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Chapter Fifteen

~*~ Inside Edge of Insanity ~*~



Once the video is wrapped, Jive wastes no time in distributing it to the television stations as well as releasing it as an official single on the radio airwaves. Justin decides a title name of FutureSex/LoveSounds after it came to him one night. Something inside simply put all the words together when he was talking to the basketballer Kobe Bryant and it inspired him so much. So it becomes the right fit for his new and far more urban album. It will only be a matter of days before the singer, along with the rest of the world, hears his brand new song from his upcoming album. Nerves of fright and accomplishment swivel through his body because he wants to know how his new song will be received but the public. Timberlake knows how fickle the industry is and this is what is making him so nervous. Even with Timbaland's and Bryant's words of encouragement, he still feels a wad of nerves.

Justin leaves LA for Miami in such a rush that he did not get to view the final edit of the video but he is sure that he will be happy with the end result. All the shooting and reshooting fits together like a jigsaw puzzle in his mind to create a rough idea of how the entire video will flow. He will see it when the rest of the world sees it then because Miami is where he needs to be. The former boybander just wants to see Kobe so bad that viewing the video can be overlooked. His body is fighting for him to see the other man. His man. It is early in the afternoon when Timberlake touches down into the tropical climate of Miami and breezes through checkout because of his celebrity status. He drives himself to the hotel and hears his song for the first time on the radio. An instant smile adorns his face and hearing it creates goosebumps. It is like hearing his song on the radio for the first time all over again.

Timberlake is not sure of what is going to happen this weekend and approaches the situation somewhat timidly. He has never done any of this before so he knows neither what is expected of him nor what he expects in return. Being with another man scares him senseless but he has to keep pushing forward to get past it all. Nerves are boiling within his stomach as he drives to the upscale hotel on Miami Beach for the weekend. When the high of hearing his song on the radio fades away, Justin continues to try and evaluate what he wants from his weekend. He is slightly confused and really nervous when he pulls into the parking lot of the hotel and lets the valet take the car away from him. Making sure he did not leave anything behind in the rental, the singing star walks into the large building to get himself squared away with the front desk. With two keys in his hand he leaves the lobby.

They have not spoken to each other all day today. Bryant has not called him and he is unsure of where in the world he is. Justin spends the remainder of the day taking a shower and relaxing himself into the makeshift vacation he has found himself in. The weather is so warm and inviting that he just wants to go out and dig his toes into the sand or jump into the pristine water but that will not happen easily because of who he is. If the R&B star were to just go out and be seen there would be chaos. When night falls and there still is no sign of the baller, he starts to get worried. It is around nine at night and he is still sitting in the penthouse suite by himself and unsure of what is going on. He has called Kobe twice already and there was no answer on each occasion. Timberlake tries him again but gives up after the forth ring. The phone clicks off and lands on the now unmade bed. Where are you?

It is well past twelve at night and he still has not seen Kobe Bryant's face. Justin's naked torso is caressed by expensive sheets while he waits on the bed alone. Waiting for someone to come and be with him and take him outside of his own head. His body wants sleep more than anything but his mind is far too wound up on dangerous possibilities to allow him the satisfaction of rest. Another three phone calls prove useless but the former N*SYNCer does not want to give up. No matter how many calls it will take; he has to hear that voice and know everything is okay. He is starting to feel something he has not felt in a very long time and it is too good to pass up. This is not even an option anymore because Kobe is so far under his skin. He just wants him here right now to hold on to. Justin reluctantly falls asleep with his cell phone clutched to his hand and his body curved on the spacious bed.

He unknowingly twists and moves his face away because he thinks he feels something. Something feels like its tickling him or messing with him or trying to wake him up possibly. Kobe Bryant presses his lips into those soft pink ones of the man below him in an attempt to get a rise out of him. To possibly wake him up and have him return the one-sided kiss. But nothing happens yet and a twinge of guilt passes through him because his boyfriend looks so peaceful as he sleeps inside the rays of moonlight. Justin lends his back to the unknown onslaught but it keeps its attention solely on him and he can no longer ignore it. He forces his eyes open to see a pair of vivid dark brown ones staring back at him and a huge smile hanging a few inches lower. His eyes force themselves to focus before he realizes that the Los Angeles Laker is kissing his neck seductively to make up for time lost.

