Viktor & Hix: The Bath

This story is erotic fanfiction, based on the Playstation videogame Suikoden 2. It's about two characters who I don't think I've ever seen slashed before, and it's always kinda been a fantasy of mine to put them together. What? I like both characters. Viktor's my favorite, though, as you can probably tell from the story being mostly from his perspective.

I'd like to note that this story has no connection to Konami or anything official. These characters belong to Konami, and not to me, and so... umm... thanks, Konami, for the characters who I'm going to horribly corrupt.

Also, one more note: Viktor = sexy. I don't care what anyone else says.

Viktor sat back against the wall of the bath, a bottle of wine in his hand, and closed his eyes. The warm water flowing over his naked body was very relaxing, just as Tetsu said it would be.

"Man, how does he have so much energy? He's in here four or five times a day! I know I'd be asleep all the damn time if that was me." He took a swig from his bottle and sighed. "This is the life."

Things were quiet at the castle. Riou was on a mission up in Greenhill with a few other people. Flik was with him. Usually he and Viktor would come into the bath together, but since he was playing escort to a bunch of kids, the room belonged to Viktor.

His mind drifted, the warm water almost putting him to sleep. Annabelle. He had wanted to share this wine with her. There was something about her-he knew he could never have a relationship with the mayor of Muse, but he still found himself drawn to her. It was the first time in a long time he had felt that way about anyone, and she was taken away.

Viktor's hand strayed across his stomach, his fingertips just barely brushing the thick layer of hair covering war-hardened muscle. He had let himself go a little after coming back home from Toran, but all the fighting he was doing now got him right back into shape. He pushed on lower, feeling the thick nest of hair just above his crotch.

It had been so long since anyone else had touched him. He and Flik used to "help each other out." Flik's words, not his. Viktor actually preferred sex with Flik to anything else, but with how busy they were lately, there wasn't really much time for recreation.

"I've got to find someone to fuck," he thought, absently squeezing his thickly-haired balls in his palm. Just enough to get the sensation. His cock was slowly getting hard; it was already sticking up out of the water and resting just below his navel. Its foreskin was just barely peeled back, revealing a thick, flaring tip. A lone droplet ran down the head and onto the black fur on Viktor's stomach; he was excited, and something needed to be done.

"Leona's been making eyes at me," he said aloud to nobody. "So's Rina, but..." he trailed off, still squeezing and rubbing without even noticing. "Oh, yeah, Flik and me in the bathtub, he loves it when I shove my tongue up his hot, tight ass. Man, then he lets me shove my cock into that tight little ass... yeah..."

By now, Viktor's hand was wrapped around his cock. He was slowly pulling the skin on his dick back and forth, feeling his hot precum drip down onto his stomach. His eyes were closed; he was imagining Flik's ass, licking it, sucking it. When Flik got back, he was going to get one hell of a good fuck...

The creaky wooden door opened, throwing Viktor back into reality. He sunk down underneath the water, hiding his erection, but not moving his hand. Hix walked in, a white towel thrown over his shoulder, but otherwise completely naked.

He didn't have any hair on his chest, but there was a dark trail leading from his belly button down to his crotch. His cock and balls were surrounded with dark hair-not quite as thick as Viktor's, but enough to notice. There was a light sprinkling of hair on his legs, and dark patches under each of his arms.

His cock was swinging down past his balls, thick even though it was soft. He closed and locked the door behind him, not even noticing that Viktor was watching his every move, fixated on his tight young body.

"Oh! Mister Viktor!" Hix jumped, noticing Viktor for the first time. "I didn't know there was anybody else in here!" He looked down, suddenly realizing that he was standing there without a stitch on. "I can come back if you want to be alone."

Hix turned around and headed back toward the door.

"Wait!" Viktor sat up and motioned for Hix to come in. "You don't have to leave."

"Really? Thank you!" Hix practically ran into the tub, sitting next to Viktor, but about three feet away. "I don't know where I was going to go if you wanted me to leave."

"Hiding?" Viktor grinned at Hix, still admiring the young man's nicely sculpted body. "Imagine that."

"Yeah, Tengaar wants me to go all the way to Radat..." Hix suddenly went quiet, noticing that Viktor still hadn't taken his hand off of his hard cock. "She's always... you know... trying to make me... uhh... yeah..." He was obviously distracted, and didn't stop staring at Viktor's crotch the entire time he was speaking.

"Well, she's only trying to look out for your best interests." Viktor took his hand off his dick, letting it rest against his stomach, still half-submerged. He moved toward Hix and placed his hand onto Hix's shoulder. "Can't blame her for that."

