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"Right, see, when I said I'm a good guy, I mean `Let's fight.'" Spike said, ducking the slayer's punches.


"You're a vampire." The Slayer said, kicking him.


"Bollocks!" Spike said, falling to the damp ground.


The Slayer pulled out a stake.


"Bloody Hell!" Spike said, trying to get to his feet.


The Slayer closed in and as she brought the stake down I grabbed her hand.

"What the.."


"Chill, slay girl, he's totally cool." I smiled.



Chapter 76: Spike


Two guys walk into a bar: One vampire and the other Slayer. That's how the joke would start, if there were one. I calmed the slayer and sent her on her way. I knew that Cleveland still had a group of slayers and I sent her to Robin. Spike and I sat at the bar and he ordered some drinks while simultaneously lighting a cigarette.


"So, what's a slayer like you doing in a dive like this?" Spike asked, taking a puff of his cigarette.


I chuckled, "I was heading to Cleveland to see Robin, but I guess I'm just wandering around aimlessly." I said, "I'm shocked that you're so far away from L.A."


"Yeah, well going to Hell'll do that to ya." Spike said.


The bartender set the drinks down in front of us and Spike drank his immediately, leaving mine sitting on the counter.


"Where's Illyria?" I asked.


"With Gunn, last time I gave a flip." Spike said, "Where's your band of..."


"Friends? They're back in Vengeance." I explained, "The life of a slayer is...solitary."

Spike looked at me for a second and chuckled, "That's where most slayers always screw up, itn't it?"


"Huh-Do-What?" I asked.


"Buffy only made it as far as she did because she had those friends of hers, Red and the boy." Spike explained, "Oh, and let's not forget the Watcher."


"Can't forget the watcher." I said, "I have a question."



"What attracted you to Buffy?" I asked.

Spike looked at me sideways, "Helluva question itn't?" he chuckled, chugging his beer.


"It is. Kinda why I asked it." I frowned.


"I don't know, just was." Spike said.


"Hey buddy." A burly guy said behind us, "Those are our seats."


"Yah? Well we're sittin here." Spike said over his shoulder.


The guy put his hand on Spike's shoulder. Spike looked back at the hand.


"Spike..." I warned.


"Hands off!" Spike said, throwing the man's hand away.


"I tried to be nice." The guy said, cracking his knuckles.


Spike stood and I sighed, standing with him. The men chuckled as we stood. What it must have looked like for us to be standing up to these guys, these huge bikers who could seemingly crush us into a fine dust.


I rolled my eyes, "This is so wrong." I frowned.


The guy immediately swung at Spike, who dodged it and punched the guy with a unique quickness that was trademarked to him. He jumped into the air, bringing his foot around and kicking one of the other three guys in the face. One of the other guys swung at me.


I grabbed his fist, "I don't want to fight you." I whispered.

"I wouldn't wanna fight me neither." The guy said, obviously in pain as I tightened my grip on his fist. He swung his other fist at me, to which I put up my hand and blocked it. While holding the man's fist, I kicked a guy that was going for Spike over the counter at the bar!


I twisted his arm and threw him to the floor, "Don't get up." I said, causing him to look at me in fear. I walked over to Spike, who was punching the main guy's face and grabbed him up, "Spike, stop!"


Spike stood on his own now and straightened his collar, "Fine but he started it." He frowned.


"Spike!" I groaned.

"You sound like her, ya know." Spike said quickly.


"Not something I need to hear." I said, "We have to leave."


"We're going in different directions. It was a slice." Spike said, walking away, lighting a cigarette, "Be sure to write."


I just smiled and began fleeing the scene.





"A vampire bar." Doug said looking around, "Kinda what I expected."


"Yes, quite." Cale said, looking around. His eyes rested on a woman in a skimpy purple skirt and matching corset, "The...uhm..."


"Slutty tramps." Kelly whispered.


"Why are you whispering?" Doug asked.


"Vampires, duh!" Kelly said.


"They can still hear you." Doug chuckled, "If we're going to save anybody, we need heavy artillery."


"If you really want to take down a vampire," A guy said, "I know where you can do it."


"Where?" Doug asked.


"Follow me." He said.


The three friends followed him into the alley behind the club. The alley was fenced in, with barbed wire around the top. The guy turned to them and took steps backward.


"What's this?" Cale asked.

"You think you can come here and plot against us? That's a hate crime." He said, "Vampires are people too."


"Bloody Hell." Cale said, tensing up.


It was then that they looked around and noticed eyes in the shadows.


"Everyone have their stakes?" Doug asked.


"Ready." Kelly breathed.

Before they could move, the vamps were descending on the trio.





Adrian Bolboa ran through the streets of California. I ran fast behind her and behind me was a mob. We climbed up on rooftops and jumped from rooftop to rooftop! We rolled out of the way as we hit the rooftop but before we could go any further, there was a shot from a gun! I grabbed my abdomen, searching for bullet wounds, but I didn't find any. I saw Adrian fall to the floor and rushed to her.


"Go on." Adrian panted.


"NO." I said, putting pressure on her wounds, "I just have to stop the blood."


"They're coming." Adrian said, "Go!"


"Oh God. There's so much blood." I panicked, "Hang on, kid."


"Please, save yourself." Adrian said, slumping over.

I tried to wipe the blood away, but the blood was everywhere. I got up and ran inside the doorway to the stairs and looked out.


"Oh God! I can't...I didn't mean to! I just wanted to slow her down." A man said holding a guy, "I killed her."


"It's okay. She would have done the same." A taller guy said, bending down to her, "No use to let her go to waste." He said, grabbing her neck and draining her.

I fought back all my emotions and turned, running away.


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