"What happened---when did you get here?" Justin weakly asks in a morning voice.

"Shhh baby---I want to make it up to you. I want to make you feel good---"


The room is silenced with a kiss. Timberlake feels as if he is caught in a dream and thinks he should wake up but selfishly does not. He does not want to pinch himself or shake his head because the only thing he wanted from the previous is here in front of him and it will not disappear again. Never again. Instead of ruining the reality he falls into it completely and deeply as he kisses the other man back with everything in him. Everything he had pent up since the past night. Being here like this feels so right and forced in no way. Tongues lash out in excitement to vie to create a mood appropriate enough for this to happen. For them to be together. One of Justin's hands finds and cups the back of the baller's head while the other rests on his fairly muscular shoulder. Soft and smooth skin touches his fingertips. Kobe's body slowly moves over and eclipses his as the moment becomes increasingly heated.

Justin lures their bodies ever so closer to the bed while their lips are still firmly crushed together in ecstatic passion. He feels his heart starting to race and his mind high in the clouds with the possibilities. His body is tingling and the world beyond them now comes to a nonexistent halt. Bryant's chest gently presses against his and the reality suddenly hits home. The singing star falls back and his heart speeds up more because he is scared of the passion that is surrounding him. He reverts back and is frightened at the possibility of how far this can go. He knows he is not ready to take that step and that is why his mind is attempting to put a stop to it much to his body's dissatisfaction. Timberlake does not want the kiss to stop but he cannot afford for it to morph into more. Closing his eyes, he fights to gather his thoughts back but when they are too scattered and lost to him, the star gives in and pulls his lips away.

Kobe eyes open and stare at him before saying, "What's wrong? Are you okay?"

"I don't---know," he replies slowly and almost like he is lost. "I couldn't---"

"Couldn't what?"

"---I don't think I can---"

The NBA legend simply smiles, kisses him again, and responds with, "You're so damn cute you know that?"


"I'm sorry---I guess I was coming on strong. I just saw you there looking so sexy and---I couldn't help it."

Timberlake looks at him and cannot help but smile at his boyish explanation. He feels so insecure right now and is almost positive that no one has ever made him this nervous and anxious before. They are what is stopping him from going farther but he wants to force his mind to go forward because he wants this. He wants to experience a part of this man that so few will ever know about. The R&B star is not sure what Kobe is thinking or what is really behind that smile of his but he wants to know badly. He wants to know everything about him. Rays from the Sun are barely trickling into the room as there is an unknown quietness. Morning is easing upon them for their first official day together in the tropical climate of Miami. When the quietness becomes too much, Bryant leans in and kisses him one more time. It is a kiss that is simply meant to be sweet. With no agenda or addendums attached to it.

"---What was that for?" Justin asks after the momentary bliss.

"Listen, I'm really sorry about that. I don't want to pressure you. Whatever happens this weekend is cool with me. I know you're not ready---"

"Are you ready?"

"I know it's expected of me to say yes---"

"---Expected of you?" he interrupts, confused. "By who---"

"The media---everyone---"

"Well---not me. That's the last thing I expect from you."

"What do you expect from me Justin?" Kobe Bryant oddly but firmly inquires and his eyes become almost cold as they stare into his.

"Um---I'm not sure. Why did you just ask me that?"

"Because I need to know---"

The air in the room becomes weird and abyssal with the previous statement and question hanging from the sky without gaining the urgency it deserves. It might be one of the most serious conversations they have ever had with one another but questions have to be paired with answers. Their stare is never-ending as the basketball star awaits his answer. He wants to kiss Justin again to show him how he feels because putting it into words is somewhat hard for him. Hard now more than ever because he is feeling things he knows he should not but cannot stop. Bryant wants to take back his awkward question and pretend it had never been asked to dig themselves out of the quietness but it is done and he is eager for the answer. Whatever it may be. He does not want Timberlake to keep staring at him with those two perfect blue crystals he calls eyes because he loses his focus when they are on him.

"I don't know what to expect. This is still so new to me," Justin breaks the silent room.

"Me too. You don't have to answer," he decides and concedes.

"Okay. What time did you get here?"

"About five---some last minute things came up. I got caught up so I couldn't get your calls. Sorry," The LA Laker explains as he hops onto the bed further and lays his body parallel to Justin's.