"Yeah, I know she loves me," Hix said, his eyes glued to Viktor's crotch, "but she's really demanding."

"Yeah." Viktor left his hand on Hix's shoulder. He slowly kept inching toward him, getting closer and closer. Hix's breathing was shallow and fast-he was excited, but didn't know exactly how to react.

"What am I doing?" Viktor thought, so close now that his arm was around Hix's shoulders. "Does he even want this?"

Viktor's question was answered by looking down at Hix's dick. Rock hard and throbbing, it was sticking straight up out of the water. It looked to be about as big as Viktor's, too, which was pretty impressive itself. Like the rest of Hix's body, it was a few shades lighter than Viktor's, but none the less impressive.

"Tengaar's a lucky woman," Viktor said, smiling and looking down.

"Huh? Oh! Oh!" Hix looked around guiltily, suddenly tensing up and pulling away from Viktor just a tiny bit. "No. I mean, yes, she is, but she won't let me-I mean, we haven't..."

Viktor laughed. It was hearty, deep-throated-it put Hix at ease. "I see. So you've never...?"

"Well..." Hix grinned sheepishly. Viktor could tell he was anxious about whether or not he should say anything. "Not that, but she does let me do other things."

Viktor's smile and knowing look seemed to relax him even more.

"Sometimes, when she's... you know... in the mood? She'll let me lick her. You know..." Hix's cheeks turned bright red. He was embarrassed, but completely relaxed-Viktor could tell by the way he was almost cuddling against him now. Hix's arm was resting on Viktor's leg under the water, his fingers extending just above the knee.

"Yeah, I know. That's a pretty important skill. When you want to pleasure a woman, at least." Viktor moved his arm so he could rest his hand on Hix's far shoulder. He gently squeezed. "Does she do anything to you?"

"Oh, yeah!" Hix seemed to get really excited at this point. "Sometimes she'll let me put my dick in her mouth, and she'll suck it until I... uhh... get off." He turned pink again, but not quite as badly. "She doesn't do it very often, though."

Viktor laughed again. "Yeah, women don't really understand how much a guy needs that." He looked into Hix's eyes, smiling. "Sometimes us guys have got to help each other out."

"What do you mean, Mister Viktor?" He could tell that Hix was playing dumb now. He decided to play right along.

"Well, do you ever touch yourself? Get yourself off?" Viktor asked, knowing the answer already.

"Yeah, sometimes, I guess." Hix grinned. "How about you, Mister Viktor?"

A second passed, while Viktor glanced at Hix, knowing what he was thinking. "Of course. In fact, when you walked in, I was kind of in the middle of that."

It was Hix's turn to laugh. "Yeah, I figured. I noticed you were hard. You've got an awfully big dick, Mister Viktor." Before Viktor knew what was happening, Hix had reached down and grabbed his cock around the base. "It's thicker than mine, too."

Viktor stared at Hix, unable to see where the flow in the conversation changed. Hix had become so aggressive all of a sudden; it was very unlike him.

"Aren't you a bit forward?" Viktor asked, with a huge grin on his face.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Mister Viktor..." Hix pulled his hand away from Viktor's lap. "I didn't realize that you didn't-"

Viktor reached over and put Hix's hand back onto his dick, and then placed his own hand on Hix's. "I do want it. And I like it when you're aggressive, too. Oh, and one more thing: don't call me 'Mister Viktor.' I might be your superior outside, but right now, we're equal."

Hix grinned again, his entire face lighting up. "Alright, Mis-I mean, alright, Viktor. I meant what I said, though. Your dick is really big."

"I don't know that it's any bigger than yours. Why don't we compare them?"

Hix moved over so that he was straddling Viktor, cock against cock. Viktor reached down and grabbed both sets of balls in his hand, gently massaging. Before he had a chance to do any comparing, though, Hix's mouth was pressed against his.

Hix's tongue pushed its way between Viktor's lips, touching the edge of his front teeth. The kiss was intense-Viktor just lay back and let Hix take things as far as he wanted. Hix's hips were gently thrusting, rubbing their cocks together, smearing both heads with their mingled pre-cum. Water splashed up around them, dripping down Viktor's sides.

"Viktor," Hix whispered, "can I suck you?"

Viktor just nodded, his head leaning against the edge of the tub now. Hix adjusted them both so that Viktor's hips were just above the water, his cock throbbing against his stomach. The wet hair was matted to his skin, making it appear even darker than it usually did.

Hix ran his tongue all over Viktor's balls, pulling the hair up and then sticking it back down to the skin. "God, this feels good. I-I wish I was as hairy as you, Viktor."

