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One vampire. That's all it takes. One slip of the wrist or trip over your foot and you go down forever. You lose the life you're fighting so hard to keep. In a world with so much to lose, how can we ever win?

"I'm not a vampire, you are..." I said wrapping my legs around his neck and flipping him, "Shouldn't this be hard?"

The vampire rolled and came back at me, but I just grabbed him and threw him to the ground, staking him.

"Viola." I said quickly, "Note to goth girls..." I turned to the frightened Goth girls, "Vampires are bad. Really bad."

Chapter 75: Shadow of the Vampyre

Lestat is gone. To where? I have no idea. It's not like him to disappear and stay disappeared. Someone's building an army and if I didn't know it's a grand pubah vampire, I'd swear it was Titan. Apparently, Angel was able to get me another lead. Too bad it was a big wig that was the new vampire this time. Getting into the party would be troubling.

"So, this jerk just left you?" Connor asked.

"Angel just had to open his large mouth." I frowned.

"You weren't going to tell me you were here."

"I didn't want to see you." I frowned, "No offense, but me and my vampire boyfriend coming to see my ex would be just a little awkward."

"So he's really your boyfriend?" Connor asked.

I stopped and looked at him, "He' was a figure of speech."

"And where is your boyfriend at the moment?" Connor said snidely.

"I don't know." I said quickly, "I'm more worried about getting into this club."

"Well, good thing your ex can save the day." Connor said, walking to the front of the line, "Hi, I'm Connor, Angel's son."

The guard and he exchanged words for a minute while I stomped my foot impatiently. I could just throw the bouncer and walk right in, but a 5'9 guy throwing someone who's nearly 6'3 would arouse some question. The angry looks we got from people standing in line were priceless as we passed into the large club. The club was packed and Must Be Love by Cassie was blasting over the speakers. The multitude of people were shaking and gyrating as Connor grabbed my hand. At first, I thought he just wanted to hold made my whole body warm. He then pulled me through the sea of people and to the V.I.P section.

"This place is owned by the vampire." Connor said, telling me something I already knew, "He's pretty old, Angel says."

"And he's going to talk." I said quickly.

"Don't count on it."

"Foot plus his ass equals a brilliant convo." I pressed.

"No one's getting in. It's full." The Bouncer yelled over the music.

"Let them in." A cool, soothing voice came over the music.

Connor and I looked at each other before entering.


"So, what do you think I wanted to be when I grew up?" Titan asked Lestat, who was chained to the wall. The blood where the wounds used to be. Lestat was silent, "I always wanted to be a warrior. A soldier for good. One of the righteous."

Lestat groaned, "...Vous ne dites pas."

"And now, I know what I'm fighting for. The Slayer thinks he's on the right side just because he slays filthy mongrel like yourself. He just doesn't get the bigger picture." Titan frowned, "None of them do."

Lestat spit at Titan's feet.

"I was the only child, you know. Greedy, I guess. I guess that's why I'm on the side I'm on." Titan smiled, "I love it when we have these talks."


"Son of Angel." The vampire said as he welcomed us. He looked like Enver Gjokaj, only paler. He was also calmer than most vampires. There was something sexy about him. I looked around the room, it was mostly empty, "Slayer."


"This is the old vampire?" I tilted my head, "He's adorable."


There was a low growl from deep inside the vampire and I readied myself.


The vampire clapped his hand, "Ah, that slayer wit." He said.


"I thought this room was supposed to be full." I said, looking around, "There's maybe five girls and you. Doesn't seem..." I stopped when I realized what was going on, "You're going to eat them."


"I'm going to give them an eternal gift."


Connor looked around for the first time.


"You know who I am." I said.


"Slayer." The vampire said.


"Then you know I'm not going to let that happen." I said, "Over my dead, well-dressed body."

For the first time, I noticed men had appeared.


"Why have you been creating vampires?" I asked.


"An army of slayers run by Buffy Summers. I'm surprised to see a slayer so far from the others." He said, "We need to be ready."


"Ready for what?" I asked.

"War." The vampire said.


"How many?" I asked.


"More and More every minute." The vampire smirked.


"Why are you telling us this?" I asked.


Connor put his hand on my shoulder, "He doesn't expect us to leave." He said.


I cast a glance around at the vampires surrounding us, "That thought never even crossed my mind." I said quickly.


The vampires advanced so quickly, I barely moved as they smashed into each other. Connor had dropped down and swept three vampires off their feet. I bound out of the way as another one popped in at me. I ducked punch after punch, dropping into a crouch position. I punched one vampire and brought my elbow into another's face before hopping over the third. I was caught by a backwards kick and skidded to a stop at the wall! The vampire held me up.


"Mmmm, Slayer." The vampire said, his face morphing into his vamp face, "I bet you taste like chocolate."