They are both looking up at the ceiling as they continue to talk about the past as well as the future two days they have together. Questions are still suspended in the air and they will be answered when the time is right. There is still so much each has to explore about the other but this is what being in a relationship entails. A real relationship. Kobe's body heat radiates onto him because they are so close together but their skin is not physically touching anymore. The R&B star finally realizes that he is wearing a sleeveless Laker jersey and a pair of black shorts that stop just below his knees. His shoulders and arms are toned and his body is so slender but muscular at the same time. The slight irony is a welcome addition to the room and Justin looks for his phone to see if he has any missed calls during the few hours of sleep he was able to grasp onto. Having him here means everything.

The day begins after breakfast and Kobe takes a shower to refresh himself and gain energy. He is tired; his night on the plane was very rough and uncomfortable for first class but he will not give up this opportunity he has to spend time with Timberlake. They have come too far for anything to be ruined because he is tired. Whatever the young singer wants to do he is fine with. Spending time alone and especially away from the prying eyes of the media is all that matters. And, whatever should happen here, Bryant knows that Justin is something truly special and their relationship grows stronger and closer with every second. It is hard for them to be in public together though because of their status but also because they will risk being seen together. And igniting a firestorm of controversy will neither be productive or worth it. No one can ever find out about them or their secret relationship.

As the time goes by he is becoming more comfortable with the other man's presence in terms of himself. Most of the stuff is only inside his head. They are getting to know each other past the celebrity aspect and this is what Justin was hoping to accomplish from their weekend together. He is not nearly as intrigued in Kobe Bryant the Los Angeles Laker as he is in Kobe Bryant the man. They talk for hours about nothing in particular with both their phones off. No one can disturb them now. He cannot help but smile every time Kobe's eyes are on him. He is sure that his face has been red on many occasions of the day but he is unable to control it. The basketballer's sincere eyes and warm smile makes him feel that way and he is positive that it is obvious. They have not kissed again since the morning and there are times throughout the day that Justin has had urges to do so but refrains. He is not sure why.

After the Sun begins to set beyond the horizon to the west, the pair has dinner together and continues to find out more interesting things about each other. Connecting on such a deep level creates a need and a want that the singer knows has been there all along but is now blooming into serious feelings. Kobe is too good to be true. The emotions fastened to him are too good to be true. Not being Justin Timberlake for today makes him appreciate the baller even more for helping him get his mind away. The dark brings a slight nervousness within Timberlake but he swallows it because he does not want the awkwardness of the morning to come back and plague them again. He was to just go with the flow and see where his actions will lead him. But Justin remains unsure of how things are going to play out. Things might end up going further than either of them expects but a part of him wants to get swept up.

"I can sleep out here if you know---" Bryant says out of nowhere while they are sitting on the sofa watching TV for what seems like too long.

"No. I want you to sleep with me---"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. I want you to---" he gets out again.

"Okay. I will then because I want to too," Kobe replies cutely.

They watch TV together for a while longer before it becomes apparent that each man is tired and ready for bed. A strange jolt jogs his mind and JC Chasez instantly enters it at this inappropriate time. He has completely bottled that conversation away and doubts it will ever resurface again. The words are too painful to relive and Justin wonders why his head is playing this trick on him. With Bryant so close to him. Why? It has to be bothering him more than it is willing to let on. His eyes are closing and the former N*SYNCer shuts the TV off and he starts turning off all the lights as he sees Kobe heading into the bedroom. The bedroom they now share. He remains calm and walks into the room to see the baller's exposed chest and abs because he has his shirt off. His jean shorts hang on his waist comfortably without the aid of a belt. Justin looks on in silence until he is figured out. A blush.

"Trying to stare at my sexy bod---" Kobe coyly catches him and grins.

"No---you wish," he tries to be slick but he is busted.

He remains silent for a while before he too takes off his shirt and drapes it on a nearby chair. His creamy white skin catches the eye of the other man but he looks on casually so as not to be noticed or figured out. They each slip into bed and get ready to rest their bodies. It is quiet and Timberlake fears the awkwardness of the past will plague the room and poison his mind again. Kobe is the sweetest and one of the nicest people he has met in a very long time so this nervousness has to subside. It has to. Though it is still uncomfortable sharing a bed with another man where the intention could lead to sex, neither man shows it as they settle in for the night. Quietness befalls the room and they each turn off the table lamp that is on their respective side of the room one at a time. It takes a few moments for eyes to adjust to the darkness of the room. Justin only feels disappointment inside of himself.