"Mmm... no, your people don't really tend to be..." Viktor said softly, placated by what was happening to him. Hix just glanced up curiously, then grinned to himself and looked back. "Besides, I like the way you look. I'm going to love exploring you..."

Hix licked from the base of Viktor's balls all the way up his shaft. He let the tip of his tongue play on the head, enjoying the mild flavor of precum. Then he took the head of Viktor's cock into his mouth, letting his lips rest right beneath the ridge. Viktor moaned, trying to push even more into Hix's mouth, but he couldn't move.

Hix pushed Viktor's cock in and out of his mouth. Each time he pushed it in, he took it a little deeper. Soon his face was buried in Viktor's thick, soft pubes. Hix kept Viktor's cock shoved all the way down his throat for as long as he could before coming up for air, and then just pushed his way back down again.

"Arrrgh! Oh! Yeah! Oh, fuck, Hix, that feels good..." Viktor was moaning and yelling, thankful for the thickness of the bath's walls. "Oh, fuck, you are so good."

Hix pulled off and sat back on his knees. "Thanks." He reached down and took his own hard dick in hand. "I'm feeling a little left out, though. How about you do me for a little bit?"

Viktor stood up with a grin. "All right then, why don't we head over to the benches. I'm getting a little wrinkly here."

Hix just stared up at Viktor, admiring the man's powerfully built body. His entire body was covered in hair-it was gorgeous. "Yeah, sure. Just one thing though. Turn around for me."

Viktor nodded and turned around, an amused look on his face. Hix finally saw what he had been dying to see-Viktor's hard, muscled ass, covered in that same thick fur. He reached up and pulled the cheeks apart, staring at Viktor's tight pucker. He was overcome with an urge; he didn't even try to fight it.

Hix pushed forward and buried his face in the crack of Viktor's ass. Fresh out of the bath, it smelled like the rest of Viktor: hot, musky, and exactly like a man should smell. It was like Hix's tongue was out of control. He licked around Viktor's asshole, slowly applying more pressure until it gave. Hix was overcome with pleasure. It seemed so dirty, but it felt so good. He wouldn't stop. He just kept shoving his tongue in deeper and deeper, obsessed with how good it felt.

Viktor kept moaning, louder than he had before. All things considered, he liked having his ass licked better than having his dick sucked. But if this kept on, he'd be too close to stop...

"Wow, you certainly know what you want here, don't you?" Viktor laughed, pulling away. Hix stood up and kissed him, wrapping his arms around Viktor's waist and pushing a finger toward Viktor's ass.

Viktor laughed and pulled away again, moving over to the benches in front of the tub. He sat down, straddling the bench, and waited for Hix to sit in front of him.

"Oh, Mister Viktor..." Hix forgot what Viktor had told him, but Viktor didn't notice. He had taken all of Hix's cock into his mouth on his first try. He moved slowly up and down, letting Hix gently fuck his throat. His hips moved up and down; Viktor could feel his ass tensing up and releasing with every movement.

"Oh, oh God Viktor, I'm close..." Hix was moaning and grunting, and Viktor kept going. He was holding Hix's hands by his side, and just as he was ready, Viktor pulled off and let his cock stand up straight in the air, throbbing and leaking.

"What? Fuck! What are you doing?" Hix yelled, trying to move his hands. Viktor held him securely in place.

"Hey, you don't want to blow it all now, do you?" Viktor grinned up at Hix, who was glaring at him. "I know, you're young and you want everything now, but I think you'll be really happy if I make you wait."

Hix smiled, but rolled his eyes. "Well, I guess you do have more experience. You were young once, too, I suppose."

Viktor grinned and looked at Hix, pretending to be shocked. "Oh, well, if that's how you feel, I guess I won't show you what I was going to."

Hix made a pouty face, and Viktor relented. He moved forward, his legs on either side of Hix's hips. When he leaned back, Hix's cock was directly pressed against the crack of his ass. "Maybe if you're nice, I'll let you do something Tengaar won't."

Hix grinned and practically squirmed around on the bench with excitement. Viktor leaned down and kissed him again, still gently rubbing Hix's cock up and down his ass.

"This is some cooking oil I stole from Leona. It gets a little messy, but we're in the right place for that." He grabbed a bottle from a corner behind the bench.

"Why do you keep it in here?" Hix asked, feigning naiveté.

Viktor just smiled. "Now, I'm going to lie down on the floor. You need to take this and use it to put a finger into my ass. Got it?"

"Got it."

