warehouse where they manufactured soda. There were boxes everywhere and it was a little creepy, the posters hung up around the room showed workers from the factory had disappeared mysteriously.

"Sort of." I said, "If you're asking did that girl really die, then yeah. But we're not the bad guys."

"We? I didn't know there were...are there guys? Are you the bad guy?" Cantrell asked.

"I'm a special case." I said, "I come from a giant group, a sort of sisterhood. Other Slayers, like you?"

"I'm just a girl."

"I know." I said, "So are most of them."

"And you want me to join them?"

"Do you have a reason you shouldn't?" I asked.

"I don't know anything about them, other than what you just told me. Besides, it sounds cultish. Emphasis on the cult." She said.

"The world's not safe anymore." I explained, "Sure, there are people out there who know that vampires are bad, but a majority of the world is pro-vampire. Do you really want to take a chance out there, alone?"

She looked at the floor, then back up at me.

"Believe me, sweetie, a war is a-brewin and you will have to pick a side." I said quickly.

"Who's that?" Cantrell asked.

I looked back to see Lestat brooding behind me, "You know Anne Rice, don't you?"


"Well, I am afraid I have exhausted all my contacts, none of them have the faintest clue where Buffy and the gang are." Cale said.

"So, we're back at square one." Kelly frowned.

"I am certain he is not with them." Cale said.

Kelly looked at him oddly.

"It would be very uncharacteristic of him to stick around all the slayers, don't you agree?"

"That's all fine and well, but the world is going to hell. Angel called, apparently slayers are being hunted." Kelly said, "He was right."

"Yes, it was no longer safe to be here anymore." Cale said, "I suppose when Doug returns he can do a locator spell."

"Yeah, when he gets back, he's been on a thing about trying to regain `lost memories'." Kelly explained.

"I fear he may be delving into darker arts than he's used to." Cale said.

"I know and I'm worried." Kelly said.

Cale came around the table and put his arm around her shoulders, "All will pull itself together in due time." Cale said.

"I hope so," Kelly said, looking up at him. She paused to stare into his eyes, "I almost forgot."

"What?" Cale asked.

"What you felt like." Kelly said, leaning in and kissing him.

"Well, well," Titan said, standing in the doorway, "Isn't this heartwarming?"


"Who is he? There's something..." Cantrell froze, "Is he a...a..."


"You keep saying that, what does that mean?" Cantrell asked, "He's...real? The Lestat from the books?"

"In the flesh." Lestat said.

"You don't look like Stuart Townsend or Tom Cruise." She said.

Lestat was silent.

"Wait, so...shouldn't we be staking him?" Cantrell asked.

"Think of him as Edward Cullen." I said.

Cantrell looked at me, then at Lestat.

Lestat leaned in, "Who is this Edward?" he asked.

"From Twilight!" she said.

Lestat looked to me.

"Vampire falls in love with a girl." I said.

"So, he's got a girlfriend?" Cantrell asked, looking bummed.

"It was released while I was dead?" Lestat asked.

"You died?" she asked, "Wait, aren't you already dead?"

"So, this Edward..." Lestat began.

"Vampires have reflections in that book...nuff said." I frowned.

"Hey!" Cantrell said, "That book changed my life."

"You're hoping a vampire is going to fall in love with you?" I asked.

"I was thinking a werewolf." She said, "I'm on team Jacob."

"Funny story about me and a werewolf..."

There was a low growl from Lestat.

"Okay, not so funny?" I said.

"Something is here." Lestat said, sniffing the air.

I looked around. I could feel something and it was close. I looked over my shoulder in time to see something move across the shadows quickly. I grabbed Cantrell by the arm and pulled her up and shoved her into Lestat, who nodded, as he strode away with her in tow. I moved past a couple of crates and fell to the floor when I tripped on something. I looked to see what I had tripped over a man standing where I had just tripped. He was greenish. I know I had seen his type somewhere. Something like Mmmm'cookies. M'Fashiccup or something like that. I moved as his foot came down by my head. I got to my feet and brought my foot up and kicked him while doing a back flip! When I came down, I brought my fist out in front of me as I leaned inward, causing him to stumble back a few feet! I jumped in the air, my feet kicking rapidly as I could possibly, but he put his arms in front of him, trying to block it. He was successful. When I landed, he kicked me in the stomach, causing me to crash backwards.