"Justin---" Bryant says into the shadows.


"You're not comfortable with us are you?"

"I am---" he convincingly replies.

"---I'm not sure---"

"I'm not as comfortable with it as you are---" Timberlake interjects softly.

"I'm not that much more comfortable with it than you."

"It seems like you are---"

"It's all an act Justin," Kobe lingers on the last syllable of his name.

"An act---why?"

"I scared about this. I don't know---"

"Scared? Why?"

"I'm starting to really like you Justin and I know I'm not supposed to. I keep telling myself to stop but I can't control anything when you're around me. I can't like you. I just---can't," the Laker confesses to him.

"I know---"

"I want to---I mean I do but I'm not supposed to---" he makes no sense.

"You feel the way I feel."

Their heads shift on their pillows and they turn to face each other in the darkness to perhaps find answers to their lives. Answers that seem to be nowhere in sight. The Moon provides them with enough light to see each other's face as well as their silhouetted bodies under the blanket. Bryant's eyes give away his confusion and genuine compassion for the situation they are both in. It is wrong for them to have these feelings. It goes against beliefs and tradition and the industry each man is a part of. Their stares are intense and Justin feels something in his body push him forward. And possibly over the edge. He wants to explore the realm of new possibilities and thoughts he never knew he would have in his lifetime. Kobe sees the intrigue and invitation in his eyes as well and the sudden shift in his body movement and language and he moves in closer as well. Being together cannot be wrong.

Justin touches their lips together and he feels a shiver of goosebumps when Bryant rests their hands together under the blanket. He is going purely on instincts; it is the only thing that is fueling him. Their bodies comfortably move closer and closer until the bare skin of their chests meet. He rests the tips of his fingers against Justin's face and softly strokes him there. The kiss captures them both and neither man can escape its intoxicating grasp. It cannot be explained. A jolt of passion suddenly takes over the young star and he starts to engage the kiss even more. He wants more. He easily manipulates the other man's back to the bed and sensually crawls on top of him. They never break the kiss and Justin rests both his knees astride of the baller's slender body. Kobe grabs on to both of his hands and all their fingers become interlocked while their tongues vie for attention and pleasure.

Timberlake feels his heart thumping in his chest and his stomach in tight knots. He is on top of another man and kissing him passionately; something he has never done before. He almost jumps out of his skin when Kobe releases their hands and rests his own around his small waist to hold him in place. He then moves them up to the singer's chest before exploring his back. He uses both his hands to cup both sides of the other man's face all the while their lips still being locked. After tasting enough of him for the moment, he breaks away and moves down to his neck to begin pleasing there. Bryant lets out a low growl followed by a soft moan. He has never seen this side of Justin before and it comes as a surprising twist. No more fear. No more worrying. Something is going to happen tonight because he wants it to. The LA Laker is being controlled and he cannot help but enjoy it. It feels right.

"How far are we going to let this go?" Kobe asks him with some urgency.

Justin stops everything he is doing and they look at each other intently because the question breaks his concentration and almost deflates his confidence. He starts to wonder if he is really ready for what his mind is pushing him to do. There is no way he can be. But a fire inside wants to explore every inch of this man's body and he wants to experience a human connection once more. An intimate connection that has been drowned out by his career and the nightmare and sometimes his own selfishness. The question brings doubt with it and the R&B songster tries to quickly recollect himself to give an answer. He is sitting on the lower portion Kobe's flat stomach and stays motionless for a while. He feels it when Bryant begins to play with his arm and he focuses his attention on the baller once again. He is somewhat embarrassed and begins climbing off the taller man's body.

"---I don't know---" Timberlake replies as he is climbing down to get off.

"No," Bryant says softly as he wraps his large hands against Justin's slim waist again and guides him back to where he was sitting only a few moments ago. "I like you right there. I want you right there."

"This is the first time I've straddled a guy like this---"

"Good. And you better not be straddling anyone else like this," he tries to lighten the mood.

"What are we doing?"

"I'm not sure but I like it."