Viktor spread some towels down on the floor and lay on his stomach, his legs spread wide. Hix could see his giant balls-much bigger than his own, certainly-and bent down to take them in his mouth.

"Mmm, you're very good. That feels... oooh..."

Viktor's balls fell from Hix mouth; he gently ran his tongue over them as he let them go. He slowly moved up, kissing the area between Viktor's balls and asshole as he went. Again, his tongue found its way toward probing Viktor's hole, gently pushing and prodding. Viktor's moans only encouraged him; he loved the feeling of having his face buried completely in Viktor's most private area.

Still, though, he was so looking forward to what he was about to do that he managed to pull himself away. He poured a small amount of oil directly onto Viktor's exposed hole and began massaging with his finger. Moving in a soft circle, his fingertip went in easily. Slowly pushing in, then pulling out and adding a little more oil. Once his finger was all the way in, he began gently pushing in and out, making Viktor moan even more.

"Two," Viktor whispered. Hix poured the oil onto his hand and began pushing in two fingers. More quickly than before, they were pushed in. "Three now," Viktor said, obviously breathing hard. Hix's fingers pushed in so easily that he could tell Viktor had done this quite often.

"Now your cock." Viktor was moaning. Hix had found a spot inside. If he touched it, Viktor moaned. He wanted to make him moan, wanted to make him happy. Using his free hand, he poured the oil onto his dick and massaged it in, making sure he was still as hard as could be. He pulled his fingers out and placed the head of his cock onto Viktor's asshole.

"Will you tell me... what you feel, Mister Viktor?" Hix had just gently pressed into Viktor's ass, the very tip of his cock inside. Viktor nodded, not seeming to care about anything but making Hix push harder. "Tell me what it's like, please... I want to know..." Hix slowly began pushing, feeling as though his cock was being sucked in. "I want to know... for when you do this to me..."

"Oh, God Hix, oh yeah. I can feel every inch of you... push it in... please... oh God..." Viktor was pushing his ass up against Hix, hoping to make him push in faster. He didn't. He was still about halfway in. "Oh, it feels so good, you're filling me up... yeah... please, faster..."

"It feels so good hearing you beg, Mister Viktor." Hix pushed in just a little farther. "Do you think I'll beg you, when you're sliding that big, thick dick into me?"

"Uh huh," Viktor grunted. He was still pushing against Hix, trying in vain to go faster. "Please, please fuck me..."

"Here it comes... here's the last of my cock..." Hix gently pushed, feeling his balls come to rest on the thick fur below Viktor's asshole. "Is this what you wanted? To have my cock all the way inside?"

"Yes, yes... fuck me now... please... you know I want it..."

Hix slowly lifted his hips, pulling about half of his dick out of Viktor's ass, then pushed it back in just as slowly.

"Oh, that feels so good... again... please..."

"Just tell me to fuck you good and hard... just tell me..."

"Please, Hix, fuck me... good and hard... I want it so bad..."

Hix leaned forward, pressing his chest against Viktor's back. He started fucking, very slowly at first, making Viktor moan and plead for him to go faster. He increased his pace gently, going faster and faster. His legs were spread so wide that he felt the rush of air going over his asshole-he wished there was someone else there to lick it while he fucked Viktor.

He was fucking faster and faster, pressing himself as tightly as he could against Viktor's body. He wanted to be connected to as much of Viktor as he could while he pushed his hard cock in and out of his ass-it was so tight, Viktor kept tensing as he pulled out, trying not to let him go.

"Oh, fuck, Mister Viktor... this feels so good... I think I'm going to come soon..."

"Let it come, Hix. God, let it come... I want you to come up my ass... I wanna feel you getting off..."

"Oh, Mister Viktor... I'm coming!" Hix thrust his cock into Viktor as fast and as deep as he could. He could feel his balls tightening up and his cock unloading into Viktor's ass... he had his arms around Viktor's chest, holding himself as close as he could to this giant bear of a man.

"Fuck me, Hix! I can feel your come! Oh, god, suck my cock! I'm going to come too!"

Hix pulled his cock out of Viktor's ass very quickly, letting Viktor turn over. The head of his cock was dark and throbbing, ready to blow at any minute. Hix bent down and too Viktor's dick all the way down his throat. Viktor moaned, not noticing Hix reaching between his legs.

He pulled off of Viktor's dick, letting only the head remain in his mouth. He pushed three fingers into Viktor's loose, come-filled asshole... he touched the spot he had found earlier, and Viktor immediately started coming in his mouth.

"Oh, Hix! Yeah! Oh! Yeah! Swallow my come... yeah... oh, fuck, fuck my ass... oh..."

