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Sydney Vine stood at the bus stop, waiting for the bus to come so that she could go home. She wasn't thrilled by the aspect of going home tonight. It was around three a.m. and she was just getting back from her job. There were no people walking outside at this time, not in New York City. Suddenly a shadow moved. Sydney slipped in her stilettos, but caught herself before hitting the ground. The cigarette she had been smoking was tossed to the ground.

"Is somebody there? I've got mace." Sydney said, rummaging through her purse. Before she could pull out the mace, something grabbed her and pulled her backwards into the darkness!

Chapter 77: Grimy

"I just assumed you would walk into the forest and go into the fetal position." Lestat said, causing me to look up at him, "Never imagined I'd find you here."

I stood. I was in the middle of a waiting room, but there wasn't a lot of people around. I had found this lady outside. She was torn almost into bits. I had been waiting for hours. The hospital was oddly comforting. I had come to New York City because it was probably the only place I hadn't been. Some welcoming party! I stared at Lestat in awe. I had thought he was gone for good.

"Not as witty as I remember." He smiled.

"Where have you been?" I asked quickly.

"Abroad." Lestat said, "I could ask the same of you."

"I'm resisting the urge to fight you because we're in a hospital, but that whole thing is slowly deteriorating." I said angrily, "Where've you been?"

"I'll tell you later, right now you need to be in Harlem." Lestat said.

"It's a dangerous neighborhood." I said, "And it's not exactly light outside."

"You'll be safe." Lestat said, turning to walk away.

"I haven't seen you for days and now you come to tell me to go to Harlem in the middle of the night!?" I asked, watching him walk away, "Geez, Harlem...tough neighborhood."

In Harlem...

"This place is strange." Illyria said, looking around, "There space."

"That's Harlem." Gunn said looking around.

"Why do you confine yourselves?" Illyria asked, her tone one of superiority, "We have journeyed to the state you call Texas, fought many foes...what is here?"

"I don't know." Gunn said, "It's sort like a feeling. Something wants me here. Ya know what I mean?"

"No." Illyria said, "Is your vehicle breaking some kind of human law?"

"No, why?" Gunn asked.

"Because of all the...humans clamoring." Illyria said, looking around.

Gunn looked around too, noticing all the people showing up.

"Hey, this is our block."

"A whole block, huh." Gunn said.

The leader sneered, "Who are you?" he asked.

"I'm Gunn, who are you?" Gunn asked.

"Name's Devo. I run these streets." Devo said.

"Oh really?"

"Gunn...Charles Gunn?" Devo asked, "We've heard of you."

"Ah look, I'm famous." Gunn joked.

"You came into the wrong neighborhood today, son." Devo smirked, vamping out, "Get them."

"Gunn, I wish to do them harm." Illyria said, ready for battle.

"Looks like you and ole blood are stuck without a vamp with a soul or, I don't know, a slayer." Devo smirked.

"I don't think I need a slayer." Gunn said, readying himself for battle. There must have been six of them, who all looked just as ferocious as their leader.

"Why don't you just come with us willingly?" One of the vamps asked.

"So you can make a meal of us?" Gunn asked, "I'd rather die."

"You just might." Devo chuckled.

"I was wondering what there was for me in Harlem." I said, panting.

Everyone turned to see me.

"Austin?" Gunn asked.

"Gunn...Illyria..." I nodded towards them, "Vampires."

"Slayer." Devo said.

"But boss, he's a guy." One of the other vampires said.

"I get that a lot." I smiled.

"We were just letting Gunn in on the rules around here." Devo said, "You know, vamps in slayers out."

"I am no slayer." Illyria said, obviously offended.

"You don't have to sound so offended." I said, somewhat offended myself.

"This reunion is getting on my nerves." Devo said, "Kill em all."

"She's an old one, do you really think you're going to kick her ass?" Gunn asked, "You don't look stupid."

"May I please cause them harm?" Illyria asked.

"Get her!" Devo said, causing all the vampires to gang up on Illyria.

Devo didn't stick around to watch, as soon as they began fighting Illyria, he flew!

"Gunn!" I shouted.

"I'm on it." Gunn said, racing after him and catching the stake I threw.

Illyria was holding her own. The best move I saw was when she ripped the heart from one of the vampires. It look like she was having fun. I looked at her, watching how graceful she was. I took off in the direction of Gunn and Devo. As I ran through the streets of Harlem, I couldn't help think of what this all meant. What would I do next? Where would I go next? Where had Lestat been? As I rounded the corner, I stopped and looked around. I noticed that in the alley, a door was broken off its hinges and I ran through it. I ran inside to see Gunn standing in the middle of a dark room, inside light. He was looking up and I didn't stop running until I got to him. I placed a hand on his shoulder.