With Kobe's hands still fastened to his waist, he leans down and kisses him once more to try ad salvage the past lost minutes. He is through second guessing himself now. Whatever happens from here on out will be because he allows it to happen. He just wants to enjoy the time they have made for each other this weekend and will stop sabotaging his feelings. Stop giving up on the chance to be happy. The kiss quickly because more lusty and wanting as each man takes away as much pleasure from it as possible to recreate the mood from before. Justin almost freezes when he feels Bryant's fingers brush away from his waist to lower on his body. They rest themselves on the border of skin and cloth and easily slide over to the center where the strings are tied to keep the article of clothing adhered to the lower half of his body. No. No turning back now. God I want him. He is scared and enthralled.

Timberlake nervously twitches when he feels the string of his pajama bottoms being loosened and is even more surprised when the basketball superstar tenderly tosses him onto the bed and hovers over him before they start kissing again. This will only go as far as he wants it to go. Thos lips taste so sweet and he smells so good. Kobe runs his large hands down the side of Justin's body and starts pulling away at the black pants that is keeping his humility intact. Not even Britney Spears has made him feel this sexual or aroused even though they are still engaging in minor foreplay. It truly is maddening and sinful. The R&B star his back up and the pants slowly slip under his waist and away to b forgotten for the night. Bryant continues to tug at them while they keep their steamy kiss going and he finally manages to get them off. One step closer to having another man explore his body in such an erotic way.

His baby blue and plaid boxers try their best to hide his rapidly hardening member but it is straining to do so and he remains still to see what will ensue next. It is only nerves seeing as this is his first time doing something like this. It will subside though because he has already won over Justin's body with his kisses and warm touches. One of Bryant's long fingers hooks on to the elastic band of his boxers and he starts tearing away that layer of clothing as well. It is not long before Justin is completely naked with a rock hard dick and Kobe Bryant on top of him smothering their lips together. His fingers come to life and make their way down the basketballer's chest and abs before beginning to fiddle with the button he finds just below his bellybutton. He unclamps it and runs the zipper down and stops for a second when he feels Kobe's hand rest against his inner thigh. Everything stops precisely.

"Go on---I want you to do it," he says, referring to his clothes.


"This is only going as far as you want it to baby. No pressure---"

"Okay," Timberlake softly says again.

The superstar singer grabs on to the fabric of the dark blue jeans his boyfriend is wearing and pulls them down to reveal a pair of white Calvin Klein boxers. His long limbs are almost naked. He is almost completely naked on the bed. Justin's mind runs away with so many possibilities as to how this night will end. And nerves are easily being replaced with lust as his sexual libido and standing at perfect attention. Bryant is such a sexy man that he has to bite his bottom lip to simply keep his cool. His thighs feel so smooth and his skin so soft. Timberlake grabs his butt through the white boxers and another slight moan is solicited from the baller's lips. It is firm to the touch and when he flexes it, it becomes rock hard. It is an absolute turn on. He runs his hands all up and down his new lover's back as if he is massaging it. Every touch is sinfully erotic but innocently passionate as well. God! Help me---

Justin can feel the other man's hard manhood almost digging into him and it is a small struggle to finally get his fitted boxers off and away from his body. A flush of red paints his face when the pair of boxers is tossed on the floor and the man was there in all his glory. It is such an erotic picture that his dick is beginning to pine for Kobe's attention. Their kiss suddenly magnifies once both men are completely naked and he starts experiencing feelings he had since long forgotten. He had forgotten how to reach out and touch another human being. Timberlake had forgotten how it felt to have his feelings reciprocated and how indescribable his own passion was. Now he begins to wonder how he went without. The singer selfishly wants it all. Bryant's fingers roughly tug and explore every inch of his young body and it has him twisting in knots and welcoming the advancing touches more and more.

He opens his legs slowly as the NBA legend crawls in between them and rests their bodies together. Their kiss resumes with tongues lashing and lapping for interest while their bodies bond together for the first time in their growing relationship. In a relationship that could potentially come to mean so much more. Bryant is saying all the right things and doing all the right things to make him melt and crave the touches and the whispers further. Justin arches his back up so that their naked chests can touch and he almost wants them to become one. He is doing things with Kobe Bryant that he never in his wildest dreams imagined he would be doing with another man. And he does not care about it. He does not care about the world beyond them or his celebrity image right now. Timberlake needs to feel good and the man on top of him already knows all of his favorite spots to be touched and licked and kissed.