I kicked him in the nuts, "Caramel, but close." I said, kicking him in the head.


"Stop." The head vampire said, still smirking.


Everyone stopped. I took the opportunity to pull out my stake and quickly dust two vamps while they were standing still.


"I said stop!" The head vampire said, his voice more urgent now.


I smirked.


"Those were some of my best lackeys." The head vampire said.

"Good." Connor smirked.

"No, really, thousands of years and do you know how long it takes to find good lackeys?" The Head vampire asked.


"About as long as it takes to get staked." I said walking over to him and laying the stake at his knees.


"Do you really think I would kill myself?" The vampire asked with a morbid fascination.


"I don't need a stake to kill you." I said quickly.


The vampire, for the first time, was silent.


"Slayers have been slaying vampires for thousands of years. I'm sure there's another way." I said.


"Austin..." Connor said, puzzled.


"I like you." The Vampire said.


"Most vampires do." I chuckled, "I win, you die. You win...well, you're not going to win."


The vampire stood up and now I could see that he was much taller than I thought and very imposing. It was as if he glided.


"Accepted." The vampire said before my world went dark.



Doug stood in his apartment, books spread out everywhere. His floor was stained where the potions had been brewing and his hair was navy blue from a spell gone wrong. He hadn't seen the sun in days, nor had he done anything more than study the books to uncover the memories. He had come across some pretty potent magic, but had been on a mission. It hadn't stopped him from doing a locator spell, but on the map it was always a step behind Austin.

"I do say you've lost it." Cale said, surveying his friend's living room.

Doug only momentarily looked up, "I gotta start locking my door." He said grumpily.

"What is all this?" Cale asked, picking up a book, "The Compendium of Wiszelheigher? Is this where all the dark arts books have gone?"

"I don't need your judgment." Doug frowned, still looking over the book.

"I was well aware that you had become obsessed but I never dreamed you had dived headfirst into the dark arts." Cale said, astonished.

"Doesn't it bother you that our memories have been messed with?" Doug asked.

"What bothers me is that you...well...I guess that does bother me, but I would hate to see you fall to the darkside." Cale said, "Some things there's no coming back from."

Doug looked up at him for the first time, revealing his black eyes, "I think it's a little too late, Cale."

"Indeed." Cale said, dumbfounded.


I stood in the middle of a dark, half-finished building. I looked around, not sure what to think. Last thing I knew, I was in the VIP room of the club and now I'm in a place with scaffolding. I realized that this was really life and death right now. One wrong move and I was dead without even knowing it. Before I could move, I was punched in the face.

"How can you hope to fight me?" The vampire said. It was then I realized that I had no name on him.

"I hope to kill you." I frowned, "Come on, you're going to hide?"

"Hide? From you?" There was an audible chuckle.

"Last guy that laughed at me is dust." I said quickly, "And the guy before that, and the guy before that and...well you get it."

"I have powers you can't hope..."

"There's that word again." I said, "I'm the Slayer. Slaying you is my hobby."

There was silent.

"Point being, I'm the Slayer." I said, looking around, "Ask me how."

The vampire grabbed me up and we floated above the ground.

"Holy crap, you can fly!" I panicked.

"I have powers you can't possibly fight." The vamp said.

"Watch me." I said, kicking him in the stomach! I kicked off him and flew through the air, landing on scaffolding! I rolled over, getting to my feet before he landed right next to me. I kicked at him, but he dodged it and punched me in the face. I jumped into the air and brought my fists down onto his face. I grabbed him by the collar and threw him over my shoulder. He landed on his feet and roundhoused me to the lower scaffold. I got to my feet and jumped from the lower scaffold back to the higher one with ease and elbowed him in the gut, spin-kicking him against the partition! He flew up into the darkness, "Buffy never had this problem."

"You are a good fighter, but I have killed Slayers before."

"Newsflash, I'm not them." I frowned, "Sure I've been them in my dreams, but..." before he could grab me I grabbed his arm and flipped him to the floor, "I'm sort of different."

"What are you waiting for?" The vampire smiled.

"You're kind of cute."

"I'd die before I ever..."

"Too late." I said jamming the stake in his chest, "What a waste."

Suddenly, the door burst open.

"Are you okay?" Connor asked.

I twirled my stake, "Just fine, cutie."


"So, I guess you'll be moving on, huh?" Connor asked.

"The world needs me." I said.

"Maybe...I need you." Connor said nervously.

I looked at him quickly, "You don't need me. I wish you did." I frowned.

"I do." Connor said, "I miss you."

"I've still got issues and it's not the right time." I said quickly, "I miss you too."

Connor chuckled, "God, I'm a glutton for pain." He said.

I moved closer and kissed him passionately, "Doesn't have to be pain, love." I smiled.

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