Visions 1

Note: After seeing the movie Final Destination, I had to do the story.


Alex (Devon Sawa)

Carter (Kerr Smith)

Billy (Seann W. Scott)

Tod (Chad E. Donella)

George (Brenden Fehr)

Note: This story is completly fiction on the actors sexuallity. "Final Destination" is owned by New Line Cinema; I did this sry about a week after when it first came out. Hope you love it... Also The Dawsons-Creek/ Chapter 4 is not quite ready and should be done and up (soon).

Visions 1 By W.W.

Everyone was excited to go to Paris. They were all lined up and ready to go. But Alex was pretty nervous about something he knew something was going to happened...When they get their.

Alex walked up to his correct seat and sat down.

"excuse me, can we sit here? please" the sluty looking girl asked.

"sure why not"

Alex moved and sat by his friend Tod.

"Err Tod..I'm going to take a nap OK? I'm not feeling so good."

"Whatever you say buddy"

Tod looked at his older brother George.

"What's wrong with him?" George asked.

"Air sick? I don't know"

Alex was drifting into sleep. The Plane took off and was going to Paris. Next thing he knew, They were in Paris, off the plane and in his hotel room, he wasn't alone. Alex went to talk a nap on his bed. The next thing he knew, he woke up in his hotel room naked on his bed. He looked down and seen Carter kissing him on his neck and was moving down to his harden cock.

Alex breath heavily and moaned a bit. Carter started to suck Alex's hard cock.

"Tell me when Ok" Carter said.

"...ok.." still breathing heavily.

Carter sucked up and down up and down. Alex never felt this feeling before, to be free to be someone else. Alex beagn to breath more heavily.

"OH CARTER SUCK ME!!...Ahhhh...."

"Ahh......Ok...Now..." Alex moaned.

Carter stopped sucking and let Alex's cum flew on his face.

"wow, that was..." Carter said.

Alex woke up in the plane all sweaty, aroused by his dream, he swore, it was so real. Suddenly Carter got up and started yelling at Terry.

"You Bitch" and moved and sat in the middle of Alex and Tod.

"Hope you don't mind ok?" and punched Alex on the shoulder.

"Hope you don't mind OK?" Tod snapped back and sat by Terry.

"What the fuck?" Terry snapped at Tod. "Arent't you going to do anything Carter?"

"No, let that fag sit by you, I'm sitting with my new best friend here, Alex"

"Hmph!" Terry yelled and snobbed at Carter. Carter looked at Alex and Alex was just all sweaty and was nervous.

"Geez Alex what's up your ass?"

Alex trying to hide what he saw and said "oh nothing....You?"

"Geez Alex, cock sucking got you no where huh?"

No answer.

"I SAID COCK SUCKING GOT YOU NO WHERE HUH?!?" and everyone looked at Carter, then contiued what everyone was doing.

"....cock sucking got YOU somewhere..." Alex said softly.

"What did you say?!"

"nothing..." Alex said.

"Oh anyway, I'm taking a nap, wake me up when we get to Paris"

A Few Hours Later

Everyone was practially asleep, evryone except Alex. He was still nervous that Carter was sitting next to him. Carter was sleeping, and began to move to the right where Alex was sitting. Carter's head was on Alex's shoulder. Alex stared at Carter's lips, it was so soft, so smooth, so red. He looked around to see if anyone was looking. The coast was clear so he began close his eyes and started to kiss Carter, Alex had a rush of feeling that he never felt before. Alex moved his tounge in Carter's mouth, very slowly he moved his tounge, he felt all the spit moving in their mouths. Suddenly Carter's tounge started to move and started to get in motion on what Alex was doing. Alex opened his eyes and was shocked on what Carter was doing. Alex broke out of the kiss, before he could say anything Carter placed his index finger on Alex's lips and said softly "shhhh". Alex agreed and they began to french kiss more. Carter placed his hand on Alex's crouch. Alex hesitied at first, Then placed his right hand on Carter's right hand and started to help Carter massage his hard cock.

Carter started to move faster and faster, and Alex has his own hand on Carter's hand enjoying every minute of himself as well. Alex gripped Carter's hand very tight and he moaned in Carter's mouth. Alex came in his pants, Carter felt the squishy cum on Alex's pants, and they continued to frech more. They stopped frenching.

Alex and Carter breathed heavily, they never felt so good before in their life. They gave each other a final kiss.

"I'm going to clean myself up ok? Don't move" Alex stood up and headed for the bathroom. Alex passed Billy's seat and he noticed Billy moving around his seat but he ignored it went to the bathroom. Alex looked in the mirror and started to clean his pants, he unbuckled his belt and made his pants drop to the ground, he got some napkins and wetted it and began to clean his soaked cum boxers. Alex pulled up his pants, buckled his belt and was finishing up. He opened the bathroom door and stepped out. To his suprise he seen Billy standing their.

"Did you have to take a crap?"

"uhh..yeah..." trying not to look nervous.

"why didn't you try the other stalls?" asked Alex.

"It's freaking dirty in their, I shouldn't of eat so much"

Billy stepped in the bathroom and closed the door and he looked at Alex suspiciously. Alex looked at the closed door and began to walk to his seat. There he saw Carter sleeping again now with a blanket on him.

"Fuck..." Alex said

He sat in his seat, Alex was a bit dissapointed. Thinking that they would fool around even more. Suddenly he felt Carter's hand on his crouch again.

"Alex....suck me...please..."

Alex got on his knees and under the blanket. Alex didn't noticed but Carter wasn't sleeping, he was jacking off. Alex took Carter's cock and began to suck his hard cock. Alex wasn't pleasuring Carter well so Carter pushed Alex's head going deeper and deeper. "yeah suck it...". To Carter's suprise, Alex didn't gag. Alex started to suck faster and faster, licking every inch of Carter's manhood. Carter was started to breath heavily, that was the sign to let Alex know that he was cumming soon.

"I'm cumming" he said softly, and Carter came in Alex's mouth. Alex beagn to swallow Carter's cum. Carter looked under the blanket to see Alex still eating his cum off his soften cock. Alex practially ate all of Carter's cum. Alex stood up and began to sit on his seat by Carter.

"you got some on your face.." and Carter wipped it off and licked his finger.

Alex leaned towards Carter's ear and asked "you eat your cum too?"

Carter leaned towards Alex and whispered "Yeah all the time, it tastes great"

"yeah I know"

"but it was more amazing when you did deep throat without gaging, even Terry couldn't do that"

"I don't gag"

"ahh come on, you pratice don't you" and he started to fake sucking dick.

"Well you guessed it, I guess I was imaging you all this time" and Alex and Carter looked at each other and blushed.

"it's ok now, I'm here, now, I'll talk to you in our room"

"Our room?"

"yeah I don't want to room with Terry"

They gave each other a last kiss and they sleep on each other heads.

"wow...they're... gay.." someone said in the back.

As their plane landed on the run way of Paris, it was a new day and very was excited except Alex, and Carter, they looked like shit after having a little sex act of their own. They both looked out the window to see a brand new day ahead of them.

Well that's the end of Part 1!

Hope you liked the movie as much as I loved the movie. Story is by (W.W.) with stories on nifty like Dawsons-Creek/. I love comments on new stories. Thanks for reading, PS these series will go up to 5 or 8 or even more :) (I will guarantee that!, I love Kerr Smith and Devon Sawa) :)