The Los Angeles Laker balls up his fists and plants them into the bed on either side of his man's toned body to support himself while he continues the assault to make his lips red. There is still no pressure and if Justin said the word right now he would stop. The last thing he wants is for him to feel like he is being forced to do what he does not want to far too soon. That singular thought has to stay in the forefront of his mind because Kobe knows he is going to lose himself in Justin very soon. The possibilities are endless of what he could do to this beautiful prince underneath him so hanging on to that thought will be hard. The wanting battering is leaving both men breathless but also with a never-ending craving for more. For everything. Timberlake holds on to each of boyfriend's muscular biceps with his hands as his eyes are closed and their kiss moves obsessively slow.

It is serenely aggressive and Justin feels himself giving in to the forces of temptation. Kobe is his temptation. His warm heart and strong sense of right and wrong keeps him hooked through it all. The pair is finally able to breathe normally when the kiss falls apart because the baller wants to explore. He wants to taste every part of this man he likes so much. Leave no piece of skin untouched. Justin tilts his head up to grant better access to his neck, which Bryant wastes no time in attacking with grand kisses. He kisses, sucks, and manipulates the creamy skin with his teeth, lips, and tongue to get a desired rise out of the man below him. When Timberlake arches his back up and their chests gently collide, he knows he is doing the right thing. Flesh bleed and conform under the pressure of unmovable teeth and powerful sucking to create a red blotch. A love mark to prove it is all real.

Timberlake rests one hand on the back of the taller man's head and his other smoothly traces along his back. Kobe takes the hint and moves past the neck and down onto his sculpted chest. His nipples are erect and look like they only want to be pleased. He wants to do whatever it takes to make his man happy and to keep their relationship alive. He looks up to see the basketballer's pink tongue flicker out and touch his skin. It feels like fire and ice combining when his left nipple is touched by the wet device of pleasure. His tongue rests right on top of his heart. He spends sufficient time pleasing both Justin's nipples with either his tongue or thumb. He loves the former boybander's body; it is not too muscled or too frail. It is just perfect, like the rest of him. When his satisfaction finishes, he drags his lips onto the ridged stomach of the man below him and stops just short of his navel.

He kisses his stomach and runs his tongue around his bellybutton as if he is savoring the taste of Justin Timberlake. The star basketball player runs both his hands up Justin's torso as if he is giving him a massage but it is just to feel his skin. Feel his body under his wanting hands. His hands are smooth against his alabaster skin. Small ripples of pleasure form themselves and burst open wherever his fingers and palm passes and Timberlake cannot help but to moan at a few of the eruptions. Kobe retracts one of his hands and encircles the base of his lover's dick with it. This is the first time he has touched another man's but his own. It feels strange but somehow the right thing to be doing at this precise moment. Bryant looks up with a little confusion in his eyes to see Justin looking back at him and they both smile for a brief second. He just needs a little push to do what they both obviously want.

"You want me to?" the delicately breaks the moment.

Justin says nothing but nods instead like a little kid who has just been asked if he wants a piece of candy. He is so innocent and sweet. It is all the convincing either of them needs to proceed on. Kobe Bryant slowly runs his hand up and down the hard shaft of his dick; stroking it to pleasure him before true satisfaction can begin. He is being a torturous tease but it can all be forgiven because the songster is craving human touch. Craving to truly be close to someone else. This is wild to him. Kobe has seen many men naked in the locker room after games in his career but to actually hold another man's dick in his hand with every intention of sucking it is blowing his mind. He is both intrigued and nervous as to what will happen seeing as he does not know what he is doing. Bryant is so driven to do this that everything else is clouded in his mind. Timberlake has had him this way for the longest.

He feels a warm and wet sensation engulf the tip rod and he gently throws his head back onto the pillow behind him for support and to be caught. The basketball star is sucking his dick and his teeth are getting in the way. The pain is nothing extraordinary and Justin actually feels some derived pleasure from the mishap. Hard teeth stroking and grazing against supple flesh pushes him to the point of moaning and lowly growling in his throat. Kobe only toys with the head in his mouth and is not revolted by the taste as he thought he would be. He strokes Timberlake at his base while he moves the pink mushroom head around in his mouth, batting his tongue and teeth against the tender organ. He feels the rush of it all and wants more and more for himself. Feeling the baller's mouth around his swollen member sends shivers up and down his spine and pushes his urges ever further off the edge.