The first few jets of Viktor's come landed directly on Hix's tongue. He couldn't get enough of it. Viktor thrust his hips and pulled his cock out of Hix's mouth, sending the last few spurts all over his face.

"Wow... Hix... that was amazing..." Viktor said between heaving breaths. "I mean... you are amazing."

Hix grinned, returning to his normal sheepish nature. "Really? I was... good?"

"Good? You were awesome!"

"Well, thank you, Mister Viktor. You were so good. I didn't know it would be... just... wow."

"Thanks, kid. Oh, and what's we say about the 'Mister' thing?"

Hix's cheeks turned red and he looked away for a second, but he turned around with a smile on his face. "Well, Viktor, I'll stop with the 'Mister' if you stop with the 'kid.'"

"You've got a deal, Hix."

The pair cleaned up with some spare towels from the other bench. They were quiet, but not awkwardly so-they were just focusing on what they were doing, rather than talking.

Viktor was lying on his back on the floor, with Hix kneeling between his legs. Hix looked down for a second, and then crawled up and rested his head on Viktor's shoulder, laying his arm on his chest.

"This is nice. Flik never-" Viktor cut himself off, suddenly realizing what he had said.

"So, you and Mister Flik, huh? Yeah, I had kinda figured that out earlier." Hix smiled and snuggled a little closer. "Even when he's around, though, you always seem kinda... lonely."

Viktor shook his head. "No, Flik and I are just... you know... fun. We're friends, we're not... together."

"Oh." Hix rubbed his head into Viktor's chest, getting a little more comfortable. "I'm kinda stuck with Tengaar. I mean, I love her, but..."

"There's a lot for you to experience. And a lot that being with Tengaar isn't going to let you." Viktor sighed. "But don't screw it up, okay? There are a lot worse things than spending your life with a woman who really loves you."

There was a long pause. Hix and Viktor just lay there, halfway enjoying each other, halfway feeling guilty for what they had just done.

"Viktor, can I make a confession?"

Viktor's eyebrow raised. "Yeah. What is it?"

Hix looked down, avoiding Viktor's gaze. "I knew you were in here. Tetsu did tell me, and I thought... well... I really like you, and I think I might... you know... have feelings... for you."

Viktor ignored the fact that Hix wasn't looking at him. "What about Tengaar?"

"I've got feelings for her too... of course I do. It's just that you make me feel... different. I don't know, it's confusing." He was still avoiding looking at Viktor. "You... you were so amazing today. I want to do that again. I'm still confused about what I really want... but... will you help me figure it out?"

"Hix," Viktor said, reaching down and pulling Hix's chin up to look at him," I don't want to hurt Tengaar. Even so, I don't think I've felt this good in a very long time." He stopped, breathing deeply, as if he was getting up the courage to say something. "I don't want to be hurt here, either, though. I don't really know what to do." He didn't say what he was planning to.

"Well, maybe we won't be more than friends, but... do you think you could help me discover some of those things?" Hix finally returned Viktor's stare. "Tengaar keeps trying to turn me into a warrior, but do you think you could help me just understand who I am?"

Viktor thought for a second. He could easily see himself falling for this young man, the same way he fell for Flik all those years ago. "Yeah, I think I can." Viktor smiled bent down to kiss Hix. "And the sex. The sex is going to be really, really good."

"Oh, of course."

They lay there for a few more minutes until it became uncomfortable. They sat down on the benches and talked for a while.

BANG! BANG! The door sounded like it was coming off its hinges.

"Hix! Hix, I know you're in there! You're avoiding your training!"

Hix chuckled and grabbed his towel off the floor. "It's Tengaar, I guess she found me. Bye, Viktor. I'll come by your room later."

Viktor grinned. "I'll be sure to grab some more oil from Leona's."

Hix unlocked the door and opened it to a very angry Tengaar.

"Have you been in here this entire time?!" She was practically jumping up and down, she was so livid. "I've been looking all over the castle for you! I finally had to hit Tetsu over the head with your backpack before I could find you!"

"Sorry, Tengaar," Hix said, looking over at Viktor and rolling his eyes. "Viktor and I just got to talking, and we got carried away."

Tengaar looked over at Viktor, who still hadn't put on his towel.

"OH! Mister Viktor! You're... you're..." she trailed off, unabashedly staring. She turned back toward Hix. "Were you bothering Mister Viktor?!"

"No, honey, he and I were just talking about... what I'm going to be." Hix smiled and nodded toward Viktor. "Weren't we, Mister Viktor?"

Viktor nodded. "I'll see you later, Hix."