"Who sent you?" I asked as I got up.

He didn't say anything, he just walked over and grabbed me, throwing me through a wooden crate. I stumbled to my feet and blocked a punch and a kick. I dropped and tried a footsweep, but he telegraphed it and kicked me in the face.

"Seeing how you're not going to survive, I guess there's no harm in telling you." The demon said, "Twilight."

I smirked, elbowing him in the chest and executing a side shuffle kick that caused him to stagger back into a shard of wood.

"One of us didn't survive but it ain't me." I frowned, "That totally made sense in my mind."

"That's our boy." My Dad's voice came from behind me. I twirled around to see him and my mother standing a few feet away, "Hello, son."


"So, I guess you're wondering why I'm here. I can just hear it now, the question, as if it were in my head instead. I've studied your lil group and I found out some stuff. Like how all the unrequited love between you two can fill a room. I was going to go to the witch, but he's protected. I can't find Buffy Summers' base. Austin is moving through the world. I could only track you two." Titan said, stalking his prey.

"I suggest you make haste." Cale said.

"Or what? You'll read me to death? All you watchers are...were...are there still watchers? Didn't they all get blown up?" Titan smirked.

"Why are you here?" Kelly asked.

"Don't worry, little girl, I'm only here to maim you." Titan said, "I want to save the kill for when the Slayer is back with us."

"Medusa's bonet!" Cale said, stepping in front of Kelly, "How is it that you always seem to find us?"

"Lojack." Titan said, "Now that vampires are back, murder is essentially a talentless crime."

"You sound displeased about the vampire situation." Cale wondered.

"Filthy beings." Titan said, "Unmasked the very thing I was trying to protect. Our privacy now open to all the public's gaze."

"So, you don't like being outed?" Kelly asked.

"Some secrets should stay hidden." Titan said, "I shall leave you with a message: I'm coming for you and your friends."

Then, without another word, he disappeared.


"What in the frilly Hell are you doing here?" I asked.

"Language." Mom sighed.

"We came to offer you something." Dad said.

"Offer me something?" I asked, "What could you possibly offer me?"

"Help." Mom said.

"We know how things are going and the werewolf has left your group. He's married, did you know?" Dad asked.

"Yes. want to help?" I asked.

"Yes." Mom said.

"I'm doing good on my own." I said.

"The Hell you are, travelling like a filthy gypsy." Dad said, "Not that we have anything against gypsies."

"Why do you want to help me?" I asked.

"You are our son." Mom said quickly.

"Where was all that son stuff when you were trying to kill me?" I asked.

"That was a different world..."

"Tell me about it." I frowned, "I'm gonna pass."

"Why?" Dad asked.

"You're a bad guy." I said, turning to walk away.

"Austin...Austin!" he yelled after me.


"Giles is in deep retreat mode, but he says to take her to a train station and send her to Andrew." I explained.

"Wait, so you're not going with me?" Cantrell asked.

"No." I said.

"You won't even be there?" Cantrell asked.

"Look, Andrew is a really...okay, he's a bit of a dork and a lot of a geek, but he's harmless." I said, immediately questioning that train of thought, "The thing is that I've got some work to do. Me and Lestat are rounding up girls."

"Is that what you do?"

"Yep." I said, "Look, kid, I didn't ask for this. I'd rather be at home in my vampire-less world watching bootleg copies of movies or something, but I have to travel the world and find other girls. We've got to be united on this."

"So, I go to this Andrew and he helps me?" Cantrell asked.

"Yes." I nodded.


As we watched her go, I couldn't help but feel a sense of loss. I actually liked Cantrell. I felt for her. She was just a girl, she wasn't ready for this.

"Neither are you." Lestat said.

"You reading my mind?" I asked.

"Yes, though it is rather hard to read your mind." Lestat said, "I know you."

"I am." I said, "Ready...I am."

"Are you sure?" Lestat asked.

"How did you come back?" I asked.

"I thought of nothing but you."

I choked.

"Maybe Edward was right." Lestat said.

"I don't know what to say." I said.

"Say nothing. I will accompany you." Lestat said.

"Good." I smiled.

- - - - - - - - - -

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