Bryant secures his lips around the head and sucks on it as if it is a tasty lollipop all while the former N*SYNCer writhes under him, completely within his control. His body is in heaven. He has not experienced such a touch in so long that his body is deprived from it and his head is numb. He misses the warmth. The smoothness. The genuine connection to another. Kobe's free hand cups his balls and when he easily squeezes him, Justin twitches and grunts. He unknowingly and inadvertently forces more of his hard pole into his man's mouth because of the way he is being touched and felt and caressed. It causes him to jerk his hips upward because he wants more. The LA Laker eases off his dick because he is not accustomed to taking in as much as Justin apparently wants him to take in. Timberlake's actions let him know the type of job he is doing though and he is very pleased by the results.

Kobe puts his mouth back on Justin's rod and sucks on it to extract more pleasure from his lover. His own rock hard member is being neglected and it physically hurts because he wants attention but he will not force anything on the young superstar. All he wants to do is respect Justin and whenever he decides to lead them, the basketballer will be fine with it because he knows that it is his boyfriend's choice to decide and no one else's. He only wants this man's comfort and trust. And pleasure thrown in there to make the night perfect. A small thought runs into Bryant's mind as to what he is doing. If the media ever got a hold of what he is doing right now then his career would be over without a split-second's notice or afterthought. A career he has worked so hard for means everything to him. He will not stop something that feels so good and is making Timberlake feel so good though.

"Ahh---" a silent moan manages out of Justin's throat.

Refusing to accept denial any longer, the taller man grabs onto the base of his aching dick and begins pleasuring himself while still focusing all his attention on pleasuring his lover. Now is not the right time to ask for anything and it will only break the sultry mood they are both in. He comfortably takes another inch of Justin into his mouth and picks up the strokes to his own dick; precum leaks out soon thereafter. Being that he is new to this, Kobe gets the sensation that his jaw and mouth are hurting because of his pure concentration. It is all so new to either of them. Timberlake's eyes are closed and one hand lies to the side of his naked body while the other rests on top of his boyfriend's head. Bryant opens his eyes momentarily to look up and simply takes in the sight of him. This perfect man with a perfect body. And a perfect smile. And those perfect blue crystals that he will never let tears fall from.

His moans become more urgent and stronger and they both know what that means. Kobe also feels himself coming close to release as well because the rate of his stroking is almost stealthy. An inhuman speed he utilizes to keep up with how much he is pleasuring his lover. He releases Justin's throbbing dick from his mouth and moans softly as his dick shoots cum onto the sheets below them. It begins to soak in and Timberlake opens his eyes and begins jacking himself off at the amazing site in front of him. It does not take long for him to drive into release and the sticky white liquid spews out onto his hands and abs as he drops his head back on the bed and groans to himself. Small convulsions and aftershocks coarse through the R&B star's thoroughly pleasured body and he fights to desperately hold on to the high for as long as possible. His boyfriend only looks on and grins slyly.

The satisfied former boybander continues to pump his deflating dick while he feels the pair of eyes on him continually staring. He does not know why but it becomes a turn on in a sort of voyeuristic way. It is hot. When he is sure that every ounce is extracted from his spent body, Timberlake grabs a few tissues from the nearby nightstand and shares it between the two of them to get cleaned off. The pair quickly wipes themselves off and Justin gets up to throw all the used tissues away while he hears Kobe rearranging himself on the bed behind him. His naked form walks across the dark room and to the garbage can in the bathroom. The release is an ethereal experience that he instantly wants to experience all over again. Every touch and sensation and word from the very beginning. The hot breath against his neck and short nails that scraped against his skin proves to be more than addicting.

"I think you're even cuter when you're naked," Bryant tries to flirt as he makes his way back to the bed. "If that's even possible---"

"---Thanks---" he replies in the softest and shyest voice Kobe has ever heard him use.

