Title: Wake up Blue Ranger

Author: Cobalt-Blue

Authors Note: I do not own the Power Rangers and no money exchanged hands here. They belong to Saban and I believe ultimately to the Mouse. This is a work of fiction from my own twisted mind, that I wrote at a friend's request. It is set sometime before Jason goes to the Peace Conference. And is just a quick scene for having fun. If you want to email me about some of my other Power Rangers Fics, you can reach me at Cobatl-Blue@rocketmail.com

Jason awoke with a comfortable weight against his shoulder. Opening his eyes, he looked over to see Billy snuggled up against him. Jason was delighted to realize that Billy was a snuggler. The young scientist might be a very withdrawn person while awake, but like this, he seemed almost child-like in his openness, and vulnerability. It made Jase’s heart swell until it was almost going to burst.

Jason himself was not prone to bouts of sentimentality- that was more of Kim’s realm, but looking down at the sandy blond haired teen lying there with him, he couldn’t help but feel completed. Billy was everything positive that Jason wasn’t, and he could literally feel that in some way he was what Billy needed too.

Once again, Billy shifted in his sleep, and threw a leg over Jason’s thigh as he wrapped himself around the burly teen, a smile on his sleeping face. Turning and wrapping his arms around Billy, he felt something hard against his upper thigh. Jason smiled to himself and gently ran his hand down Billy’s side, across his hips and along the back of his leg, feeling the hardness of the muscle under his skin.

Jason realized that Billy had filled out quite a bit in the past few years. He wasn’t quite the timid little boy he used to be. Now, concealed under those baggy overalls was the lean body of a gymnast. As his hand once again traced its path along Billy’s body, he felt his own body begin to respond. With a grin he let his hand drop between them, and felt the pillar there. A small moan escaped from Billy’s sleeping throat as he pressed himself harder against Jason’s hand.

Jason gripped the hardness he felt there under Billy’s cotton briefs and was surprised at its girth. He’d seen the Blue Ranger naked before, hell all the male Rangers had shared the Command Center’s showers, but he’d never seen Billy hard. He wasn’t really that much longer than Jason expected, but the girth was phenomenal- morphinominal even. He was definitely, a grower, not a show-er.

Gently, Jase pushed Billy back to make it easier to reach his target. Still asleep, the Blue Ranger rolled over onto his back as Jason kissed him at the base of his throat. Jason felt the low groan rumble along Billy’s lightly furred chest as he kissed his way toward one of the nubs at the apex of the blond’s chest. As he gently sucked the nipple into his mouth, Jason pushed his hand under the waistband of Billy’s briefs to gently stroke what he found there.

Smiling to himself, Jason dropped lower and gazed at the wide organ that throbbed in his hand Jason breathed in the heady odor, and felt a shudder run through his own body at the scent. A low growl rumbled through the room, and it took a second for Jase to realize with some chagrin that it came from his own throat. He quickly flicked his tongue out and tasted the small drop of lubricant that leaked from the slit of wide purple head.

It had a slight salty taste to it, which sent a shudder down his spine. Without thinking Jason continued to bathe Billy with his tongue before finally opening his jaws as wide as he possibly could and plunging down on the pillar of flesh. He could feel it stretching his mouth while fighting a gag reflex when the wide head hit the back of his throat.

After several minutes, he felt Billy’s hands begin to massage at his shoulders and stroke his head, telling Jason that the Blue Ranger had awakened. Through the ever increasing moans, he heard Billy say, “Jase, swing around. This isn’t fair. I can’t reach you.”

Jason mentally smiled at himself as he complied. Seconds later he felt the cool night air against his buttocks as Billy peeled Jason’s own briefs away. Before he knew it, he felt a moist warmth engulf his own turgid length. He then felt Billy pull back and gently nibble at his foreskin, sending shivers down his spine.

For long moments they rocked back and forth like that, each taking the other as deeply as he could. Before long, Jason felt the pressure begin to build in his balls. As much as he was enjoying this, it wasn’t what he wanted- what he’d been wanting for a long time.

With some reluctance, he pulled back from Billy’s spit soaked girth and smiled. Without a thought, he swung around pulling himself from Billy’s mouth and straddled his lover. In the faint light of the morning sunrise, he smiled into Billy’s sea green eyes and reached behind him to adjust things “just so”.

He saw the question in Billy’s eyes before it was asked, “Are you sure about this?”

“Never been more sure in my life, Bill,” Jason told him as he raised himself up. With a great sigh, he sat back down hard.

“Oh,” Billy said in surprise as he slipped into Jason.

There was a brief moment of pain, and Jason had to force himself to relax and not fight the feeling of fullness. Before long, he found himself adjusting to girth embedded in him and began to rock back and forth as he stroked himself.

After a very few moments, they found a rhythm- Billy rising to meet his downward thrusts and then pulling back slightly as Jason rose. Billy reached up and replaced Jason’s hand on his own member. He would squeeze Jason’s length as he pulled the foreskin back over the head, and then relax slightly as he pushed it back down.

The two young men matched their movements in perfect unison as their passion and the power of their thrusts rose. Billy’s hand became a blur of motion that pushed Jason over the edge. Suddenly, he felt Billy’s girth spasm inside him, and that sent him over the edge. Large ropy gushes of white liquid arched from Jason to splatter in gobs in the light blond fur of Billy’s chest as the sun rose through the east window of the bedroom.

Neither young man noticed the flash of pink that landed in the room at that exact moment, and probably would not have noticed it at all if the rhythm of their own breathing hadn’t been broken by a definitely familiar, and definitely female voice saying, “Oh my.”