"You shouldn't have come." Gunn said, still looking up and around.

For the first time, I looked up and saw the eyes, "Holy shi..." but before I could finish something tackled me. Gunn grabbed the vampire and threw him to the ground as I stood back up.

"Soul brothers?" Gunn asked, handing me the stake.

"You know, if I'm going to die in Harlem...I'm glad it's with you." I said.

"Cause I'm a good fighter?" Gunn said, readying himself.

"Cause you're black." I said.

"Oh." Gunn said.

"No offense to Buffy and Angel, but what do they know about Harlem anyways?" I smiled.

"Not a damn thing." Gunn smiled.

"Touching." Devo said, "Gay, but touching."

"Bite me..." Gunn said, "On second thought..."

"Catch!" I said, throwing my stake into his chest and dusting him.

"Nice one!" Gunn said.

"Your turn." I said, watching the eyes come nearer and nearer.

"Thanks." Gunn said sarcastically.

Before the eyes got to us, the side of the building broke through and Illyria walked through it calmly. Suddenly, the eyes were on her.

Gunn pulled out the stake, "Now we're even." He smirked.


Gunn and I stood by the car, talking about old times...or exchanging stories. Illyria stood a way off dusting herself off. I chuckled at her. She was so...regal and graceful and clueless. They said that they had been to Texas where they had faced another Old One and Non. I didn't ask. I told him about me going to L.A. and what he missed on vampires being good front.

"Where will you go next?" Gunn asked.

"I figure I'll go and help out a friend." I said.

Gunn nodded, "Be safe." He said pounding my fist, "We gotta stick together."

"What, us saviors of the world?" I chuckled.

"No, us black people." Gunn said, opening the door.

"We're so totally racist." I chuckled.

"You would do well to return to your followers." Illyria said, "What are we without our followers."

"Maybe you're right." I said.

"I am." Illyria said, "We will go now." She said, climbing in the passenger side.

"You guys should go back to Angel Investigations. He's down Cordelia and Wesley...and Fred." I said. Illyria looked at me, then away.

"I guess he could use some familiar faces." Gunn said, climbing in the car. I watched as they sped off, then I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see Lestat.

"What happened to you?" I asked, "We could have used you a while ago..."

Lestat was silent.

"What's wrong? Something's wrong. Where have you been?" I asked.

"Twilight." Lestat said quickly, "He makes a lot of sense. I never quite listened to what he said."

I was in shock, in utter disbelief. I felt as if all the air had escaped from my lungs. My heart pounded and it hurt to breathe. I finally felt what Bella felt. I finally understood what Bella felt like in New Moon. I wanted to curl into a ball and lay there until I was found or just died.

"I would walk through Hell to protect you." Lestat said, "To save this world and the people in it."

"Please tell me this is a sick joke." I said quickly.

"I can't." Lestat said.

I looked away, at the ground, wondering how this all played out like this. How could my whole world be turned upside down in just a matter of seconds? I looked back at him quickly, my face contorted, trying to understand.

"I'm doing this to save us." Lestat frowned, "The Slayers...they are too dangerous."

"I am a slayer!" I shouted, "Am I dangerous?! Am I!"

Lestat grimaced, "Of course not, you're..." he started.

"I have to kill you." I whispered.

Lestat looked at me, confused, "What? I love you. Don't you see? This is the only way. Our life together has to start with this." He tried to explain. He grabbed at my wrists, but I recoiled, "This is all for us."

"You really believe that don't you?" I asked, bewildered, "You're breaking me. He knew you were the only way to break me." I said, tearing up.

"Don't cry." Lestat said, concerned, "Don't..."

"Don't touch me." I said immediately, "I cannot believe it's come to this."

"It doesn't have to be this way." Lestat frowned, "We can live. Or you can live. I could turn you."

"You think I should be a vampire?" I asked, "You think I even want to be one?!"

Lestat still looked concerned, "Austin..."

I edged my stake into the open.

Lestat looked hurt, "It doesn't have to be this way." He said.

I nodded, "It is, though." I frowned.

Lestat vamped out, as if to signify that he was holding his weapon. My heart almost beat out of my chest. It almost broke in two. I thought quickly about my options. I looked around. Nothing that could really help in a fight, but I didn't need it. I had raw emotion on my side. With what I was feeling, I could take down an army. I walked forward, stake in hand. Nothing could stop me.

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