This is also an attempt to relieve some of the tension and awkwardness that are both now lingering in the room. It was the first time for either of them being with another man in a sexual way and on questions is formed. Their act cannot be taken back and their feelings cannot be spared this time. They also cannot be sacrificed. His eyes avoid the bathroom mirror and he hears Bryant still rustling on the bed outside. Maybe he is disappointed. He wanted more. I'm not ready for that. Justin crawls back into the large bed and his eyes instantly attract the ceiling with his mind frozen on thoughts. He is not sure why. He sees when the other man turns his head to face him but Kobe doesn't get any closer because he is not going to push anything. Now he is more in control of himself and his actions than before during their passionate romp. He wants to know what Timberlake is thinking though. Badly.

"Justin---talk to me. Please---" the Laker tries to get him to open up and reveal what he is thinking.

"I don't know what to say---"

"Tell me how I made you feel. Tell me if you regret what happened. Tell me something. Anything---" Bryant adds softly.

"I---you make me feel good. I'm scared because it was too good," Justin weirdly assures him.

"I know," Kobe gets his exact meaning. "I'm scared too."


"Do you regret it?"

"No. You?"

"No. I got to see your cute booty," he smiles and laughs.

"Shut up!" Justin laughs as well and punches him on the chest.

Kobe grabs his hand after he does so and pries his fingers away from his fist before resting it on his own chest. That smooth dark chocolate chest that feels like too much of a fantasy to be real. He rubs it there back for forth for a few moments before stretching Justin's hand over to the left portion of his chest; his heart. Silence is in the room again and eyes stare at each other to look for answers or even something to say. The singer feels the silent organ beating and giving the man life and they both look at each other to try and salvage a meaning of the act. Again. There are so many firsts that he is feeling uncomfortable again. It will not always be like this. Bryant only smiles shyly and waits. Without saying anything, he lets him go but Timberlake, going on pure nerves only, moves closer to his darker body and bond their lips together in a kiss until he bites the other man's bottom lip.

"Ouch! What was that for?" Bryant surprisingly asks.

"I don't know why I just did that," he is so embarrassed.

"What's bothering you? Tell me---"

"Give me time. I'm going against everything I once believed to be true and it's making me more nervous and scared than I've ever been before. Everything my parents taught me. Just everything---" Justin opens his heart up.

"I know baby. I know. I'm not ready to do anything you're not ready to do. I will wait for you Justin. Just know that you can talk to me about anything you're feeling. I say that because I know I can talk to you about anything."

"I want to know everything about you," the former N*SYNCer says as he rests his hand back on the left side of Kobe's bare chest and tries to dissipate the heavy thoughts of his mind.

"You feel that?" he asks as he rests his hand on top of his and they immediately become interlaced.


"I can't explain it but it always gets like that every time I'm around you," Kobe gets his point out.


"Yes. Justin I'm really starting to like you---" he confesses.

"I'm starting to like you too---a lot."

"We'll have to be careful but I want to keep seeing you," the basketball superstar lets him know.

"I know. I want that too."

They kiss one last time for the night before sleep comes and offers to take the pair away into its seductive allure. The basketballer outstretches his long arms to pull Justin closer to him. So their body heat can be shared throughout the night. His boyfriend's hand ultimately ends up around his slender waist while his head sweetly presses into the middle of his back. The picture created is absolutely perfect. Timberlake can feel his breath against his fair skin and it causes slight shivers. It feels like Kobe is whispering on his skin and it is a sinful delight. This is what I was denying all this time? It will work. The question resonates in his mind and keeps him up long past his expectance. He turns carefully in Bryant's clutches until they are facing each other; the other man is sleeping already. He looks at him in the Moon's light and wonders what life would be like with him.

Too many thoughts are circulating into his head for sleep to claim him now. He does want to know everything about Kobe Bryant but what he does know keeps him wanting to find out more. The man sleeping next to him is a beautiful enigma that Justin feels he will spend a very long time trying to figure out. He has never felt this way about anyone before and especially in only such a short period of time. That is what keeps him at bay. Timberlake can see himself falling hard for this man. The only other who ever came close to making him feel as he does now is Britney Spears, when he thought he truly loved her. And even then, that past relationship failed to ignite him less than half of what the prospect of this relationship is doing to him. He is in big trouble; the sinking feeling deep in his stomach tells him so. Instincts have yet to fail him on such important matters. Matters of the heart.